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2007-11-23, 08:08 AM
Troubles in Athkatla, Chapter II.
Fragments of Shadow

Link to the first chapter: beginning (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15702), end (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15702&page=37).

Out of character (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3559965#post3559965) discussion.

Our current characters are
Tanara Quesse, wild elf barbarian girl, played by Yawielas, a naive, but skilled warrior maiden.
Jan Jansen, gnome inventor-illusionist, played by Toliudar, a known face in the Slums, the black market, and viewed with suspicion by the Law. (in)Famous turnip expert.
Jhaen Shaithusson, human cleric of Lathander, played by Truwar, currenlty in the rank of High Dawnlord/Dawnmaster.
Ceria, half-elven wind wizard played by Annalia.
Vorr Bittersteel, dwarven defender, played by El Jaspero, a famous and skilled mercenary. Zealot of Gorm Gluthyn, the Lord of Blades.
Erissa Chreew, rashemi hathran, played by Callos DeTerran, mistress of life and death in Rashemen.

Previous player character currently NPC-ed
Rache Dmitriev, rashemi berserker, played by The Logic Ninja and Bears With Lasers, famous mercenary, Erissa's bodyguard.

Previous charaters were
Lytha, half-elf bard girl, played by DarkMagicOak, disappeared after the ’Xill incident’.
Gorkei, kara-turian monk, played by Uthuk, slain by one of your enemies. He introduced you to the Shining Fist order.
Raz', thayvian wizard, played by Majorapat and IvanMcK, slain, his body was found along Gorkei’s.
Violet, human sorceress, played by The New Guy, disappeared, the Harpers might have something to do with that.
Siene, half-elf ranger, played by Oompha, slain, just as Gorkei and Raz’.

Plot Summary thus far
Rumours about ghost have spread about ghostly appereances of sometimes malevolent spirits at the Slums during new moons. One such time, you were there, and you have seen that unholy shadow creatures were distroyed by the ancient sunlord Drega Trajbu, who asked you to help the long-suffering city of Tavroul. He asked you to gather some rather unique spell components to help them, and save your realm of an attack from the shadow plane of existence. Once you agreed to help, he gave the original party members a magical ring from the ancient times. The party went to the libraby, and found that the Sunlord’s story fits. Shortly thereafter, violet was taken away by the Harpers. Jhaen contacted his church for an artifact, and he was told to wait until the leader of the church comes back from a journey. On a Janse-invented shortcut to the Coronet, you were ambushed by street thugs. You defeated them, and found the secret hideaway of Xerinin, apprentice mage of the Obsidian Order, and defeated him and his mongral bodyguard, Ironclaw. You freed the tortured Gorkei, who was on a quest against Xerinin’s schemes, and acquired a frozen heart, one of the spell components. You found a secret passage to a Shaaran church. Back at the Coronet, you met with the bardess Lytha, who helped to solve a coded message for you, and joined the party. Next day you visited the hideout once again, and encountered the plane-shifter Xills, and after a bloody fight, you acquired a Rogue Stone. Lytha got disased, and went to search a cure, but you meet up with Rache again, and met his friends Erissa the hathran, and Vorr the dwarf. Another sedret door led you to the sewers, where you met with the were-rats. In the Promenade you acquired egale feathers, another spell component. Later, you’ve been robbed from the majority of the collected ingredients by the Shadow Thieves. After scaring the hell out of the thieves, you learned that Goromba’s hideout is located at the tavern called the Five Veasels. The party quickly went there, but fell to the ambush of the thieves again, but managed to escape and track them to Goromba himself. The spymaster offered a proposal and than escaped.After returning to the Coronet, you met with the old librarian, Master Ferazinthal, who introduced you Ceria, the young wizardess. After sleeping at Jan’s, the gnome’s contacts gave you a map and description to a lootable ancint wizard tomb, and the group ventured to the graveyard, and after defeating the ancient enchanter Varage’lo’s mummy, took his skull for spell component. After the adventure, you met up again with Erissa and Rache, and learned about the evil mage order called the „obsidian mages”. You met with the were-rat halfling Twitchy Brokk, who propesed you a deal, that they would steal you back your Rogue Stone, in exchange for some muscle work. Three days later you were sent to the docks to ambush a shadow thief transaction. A grand-scale massacre was held with Linvail’s men, Goromba’s elite assassins, the pirates, and were-rats. The group learned that an unholy connection is between Goromba’s men and the shadow realm.

Important persons, organizations, and places (to be continued):
Athkatla: The capital of Amn, where the game takes place.
The Slums: The poorest district of Athkatla. The Copper Coronet tavern is located here, as well as Jan Jansen’s home.
Bernard: Bartender in the Copper Coronet.

Tavroul: The lost city, disappeared into the nothingness between the shadow realm and the prime material plane.
Drega Trajbu: Sunlord of Amaunator, the dead god of Sun, he gave the party the current quest of finding bizarre spell components.

Master Ferazinthal: The old librarian who secretly aids you. He introduced you Ceria, and he knew Gorkei from the Shining Fist secret order, in which he is an important member.
The Shining Fist: A secret mage-monk order of good alignment. Gorkei the monk was questiong for them,a nd Master Ferazinthal is a chairman of some sort in the organization.

Shadow Thieves: A huge criminal organization, the Shadow thieves control a huge part of Athkatla, they are the strongest in the docks district.
Goromba: Leader of a guild branch of the Shadow thieves. A rather unpleasant fellow, he is involved in the schemings.
Ae’doria: A mysterious woman, the direct superior of Goromba, you haven’t met her yet.
Five Veasels inn: An ill-raputated inn at the Eastern docks. The Ae’doria-Goromba guild bracnh has a hideout at the cellars of the tavern.
Aran Linvail: The leader of the Shadow Thieves, Aran Linvail, is a mysterious and dangerous man. Luckily, you haven’t met him.
Scribby, Jillien: A halfling boy and human girl thieves, who were used as bait to rob you.

Obsidian Order of Wizards of the Shadow Weave: Shar-inspired wizard order, working on the same mission like you, but out of entirely different interests.
Xerinin: Apprentice wizard of the Obsidian Order, slain by the group.
Ironclaw: A powerful mongrel thug in the service of Xerinin. He was slain by the group.

Church of Shar: The clergy of the goddess of shadows. They are working against you.

Varage’lo: Long dead enchanter, the party defeated his mummy, and took his skull for spell component.

Cowled Wizards: The only legal wizard organization in Amn, one needs their permission to cast arcane spells in the open.

Harpers: a secret organization dedicated to fighting for the balance of powr, they are usually in a good reputation. For some reason, they kidnapped Violet.
Jaheira: An exotic-looking half-elf druid-warrior, member of the Harpers. She is hot-tempered, but generally she is good-spirited.

Were-rats: A huge lycanthrope criminal underground. They are genereally opposed with the shadow thieves, and so, they are the enemies of the enemies, but couldn’t be called allies.
Twitchy Brokk: A halfling were-rat.

Church of Lathander: Church of the Sunrise lord, Jhaen’s faith. They are your allies, but couldn’t help you until now.
Amaunator: The dead god of Sun and Law. Some claims Lathander is his incarnation.
Jhaen’s usual summons: Aikiko: Dawn Ape alpha male; Galara: Dawn Wolf; Jewell Worm: Celestial centipede

Mazticans: enslaved tribesmen brought to Amn's illegal slave market by pirates from the mysterious continent of Maztica.
Anuha: A beautiful young woman, the leader or spokesperson of the Mazticans.

Encounters thus far:Street thugs and Ironclaw
Ghast (Tanara), flesh golems (the rest)
Ironclaw and Xerinin
Ambushers at the Coronet
Thieves at the Five Veasels
Thieves at the secret hideout
Minotaur barbarian
Varage’lo’s mummy and his skeleton army
The docks massacre

2007-11-23, 10:23 AM

After tucking away the personal effects that Jan has made effectively personal, the gnome turns his attention away from the disposition of the dead to the disposition of the living. Fearing that if the Mazticans were left here to their own devices, they might become prey to the street gangs...or the wererats themselves.

Walking over to the huddled group, Jan raises an open hand and tries speaking slowly and clearly in Common. This soon becomes speaking quickly and loudly in common, but, well, he's trying.

Hi! We're friends. Or, rather, enemies of your enemies, which by several trains of contemporary thought makes us your friends. You understand, yes? Not to be going berserk and throttling old Jan, right? Hey, anybody here like turnips?

Hating to see anyone in chains that hadn't previously tried to kill him, Jan gestures for one of the manacled slaves to bend down a bit, so that he can work at popping the mechanism.

Open Lock check [roll0]

GREAT summary, Amanodel. Holy cow!

2007-11-24, 04:25 PM
Jhaen Shaithusson (http://www.flminis.org/rpgwebprofiler/view.php?id=2539)

Jhaen moves to Tanara and does wat he can to combat the weakness inflicted upon her by the shaodw creatures.

((Cast Lesser Restoration on Tanara [roll0] ))

I am afraid I am going to have to wait before I can heal anyone else. Perhaps we sould help those people free of their chains and beat a hasty retreat? We should also be careful about where we go... I am guessing that our friend Goromba is watching us right now...

((Sorry about the delay in posting, got a bit busy because of Thanksgiving.))

2007-11-24, 05:28 PM
Tanara stands and smiles at Jhaen. "Again, I thank you...I hope I'll get better, though, I'm still feeling too weak. My glaive seems heavy."

2007-11-25, 01:00 PM

"Say, group, aren't we supposed to be given a stone or something for this? Not that I mind, I'm always up for some Shar-priestess destroying."

2007-11-25, 01:19 PM

Jan glances up from his work at the manacles. At Ceria's question, his eyes nearly pop out, and a low hiss escapes his lips.

DEAR-est lady, as our personal lord of the Morning has just said, Goromba may be anywhere - including quite close to us right now. Perhaps that particular conversation can be left to another day. Is there anything you could do to assist Rache in ensuring that our guest doesn't say anything we don't want him to say?

2007-11-25, 08:23 PM

Ceria blinks at Jan, taking quite a bit to get his meaning. "Oh. Right! Well, no, I'm afraid there's not much I can do to help Rache, but if you have troubles communicating, I probably know more languages then you do."

2007-11-25, 08:38 PM

The hathran panted behind her ivory mask as she felt sensation returning to her limbs, clambering up to her feet and shambling over to her protector. The two of them shared some words in Rashemi for a moment, but otherwise the woman seemed disinclined to react to the situation in any new way. Instead she kept her holy symbol at the ready and those close enough to her could see her narrowed eyes darting about suspiciously of any shadows or dark places.

And then something quite unexpected happened.

"We should not...stay here...Back to someplace private?" The words were broken up and a little mangled, but one could hardly mistake that it was Erissa herself who had spoken..

I haven't leveled up yet, but I know enough skill points are going into Speak Langauge that Erissa can now speak Common.

2007-11-25, 09:06 PM

Glancing up again from his work, Jan breaks into a broad grin.

Speaking of breaking language barriers! You're a quick study, madam! Bravo.

2007-11-26, 05:49 AM
Jan's work with the slaves' chains is fast and clear, he removes the crude manacles faster than one could say 'turnip juice made by the recipe of uncle Petunia'.

The Mazticans seem to be grateful, and they clearly understand that you were the ones to free them. Altough they seem to be intimidated by the whole scene, mostly the the large buildings and peoples. One of them, a rather scantly-clad, beautiful woman, wearing feathers of the colors of the rainbow in her hair, steps forward. She seems to be some kind of spiritual leader of the Mazticans. She speaks in a common far worse than Erissa, she must learned the language while they were being held at the ship. Thanks to this, she speaks like the pirates on the ship, from whom she learned the language by studiyng. Despite the tragic massacre, it sounds awkwardly funny.

Anuha and tribe thank little man and comrades. Anuha wish the goodsails of tha Couatl to ye. Could you help Anuha whot to doin' now?

She looks with a shy smile at Jhaen, who is the most imposing figure, and now even has some divine enchantments upon himself.

Some of the tribesmen look at Tanara with a clear expression of interest, since the wild elf looks the most similar to them. They seem to be afraid from the were-rats, and avoid the creatures with even their eyes. There are twenty of the Mazticans, men and women together, mostly humans, but there are two who looks like half-elves.

The were-rats seem to be saddened by the fact that most of the shipment, some greyish powder, got exploded, but they gather anything of value with such speed you can barely imagine.

Rache keeps the sixth assassin bound, and he even gagged the human.

2007-11-26, 06:26 AM
Tanara smiles at the freed Mazticans, and gvies them an elven greeting.

2007-11-26, 09:11 AM

This is just an excuse to get the Mazticans' "offstage" quickly, as it were. Of course, if Amanodel has another purpose in mind for them, he'll let us know. :smallwink:

Jan opens his arms in welcome. He speaks slowly and clearly.

Ah, beautiful lady, and all of you, welcome to Athkatla. Athkatla. In Amn. This is a city of great promise and mystery, but also danger. I am going to take all of you to my great Uncle Otho's warehouse. There, you will all have shelter from the cold and rain, and food, and a very valuable opportunity to learn the native manner and style, by making beautiful clothing for others to wear. Doesn't that sound wonderful? We'll be going very soon, so be ready to follow me!

He turns to the rest of the group, and shrugs.

Well, it'll give them a start, anyway. Uncle Otho's factory smells like Red Dye Number Eight, but if they just got off a ship smelling nothing but black powder and their own -

He interrupts himself, glancing at the wreckage of the ship, and then at the wererats.

Black powder? You monkeys! What were you going to do with...no, I don't want to know.

Back to his companions.

Look, why doesn't one of you come with me, to help get these folks over to the shop, just a little outside the city walls, and we can meet up with the rest of you back at...well, where we slept last night. Rache, you got that guy? He could be our ticket to unravelling just a bit of this rather confusing tapestry. Or would that be ravelling, then?

2007-11-26, 09:56 AM
Still recovering from the rather devastating effect of Tanara’s smile on him, Jhaen is unable to bring himself to look directly at ANOTHER beautiful scantily clad woman. He is about to reply when Jan chimes in.

Well, Jan, errr… perhaps we should save THAT place as a retreat of last resort. Perhaps we should go somewhere else…

As he speaks, something tugs at the corners of his rather flustered mind…Couatl… where had he heard of that before… ((Knowledge Religion +11 Knowledge Planes +11 ))

2007-11-26, 10:23 AM
The Mazticans looks at Jan with confusion, but luckily they don't quite understand the gnome's proposal.

Some of the Mazticans return Tanara's greeting in a similar, yet slightly different way. One would guess that an elven community lives in Maztica, but noone ever heard from them.

Despite that Jhaen's mind is currently being totally broken from the two ladies, somehow he remembers his training days, where they teached the young clerics the bestiary of Faerún. The Couatl is a giant, colorful, feathered flying serpent, with good and honorable souls. They are very powerful, yet they are almost disappeared from Faurún, and haven't been reported in long years.

The young female turns to Tanara, and steps closer to her.

Do you speak elven? - she asks Tanara softly. She speaks in an archaic-sounding manner, but clearly understandable.

Meanwhile, Twitchy Brokk, the halfling were-rat goes next to Jan, and gives him a nondescript, grey coin purse. Upon looking into it, Jan can see two rogue stones, but the were-rat motions towards Jansen to keep a low profile.

2007-11-26, 10:24 AM

The gnome shrugs amiably.

Sure, wherever you want. I just figured we'd want some privacy.

He points to Rache and the assassin, then glances around distrustfully.

Just leave a message at the first place saying where you've decided to go.

2007-11-26, 10:33 AM

"It helps I understand perfectly Jan." Came the slightly dry reply as the hathran went to where Rache had the assassin and squatted down to peer at the man. Head cocked to the side, she much resembled a bird that had found a curious thing on the ground and was inspecting it before rising back up to her feet.

