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2007-11-21, 08:24 AM
Okay, I posted this a while ago under a differate name-but its way back & I've changed alot. Okay its a DnD setting, I've got the main races & powers class definition, & all that as well as an explanation for certain things.
Name-????(meeting writers block on this.)
A world description -
Most of what happens that is important happens on a tiny land mass about the size of england, cut off from the rest of the world by a large & unpossibly steep mountain range with only 1 gap, a large three mile gap completely sealed by a large keep guarded by ancient magic & monsters.
Okay, I'm going to describe the history of the power, then give it a rating of
1 To 5 for the following categorys, & something matchable in fantasy most likely LOTR or OOTS, with its armys.-
1-Completely miltias(The shire)
2-A small army more for taking out rebellions then enemys.(Azure citys army)
3-A large, decently funded army(Redcloaks[though not likely as big])
4-A grand army able to take multiple countrys(Such as the Mordor army in LOTR)
5-A gigantic army that could likely conquer all of middle aged europe & asia at the same time.(Like....Elves,Dwarfs,Man,Mordor,Isengard, & the Goblins joining up + redlcoaks)
1-An incrediably poor country(America during the great depression.)
2-A decent economy that mostly comes from explotation of the public(think pre-american revolution britian.)
3-A good economy that is somewhat shaky due to source of money(Pre-civil war america)
4-A good economy that comes from a long lasting source(Just think any average super power)
5-A great economy from a permanent source.
1-Bad.....like native americans compared to most of europe.
2-A little behind
3-A little behind but catching up fast
4-Up-to-date, but only the goverment has access to tech.
5-Up-to-date, & public access to tech.
2-Has a few weak ties
3-A decent, strong, ally.
4-Has decent ties with everyone.
5-Has everyone as an ally.
Elf-Orc Allienence

History-Formed 1000 years ago, it signalled the end of The War of Ten Thousand Arrows, a huge war between elf & orc.Of the 5 council members( 1 for each of the sub races making up the elf nation- wild, wood, dark,high,aqua)4 where in favor of the allience(wood,wild,dark,aqua) & The orc goverment(made up of 1 rep from each of the 109 villages.) voted with 3/4ths of it voting for.Together they quickly conquered the entire human nation withen a fortnight, & eventually the dwarfen nation as well.The high elfs rebelled, but they to were conquered. The dwarfs & humans live in the mines as permant slaves, while the high elfs work as permant indentured servants(they are basically second class citizens-not slaves.)
Combining the elf dexterity, the orcs strength, & combined numbers this force is a monster that is currently uncontinded with.4/5
Economy-Mainly from the many ores taken from the ground by the slaves being traded away.3/5
Tech-Being so rich, it is often the first thing that major inventions are sold to-
Diplomacy-Eveything is afraid it could conquer them, making everything friends with it. 4/5


History-During the 10,000 arrow war, many citys ended up in ruins or abandoned, these citys were claimed by the goblins, who, united by a brilliant leader, formed a nation that had positioned itself to conquer both elfs& orcs when someone lost the war, but, that never happening, has forced them to elvolve to work as a real nation.
Military-A force made up from the 11 citys of the goblin nation, the army mainly works as a buffer from the idea of invasion, than as a real power.
Economy-The goblin economy is based on a large deposit of the magic conduit metal warm steel. 3/5
Tech-Has an ongoing project with a few centers of magic that supplies the goblins with tech in exchange for warm steel. 4/5
Diplomacy-With a history of back stabbing no one really likes it-2/5.

Okay, I'm getting tired, so I'll post the rest in a couple of hours, 'kay?

2007-11-21, 01:48 PM
Okay, continueing-
Kobold/Gnome citiadels-These aren't really powers since each one is an individual group of gnomes & kobolds working for the advancement of their magic powers & understanding of magic.

History-A mixture of a goblin city, a few suceeded orc-elf allience villages & some kobold-gnome citiadels this puzzlework nation survives because of the inventiveness of all these powers working together.
Milatary-The mix of things makes a powerful, but small army 3/5
Economy-Somehow this nation gains large sums of resources from nowhere 5/5
Tech-With multiple gnome-kobold citiadels it is the new research capitial of the world. 5/5
Diplomacy-A secret country that has no friends or enemys ?/5

World tech level-
Magitech is booming, siege weapons, house hold comforts, & even artificial soldiers have become a viable option with the amazing advances.

Secret Powers- Unknown to anyone to the right of the castle(the nations I've been describing) the true powers of the world look at them with a hungry eye.That means that all these nations don't know about this.
World history-

85,000 years ago, The entire world was under one rule, that of the mind flayers. These beings had manipulated any ealier powers into surrender & had even blocked the world out from extraplanar contact aside from dietys. What there rule was like & what creatures lived under them is unknown, but we do know that five thousand years later, the extraplanar shield was pierced & a force that the mind flayers couldn't stop broke into the world. They swiftly conquered most of the world until the mind flayer elders used their most ancient powers to block a small area from the creatures sight. This area currently houses these powerful but ignorant nations, cut off from the world by mountain,sea, & the last sign of mind flayer power, The keep.
The keep-The keep is manned by the mind flayer elders & their servants, The beholders & multiple other less notable beings. It is protected by spells that ward off anyone from the outside world, as well as another notable species under the mind flayers, dragons.It is also worth noting that to keep the nations of the island from exploring into the ocean, The mind flayers enlisted the aid of the Sahugins & the krakens.

The new world controller-
Can anyone guess what it is? I'll give a hint, it isn't demons or devils.