View Full Version : Would these feats be good investments?

2007-11-20, 07:40 PM
In general, is it worth it for a spellcaster to invest 3 feats if it gave you these benefits as a package?

DR 4/Silver
+3 Will save vs Enchantment effects
Spell Focus of your choice

Azerian Kelimon
2007-11-20, 07:43 PM
NAAAAH. DR silver is more or less the real kicker there, and it's still REALLY weak. Focus is useful for gaining entry to PrC's, but you could have gotten it as a single feat instead of three. I'd pass on it, and get Mineral warrior and buy it off, really.

Fax Celestis
2007-11-20, 07:50 PM
You're talking about Heritage feats, aren't you? Most of them really aren't that terrific, and these are...well, alright. Nothing stellar, and you could certainly do better.

2007-11-20, 08:59 PM
Not really looking for prestige classes to be honest. These probably aren't the strongest, but still, DR 4/<anything. Well, except Magic, because DR/Magic is worthless> at level 1 is pretty sweet.