Wondering curiously over to the Maztican's, she walked slowly around them, eyes bright behind the mask before she took a seat at the very end of the pier. Cross-legged she took a deep breath and cleared her mind, trying to connect with the hints of Sight that lurked in her blood.

[roll0] for Aftersight. More specifically Erisa is trying to see if this is the first time Maztican's have been brought in at this pier or if it's been used for other smuggling purposes.

2007-11-26, 02:50 PM
Tanara answers the woman in elven. "Yes, of course. Are there elves where you come from? I have never seen people like you before. But then again, I haven't seen all that many humans before either. The first one I saw had golden hair and blue eyes, but I've come to learn they come in all kinds of colors." Tanara smiles.

2007-11-27, 02:30 AM
Erissa can feel that this place is used for smuggling more often than not, and ever since they discovered the Maztican continent, slaves were being brought to Amn either by the criminals, or the government itself.

Anuha is visibly relieved as she finds someone who can speak with, and gives Tanara a warm hug.

She continues the conversation in elven.

Yes there are elves in our home, looking much like you, dear lady. They secretive and hard to spot, though.

We were captured and enslaved by the pirates and they brought us here to this world we don't know about. I don't know if we can ever get back home, but we're nonetheless grateful to you for freeing us. But this world is strange and my people are afraid that we will be captured again if we can't hide. Where could we find shelter in this jungle made of stone?

A small group of the were-rats comes now back rushing, and in their squeking voice, they warn you and their mates.

Quick! Quick! The guards and the cowled wizards are coming!

The were-rats are not paragons of bravery, and they prove it now, they disappear in less than an instant. Twitchy Brokk disappears last.

Pleasure doing businiess with you. - the halfling says, turn into his rat form, and dives into the sewers.

You know you should flee too, for the Amnish guard and the Cowled ones have a reputation of doing their jobs first, and asking question later.

You didn't know what to do, when a hooded figure appeared at the upper docks, above your head. A harsh, female voice called down for you.

Quick, follow me! Move already, Jansen! - said the stranger, who is wearing a brown hood, and carries a quarterstaff.

2007-11-27, 02:55 AM
Tanara quickly explains in elven about the guards. "Come, quick. Tell your people to follow. We will find shelter for you, but first we have get away from here."

(I'll be away from Wednesday to Thursday.)

2007-11-27, 03:01 AM

Jan glances at his colleagues and shrugs.

Well, I don't see any way that this could go badly.

Jan begins to jog up and away from the sign of such carnage.

2007-11-27, 07:39 AM

"See, they talk elven. I knew I'd be more helpful as translator." Ceria states as she hurry on with the rest of the party. The Cowled Wizard weren't something she wanted to meet - at least not in that kind of situation.

As they follow the strange woman, Ceria makes sure to walk next to the Maztican priest. "Hello! I'm Ceria. Ceria Lunis. You know, it's been fun helping you and the other out, if a bit bloody. I haven't been struck that often, but we have Jhaen to help with that. Don't be shy and tell him if some of you are wounded." She points at the priest, but immediately moves on. "By the way, once we find shelter and all, do you mind if I ask a few questions. I've never seen your kind before, and they're barely mentions in books."

2007-11-27, 10:56 AM
Not terribly thrilled to be following a hooded figure into the shadows, Jhaen nevertheless is wise enough to know that hanging around on the docks would not be the best of ideas. As Jhaen jogs alongside the Maztican and Tanara. As he hears the woman speak in elven to Tanara, he discards the idea of trying to communicate with her in Celestial and listens to the conversation before replying in elven.

If any of you need healing, let me know. I am somewhat spent after our battle but I will do what I can.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-11-27, 05:34 PM
Vorr gives a soft sigh at having to leave the place of a great battle so soon, but he shrugs and stomps up the stairs after his comrades.

2007-11-27, 06:12 PM

As the gnome huffs and puffs his way upward, his head abruptly swivels towards the hooded figure.

Heywaitaminuteyousaidmyname! HowdyouknowmynameDidAuntEnidsendyou? NahshesstillprobablyupintheSpineoftheWorldworkingo ffthedebtsthatsheincurredthere,somaybe-

He breaks off, considering the imperious tone to the voice.

2007-11-28, 05:32 AM
As quick and subtle, as you can retreat with twenty half-naked Mazticans, you follow the hooded stranger. Some of the Mazticans are lightly wounded, but they are not hindered, and they follow you after Anuha.

The warning and help came just in time, as you were leaving the docks with haste, a number of small dimension doors opened around the sight of the massacre. The cowled wizards do not travel by feet, of course. But luckily, this time you managed to get away. The hooded woman runs in the front, and leads you into a large old-fasioned building. Once everyone in, she closes the large door.

We're in safe now. - she talks with a Southern accent, similar to that the peoeples from Tanara's region speak common - The building is magically proteted from scrying.

She turns to you, and removes her hood. You see a scarred, tough, yet exoticly beautiful half-elf woman. Jansen can't mistake her face.

I am Jaheira of the Harpers, welcome to our "headquarters". - she introduces herself. As you look around, you find yourself in a big hall. It was once beautiful, but it is destroyed almost entirely now, and you guess it stands like that for a long time, and was intentially not cleaned up and rebuilt. The only thing in the room which is flawless, clean and repaired, is a large statue of the goddess Mystra, protector of the Harpers. The hands of the statue are raised high, and hold a magically glowing orb, that illumintes dimly the whole hall with amber light.

Jansen, you can't live without trouble, can you? - She asks Jan with her usual, somewhat ironic voice.

2007-11-28, 07:04 AM

Still gasping after the top speed ramble across the docks, Jan is caught between a grin and a glare at Jaheira.

I can't avoid trouble? I seem to recall a certain druid transforming into a massive weasel and literally tearing the arse off of a troll that was menacing...menacing...

Memories of a past life seem to flood Jan, and he becomes abruptly sad. When he speaks again, it is slower and more subdued than is his wont.

It's very good to see you again, Jaheira.

He turns to point to the others.

Let's see. Jaheira, this is Vorr, a stout and terrifying warrior. Tanara, who makes battle into a dance. Ceria, a master of wind and fire, and things in between. Jhaen, a Morninglord and truly nice guy. Erissa, a Hathran master of all magics. Rache, the second strongest - and strangest - Rashemi warrior you'll ever meet. Oh, and these are our new friends from Maztica. Anuha, was it?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-11-28, 06:49 PM
Vorr nods his head respectfully. "May the Bladed King watch over you." This seems to remind him of something, and he pulls out a rag, then starts cleaning his axe.

2007-11-29, 05:05 AM
Anuha is more relaxed when she hear that even Jhaen speaks elven. She instinctively stays close to Tanara, the wild elf being the one who's most similar to the Mazticans themselves.

The tough-looking half-elven woman greets you with a no, it seems that she's really not into formalities. Rache seems to be intrigued about who is the strongest and strangest Rashemi warrior, but keeps his question to himself for now.

That was a honorable deed from you to free these men, altough no ship will take them back to Maztica for a while. - she switches to elven, and turns to the Mazticans - It is dangerous to be here. We will take you out of here, to a safer place, to a place of forest elves until it is possible for you to get back home.

Anuha nods agreeingly, she feels the seriousness of their situation, and how desperately they need any help. - Thank you, good lady, may you be blessed by the Great Couatl.

I advise you sleep here this night, the docks are not safe to pass right now. - adds Jaheira, swithching back to common. A few other harpers come down to the hall, and lead you upstairs to the bedrooms.

You can ask questions to both Anuha and Jaheira before retiring, there's plenty of time at your disposal.

2007-11-29, 09:53 AM

The gnome grins lopsidedly at the others.

Dunno. I run hot and cold with these Harpers, but Jaheira's a good spud. Seems a better place than most. And after spending four hours in a crate today, I could use some time stretched out.

But it's now doubly vital that you keep close tabs on our friend here, Rache.

Jan gestures to the manacled prisoner.

He now knows all of our names, and the location of a Harper hold. I'd say we talk with him now, and then turn him over to the Harpers to deal with as they will.

Jan follows the Harpers up to the rooms, and gestures to the largest of them.

What say we have a good chat with our new "friend" in here?

2007-11-29, 10:50 AM

Despite the...newness of all this business with the Harpers and with this female that Jan knew, Erisa's attention was focused almost wholly on the Maztican's and their interesting way. Instead of following the others she makes a beeline for Anuha.

Considering of course that the foreign woman wouldn't mind answering her, Erisa makes it known to her that she (Anuha) doesn't need to ANSWER in common, but Erisa will be asking her the questions in that language. She then procedes to rustle up some paper and her quill and quietly questions the woman on her homeland, culture, religion, and practically anything else she can think off...

2007-11-29, 01:17 PM
Tanara greets Jaheira, relieved these musicians? will take the Mazticans to a safe place.

2007-11-29, 01:52 PM
Seeing the confusion in Tanara's eyes, Jaheira sighs.
We are the Harpers. It's an elite secret group dedicated to maintain balance in the world. You must have seen very little of this world, child.

Meanwhile, Erissa asks her questions to Anuha and the other Mazticans who understand her. They seem to be afraid of the strange masked woman, though. Rache stands near her, but has trouble with keeping the Mazticans trying to touch his armor, as they must not have seen such metal armor at their homeland.

Two strong-looking harper scouts take the prisoner from Rache. They check the manacles, and put some other on the assassin, just in case he tried to get away. And indeed, as his situation became more and more dire with every passing minute, he tried it several times, but the Harpers hold him strong.

One of the harpers gone away, and after a few minutes, came back with a vial filled with some silver-colored, shining liquid. Those of you who knew magic potions, could reckognize this as an Elixir of Truth. It should ease the interrogation of the assassin greatly. The harpers took away the assassin, and told you that they will know everything by the morning. You are of course, free to join the investigation, if you feel strong enough for such events.

(You can of course role-play through the interrogation of the assassin, or alternatively, I'll just wirte down what you learned from him. Same is true for the Mazticans, or Jaheira, if you'd wish to discuss the disappear of the wizardess Violet.)

2007-11-29, 02:42 PM
Tanara nods. "That is true...Only the forests of my home, and this place of men. Balance is good. I am sorry I had not heard of you."

Tanara doesn't join the interrogation. In stead, she speaks a little with Anuha about the Mazticans and their culture, trying to find out just how alike they are to her own people.

2007-11-30, 02:01 AM
Jan Jansen

During the interrogation, Jan is quietly intent, focusing his thoughts so as not to digress unnecessarily in his questions:

Where is Goromba's base?

What is your position with him?

What is Goromba's connection to the church of Shar?

What is Goromba's connection to the wererats?

What were you expecting to be doing, there on the docks today?

Finally, though, his willpower breaks down, and he also asks:

Do you wear black because it's slimming, or is it a kind of rebellious phase you're going through?

After the interrogation, Jan seeks out Jaheira for a private chat, having trusted the wise woman in many tight scraps in years past.

Ah, Jaheira, I still owe you that bottle of turnip brandy I promised. We've almost gotten the bugs worked out, but so far the only way we've found to keep the bottles from exploding is by making them out of steel, which doesn't seem particuarly safe.

Lady, this is one strange case. Our old "friends", the Shadow Thieves, seem to be wrapped up with some kind of Sharite cult - is this something you'd have heard about? Any idea what they might have wanted with an alarmingly large amount of black powder that they were smuggling in tonight?

On top of all this, this is all tied up with a strange otherworldly priest from the city of Tavroul, which is under some kind of strange curse. Guy named Drega Trajbu. Threatened with a massive influx of shadows. You ever heard of anything like this?

2007-11-30, 08:52 AM

Not one made for the sort of interrogations the assassin will soon go through, Ceria sticks around the Mazticans. Much like Erissa, she gets out one of her large books - one of the few empty - along with quill and paper. Though the young half-elf writes fast, she seems to only half-listen to the answers. More than once her gaze drifts off to the hall, or to a particular part of Anuha's outfit.

2007-11-30, 09:53 AM
Jhaen frowns in though as Jhaen talks about Goromba and waits until the gnome finishes before adding. I think Goromba may not exactly be doing the will of his Shadow Thief masters. They seem to be more like a criminal… business set up, I suppose.

What I mean is; they gather power through money. It is in their best interests to make sure Athkatla is prosperous and successful, that way they have more money to steal and extort from the local merchants. Goromba seems to have thrown his lot in wholly with Shar, to the point that his most trusted assassins have made a pact to raise as undead shadows, Shar’s favored form of undead, when they are slain. That kind of pact seems to demonstrate a level of religious fervor that might put Goromba at odds with his masters. He also seems to be working to make sure this disaster for Athkatla we have been working against comes to past.

2007-12-01, 07:31 AM
Vorr, Jansen and Jhaen were present at the interrogation. The Harpers seemed to be quite professional in this. It was a mixture ofelixirs, enchantments, mental terror, and pure, first-class violence. They learned from the unlucky assassin, that Goromba doesn't have a standard headquarters, since he's in too many shady business, and it wouldn't be beneficial to him if he could be easily tracked down. Goromba is basicaly double-crossing the shadow thieves, and plans on overthrowing Aran Linvail. He is just a single assassin, and knows little about the grand scheme, he was present where some priests of Shar used a strange ritual on them. Goromba only has one true superior, mistress Ae'doria, a mysterious and insanely powerful sorceress. The assasssin knwos not if a connection between these businesses and the explosive black powder exists, they just went to the docks to slaughter the pirates and Linvails men if they would appear.

The were-rat case is much simpler. Everyone hates them, the sahdow thieves the most of all (both group being a large criminal syndicate). And being member of that orgaization, Goromba hates tham as much as other thieves.

After the interrogation Jaheira answers to Jansen in private - Yes the Harpers are aware of the recent events, yet we cannot act yet. Balance is at stake, and it is crucial for us to only interfere when the time is right. Too much evil forces spy on us, and we cannot let them to become aware of this too soon. You can act more freely, as your presence is not widely known in Amn. For the same reason, don't count on a direct help from the Morninglord's church. As soon as other evil deities would notice that Lathander is acting, they would also join the game. Altough last night's events it will be hard to, you must try to operate secretively. We did not know the detials, nor the names, only the colume of the danger. - she exclaims.

After the interrogation, the Harpers took away the assassin, altough they did not tell you to where.

In the other room, Anuha tells you about the Maztican culture and way of life. You llearn that maztica is mostly populated with human, who live mostly noamdely in th jungles of their homelands, but they have a few very big and powerful fort-cities up in their mountains, but this particular tribe has never been in such place. They worship the Couatl, the feathered snake. They lack clerical tradtions, and warrior-kings govern their lives from the great fort-cities. Anuha, herself being a sorcerer, is called a witch, and altough she doesn't have power over the mazticans, she is considered to be a wise women of some sort by the mazticans. There are other humanoids in Maztica, such as evasive wild elves, feral bugbears, sneaky goblins, and various savage lizardmen. Anuha still prefers the company of Tanara, holding her hand as the familiar face could protect her from this sitation they are in. Rache, the big, armored warrior becomes popular to the Mazticans, and young would-be warriors and beautiful half-naked Maztican girls are around him on a constant basis, keep touching him and his equipment.

Should no other questions arise, you can all go to sleep, in the Harper hold.

More in the OOC thread. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64334)

2007-12-01, 11:08 AM

The hathran had to struggle to keep the eagerness out of her voice as she and the other wizard spoke with the foreigners. She seemed most curious about not just their civilization but also about their everyday life, including traditional foods and superstitions they might have held from where they came from. A slight tinge of disappointment had overcome her though when she heard of this...Coatl, whoever it was, that they worshiped. Erisa had hoped to possibly teach them of Mystara but that seemed a foregone conclusion.

