View Full Version : The troupe of doom! (a villain experiment)

2007-11-20, 02:11 AM
So in another thread we got to talking about the master of masks (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/ex/20070105a&page=3) prestige class and I got to thinking how awesome it would be to use the class to come up with a Troupe of villains all with this prestige class but each specializing in 3-4 masks that are available to them.

This is mainly for fluff and I don't intend them to be a high level encounter at first. i.e for a party of 5-6 at level 7-10.

Books available. Core, PHB2, MiC, Complete adventurer, scoundrel, warrior, and Magic tome ( the massive one full of spells. forgot the damn name.)

Am envisioning each one having certain starter classes to begin with that will lead to their prestige. Each one emphasizing what their "special" is.

Possibly choices available that I can see is beguiler, duskblade, cleric, bard, and rogue. However other classes can certainly work with some of the masks. Refer to the link on top.

Each one will fill a role and will have 3-4 masks available to them. There will be 4-5 of them depending on party's number by then.

off the top of my head. (since I don't have access to my book for a week, damn vacation).


Starter- duskblade
masks -assassin, dragon, Gladiator

He's the big hitter of the group. Get in close to use dragon's and maybe sneak attack a bit. Go Gladiator for some melee.

Starter - cleric/rogue?
masks - demon. savage, lich

Get some interesting abilities that let him get close if he gets gangbanged.

feel free to add your one variation, I truly appreciate anyone that feels like tackling this on with me. I can definitely see these suckers as a really fun encounter if I just flush em out correctly.

Pre-emptive thx for anyone that joins in on the fun. :smallbiggrin: