View Full Version : Battle Dancer: Is it really as useless as it seems?

2007-11-23, 02:17 AM
I am looking to build a bard who's may end up becoming a dervish. But the gist is: mobile, singing, melee. Suffice it to say Snowflake Wardance will be prominent.

As I looked for follow-on feats, I saw Battle Dancer and initially thought it might be worth including: +2 more to hit if I keep moving while inspiring courage. Brilliant, a niche feat for my concept.

But the bonus from Battle Dancer is a morale bonus, as are the bonuses given by bardic music. So if my reading is correct, the feat only provides gains from level 3 till level 8. And then only becomes useful again after level 15, if you are inspiring heroics.

So am I correct in thinking the usefulness of this feat is sharply curtailed by the abilities of the class it is supposed to use...and if that is RAW...is it RAI? As in, do you think I should try to convince my DM that it should stack with inspire courage?

2007-11-23, 03:06 AM
Yeah, the feat doesn't actually stack with IC. It wouldn't be unreasonable to houserule a clause in for it... at all.

And even with such a houserule, the feat wouldn't really be worth taking unless you have absolutely nothing else to boost your attack rolls.

I think the intent may be to use the feat with Inspire Heroics and Inspire Greatness, but the static +2 bonus really doen't do much for anyone, especially with Heroics on the Bard Spell list.