It was hard to tell, but her eyes kept darting over to where Rache was being...well idolized by some and admired by others could only be the proper terms for it. At first it didn't bother her, she was far more interested in the answers that she was getting, but as she started to run out of questions it gnawed at her more and more until it was less worry about his ability to protect her in this state and more so irritation about it happening period. Finally there was the point were enough was just too much.

Gloved hands rising up, the hathran pulled away her ivory mask for the first time since...well since any thing that hadn't involved sleeping. And even then she had kept her face covered by the blanket. Which made this, quite literally, the first time she had even shown her face to her comrades. Vibrant crimson hair cascaded out from underneath of the helm-like mask, giving her comely face a red halo that accented the simple yet pretty features.

What followed next probably wasn't quite as pretty though. The hathran barked out more then a couple words in Rashemi to the barbarian, several of which seemed to catch his attention because it stopped him from the laughing and showing off that he was doing and made him stare incredulously at his charge. The best way to describe the look on Erisa's face was severely put out. Rache was hardly the type to take such things sitting down though and the two went back and forth several times, only getting louder and louder before one of them finally seemed to have enough. Carelessly grabbing her mask, the hathran gathered up her other things and stormed out of where the Maztican's were being kept. Rache settled back down to where he had been before, returning to his various new fans and glowering at the door Erisa had left through.

Erisa didn't quite know where she was going, she didn't particularly care either, her blood was boiling and she wanted to get away from the stupid base creature who was supposedly her guard. Fury danced in her brown eyes, but it wasn't directed towards anyone she passed, and she tried to avoid them. Instead she simply looked for...someplace to be by herself before slumping to the floor and leaning back against the wall with a sigh, looking down at the mask in her hands thoughtfully.

2007-12-01, 05:07 PM

Callos, if you wanted that last scene to happen away from the rest of the group, just let me know and I'll amend my post.

Jan grins hugely when Erisa finally reveals her face, and marvels at the pale loveliness underneath. Strange. If my face looked half so nice, I'd be painting my likeness on my shield, not hiding it under a bushel.

Her conflict with Rache takes him off guard, however, and he stays silent through the mysterious exchange. It felt like he had some kind of responsibility for making this better. Realizing how quickly Rache could spit him like a pig, Jan took the less obvious of the two dangers, and padded slowly and softly after Erissa, following the sounds of her harsh, rasping breath.

As he got closer, he called on lessons from his childhood to bring out a quartet of flashing, colourful balls of light, which shifted to light his way both before and behind as he moved closer to Erisa. He stopped short, about ten feet away, and allowed the globes to play about him and dart about the room in a seemingly random pattern. When she either took note of him, or settled into a more regular pattern of breathing, he spoke softly.

Miss Erisa. I just wanted to say - how good it is to be able to talk with you directly now. It means a lot. And how good it's been to have you with us. Sometimes, what we're doing makes me so scared I think I'm going to go crazy. If it weren't for all of the rest of you, well, I figure I'd have started into the turnip brandy and wouldn't come up for air for weeks.

2007-12-01, 05:45 PM

It was the reflection of the dancing lights on the ivory mask that eventually caught the hathran's attention, eyes flicking up to follow the little hovering spheres of light. A smile crested unto her face and she absently plucked some wool and wax from her belt, holding it in her open palm and blowing it into the air where it vanished.

Eyes glittering as she looked at Jan, the sound of twelve female and male voices singing joined with the little erratic dance of the lights the gnome had created...but Erisa had already stopped concentrating on them the moment after the spell was finished and was instead focused on her visitor. "Thank you..It means a lot to hear that coming from such brave gnome. I've always been told...fear is natural, overcoming it is courage. Your fear will help you Jan, think it won't if you will."

With another sigh she hefted the helm and flipped it over in her hands. "Your lucky to have them Jan Jansen. Before I spoke Common, I felt much like an outsider because I could not communicate with all. Just listen and help how could. Now? Now it seems Rache considers me dead-weight, prudish and overly cautious to boot, so now I have no one and time says theres no time to get new ones. Shame, no?"

2007-12-02, 02:49 AM

Jan settles, cross-legged, against the wall opposite the Hathran. For a time, he ponders her words, and continues to play with the pulsing spheres of light. Finally, he speaks without preamble.

I've only known Rache a short time, and he doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. But I can tell you about another Rashemi warrior and his witch. This man, well, he too could become distracted by things. "Distracted" was actually a pretty good way to describe him in general, I'd say. But the thing that seemed to give his life shape, a purpose, was his witch.

I see some of that in Rache. He's a bit of a show-off sometimes, sure. But don't we all have our little affectations, to make the world seem to make just a little bit more sense. Do you really think I eat five hundred variations on turnip? No, but it makes for good storytelling. Your mask - I'm sure it has a perfectly reasonable purpose, but I'm guessing that, deep down, you wear it because you WANT to wear it. It makes you feel safe, feel good. Would you deny the same to that man, who is so clearly devoted to you?

2007-12-04, 07:56 AM
The Mazticans and the Harpers stood around clueless about what happened to the two people from Rashemen. Anyway, it was getting late, or to be correct, it was getting almost early, and the battle took a lot out of you.

You were able to sleep in safety in the Harper hold, and woke up refreshed, despite some of you still wore the scars and injuries from yesterday's battle.

When you woke up, it was already around midday. The Mazticans were taken care by Jaheira and the other Harpers. Before departing, Rache went over to Erisa. He spoke in reashemi tongue. - You're not my witch, I only protecting you 'coz I've got nothing better to do. It's not like I have to stand in your shadow all the time. And besides, uhm, also.. Anyway... I admit I was kinda careless lately. I'll... Just let's go, shall we? - that almost sounded an apology coming from Rache.

You were walking in the city, when a young boy, dressed in levander and amber clothes, rushes up to you. Barely catching his breath, he asks - High Dawn'ster Shaithuisson? High Dawncaller Reggelima has returned from his journey, and wishes to speak withcha. His enlightenedess awaits you at five at the temple. Your friends are invited as well.

2007-12-04, 10:26 AM

Amused, Jan smiles up at Jhaen.

Well, Your Shininess. Looks like we have a chance at getting a helping hand from the Morninglord after all!

2007-12-04, 01:41 PM
Jhaen smiles brightly and hands the young man a platinum coin. The blessing of Lathander be upon those bearing good tidings young man. Thank you for your information, go and tell the High Dawncaller that we shall come immediately.

After waiting for the boy to depart, Jhaen turns to the others and whispers. Perhaps tangling with the minions of Shar has caused me to become a bit paranoid but didn’t our friend that led us from the docks say the Church of Lathander could not directly help us. This may be indirect help… but it may be a trap as well, I urge caution.

((Knowledge Religion +11, did the livery of the boy look like the legitimate costume of a Lathandarian Herald? ))

2007-12-05, 05:14 AM
Jhaen knows the Lathandderite costums well, and the boy is dressed up as a young choir boy. He's only around twelve years old, so he's not oficially introduced to the clergy yet, but wears the minstrel's levander and amber-colored tabard. Nothing seems to be out fo place.

2007-12-06, 01:49 PM
Jhaen leads them in the direction of the Temple of the Morninglord, tensed and ready for an ambush, but also hopeful that the church of his patron will be able to help shed some light on their current situation.

2007-12-06, 02:43 PM

As the group approaches the Morninglord's temple, Jan casually slides his goggles over his eyes, and shivers a bit.

Brr. Chilly out today.

He slids his hood up and over his head.

2007-12-14, 02:43 AM
Despite Jhaen's worries, noone attacked you during your journey to the temple district. The boy asked you to only arrive at five, so you had the chance to have a good meal at a decent restaurant in a wealthier district. You mostly saw Athkatla's poorest districts until now, the Docks and the Slums already proved they have the reputation they deserve. It was refreshing to see the other side of the city, with wide, clear streets, and a general, good atmosphere.

As you walked the streets, you spotted a few people pointing at you, and whispering between themselves. It seems that your actions in Athkatla didn't go totally unwitnessed, and gossips already begun to spread.

Arriving at the temple of Lathander, you see that a large crowd gathered already. Many minstrels, choir boys and girls, clerics, knights, and civilians are present. All dressed up in ceremonial dresses, or at least in common shirts in amber or levander colour. The temple, which is a magnificent sight to behold even in weekdays, are decorated up for this occassion.

A young cleric reckognizes Jhaen, ands asks to be followed. He leads you through the crowd, into the temple. In the interior, the temple is even more decorated, magical glowing lights shine from everywhere in the colours of the church. Jhaen only now realizes the actual kind of celebration which is taking place. It's a promotional celebration, when the more enlightened members of the church are offered a higher title. The bigger surprise occurs when an elderly priest, Reggelima himself, comes to greet Jhaen, and tells him that he's not invited to be a guest, but to be promoted to the rank of Dawnmaster. There are about a dozen priests receiving such blessing now, and Jhaen is the highest ranked, along with a local priest.

Please wait for me in the end of the celebration, I would like to talk with you privately, Dawnmaster Shaithuisson. - he places his arm on Jhaen's shoulder, then leaves to prepare for the celebration.

2007-12-14, 12:09 PM

Ceria follows in the temple silently - for once - looking around with wide eyes. The colours and light seem to impress her, and more than once her hand twitches towards her bag and books. Soak up information. Soak up information. You'll write later. She smiles faintly when the elderly priest but hardly seems to note: her eyes were still drifting aimlessly on the surroundings.

2007-12-14, 12:16 PM
Jhaen looks thunderstruck at the Priest’s pronouncement. Me, a Dawnmaster? But I have so much to learn! I mean… are you sure? Stunned, Jhaen quickly runs out of words but simply looks around the magnificent preparations in the Temple with wide eyes. Still confused about what he could have possibly done to warrant so high an honor the humble young priest simply nods assent to his elder when told of the private meeting that is to take place after the celebration.

2007-12-14, 12:32 PM
Tanara takes Jhaen's hand and squeezes it a little, smiling up at him. "This is good. They honor you, give you a higher position. You deserve it."

2007-12-14, 12:44 PM

Jan is very carefully standing inside behind Rache's voluminous cloak.

Great. The boy's head isn't already too full of dreams and sunshine - they've got to add this. Still, couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I'll go congratulate him...later.

2007-12-17, 03:16 PM
The ceremony of the Morning God is a sight to behold, everyonw was dressed in shining yello and levander robes which reflected the magicaly radiating paintings on the walls, and statues. Th old priest Reggelima talked long and soft, his voice echoed in the large hall mysteriously, yet carrying warmth beyond imagination.

Jhaen received the blessing of the elderly cleric, and a pal-sized holy symbol of Lathander, a golden craftwork depicting sunrise, adored with rose, red, orange, and yellow gems. Jhaen knows about these amulets, which are only given to Dawnlords. It is a very powerful magic item, capable of radiating sunlight when hold high and called for the name of Lathander, banishing undead who see it's light. (It functions as a silver holy symbol, can radiate light as a torch, and adds +2 to the turning check results.) The promoted priests also received a rare elf wine called 'Elverquisst', which is a ruby-colored liquor magically distilled from sunshine and rare summer fruits. Utterly smooth, the liquor is nonetheless flecked with gold and has an iridescence of both color and flavor.

The celebration lasted one and a half hour, during which the choir sung hymns to Lathander nearly constantly. After the celebration was over, the guests slowly begin to go home, and the clerics of Lathander withdrew. Jhaen can see Reggelima retreating into a small room, where's only a single shrine is located.

2007-12-17, 03:53 PM
Still reeling a bit from the combined effects of his promotion and Tanara’s hand, Jhaen moves to his friends and explains that the high priest wishes to speak with him privately and that he will be right back.

On somewhat unsteady legs, Jhaen turns and heads towards the priest’s private chambers.

2007-12-20, 03:08 AM
At the small chamber, the high priest Reggelima waits Jhaen, and the young cleric can se that the old man's facial expression changed greatly. His eyes, which were full o joy and self-confidency during the ceremony, are know reflecting fear and discomfort.

My son - he turns to Jhaen -I have to trust you with somethingextremely dangerous, and even more important deed. Lathander talked to me in my sleep, and asked me to do this. I became aware of the shadow undeads appereance, and that you are fighting against these unholy spirits. Also, I learned that you need a certain artifact from our temple to complete this quest. I cannot assist you diretcly, since such actions would draw the attention of evil gods upon this scene. Thus, I must ask you to retrieve the artifact yourself. It is guarded in this church, in the basement level, and it is guarded by the morning knights. (paladin order of Lathander) You have to do it so it would like robbery or steal, so that noone suspects our intents. This is the direct orders of the Morninglord himself, to be as secretive and subtle as possible.

The old priest is asking Jhaen to steal from his own church.

I will manipulate the alarming magics of the temple tomorrow night, so you won't be detected by magics. However, the rest of the mission is upon your shoulders, my son. It's well known that the morning knight guard the artifact fiercely. Tomorrow night Lord De'Shaux and Lady Merfing will be on guard duty. Try to avoid hurting tham too much.

He waits to see if Jhaen has any questions, than leaves the small chamber.

2007-12-26, 10:42 AM
Unable to even speak, the thunderstruck young priest can barely even nod as his superior delivers the almost unbelievable news. When the prist leaves, Jhaen does his best to compose himself, then goes back out to his friends.

Once he has them drawn together, he addresses them in a hushed whisper. I have some rather disturbing news. I suggest we go to Jan’s home, if that is alright, and discuss them.

((Sorry for the delay in posting, I missed Amonadel's update somehow.))

2007-12-26, 03:19 PM
"Allright..." Tanara frowns at the sudden change of mood, but nods. "Let's go."

2007-12-26, 06:01 PM

"Disturbing news?" Ceria echoed. "Do we have to go back to the low-ceilinged house? Not that I mind much, but I feel kind of stuffed in there. It's so small and the air is always still." She wasn't protesting hard, and had in fact already started moving towards the house. In fact, she was mostly providing conversation to avoid falling silent. She didn't like silence much either, safe when she studied. That, too, made her feel stuffed.

2007-12-27, 06:21 AM
Jhen indeed looks like to have a great burden on his shoulders as you haed back to Jansen's estate. Interestingly, noone disturbs you on your way, and you get back to the turnip-smelling house quickly. Ma' Jansen brings you turnip tea, and she swears that this is from the best quality turnip that arrived from the Dalelands in ten years.

2008-01-02, 01:08 PM
Once everyone has gathered together in Jansen home Jhaen addresses them, a grim look upon his normally sunny features. The High Priest brought me aside to tell me that he had received a vision from Lathander.

It seems that if that our mission will end in disaster unless we STEAL the artifact we need from the Temple of Lathander.

This cannot be a staged theft, either. We must actually sneak into the basement Temple of Lathander and wrest it from the able guardianship of the Morning Knights, an order of Paladins devoted to Lathander. The High Priest can disarm the alarming wards on the temple, but we must defeat the Morning Knights and retrieve the artifact via theft.

Although the notion of theft from the house of the Morning Lord fills me with disgust, Lathander himself has commanded it, so I must obey. I will not cause permanent harm to the valiant Morning Knights, however. Those of you that accompany me on this distasteful quest must swear to me that you will also do not permanent harm to them.

Jhaen looks intently at his companions, waiting for their reply.

2008-01-02, 01:19 PM
"I swear," Tanara says simply.

2008-01-02, 02:59 PM

Jan nods and blows on his steaming mug of tea.

Hmm. I wonder what else they keep in those Morning-glory vaults.

He raises a solemn left hand.

I swear to do my utmost not to hurt the Knights, and will help you sneak in to get the symbol.

