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Kayoden Usoden
2007-11-21, 02:48 PM
I am trying to make an ability for some monsters, but I do not now what the ruling would be on the CR.

Basically, a spit attack, here is what I got so far.
Range touch attack
It will do ether acid, fire, cold, or electrical damage.
Once per round
Times per day would like be CON mod plus 1/2 HD. (still working on it d:P)
Damage… uh… help…

please help.... brain... not work....

Catch ya on the flip side,
Kayoden (kay-oh-den) Usoden (oos-oh-den) “The Chaos Seeker”

2007-11-21, 07:31 PM
Damage could really be whatever you want it to be, assuming this isn't something like a racial ability to go to a character.

Actually, the damage it does should be picked based on what the party it'll be facing can take. So pick a CR you want, and then pick a damage to go with it.

2007-11-21, 07:34 PM
It depends mostly on the CR you're shooting for the monster.

A CR1 Monster's spit should only deal something like 1d6 damage, since it has no saving throw and they're practically guaranteed a hit against anyone without a high dex (rogue, monk, etc). Not to mention that its a ranged attack, although you forgot to note your range at all.

However, a CR 20 Monster could be spitting 20d6 damage touch attacks every round, and probably not get anywhere, considering the party probably already has Energy Immunity spells up, or at the very least, a boat load of hit points and some energy resistance equipment.

The other thing to consider is what other abilities are attached to the monster, and if they synergize. If the monster could, say, also become invisible at will, then its most likely at the middle or lower levels going to be making spit attacks that are not only touch, but against flat-footed opponents as well.

So, perhaps if you posted the monster you were considering in question, then I could help more.

smart thog
2007-11-23, 05:49 PM
are you thinking about something like what Artemis Entretri did in the halflings gem? you know, stun someone with a spit attack? just treat it as stunning fist made by a touch attack. cool title though?

Kayoden Usoden
2007-11-26, 01:30 PM

damge based on HD and/or size...

now to make a grid... oh joy...