He pauses, tilting his head as he ponders the incongruity of it all. Then snaps back to the business at hand. He reaches into his pack and draws out a handful of pages of almost-unused parchment and a charcoal stick. His voice accelerates to match his whirling thoughts.

Jhaen, you probably know the layout of the temple by heart, right? So get sketching. Show us where the Knights usually put guards.

Okay, so the sooner we're in and out, the better for everyone. Way I figure, we got two ways of doing this - the Big Loud Con, or the the Little Shadow in the Night. Either we go in under false pretenses, which is NOT going to be easy at night, and get out before they spot the blind, or else we go in somewhere unexpected, and are in and out fast.

Now, Ceria, you the kind of wizard who can pop yourself in and out of places? Because maybe this can happen simple and quiet with just three people. Jhaen, cause he knows the place and can keep us from getting skinned if it all goes wrong, you to get us in and out, and me to open the boxes along the way. I make us all invisible-like. Jhaen, you guess what room the symbol's in, and describe it and it's location really well to Ceria. Ceria pops us in there.

If there's a knight in the room, we pop right out and try again the next night, maybe a different room, maybe a different time. If there's no knight, I do my searchy-mojo, just like Aunt Petunia taught us back when we were still playing hide-the-tuber. It's not in that room, we take a chance and look around a little more, but pop out first we see anybody, before they even know we're there, try again the next night.

He pauses, sipping his tea.

Or maybe I'm missing an angle here. What do you all think?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-01-02, 09:13 PM
"This is a hard thing you ask of me, you know. The Battleking despises those who enter a fight without meaning it. Should one of your god's knights fall in honorable combat, defending the temple of your patron...what greater sacrifice can one make?"

Vorr shakes his head. "To rob a warrior of the chance to die a glorious death, defending his god in his very house?" He closes his eyes, brow wrinkled in thought, but finally raises his fist with a sigh. "Were it any than those in this room asking this of me, I would refuse. But for you...I do swear, by blade and fist, that I will do my utmost to keep the Morninglord's followers from deathly harm."

2008-01-07, 01:44 PM
Thank you everyone, especially you Vorr. If it helps, think of this as a very rough training session with the Paladins, they are not our enemies, after all. I like your ideas Jann, we want to avoid any interaction at all with the Knights, if possible, but if we do have to face them, remember that their training and faith make them very resistant to magic. Jhaen squats down and begins tracing a rough map of the temple, then stops part way through. It occurs to me, perhaps I should confirm Lathnader’s hand in this mission, before we take it any further. When I pray in the morning I will ask Lathander if he approves of our mission.

((Jhaen will memorize and cast Divination and ask Lathander if he approves of their mission before they go.))

2008-01-13, 06:14 PM

"I can go in and out as easily as the wind." Ceria confirms with an aloof smile. "As long as Jhaen can tell me exactly where I need to move, entering the temple is not a problem. Neither is staying invisible - I can also do that. That way, we won't have to hurt the knights there."

2008-01-14, 03:44 AM

The thought of big, bad Jan "hurting" the Morning Knights brings a smile to Jan's face.

Sounds like a capital plan, Jhaen, and Ceria, I knew we could count on you. Rest of you - well, if we're not back in an hour, you may want to stop by the temple to pick up the remains, or barter for our freedom.

Are we missing anything else?

2008-01-14, 03:15 PM
"I don't like that you're going in alone." Tanara shakes her head. "We were all given this task."

2008-01-14, 04:15 PM
The gnome shrugs and spreads his palms.

Trust me, gorgeous. I'd feel safer with your blade in front of me as well. But if I understand the limitations that even such a powerful wizard as Ceria is working with, I figure that three is all she can manage.

2008-01-14, 04:28 PM

"Three, and it has to include me." She confirms after a moment. "I could come back to take others, but that would mean foregoing a quick means of escape. I do have other spells that could help us leave pursuit behind, though."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-01-14, 09:17 PM
Vorr looks to Tanara. "Is there perhaps some sort of distraction we could provide? Something that would draw knights from their posts, while keeping them safe?"

2008-01-15, 02:08 AM
Tanara looks at Vorr, musing. "Hmm...Yes, maybe. What do you suggest?"

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-01-15, 09:32 PM
Vorr looks surprised. "Oh. I thought you were the brains of this team." He scratches his beard. "Could we start something on fire?"

2008-01-15, 09:57 PM

Sensing the ever-present possibility of disaster, Jan steps in.

A distraction - a capital idea, but one that needn't involve destruction. Imagine, if you will, a lost soul or two showing up at the temple late at night for a midnight-of-the-soul conversion, but who also want to talk about their past. And perhaps, share wine...

He turns, abruptly, to Jhaen.

Surely the Morninglord, patron of hope and life, wouldn't object to a little aqua vitae, would he?

And back to Vorr and Tanara.

Regardless...SO many possibilities that DON'T involve the drawing of weapons.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-01-16, 06:28 PM
Vorr's eyebrows wrinkle. "I thought the idea was to distract knights, not counselors?"

2008-01-17, 03:32 AM
Tanara's smooth brow furrows in thought. "I think we need to get insie to distract them. If they are guards, they won't just leave their posts just cause a couple of wanderers want to talk. At least, not if they're good guards, and Jhaen said they are. I think we'll need to draw them out another way, but lots of noise will bring others as well. Maybe if we could sneak inside, and make smoke or something. They'd have to investigate that."

2008-01-17, 08:22 AM

Smoke is good. Ideally, we want something that won't get you arrested if they catch you. Athkatla's view of suitable incarceration is -

He pauses, then pushes a memory away.

- less enlightened than one might hope. Or, in some cases, desperately and repeatedly plead. I just figured that if a bunch of heavily armed people went in to talk, late at night, the odds of there being a lot of priests on duty would be slim to none, and the guards might get pulled away, or at least distracted. Worst case scenario, then you're inside and can hear if an alarm is tripped, right?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-01-20, 10:21 PM
Vorr shrugs. "True, we're likely to draw a security force whatever we do."

2008-01-21, 02:38 PM
Jhaen winces both inwardly and outwardly before making his suggestion. Perhaps Vorr and Tanara could set off a few smokesticks in the upper levels of the Temple, then scream “FIRE!” at the top of their lungs? A fire INSIDE the building you are protecting is hardly something even the most stalwart guardian can really ignore. When they run up to see what is happening, we can slip in and take the artifact. I still want to check this with Lathander before we go, however.

Make sure you are not recognized or caught however. Maybe you should wear masks, rush into the temple, set off the smokesticks and give your warning, then exit as quickly as possible.

2008-01-21, 02:52 PM
Rache nods at Jhaen's plan, and scratches his head, looking away from Erisa somewhat unconsciously.

Ma' Jansen knocks on the door, and she brings some of her favourite turnip teas again, since none of you dared to ask her not to do this.

If the plan sounds good to everyone else, you may go to rest, knowing thqt the Jansen estate is more wicked than any ghost castle, and noone would dare to enter the building when there are rumours of even a Turnip Dragon staying guard at the hall. Of course it's just a rumour (you really hope so) but it seems enough to scare any would-be thieves away.

2008-01-21, 03:44 PM

After saying a fond "good night" to Ma, Pa, and Tuberwald the Dragon (:smallwink: ), Jan settles in with his books, trying to determine what he'd most need for the next night's anticipated shenanigans. He knocks shyly on Ceria's door, hoping that the slightly preoccupied wizard hasn't left any stray wards.

Um. Ceria? It's Jan. I thought that, maybe, we could talk about what we do to prepare for tomorrow night. Can I come in?

Annalia, Truwar:
We can RP this out, but am assuming that the three of us could chat a bit about how the next night might go down. I'm hoping that, once we get in, we can make ourselves invisible, make Jan silent, and then use notes to communicate. Find and grab the symbol, get together and get out.

Just checking in with both of you about spell selections, to be clear about what I can and can't take care of in a smaller "sub-party".

I have essentially no battlefield control spells, except for illusions, so am hoping that Ceria can take care of the blasting and Jhaen the summoning of tanks, should it all go to hell. I can have a couple illusions to cover and provide distractions. A single casting of invisibility (but not three, unfortunately, unless I absolutely have to. Could Ceria do two more?. A couple enchantments (deep slumber and charm person), in case we DO meet up with the guards.

Annalia, if Ceria can have fly or something ready in case we need more mobility than we think? Ditto for Jhaen and energy resistance - in case we have fire pit etc fun. Dunno how hard Amanodel wants to make this for us. Truwar, a silence spell or two would be MOST helpful - Jan's a great trapsmith, but not much of a sneaker, but invisibility and silence will go a long way to fixing that.

Also, rest assured that, whatever he might say or think IC, Jan's not taking anything from the temple that Jhaen doesn't want him to take. Too much at stake.

Should be fun!

2008-01-21, 06:30 PM

"Huh? Of course you can come in... it's your house, after all." Jansen will find Ceria sitting on the ground, large tomes sprawled around her. She's obviously deep in preparations for the coming escapade in the temple. When Jan enters, she immediately launches herself into long explanations about what she can and cannot do tonight, often getting distracted and going off track.

I can cover battlefield control spells. Most of the fog ones are on my list, meaning I can slow them down fairly easily if we have to flee. Slow them down and speed us up.

Could also do the invisibility, but I'm under the impression Jan can take care of that himself. If not, I always have one as a backup, so it's all good. As for Fly, I can't prepare enough for everyone without feeling I'll be missing out on possibly important spells. Won't be dishing out much damage, but that's not the point this time around anyway. Got numerous ways to either slow them down or distract them, though.

2008-01-24, 05:29 PM
After the discussion is over, you return to your turnip-smelling chambers to rest. The magicians have enough time to prepare their proper spells, and the next day is mostly spent with preparing the mission; You make sure that you have every equipment for your plan, and you can buy whatever is missing, and isn1t stored in one of the many cellars of the Jansen estate.

You know that two morning knights will be in guard, and Jhaen had time to explain the schematic of the temple to everyone. You arrived near the temple around eleven in the night, when most of the residents are sleeping already. You see the door on the side of the temple, which is your way of entrance, to avoid those few who are still awake.

2008-01-24, 05:37 PM

Ceria had made sure to memorize every detail of Jhaen's plans, knowing that appearing straight into a wall would be quite damage for both the mission and their healths. Even though the tension is rising, and things are about to unfold, the half-elven wizardress looks rather aloof and distracted. "Tell me when you want to go, Jhaen, and which room we should start with."

2008-01-24, 07:02 PM

In contrast to Ceria, Jan is long-faced and all business.

Okay, everyone, remember. If this doesn't all happen in five minutes, something's gone terribly wrong. Tanara, Vorr, Rache, Erisa...counting on you to make a lot of noise and cause some confusion, and not to get pinned down or caught doing it. You should be in and out in a couple minutes. The LAST thing we want is a running battle with the knights in the streets of Athkatla.

If things go well, we split up and take very different routes back to the slums. Take your time, and be back at the house in an hour. If things go badly, go anywhere BUT the house. The other group will check in at the temple, and the prison -

He wets his lips nervously.

In the morning. All good?

When the others are ready, he quickly huddles close to Jhaen and Ceria, and casts a quick trio of enchantments, the last of which makes him disappear. Both Jhaen and Ceria feel a small hand clutching their leg.

Psst. Ready.

Casting Shield, Cat's Grace, and Invisibility (in that order) - duration 8 minutes. He has most definitely left the acquired Shar-ite priestess' gear back at Casa Jansen for this jaunt.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-01-24, 08:55 PM
Vorr, in the meantime, has taken the careful steps of dousing himself and any of his willing companions in cheap beer. "It helps the act...frankly, people expect it of a dwarf these days."

2008-01-25, 02:42 AM
Tanara wrinkles her nose at the smell of the beer, but lets the dwarf douse her. "Who's got the smokesticks?"

2008-01-28, 03:06 PM

[I'm assuming that we had time to go shopping for them during the day. Jan would have been as circumspect in the purchase as possible. I've deducted the standard price from the party treasure of 1,900 gp that (I think) Jan's still carrying around.]

Right! Here you go.

He quickly reaches back into his backpack, and draws out three smokesticks for each of the four who will be raising a ruckus on the ground floor.

2008-01-30, 11:14 AM
As the others prepare for their foray into the holy sanctum of Lathander, Jhaen kneels down in fervent prayer to Lathander, asking his deity if the task they are preparing to engage in is truly what he wishes them to do.

((Jhaen casts Divination and will ask Lathander what he wishes them to do, in regards to the artifact inside the temple of Latander.))

2008-01-30, 04:13 PM
You get ready, and Jansen distributes the smokesticks between the ones who are supposed to draw attention to themselves.

Meanwhile, Jhaen prays to Lathander for guidance. The lord answers the question directly, a divince, singing voice is heard by the cleric. "Use it as wisely as you can. The deceits of thousand years are manifold."

You areready to go now. Rache waits for Jhaen and the others to enter the stairs. Then he leads the rest of you to a shadowy place next to a huge altar. He count back from twenty, leaving Jhaen's group enough time to reach the lower levels. Then he shouts aloud, as if screaming, and throws his smokestick near the altar to give you extra cover. Then he knocks off an expensive-looking statue, which makes a lot of noise when reaches the floor.

Those who went downstairs, haven't encountered any problems for now, the high priest kept his word, and dispelled these magical alarms for tonight. When Jhaen's group heard a screaming, and a loud noise shortly thereafter, knew that Rache already begin the action upstairs.

2008-01-30, 05:01 PM

[Working on the assumption that Jhaen's group has landed where we were expecting, and that no one can currently see us:]

Jan quickly and quietly goes to work, casing the room for possible storage/hiding places for the holy symbol. As he identifies each spot, he checks it first for mundane or magical wards, not quite believing in the support of even the high priest of Lathander.

In case any of these are useful:

Move Silently 1d20+
Spot [roll0]
Listen [roll1]
Search [roll2]
Disable Device [roll3]
Open Lock [roll4]

2008-01-30, 08:42 PM

After transporting Jhaen's group, Ceria silently followed. She kept a good distance away from Jan, but otherwise didn't seem to be paying attention to what he was doing - or to anything at all, for that matter. She fiddled alternatively with her pack's strings or with Jeek, her gaze sweeping around but seeing very little.

2008-01-31, 02:14 AM
Tanara copies Rache's actions, and throws her smokestick in a suitable spot as well, then starts singing rather loudly, like she's seen and heard drunken humans do in taverns.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-02-02, 08:55 AM
Vorr tosses a smokestick or two as well, then joins Tanara's signing. The fact that he doesn't know the words, and he's signing in Dwarvish anyway, probably just helps the effect.

2008-02-04, 10:12 AM
Jhaen tries to remember just exactly where such a relic would be kept in a Temple of Lathander, silently praying that the distraction will pull the guards away, or at least distract them enough that he and his allies will be able to retrieve the artifact with no confrontations.

2008-02-06, 12:17 AM

Continuing his search of the room, Jan spares a glance upwards and around.

Huh. Nice to see that some Dawnfolk have a sense of style, Jhaen.

2008-02-06, 05:26 PM
At the ground floor:

Your action is quite succesfull, if you measure success by the number of people arriving in the main room in half a minute. You hear young clerics chanting, and soon after, the room is filled with lighting spells, but the smoke leaves you invisible to them for now. By the voices, you believe that there are about 8 people in the room right now, but you can't see any of them, thanks to the protecting smoke.


Jhaen led you to the guarded chamber without trouble. It was guarded by two Morningknights guarding the entrance of the chamber of the artifact. When the shouting got really loud, the elder ordered the younger one to go upstairs and check the source of the chaos. The young man starts to run upstars, but you managed to hide in an unused corridor, and the paladin rushed past without noticing you. The remaining paladin, is a middleaged human. Jhaen knows him, Sir Brian O'Langroove, as a most loyal paladin, and veteran warrior.

2008-02-06, 06:31 PM

Looking around, Jan scribbles furiously on his notepad and presses it into Jhaen's hand. It reads:

Jhaen makes guard silent.
I try make sleep
C ready stop him with magic if fail?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-02-06, 08:06 PM
Is it possible to sneak into another room, probably throwing a few more smokesticks as we go?

2008-02-06, 11:05 PM

Biting her lips slightly, Ceria shook her head. She grabbed the paper and scribbled on it quickly, her normally fine script becoming a series of bent, hurried letters.

"I can distract. Or hurt. Or cover us. Nothing to silently stop. I deal in noise."

2008-02-07, 02:06 AM
Ground floor:

You are now in the main hall. You could try to withdraw into smaller altar rooms or chambers, if you prefer closed spaces rather than the large hall.

2008-02-07, 06:59 AM
Tanara grabs hold of Vorr and whispers into his ear: "Remember, we're harmless drunks. No fighting the priests." Loudly, she exclaims:"Hey, buddy, this isn't incence! I think there's a fire!"

2008-02-07, 03:25 PM
Sighing, Jhaen pulls a copper coin from his beltpouch and whispers a quiet prayer to Lathander, suddenly plunging them all into silence. Holding up the coin, Jhaen points to it, indicating that the silence spell has cast upon it.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-02-07, 05:30 PM
"A foire, ye say?!?" Vorr roars, slipping into the stereotypical Dwarvish brogue. "Er, ach aye! We'd best let th' priests know! Foire!"

2008-02-07, 06:54 PM

Nodding at the priest's wisdom, Jan scribbles another note.

When Jhaen tosses coin, I will try to make guard sleep. If he doesn't, Ceria - stop him with a bang?

He invisibly pads over a space where he judges he'll be well out of range of the coin's silence when it lands, then prepares to cast his spell.

Since he's invisible and currently close the the silence coin, I'm guessing he doesn't need to roll any checks to avoid detection while getting into position. He's preparing to cast Deep Slumber on the guard. DC 16 will save to avoid falling asleep.

2008-02-08, 06:33 AM
Ground floor:

Still masked by the smoke, you start shouting fire. You hear an older priest commanding the younger ones: - Fire extenguishing spells! cast them at the alter and all around! No wind spells!

After it, you suddenly feel cold and water spells blasted all around you, but luckily your smoke disguise remains, for the priests fear that the wind would feed the fire, and spread it further.


Jhaen tosses the coin, which lands on the stone floor, but doesn't make any noise. After it, Jansen casts his spell in safety, since the Morningknight won't be able to hear it. Ceria and Jhaen watch from the background waiting to see what happens.


The paladin scrathces his head, and yawns. But after it he rubs his eyes, and coughs. Or rather, tries to cogh, but no noise leave his throat. He tries again, but without succes, he tries to speak, then shout, but he makes no noise. He turns around in disbelief, and draws his bastard sword. It's kinda surreal that the panicking paladinin full plate armour makes clanking noises.

2008-02-08, 12:20 PM

Aw, crap.

As soon as his spell goes off, Jan becomes visible. He smiles as warmly as he can at the Paladin, and pretends to speak. Jan tries to be surprised that he can't hear his own voice, and turns away from the paladin.

Glancing around the corner at Ceria, he nods slightly and murmurs.

Crap. Over to you! I'll try to keep him distracted, just in case.

Hoping to suggest that he's casting a spell in an effort to eliminate the silence, Jan does indeed cast a spell, and nothing seems to happen - for a moment. He reaches into his shirt, and pulls out a large holy symbol of Lathander - holding it out in a defensive manner. Seeming to become distracted by something coming around the corner from the direction opposite the paladin, Jan reacts with shock and terror. Then, a lurching, slavering - and completely silent - demon-shape slumps into view and seems poised to eat him in one gulp.

So, to break this amazing pile of poo down a bit:

Move action: Wave to paladin, trying to bluff him into thinking there's some reason for Jan to be there. Does this even have a chance of working? Who knows? It amuses Jan. Bluff: [roll0]

Standard action: Casting Silent image. Right now, the three parts of it are the holy symbol in his hands, showing an empty passage where Ceria and Jhaen would be standing if they step into the paladin's view, and then adding in the Large sized demon-thing (I'm picturing a massive hyena man with green clawed arms, a tail that has a snake's head, and jaws that gape large enough to swallow a gnome) that comes down the corridor towards him.

Oh, and as required: Initiative [roll1]

2008-02-08, 04:05 PM

"Oops?" Ceria let out, before quickly stepping out of the silence spell's range. She signaled to Jan he should try to get past the guard as they distracted him before impending movement and sight.

With a few fluid movement, she conjured up a strangely solid fog.

Casting Solid Fog, centered on the guard. If I need a move action not to be within the silence spell, I'll step back.

2008-02-09, 10:50 AM

The paladin looks at Jhaen, and with his sword in his hand, he setps towards the gnome, but then his eyes follow where Jan is looking, and he spots the terrible demon, which arrived from a far place more terrifying than the nine hells. It came from Jansen's mind. He lowers the visor on his helmet, and with and unheard battle cry, the paladin attacks the demon. Unfortunately for him, the fog which Ceria created prevents him from reaching the demon.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-02-10, 11:08 AM
Vorr cracks another smokestick, just to pile up some more smoke in the place, and tries to find some things to knock over...candelabras, statuary, whatever's handy.

"Foire! The temple, it's, ah, it be burnin'!"

2008-02-14, 06:35 AM
Meanwhile the Morningknight, who ran upsairs, arrived to the ground floor.

Deal with the fire! - he orders the priests, and after drinking a magic potion, he draws his mace, and walks into the heavy smoke. - I deal with the intruders.

Your eyes have alredy got used to the smoke, so you spot the paladin first.

Down at the cellars, the paladin still tries to reach the demon, but he can only move with struggle, while the demon seems not to be hindered by the fog.

2008-02-14, 07:58 AM
Tanara carefully slips around the paladin, hiding in the smoke. She remembers what Jhaen said about not harming anyone, so for now it's a game of tag to the wild elf maiden. She grins to herself, hoping Vorr remembers as well.

2008-02-14, 10:38 AM

Jan manipulates the illusion so that it reaches down to try to swallow him, but he manages to duck out of it's way and shift to one side. His intent is to place the creature between the paladin and himself - so that he has a chance to back up - to stay out of the silence effect - and the paladin can't see him as well, but thinks he has a clear shot at the demon's back.

Once the demon is interposed between Jan and the paladin, the gnome waves furiously at Jhaen and Ceria.

Quick! Knock him out! Put him down!

2008-02-14, 12:36 PM
Mumbling a quick psalm of forgiveness first, Jhaen attempts to lock the Paladin in place from outside of the circle of silence.

((Jhaen casts hold person at the Paladin. DC:18))

2008-02-15, 07:24 PM

Knowing her spells would be best kept as last-minute resources, Ceria waits to see how Jhaen's latest attempt to stop the paladin would work out.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-02-17, 01:51 PM
Vorr hopes to find a dwarf-sized clump of smoke to hide in as well.

2008-02-20, 05:23 PM
Sorry for the long waiting, I have trouble with accessing the boards lately. New post should be up tomorrow.

2008-02-21, 04:51 AM
In the cellar, Jhaen's spell's working, and the paladin freezes in place, while Jansen moves the illuision around, confusing the Morningknight about what's happening. Altough it's a good thing that Jhean's spell worked, since the Morningknights are known to smite firt, ask questions to the summoned spirit later.

Thanks to your spells, the paladin is now frozen in place, looking in away from your position, and he doesn't see the door of the artifact's room as well.

In the upper room, you try to blend into the heavy smoke. Rache and Erisa have dissapeared in the smoke, you can't see the two rashemi human.

The young Morningknight steps into the smoke vigilantly, looking for the trouble-makers. Tanara could bend into the smoke easily, his jungle-living kin has a great skill at being unseen. Sadly, this is not the case of dwarves, and the paladin spots Vorr in the fog. "Surrender!" he calls out, and starts towards the assumedly drunken dwarf. With his heavy mace drawn.

2008-02-21, 09:02 AM

Nice work, Jhaen. It reminds me of the time my Uncle...right. Later

I'm going to try to knock him out. Anyone care to help?

Seeing the guardian freeze in place, Jan draws his sword. He scoots between the legs of the illusionary demon, which turns to pursue him as he runs behind the paladin, out of his view. Allowing the illusion to lapse once the demon is no longer visible, Jan wallops the paladin as hard as he can with the flat of his blade.

Move to draw and move behind the paladin.
Attack: [roll0] Penalty for non-lethal damage, bonus for helpless already factored in, sadly.
[roll1] Crit confirmation, if 19 or 20 rolled
[roll2] Base weapon damage
[roll3] Sneak attack damage

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-02-21, 07:30 PM
Vorr turns to the paladin in mock surprise, being careful to keep his hands away from any weapons. "Surrender? Shouldn't we be running away from th' fire, laddie?"

2008-02-25, 11:53 AM
Vorr's bluff was not good enough to make the paladin stop, and the morningknight continues towards the dwarf in a steady pace, and his mace starts to shine with holy light as he prepares toattack the dwarf.

Vorr can chose to run away, or engage in some kind of combat with the Morningknight.

Downstairs, Jansen's hit didn't make the paladin lose his consciousness, altough it must have hurt a bit, despite the protective full plate armor.

2008-02-25, 01:12 PM
Wincing at blow to the paladin’s head and imagining having the permanent brain damage of a faithful servant of Lathander on his conscience for the rest of eternity, Jhaen pulls out a rope from his pack and signals meaningfully to Jan.

2008-02-25, 04:06 PM

Jan sees the wincing priest pull out his rope, and waves him over. Meanwhile, he delivers another blow - this time to an area that might cause brain damage to SOME men, but not most.

Doing a full-round action to deliver a non-lethal coup-de-grace, which I understand to be like a regular coup-de-grace, but without the nasty "chance of dying" thing, and using non-lethal damage.

Damage with auto-crit [roll0] for the sword plus [roll1] for the sneak attack.

2008-02-25, 04:17 PM
Tanara takes advantage of the cover of the smoke to try and trip the guard as he advances on Vorr. Then she hides again.

2008-02-26, 04:21 PM
Jan hits the paladin again, and this time he really hopes that they won't get caught. Jhaen rushes over quickly with a rope. A painful moaning comes from the Morningknight's direction, but the paladin is still unable to move.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-02-28, 08:26 PM
Vorr screams like a dwarvish little girl and starts running!

2008-02-29, 07:45 AM
The paladin starts to run after the seemingly drunken dwarf, but in his hurry, he doesn't notice Tanara, and gets tripped with. It makes q loud noise as the ironclad paladin hits the marble floor. The cold and water spells the priests had cast, formed a thin layer of ice in the floor, qnd the paladin has serious troubles getting to his feet again.

2008-02-29, 10:26 AM
Tanara stifles a giggle, and slips through the smoke towards the exit, figuring they'd made enough of a diversion by now.

2008-03-02, 12:18 PM

Unsure what to do, Ceria hangs around quietly. When the paladin moans, she tilts her head to the side. She quickly starts talking, only to once again realise her voice is completely negated by the silence spell. Sighing, she takes Jeek out and begins playing with the lizard while the two men take care of the paladin.

2008-03-04, 09:08 AM
At the cellars, Jan and Jhaen manages to tie and gag the paladin just before the magical effect of Jhaen's spell disappears, and quicklz proceed to the chamber. Jan scans the area for any possible magical wards, but the high priest kept his word, and removed all protective magic for this night.

On the ground floor, Tanara and Vorr decides it is time to run, before the paladin coul get to his feet.

There is no fire in here! - the paladin shouts from the fog - Catch the intruders!

The morningknight's order came only too late for the priests, Tanara and Vorr jumped out of the fog towards the door just in the second, and the clerics couldn1t cast thei spells to prevent the dwarf and elf escpaing the building.

Get them! - you hear the orders of an elder priest, and soon, you are followed by running priests, and you can hear many spells cast in the temple: You can't reckognize any, but you hope you won't feel their effects soon:

2008-03-04, 09:27 AM

Confirming that the wards are down, Jan moves to the designated container for the Holy McGuffin, and opens it.

2008-03-04, 10:18 AM
Tanara runs fleet footed through the streets, but makes sure the dwarf is keeping up. She casts a glance over her shoulder to see how close their pursuers are, and hopes they're out of the range of their spells.

2008-03-04, 12:49 PM
Knowing their time to find the artifact is short, Jhaen mumbles a quick prayer to Lathander under his breath as he looks desperately about for the object of their foray into the basements.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-03-04, 05:35 PM
Vorr is, indeed, running as fast as he can. He doesn't look happy about it, but at least he is.

2008-03-06, 09:05 AM
Ok, we're mostly finshed here, and I don't want you to get bored, so I move it along so you can rejoin with each other.

Jan, Jhaen, and Ceria enters the room where the artifact is located. The artifact is not hard to find. It is a golden cup, adorned with various gems, probably the most beautiful and intricate artwork you've ever seen in your life. It shines with amber light, fiiling the whole room with divine light. Jansen checks it quickly, and finds it not trapped, so Jhaen takes it and hides it in his cloak.

There was no time to hang around, since the morningknight tore his bandage, and you can already hear hime running towards the room you're in, and shouting, asking for reinforcements.

Ceria's dimension door just took you out of the temple in time.

Vorr and Tanara were chased intensively for minutes, and while Tanara is quick on his feet, Vorr often fell back, and it was only a matter of time when the pursuing priests get close enough to cast some enchantents upon the dwarf. Luckily, help cam from an unpredicted source, as a were-rat patrol spot you from the sewers, and offered you a place to hide. The agents of Lathander were searching for traces of the missing artifact for a long time, and during the time, Vorr and Tanara must remained at the were-rats hiding place. For a few gold pieces, they received a place to sleep, and the rats even stole some food for them from the surface.

The other group had more troubles, since the artifact was heavily searched by various divination spells. Luckily, Jansen knows about a cousin of his, who is living nearby, who has an antimagic field at his cellar, in which he used to
store several magic items that may be frowned upon if detected. Luckily, you had to run, so Jansen couldn't explain which kind of enhanced items inhabit the antimagic cellar. You stayed there for a day before you could safely leave the place.

You managed to meet each other at the Jansesn estate next day in the night, and store the artifact in the mysterious depth of the Jansesn cellars. Ma' Jansen insured you that the lower cellars are totally safe from scrying magics.

2008-03-06, 11:28 AM
You managed to meet each other at the Jansesn estate next day in the night, and store the artifact in the mysterious depth of the Jansesn cellars. Ma' Jansen insured you that the lower cellars are totally safe from scrying magics.

Darn right they are! Uncle Olaf lost his spare eye down here in these very cellars three years ago. By the time we actually found the darn thing, it had actually regenerated back into a beholder. Caused SUCH a mess. Mind you, that's how we ended up with the sub-basement. And, eventually Uncle Olaf got it back into his head, and now the two of them are the best of friends.

Jan dusts off his hands and beams up at his companions.

Fine work this evening, I'd say, folks. Not often I get a chance to whallop a paladin in the Glittergolds for the cause of niceness. Now...

He sniffed a bit theatrically at Vorr, and by implication at Tanara.

After your smoke-bath and tour of the finer wererat establishments of Athkatla, I'm assuming you'll both be wanting baths. I'll talk to ma, and start filling the tub.

Then I'd say we go back to our new were-rat friends and see about getting us a Rogue Stone. Sound good?

2008-03-06, 11:52 AM
"Tub? Isn't there a river nearby?" Tanara looks questioningly at Jan.

2008-03-06, 12:09 PM

Jan actually blanches for a moment.

Well, Miss Tanara, I'm sure that if anyone could survive a dip in the Alandor, it would be you. Suffice to say that, by the time it reaches this part of the city, there's a thriving community already in place. It's not so much the sahuagin and the wererats I'd be worried about, as the giant carp and the giant, er, crap.

2008-03-06, 12:16 PM
"Are you trying to say the river is dirty and dangerous?"

2008-03-06, 02:40 PM

"I think he is." Ceria commented idly, smiling. "I would choose the tub if I were you. I've never seen anyone capable of washing himself with something dirty. It does not quite makes sense."

"Say, Jan, I'd like to meet that beholder friend you talk of. They say beholders are very knowledgeable folks, but it's rare to encounter one who doesn't wish to simply disintegrate you - let alone share his knowledge. Perhaps he'd even have books to recommend! I'm starting to run low on them... That last tome on the intricaties of wind in the Weave was quite interesting, if a bit short."

2008-03-06, 02:58 PM

Jan seems dubious about Ceria's request, but eager to help.

Well, Uncle Olaf travels a lot. We used to say he had a wandering eye, but that stopped being funny fairly quickly. Especially when he'd zap you with a ray.

You know, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but with a beholder as his eye, truth be told, Uncle Olaf isn't winning any pageants, if you know what I mean. Not that he was ever really much of a looker. Especially after that skin condition he developed when he thought that turnips could be cast and shaped into armour, like leather. But I digress. The beholder didn't seem to me to be much of a scholar, but then, I've never really asked.

Hmm. What kind of books do you like to read?

2008-03-06, 04:06 PM
Oh, my... You didn't ask that. :smallamused:


"Ooh, all kind of things!" Ceria started vaguely, but with an almost scary enthusiasm. The next moment, she was kneeling on the ground and taking out one thick, large tome after another. "These magical sacks are very handy. I can carry all kind of books around. See, this is the one I just mentionned, Of Wind and Magic. It's in Auran, written by the avariels." She pointed at the tome, before quickly pilling others on top of it.

"A lot of these tomes are related to magic - Unfolding the Weave, Mystra's Creation, Sonic Energy and Matters - A Theory of Destruction. Others are on geography: The Western Heartlands - An Historically Forgotten Region, Lands of Intrigue - Surviving in Amn and Tethyr or Lake of Steam - A Succession of Petty Tyrants. Then I have a few more historical ones: The Anauroch's Creation, Thay's Liberation, The Origins of Planetouched Folks or this more-recent Times of Troubles - A Divine Upheaval."

Pausing for breath, Ceria then moved on to the last books in her sack. "This is my spellbook, and... here! Evil Organisations - From the Zhentarim to Sharaan Cells. That's where I heard of the Shadow Weave. Oh, and I have Jeek's favourite too: Lizardfolks on Toril - A Sparse but Powerful Race. And this last one... She took an extremely thick and old-looking book, with a cracked red cover "Is my current reading. Myths and Legends - Heroic Figures of Faerun's Tales. It's certainly easier to read than the magical ones. Haven't finished it, but maybe your family is in it, Jan! I'll keep an eyes out."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-03-06, 06:13 PM
"A bath would be most welcome, thank you. And if it wouldn't be too much trouble...could you spare a glass of that delicious turnip wine?"

Vorr heads off to clean up.

((I'll be gone tomorrow through Sunday. No idea if I'll have access.))

2008-03-13, 09:58 AM
During the day, you got reports about the city guard and the shaow thieves investigating the slums, probably they are after your artifact. However, you weren't found, but you must wait at Jansen for security reasons. The day passses with resting, and Celia is given two very big, old books. "Turnip farming in Soutwest Amn" and "Varieties of the Halruaan Grey turnip". You received word from the were-rats. They will be meeting you at the top of the Coronet in the night. However, Rache and Erisa is still missing, but you believe that they are resourceful enough to get out of any bad situation they might have gotten into.

2008-03-13, 05:01 PM

Thanking the Jansen profusely for the new books, Ceria promises to read them before stuffing the whole pile of tomes back into her sack. She'll spend her day reading, conversing with others only if addressed to - or if a particularly interesting subject comes up.

2008-03-13, 05:38 PM
Jhaen spends his time in the gnome burrow moodily looking at stolen holy artifact of Lathander and thinking. After several hours of this he finally looks up at the others. So, what are our plans, once we get the rogue stone?

2008-03-14, 05:34 AM
After her bath, Tanara spends the time looking over her weapons and armor, making sure everything is in order, making small repairs if need be. She looks up at Jhaen when he asks his question. "I don't know. Do we have everything we need? Weren't we supposed to do some sort of ritual?"

2008-03-15, 02:02 PM

Jan spent the day tweaking and fixing bits of his armour and gloves, but is pleased to rejoin the others for dinner conversation.

We sure do have that ritual, Miss Tanara. But we still need a few more things, I think. We might be able to negotiate with the wererats to acquire the gems. There's a small temple to Ilmater just a few blocks from here - we might be able to borrow a symbol of law there. Rather start there than with the Helmites, anyway.

The pure heart, I'm still a bit stumped on.

Just a reminder, here's what we need. We have the eagle's feather. I think there was some talk about getting the mug of blood from Tanara. The wererats should be getting the Rogue's Stone to us - that was the deal. We have the skull from the undead wizard. We HAD the heart, but it was stolen by the Shadow Thieves. We don't yet have the diamond, King's Tear, Red Tear and Fire Opal.

The dagger from the priestess of Shar is, I hope, powerful enough to act as the power source.

With the acquisition of the Lathander symbol, we have the holy symbol of hope. Perhaps Sun. We definitely still need law, and perhaps sun.

We won't even get into the topics of "are we actually working for the good guys," or "what's the damn ritual we have to do once we get all this stuff."

Thou shall find a Rogue's Stone, so thou shall gain the abilty to accompany me to my city.
Thou shall gather clear gems symbolizing the power of the Sun God: a Diamond, a King's Tear, a Red Tear, and a Fire Opal.
Thou shall have a item imbued with major magics, so I can gather enough magical energy to undo the curse.
Thou shall bring me three items blessed with faith of great religions, simbolyzing Law, Hope, and the Sun.
Thou shall acquire a heart of pure and strong faith, to cleanse the curse, and thou shall bring the skull of a powerful mind to help us solve our situation.
And finally each of thou shall bring a feather of an eagle and a mug of blood of a virgin girl, to ensure our fast travel in pureness.

2008-03-17, 09:52 AM
When the night comes, you go visit the Coronet. There are stairs leading to the top of the building. It's almost imaginable, bu there's a small village upon the other buildings with houses, and even a shop, and a temple of Ilmater. The whole place is dirty, and you have to watch your step in order to not fall down sometimes. There are many small holes in the wooden planks at the walls and the floor, no wonder the wererats really like this place because they can disapper in seconds when needed. The area almost radiates poorness and depression.

You don't see any of the rats yet, but you have a feeling that you are watched by someone.

2008-03-23, 04:07 PM
Jan Jansen

Pounds the thread on the chest. "Live. Live! LIVE!

Jan glances up at the others, then around at the desolate slum surroundings.

It's quiet. Too quiet.

Heh heh. Uncle Jukka always used to say that, then break out into that mad cackle of his. Ever since the illithids ate half his brain, he spoke in nothing but cliches.

We should get to that shrine sooner rather than later.

He leads the way.

Spot check [roll0]

2008-03-23, 04:32 PM

"It's a wonder he survived that." Ceria commented, following Jan. "Illithids really are dangerous creatures, but you have to travel so far down to meet them. Did you know the Underdark is split in three heights of region? And most of them are found about 10 miles below the surface, in what is called the Lowerdark."

2008-03-24, 05:05 PM
Jhaen keeps a sharp eye out for trouble, trying not to be distracted but the decanter of endless trivia that is Ceria. So, Jan, have you given any thought to where we might pick up the other gemstones we are looking for?

Spot: [roll0]

2008-03-24, 07:34 PM
Jan Jansen

Jan continues to scan as they head towards the shrine.

Well, there's a merchant down at the Promenade that deals in rare stones, so that's a possibility. I'm rather hoping that the twitchers have some ideas on the subject.

How about you? Any ideas on the symbol of law? Or the pure heart?

2008-03-27, 04:34 AM
Before you could continue the conversation, a great number of wererats crawl out from the holes of the walls. Yet you are sure there are more of them still lurking arund in rat form. You have seen it several times, but the wererats' transformation still gives you the creeps.

Well met... - you hear Twitchy Brokk's voice, and you soon reckonize the halfling amongst the other wererats. This one has an untrustworthy face even amongst the rats. - One rogue stone as ordered, and one as an extra, a sign of our gratitude. - He carelessly tosses a small velvet sack to Jansen.

He was feigning to withdraw, but turned back to you. - Ah, and you might be interested in this. - he shows you a small magical box, which is surely cold, for it's covered with ice. He opens it and show it to you. A heart of a human is in there. You reckognize it's the same frozen heart that was in your posession once.

2008-03-27, 09:54 AM
Jan Jansen

Trying not to seem as overtly distrustful as he feels, Jan catches the bag and peeks inside.

At the sight of the heart, he can't help smiling.

Brokk, I take back all the things I never actually said out loud about you after that bloodbath on the docks. You've done right by us, and by a lot of others who you might never meet. Thank you. Really. Thank you.

Catching up a bit of his cloak to use as padding, remembering how cold the box was to the touch, Jan gingerly closes the box and takes it from the wererat. He slips it gingerly into a side pocket of his pack, and rubs the warmth back into his fingers. Looking the halfling/rat square in the eye, Jan nods and extends his hand.

Maybe you're playing a deeper game with all this, Brokk, and maybe I don't care at the moment. We took the job. We did the job. You paid off, and plus. That makes you okay in my book.

2008-03-27, 10:34 AM
Consider the box as a payment in advane for another task at hand. - grins Twithcy with a half smile - One our "collectors" was caught by the Lathander priesthood. You know, someone stole a powerful artifact from there, and now they are accusing us. You are one of them, preacher boy - he turns to Jhaen - get him out of the prison.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-03-27, 01:20 PM
Vorr raises an eyebrow. "Someone raided the temple? Shame about that." He shrugs. "Still, a favor done is a favor due."

2008-03-27, 04:03 PM

"Of course someone raided that temple!" Ceria exclaimed, surprised that Vorr wouldn't remember. "Don't you remember? We -" Ceria blinked, remembering this was supposed to be secret. "Hum, heard of it the other day, at the tavern. You must have.. drank too much of that strange ale from the Great Rift."

She smiled, adding in a distracted manner "Gold dwarves really have this strange way of making beer. Their alcohol is much stronger, yet always seems to flow better. I've read critics from every region of Faerun say they had truly mastered the art."

2008-03-27, 04:09 PM
Tanara looks curiously at the box with the heart, but keeps an eye on the wererats as well.

2008-03-28, 12:38 AM

Possibly for the first time in his adult life, Jan knows when to keep his mouth shut. Having heard the price of the heart, he simply turns and smiles sweetly at Jhaen.

2008-03-28, 09:50 AM
Jhaen groans quietly and rubs at his temples. So… you need me to put in a good word for your, err compatriot? Perhaps I can help him out. I will point out that you helped us in our battle against the Sharans. Is there any reason in particular they thought it was you that stole that artifact? I would think that they would suspect the Shadow Thieves of stealing an artifact of the Morning Lord before you and your friends.

2008-03-29, 05:36 PM

"Maybe we could just break their friend out." Ceria suggests eagerly, adding "I mean, infiltrating Lathander's temple has been done before. By others. Those who stole that artifact, for example."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-03-30, 11:48 AM
Vorr frowns. "Breaking in again? I. uh- I mean the Temple being broken into again, of course-...doesn't it seem likely they'd have increased their security since the first time?"

2008-03-30, 03:11 PM

"Yeah, I guess. And then we'd have to hurt the paladins over there, and Jhaen wouldn't be too happy with it. Still, if I knew where that cell was, I could just try to port in and out!" Ceria answers, before adding "Provided talking doesn't work, that is."

2008-04-01, 09:05 AM
The rats look at Vorr and Ceria interestingly as they try to explain something, which sound way too confusing.

Just get'im outta prison! - tells you Brokk again, but then he suddenly starts to sniffle around nervously. - Damnit! They are upon us! Withdraw follows!
Upon his orders the wererats take their rat form, which looks almost as disgusting as their first form change was. Soon, they all disappear into holes of the building comlex. You were stnading in the utter silence without knowing what's going on when you finally noticed some people sneaking up to the top of the building complex. Luckily, you were standing in the shadows, behind a pile of broken furniture, so they didn't spot you.

The small party of four humanoids are wearing dark robes, and they are sneaking towards the small temple of Ilmater. The god of suffering is the only deity having shrines or temples in the most ill parts of the Slums district.

2008-04-01, 09:34 AM

Peering out from behind two crates, Jan mourned that he didn't have any opportunity to savour the experience of planning a SECOND break-in to the temple of Lathander - and with a dawnbringer at his side.

Spot [roll0] - trying to see if he can tell anything about the four dark-robed figures. He knows that the Ilmater folk usually wear dirty white, so he KNOWS it's not them. Jan's afraid that it's Sharites up to more crap.

2008-04-01, 05:55 PM

The young half-elf stretched over the crates to see the small figures. In a loud whisper, she told the others. "I don't think they're up to any good. Ilmater is nice enough. Maybe we could help."

2008-04-02, 11:14 AM
Jhaen whispers to the others. Ceria is right. Besides, if they ARE Sharans, I think there is a pretty ggod chance they are after the same thing in the Temple of Illmater that we are.

2008-04-02, 12:54 PM

Jan glanced up at the priest. His voice is pitched very low.

What are we after, again? I thought we already got what we came for. Oh! Or do you mean that they were after the wererats too? In which case - yes, let's see if we can capture at least one.

2008-04-03, 10:03 AM
The artifact of hope. This is actually a bit of a confirmation that Illmater was the god of hope that we were looking for. Now, what do we do about our friends in black there?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-04-03, 10:18 AM
Vorr does some quick math.

"If we save one, we can still kill three, right?"

2008-04-03, 04:21 PM

"Do we need to? Maybe one of them has more information. It'd be better to keep them all alive, if possible."

2008-04-03, 06:35 PM

Quickly doing some calculations, Jan lays out this simple plan while loading his crossbow.

How about this?

We get the drop on them by making it suddenly quiet-like where they are - thanks to Jhaen. I may be able to put one or two to sleep for questioning later, but that only helps if we keep the rest extra-busy. Vorr and Tanara, the silence won't cause you any problems - your job is to keep the sharites in the silent zone, and busy not dying. If you can knock em out at the same time, so much the better, but four priests of Shar casting spells on me is not my idea of a fun fight. Ceria, you lay down that same weird fog stuff, keep em in place.

After we got that started, Jhaen, you and Mister Dawn Ape step in to help out Tanara and Vorr, and Ceria and me, we stay back to pick off anybody who gets past the four of you. Sound good?

Sorry, Jan's getting bossy in his old age. Please, feel free to tell me/him to shut up.

Surprise round: it's basically the silence plus solid fog to keep the Sharites from casting, Deep slumber to snag someone to talk to later. Vorr and Tanara charge to the edge of the fog to lay down a beating on any Sharites trying to escape (perhaps bullrushing them back into the fog?). Jhaen brings in his fabulous ape, and they move to deal with others that are emerging. Ceria lays down a Haste to help out the melee folk. I support with missile fire or a targeted dispel (if one of the priests gets out of the silence and gets something nasty off).


2008-04-04, 04:25 AM
Tanara nods. "Allright. I can fight them." She smiles, looking up at the four sneaking forms eagerly.

2008-04-04, 09:45 AM
Jhaen nods grimly and prepares to engulf the creeping figures, as soon as Jan gives the signal.

((Jhaen will cast silence as soon as the rest of the party is ready to go))

2008-04-04, 10:14 AM
As you were deciding what tactics you should follow, the door of the temple opens, and another man, thief-looking, sneaks out. He has a bloody dagger in one hand, and some item folded into layers of canvas in the other one.

He seems surprised by the four other people, but he's not clueless.

Why did you come here, I told you to wait me at the "Smoking Dog"! It's no safe here!

Not safe for YOU, my child. - answers one of the black-robed guys, and with a swist spell, he freezes the thief in his place. Another dark-robed man steps to the magically held thief, and takes the package out of his hands, then slits the thief's throat wide open with a swift move.

You can roll initiatives, and take your first-round actions now.

2008-04-04, 05:24 PM

Ceria springs into action, following Jan's pre-established plan. She didn't like silence much herself, as it tended to limit her drastically - without mentionning sound was one of the most intriguing thing she had encountered. Still. Fog was her job at the moment, and she was pleased to execute herself.

[roll0] (22)
I'll be casting Solid Fog on my turn.

2008-04-04, 05:41 PM

So I'm assuming that those two priests have already acted in round 1? Because otherwise it would have been nice to have had an opportunity to act when the interaction with the thief started.:smallwink:

Initiative: [roll0]

Move action: step out to get LOS on the four priests.

Standard action: casting deep slumber on the area, being careful to centre the target away from the side with the thief, in case he's alive. Will DC 17 to resist.

2008-04-04, 06:03 PM
Disgusted at the Sharan’s blasphemous use of the word “child”, a term used by Lathandrian clergy when addressing the laity, Jhaen beseaches Lathander to seal the vile mouths of the slaves of Shar.

Initiative: [roll0]

((Jhaen casts silence on the ground, centered where the clerics are (20ft radius)) so there is no save to resist. If the priests are closer than 20ft, Jhane will cast it so it does not engulf the party’s spellcasters))

2008-04-05, 01:15 AM
Tanara nocks an arrow and pulls the string to her ear before letting the shaft fly towards the man who slit the thief's throat.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-04-06, 10:26 AM
Initiative: 15 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1553070/)

If we're within range, Vorr will charge the nearest baddie, power attacking for 2 to offset the +2 for his charge:

Attack 33, damage 15 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1553073/)

Ooo...that's a threat!

Attack 18, damage 26 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1553074/)...so a total of 41 damage if an 18 confirms.

I'm not sure what sort of battlefield we're looking at...is it pretty open, or are the bad guys bottled up in an alley or the temple entrance? If it's close quarters, Vorr will take up his defensive stance (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/prestigeClasses/dwarvenDefender.htm#defensiveStance) when he arrives. If it's open, he won't bother.

2008-04-14, 05:34 AM
Hey, I'm still here! Been travelling a lot recently, but I try to put on the first round of combat soon. My apologies!

2008-04-14, 06:12 AM
Your actions were swift, and surprised the group of attackers. Tanara's arrow was accurate, and hit one of the black-dressed guys in the chest. The arrow was followed by a charging dwarf, and a massive axe landed in the heart of one of the sharites' a moment after. The priest was wearing an adorned breastplate under the black cloak, but Vorr's enhanced axe simply cut it open.

Jhaen's and Jan's spell took effect shortly after each other. The man with Tanara's arrow in the chest, suddenly lost consciousness, and fell down, altough nothing could be heard from the fall, thanks to the silence spell. The remaining priests quickly understood that they are under a silence spell. One of the sharites drew a wicked flail, and attacked Vorr, hitting the dwarf in the face (9 damage), while the other begun castig a spell to dispell the magical silence.

Meanwhile, a thick fog started to form, and it traps Vorr, and the sharites.

(I ruled that Ceria would act on her normal turn, so the others can get their attacks first. Due to the nature of PbP gaming, it's difficult to discuss strategies, so I ruled a favourable outcome for you, as you had the opportunity to actually discuss it.)

2008-04-14, 10:52 AM

Round 2

Fearing area effects from the clerics, Jan scrambled away from the rest of the group to cut off another possible avenue of escape for the priests, and fired his flasher masher.

I'm not sure if the priests are sufficiently far into the fog to get concealment, but I doubt I'm getting sneak attack damage anyway. If they're all completely outside of my vision, I'll instead take a double move to get to wherever I can to block off the way that the priests came.

Attack: [roll0], +1 if within 30' of the target.
Damage: [roll1], +1 if within 30' of the target.
Will save DC 12 or stunned for two rounds. Unlikely against priests, but what the heck.

2008-04-14, 12:12 PM

Unbothered by the fog, Ceria simply began using spells that never missed. Namely, she conjured a series of four light-blue ball of force, which headed into the fog and slammed into a Sharite with great speed.

Using Magic Missile, all on the same priest.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-04-14, 06:53 PM

If he can get to the priest with a 5-foot step, Vorr will attack the casting priest; if not, he'll attack the one that hit him. Since we're stuck in this solid fog, he'll enter his defensive stance (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/prestigeClasses/dwarvenDefender.htm#defensiveStance).

Full attack (-2 hit and damage for fog included):
[roll0] to hit, [roll1] damage
[roll2] to hit, [roll3] damage

AC 31, 106 HP

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-04-14, 06:56 PM
Edit: forgot to roll for concealment. 1 hits, 2 misses.
Attack one: [roll0]
Attack two: [roll1]

Edit: Rats!

2008-04-15, 04:03 AM
With the fog covering the combattants, Tanara puts her bow away and dashes up to help Vorr.

2008-04-15, 12:35 PM
Jhaen calls upon Aikiko to aid them again in their fight against the Sharans.

Dawn Apes (Augmented Celestial Apes) “Aikiko”
Size/Type:Large Animal
Hit Dice:4d8+19 (37 hp)
Speed:30 ft. (6 squares), climb 30 ft.
Armor Class:
14 (-1 size, +2 Dex, +3 natural), touch 11, flat-footed 12
Base Attack/Grapple:+3/+14
Attack:Claws +9 melee (1d6+7)
Full Attack:2 claws +9 melee (1d6+7) and bite +4 melee (1d6+3)
Space/Reach:10 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks:Smite Evil for +4 Dmg
Special Qualities:Low-light vision, scent, Darkvision 60ft, Resist Acid, Cold, Electricty 5, Spell Resistence 9, Damage Reduction 5/magic
Saves:Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +2
Abilities:Str 25, Dex 15, Con 18, Int 3, Wis 12, Cha 7
Skills:Climb +16, Listen +6, Spot +6
Feats:Alertness, Toughness

2008-04-22, 01:37 PM
Jansen's shot was lost in the massive magical fog as the crossbow bolt got stuck in the unnaturally dense fog.

Tanara rushes up to help Vorr, but she couldn't make to the coombat, thanks to the fog spell. The same spell restrained the Sharans from fleeing, so one of them put up a fight with Vorr. The priest is no match for the dwarf, so he casts a spell to make himself stronger to overcome Vorr. Altough he got hit by Vorr's axe, wounding him on the leg.

The other priest was hit by Ceria's magic missiles, but nevertheless, he managed to dismiss the fog spell.

Aikiko appeared jut then behind the Sharite, and smote him for a good measure, possibly breaking a handful of ribs in the process.

Sorry, but I miss most of my DM tools, such as dice, notes, or even a decent internet access, that's why the post was late, and is not too bright on the technical side. If you don't mind, until I find out a proper way to overcome said difficulties, I ask you to forgive me if I'm not following the rules too much, and it gets a little freeform-ish. But it will be definately faster this way.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-04-22, 08:25 PM
No sweat; Vorr will keep on swingin'!

2008-04-22, 10:09 PM
Sounds good to me!

2008-04-23, 08:03 AM
Okay then!

You can still roll for attack and damage and the like, just to serve as some kind of guideline, but you don't have to be precise about swift, move, and standard actions, 5-feet steps, area of effects and these stuff, because I can't keep track of them right now.

2008-04-23, 09:42 AM

Knowing how much more capable the others were in a straight fight, Jan holds back, his crossbow poised.

Basically, Jan is readying an action to shoot a priest if they either start to cast a spell, or if one escapes the solid fog and looks like they're fleeing.

1d6+2[/roll] Damage
[/roll]2d6[/roll] Additional sneak attack damage, if that priest is currently flanked or running.
Will save DC 12 or stunned for 2 rounds.

2008-04-23, 05:48 PM

Apparently, Ceria didn't think the others were capable enough in a fair fight. Or at least, she decided it'd be less risky if it wasn't a fair fight. Rather than attacking again, she hasted her teammates.

Haste casted!
I have absolutely no problems with freeform. It sure is better than stopping altogether!

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-04-24, 09:13 AM
Vorr's full, hasted attack:
[roll0] to hit, [roll1] damage
[roll2] to hit, [roll3] damage
[roll4] to hit, [roll5] damage

I'll let you deal with the concealment rolls, amanodel.

AC 32, 106 HP

2008-04-24, 11:34 AM
Tanara lets her glaive do some damage, thrusting as many times as her hastened state will allow, dancing in between their foes on light feet.

2008-04-29, 05:51 PM
Jhaen calls upon Lathander to guide him against the vile Sharans, swelling with holy power as he approaches the priests.

((Jhaen casts divine power.))

2008-05-01, 02:09 PM
With the help of Aikiko, and Tanara's precise arrow, Vorr nearly finishes off one of the Sharitans. The cleric is bleeding severely, but it retreats, and manages to cast a healing spell, closing many of his wounds. He changes grip on his flail, and seems ready for a second round.

The other priest was hit by Jan's crossbow, but managed to cast a spell nontheless, and becomes stronger, and looks like a fearsome combatant. He looks just as strong and divinely favoured as Jhaen, but the celestiql qura linging around him seems to radiate blue shadoy instead of Jhean's amber light.

2008-05-01, 05:37 PM

Just one priest left, right?

Jan quickly reloads his crossbow, but doesn't yet fire. Instead, he gestures quickly and speaks softly, and a pair of streaks of flame snake out to strike the priest.

Casting Scorching Ray. 2 rays:
Ray 1 attack [roll0]
Ray 1 damage [roll1]
Ray 2 damage [roll2]
Ray 2 damage [roll3]

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-05-01, 07:52 PM
More swinging!

[roll0] to hit, [roll1] damage
[roll2] to hit, [roll3] damage
[roll4] to hit, [roll5] damage

2008-05-02, 04:31 AM
No, two of them. One of them casted a similar spell than Jhaen, and the other one just healed himself up from the meelee wounds caused by Vorr.

2008-05-02, 12:16 PM

Having lent the wind's swiftness to the others, Ceria reverts to her well-loved missiles. Sure, they were made of force and not wind, but she admired the pale blue colours they usually took. Whistling softly to herself, she sent all four missiles smashing into the buffed-up priest. After all, no one had said that the Lathander-Shar cleric duel had to be fair!

Nice contrast there with the buffed auras!

2008-05-02, 12:25 PM
Jhaen unleashes the fury of Lathander upon his shadowy counterpart, taking his sunburst mace in both hands and striking out at the avatar of the goddess of darkness.

Attack 1: Attack 1d20+13 Dmg: 1d8+7
Attack 2: Attack 1d20+8 Dmg: 1d8+7
Haste Attack: Attack 1d20+13 Dmg: 1d8+7

2008-05-02, 12:32 PM
((Sorry for the double post, here are the attacks))

Attack: [roll]Damage: 1d8+7

Attack: [roll]Damage: 1d8+7

Attack: [roll]Damage: 1d8+7

2008-05-09, 10:43 AM
Vorr and Tanara continued to fight against one of the priests, and altough they Vorrs axe was deadly as usual, the hits only seem to fuel the rage of the cleric, and with a tremendous blow, he knocked Vorr off his feet (lotsa damage). Tanara's precise, but light strike bounced off the solid armour of the cleric. Jan's fire spell burnt him badly, but he's still on his feet. A colossal, evil centipede appears behind Aikiko, and attacks with the element of surprise, wounding the Dawn Ape badly, but Aikiko still stands, altough now he's occupied with the centipede.

(this was meant to be a fighter-cleric multiclass NPC, and there's some feat in some books which allow that, but don't ask, please :) )

The other priest was looking for Jhaen as much as Jhaen was looking for him, and even the magic missiles of Ceria wouldn't slow him down as he charges towards Jhaen. The unholy flail connected to Jhaen's side with a thundering sound, and electricity jumped forth from it, striking Jhaen (even more damage). Jhaen stikes back quickly, his mace breaking bones and tearing flesh as he does so.

(We're on the freeform style, and I can't keep track of the HP, so, I'll use these "lotsa damage" style woudning system)

2008-05-09, 12:12 PM

Hmm. I bet that big bruiser priest is all puffed up with magic, as well as indignation. Maybe I can do something about that.

The gnome flares briefly with light in his fist, pointing at the oversized Sharite. He then dives behind a crate.

So, a targeted dispel magic on the big guy, which has a chance to take down every spell and effect on him right now. I'm (hopefully) going to roll more dispel checks than I need. Each one succeeds if it beats DC 11+the caster's level.

2008-05-09, 03:40 PM
Accelerated by Ceria’s magic and consumed with holy fury Jhaen continues to lash out at his vile opponent, his mace a blur as he hammers down his opponent’s defenses.

Attack 1: [roll0]
Attack 2: [roll1]
Attack 3: [roll2]

Possible Crit Confirms:
Attack 1: [roll3]
Attack 2: [roll4]
Attack 3: [roll5]

Attack 1: [roll6]
Attack 2: [roll7]
Attack 3: [roll8]

Crit Damage:
Attack 1: [roll9]
Attack 2: [roll10]
Attack 3: [roll11]

2008-05-10, 12:13 PM

Ceria continues to bring her support through simple spells, but she instead aims at the priest Vorr and Tanara are fighting, hoping to finish that battle quickly so that they may help Aikiko or Jhaen.


2008-05-10, 03:29 PM
Tanara's spear continues to flash as she stabs at the priest repeatedly.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-05-12, 07:51 PM

Fueled by devotion to his battle-god, Vorr holds his ground (maintaining defensive stance) and keeps hacking at the foe before him.

2008-05-13, 05:08 PM
(Back in france, so I can post a bit more often, but still not on a "professional" level.)

Jhaen and the evil priest continue their duel, and altough they are almost even in strenght, Jhaen has the upper hand in combat. He deals out two groundshaking blows, but the Sharite strikes back once, breaking many ribs of Jhaen with his flail. Jan's help comes handy, the gnome succesfully removes the most potent spell fro, the Sharite, which puts Jhaen stronly in the lead. He swings once more, and the Sharite's helmet cracks from a mighty swing, so does his skull under the helmet.

Ceria helps out Aikiko, who handles well himself in the combat against the hellish centipede, and altough he suffers great injuries, the manages to tear the abismal creature in two.

Vorr and Tanara work together, and it seems they'll manage to overcome the lone priest. But the fighter-priest is not an easy oppponent, and he lands powerful hit on Tanara's shoulder, breaking the shoulder of the elf girl. A few moments after, Vorr's axe rips his armor apart, and bury itself deep into the priest's heart, who falls to the ground lifelessly.

2008-05-13, 11:29 PM
The sound of Tanara's shoulder crunching under the blow of the Sharite snaps Jhaen out of his holy fury and he rushes quickly to her side, carefully taking her shoulder in his trembling hands and channeling his most potent healing magic into her.

cure critical wounds: [roll0]

2008-05-20, 02:00 PM

As Jhaen heals the wood elf, Ceria looks idly around, whistling a soft tune. "Looks like we did well." She says after a moment, before asking. "Where were we?"

2008-05-20, 05:27 PM
Sorry, but there's some serrious problem for me accessing the forums. I'll try to post frequently, but the page wouldn't even load itself 90% of the time!

Jhaen heals much of Tanara's injuries, and the shoulder of the girl seems to move approprietly, but it still hurts a lot.

You see the fallen sharites, and the thing the thief got from the temple of Ilmater for them. Jan can tell, that the flails of the two last sharites are stronly enhanced with magic.

As you were looking around, Ceria's and Jansen's mage sense kicks in, and soon you can see dimension doors appearing around the scene. Jansen can easily guess that the Cowled wizards are here to end the "magical disturbance", which usually means that they are arresting or killing those who were involved.

2008-05-20, 06:04 PM

As the Dimension Doors appear, Ceria turned to Jan with a slight, worried frown. "Are these Cowled Wizards? I remember being told to avoid them, because they wouldn't take well to my own magics.."

She had a hand in her belt pouch, ready to conjure her own dimension door. Problem was, she certainly couldn't bring everyone along.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-05-21, 09:25 AM
((Usually when the forums fail to load it's because of high server traffic from a new comic. I find that trying again in a few hours often does the trick.))

Vorr takes a moment to kick each of the corpses, making sure they're dead. "The Battle Lord's will be done," he mutters reverently before checking his own wounds.

2008-05-21, 09:36 AM

Jan is scurrying to pick up the thing the priests were taking from the thief, when the hair rose on the back of his neck. He made quick eye contact with Ceria.

Cowlers! Take the clankers with you.

He gestures to Vorr and Jhaen.

I know a crack in the roof of the Coronet, and I think Tanara will fit. We'll meet you back at the house in ten minutes.

Barely pausing to ensure that that would be acceptable, Jan grabs the elf-warrior's wrist and hauls - well, encourages - her forward, into a small space between a wall and a pile of crates. A little rustling, and they're gone.

Since we're going freeform :smallwink: I didn't think it'd be too much of a stretch for Jan to know about an inobtrusive way off of the roof. The intent is simply to get them out of the way of the Cowled Wizards.

2008-05-21, 10:10 AM
Not particularly wishing to explain what he is doing holding an artifact of Ilmater in his possession, Jhaen quickly snatches up the flails of the Sharites and retreats with Vorr, heading for the streets above and hoping to draw the “Cowlers” away from Jan and Ceria.

2008-05-21, 04:00 PM
Tanara smiles gratefully to Jhaen as he heals her shoulder, then is dragged along by Jan as the magic portals start appearing. With a quick glance back at Jhaen, she disappears into the hole with the gnome, hoping the others will be allright.

2008-05-21, 10:25 PM

"Clankers?" Ceria repeated, confused. When Jan points at Vorr and Jhaen, she lets out an understanding "Oh." She then scurries over to the two of them, grabbing their wrist. "Keep close."

Glancing at the Cowled Wizards in mild worry, Ceria hurries through her own dimension door spell. As she vaporises through the air, she waves at Jan and Tanara. "See ya!"

2008-05-26, 06:06 PM
Jan and Tanara quickly disappeared in a hole, and after crawling through a storage room which was out of use for centuries by the smell of it, and frightened old halfling's bedroom, they eventually managed to get away.

The other's way was much cleaner, since Ceria teleported them into blind spot, and they could get to the Jansen stronghold quite quickly, and had to wait for Jansen at least ten minutes before they could get in.

Jhaen, however, felt very weak, as if he was ill ever since the battle, altough when he put down the flails while waiting for Jansen, he regained his vitality quickly.

(the flails are unholy, if someone would try to detect it, but I guess Jhaen can figure it out easily.)

2008-05-26, 08:25 PM

Quick. Through this crack. Um. You might need to kind...exhale there.

Eventually, the two emerge, dusty and whole, on the far side of the Coronet. Jan grins up at the warrior elf.

Wow, Tanara. You were amazing back there. And that boy Jhaen, squaring off against that Sharite. Pretty brave, huh?

Almost certain that his hinting is going to be lost on her, Jan barely pauses.

Right. What say we get home and have a look at what those Sharites were so interested in. You know, I sometimes think that a simple turnip enema would straighten them all out.

2008-05-26, 09:30 PM
Jhaen tosses the flails to the ground in disgust. We are going to need to dispose of these things. They are imbued with unholy magic.

Jhaen settles down and waits for Jan and Tanara to join the rest of them. Well, at least we did not have to violate the Temple of Ilmater as well…

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-06-04, 05:49 PM
Vorr picks up one of the discarded flails, gauging its balance. "It'd be a shame to destroy fine weapons like this. I think I'll hang onto this one." He gives Jhaen a wink. "I'll only use it in pursuit of the cause."

[[Being LN, Vorr suffers no ill affects from wielding an unholy weapon, and heck; a +1 blunt weapon is better than a not +1 blunt weapon!]]

2008-06-04, 06:05 PM

"But didn't Jhaen just say they were evil things?" Ceria asks in an innocent voice. "Maybe it's not safe to carry. Evil often isn't."

2008-06-05, 01:16 PM
Jhane has a look on his face that says he will be standing firm on this issue. Vorr, that weapon was forged through the foulest of rites and bears the stain of evil permanently upon it. If you wish a magic weapon I can enchant the ones you have more powerfully than those foul things are, except when used against the righteous. I can also will create a magic weapon for you if you wish, as soon as we have a few days for me to work on it.

((Jhaen has craft arms and armor. I was thinking about making a +1 weapon that allows Vorr to cast Divine Power at level 7 1 time a week. The base cost of the weapon would be 3,440 gp so it would cost 1,720 gp pieces to enchant and cost Jhaen 138 xp. Because the base price is 3,440gp it would take about 3.44 days to finish))

2008-06-09, 09:19 AM

Jan and Tanara slip into view just in time to hear the last few of Jhaen's words.

Taking side contracts already, Jhaen.

He looks back at Tanara and winks.

It's like I was saying. The boy works fast.

He produces an object that would be called a keyring if there was an actual ring associated with it, instead of a tangled assortment of chains, cords and...was that a braided turnip leaf? Selecting one - either at random or with the ease of practice - he inserts it into the door, and slides it open.

Come in! Come in! To the Cave of Bats, everyone! No? Then just to my room, then.

He has lead the group past and over the still form of Cousin Hogli -

Don't mind her. She's been working on sleeping poisons for months now. After waking up with a yellow nose and the worst ringing in my ears you can imagine, I've declined to be her test subject. Don't let her talk you into it either! So now she mostly tests them on herself. Slows the process down considerably. Which might not be a bad thing.

- and up to his room. After everyone is settled, he carefully slides the mcguffin from his pack and holds it up for all to examine.

Hey, Miss Ceria? You got any magic detecto-power left in you?

2008-06-09, 12:45 PM
Tanara just follows the chattering little gnome, nodding and smiling when the finer points pass her right by. She beams at Jhaen when they arrive, then ducks into Jan's burrow, curious to see what they really accomplished tonight.

2008-06-09, 02:31 PM

Ceria walked by Cousin Hogli wondering how it feels to be a test subject, but decided to take Jan's word for it, and not to ask Hogli herself. She chuckled with the talkative gnome asked for detecto-power before whispering a few arcane words and moving her fingers through simple mystic passes.

"Detecto-power activated!" she declared.

Using Detect Magic.

Rolled a few, if you need them.

2008-06-10, 01:20 PM
Ceria almost drops the item as she casts her magic on it. It radiates the msot powerful abjuration she has ever felt, this thing is clearly as powerful as an artifact should be.

Looking it more closely, it turns out that it is a golden box. As far as ceria can tell, the box is totally nonmagical. Small crystal glass let you see inside the box, revealing an old, torn, red cord.

Those who had better education, know that Ilmater's holy symbol is twp hands tied up with a red cord. This cord might belonged to one of the Ilmaterian church's many martyrs, but to find out the exact nature of this artifact, would require significant knowledge.

2008-06-10, 04:10 PM

"Oooooooooh!" Admiration was clearly etched on Ceria's delicate features as she looked through the crystal at the red cord. She stared at it in silence, searching every corner of memory she had stored for a better idea of what the artifact was. So absorbed was she in the brain-raking that she forgot the others were waiting on her.

I'm guessing the +6 in Knw (Religion) will never be enough to know, but it's there. Just in case. :smallwink:

2008-06-10, 08:11 PM

Becoming accustomed to the wizard's wayward attention span, Jan waits for several moments, and then politely clears his throat.

I take it you're seeing something interesting?

2008-06-10, 08:41 PM

Ceria jumps at the throat clearing, and she turns to grin at Jan. "Interesting? This is an artifact of Ilmater!" She let out an envious whimper-like sound. "I wish I knew more! To a library, I say!"

2008-06-11, 11:19 AM
Jhaen examines the artifact closely, hoping that Ilmater will understand the necessity of their task and feeling confident that the Crying God would rather they had the artifact than the Sharrans.

Knowledge Religion: [roll0]

2008-06-11, 01:13 PM

Not particularly interested in the cord except that it meets one of the things on the checklist, Jan is caught offguard by Ceria's recommendation.

Sure. It's late, but we can probably break in. Last one I saw had just a simple five-tumbler lock. Why? What do we need there?

2008-06-11, 10:35 PM

The young half-elf looks at Jan as if he had just asked one of the most stupid question he had ever asked. "Why, we could research on this artifact! Learn what it can do, who handled it, where it came from! Artifacts are no mere magical items: each holds a story waiting to be told."

She peered though the crystal again, at the red cord. "What else would you do with an artifact of Ilmater?" Apparently, Ceria had forgotten why they were there to begin with.

2008-06-12, 08:28 AM

"We can respect it's history and not call wrongful attention to the people of Illmater by not breaking into another public building for a book." The voice was clearly that of the hathran Erissa, bent over low as she came through one of the archways of Jansen's home to approach the others. The big man was not with her at the moment and the pale bare visage of the mask was all that she presented.

"Is this everything Master Jansen?" Comes the polite question as the mask swiveled around to face him. Aside from the dirty hem of her over-robe, it didn't look like she was particularly harmed or even hurt. Apparently her and her protector had made good their escape.

2008-06-12, 09:30 AM

"Of course we can." Ceria replied, before gesturing at Jan "He proposed to break in. I could wait until morning..." Visibly, it would be a long wait.

2008-06-12, 09:55 AM

Jan appears genuinely shocked. Or perhaps "genuinely shocked" is his default facial expression. Sometimes, it's hard to tell with gnomes.

Moi? You were the one going on about libraries in the middle of the night. I was simply being helpful.

When a Jansen sniffs, you know you've been sniffed.

While Jan ACTS like he's actually on top of the list of stuff we still need, I'm really not. I think we've now got the holy symbols, feather, heart, wizard-bit, and gems. Amanodel, any chance you could tell us what we still need? I remember the "blood of a maiden" bit. Which, if things between Tanara and Jhaen progress, we'd better hurry up with. :smallwink:

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2008-06-14, 02:40 PM
Jhane has a look on his face that says he will be standing firm on this issue. Vorr, that weapon was forged through the foulest of rites and bears the stain of evil permanently upon it. If you wish a magic weapon I can enchant the ones you have more powerfully than those foul things are, except when used against the righteous. I can also will create a magic weapon for you if you wish, as soon as we have a few days for me to work on it.

((Jhaen has craft arms and armor. I was thinking about making a +1 weapon that allows Vorr to cast Divine Power at level 7 1 time a week. The base cost of the weapon would be 3,440 gp so it would cost 1,720 gp pieces to enchant and cost Jhaen 138 xp. Because the base price is 3,440gp it would take about 3.44 days to finish))

[[Sorry...long week...]]

Vorr looks honestly surprised at Jhaen's objection. It's just a weapon, after all, but he finally nods. "If it's that important to you, alright." He tosses the flail back with a twinge of sadness. "Still seems a shame to throw away a perfectly good weapon, but so be it."

2008-06-14, 02:51 PM

"Ooh, I'm sorry, Jan! I didn't mean to hurt you or anything." Ceria apologizes quickly, visibly feeling quite bad now. She squirms uncomfortably. "It's very nice of you to be helpful like this, and I get carried away when it comes to book, but I night is bad for reading anyway. We can do it later."

2008-06-15, 09:01 AM
Kicking the story a bit forward, since I guess that's good every now and then.

Jhaen must have missed his classes about Ilmater, for h simply cannot remember anything about such an artifact.

After discussing the topic about the unholy weapons and the Ilmaterian artifact, you suddenly feel like you haven't slept for a week, and you must sleep. The Full moon is up tonight, and somehow, it makes you all uneasy.

You were about to retire to your chambers, but the urge to sleep became so intense, that you felt asleept in the living room of Jansen. The little gnome was trying to warn the others about some magical effect about the sudden sleepyness, but as he was getting to the point after the usual turnip-part of his conversations, he was snoreing heavily.

You actually didn't remember falling asleep, bu tyou somehow find yourselves, in a very dark place, resembling a huge cave underground, altough you can't really say, as you can barely see anything. Even Vorr and Jansen has difficulties, altough their vision would just function perfectly underground.

You all feel dizzy, if you were dreaming, but somehow this place feels real. You don't see anyone olse in the huge cave, but you contantly hear a low, graoning voice, which is the only sound in this god-forsaken place.

2008-06-15, 12:49 PM

Ceria woke in the strange place with a barely stiffled yawn. She blindly patted her pouches until she felt Jeek and, once reassured he was there, sit up. The moan disturbed her, and she tried to find where it came from. "Hello?"

2008-06-16, 06:18 PM

A low, constant groaning in the Jansen household usually means that Great Uncle Otmo's off on a turnip schnapps bender. In itself, this would be a cause for alarm, especially if currently audible, since Uncle Otmo has been dead for nine years.

Jan wakes with a start, unable to see much of anything. Quickly, he fumbles to slip his goggles over his eyes, before realizing that they may not help very much in the current situation.

Experimentally, he whispers back to the previous voice.

Ceria? Was that you?

2008-06-16, 06:46 PM
Jhaen awakes in the darkness, and his hand immediately goes for his holy symbol. Already suspicious of unnatural dark, as priest of the sun god, their recent battles with the clergy of Shar made him fairly certain of the danger facing them. Get ready. He whispers to the others. I am going to try and dispel this darkness.

2008-06-16, 07:45 PM

"Hey, Jan!" Ceria answered happily. "What do you reckon the moaning is? It is kind of creepy, don't you think."

She fell silent for a moment, before sighing and adding "There's no wind here."

2008-06-17, 01:42 AM
Tanara peers into the darkness, but has trouble making anything out. "How did we get here?" She tries to find her spear to be ready for whatever comes.

2008-06-17, 04:45 PM
Tanara's weapon was lying next to her, and your other equipment is on the round next to you. It seems that nothing is missing, which is kinda weird.

2008-06-17, 05:13 PM

Jan begins humming softly to himself as he sits up and is comforted by the lumpy and slightly-smelly presence of his small pack. Rummaging in it, he pulls out a hooded lantern, which he uncovers and holds up.

He calls out softly: Marco...

[spoiler]Continual flame lantern.

2008-06-17, 06:01 PM
The lantern dimly enlightens the area, and it confirms you that you are indeed in a very large cave. You are, as it seems, in the end of the cave. The whole place does not seem natral, as if a giant explosion would have ripped the stones apart, creating this rift. There is one possible way to go, and it looks like it leads to another area.

The moaning voice continues to echo in the cave, coming from that direction.