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2007-11-26, 03:01 PM
IWho needs drow of the underdark when you have Microsoft word, the SRD, a few books and PCGen?

have beconme obsessed with the drow recently. Yesterday I stated out a qroup of drow NPCs for level 7 or 8 adventurers to face.

So far, I've made:
Drider (Wizard) Rogue 1
Drider (Cleric)
Drow Fighter 6
Drow NE Incarnate 6
Drow Psion 6
Drow Wilder 6
Drow Cleric 6
Drow Half-Red Dragon Sorceress 5

I plan on stating out a drow binder, drow shadowcaster, drow bard, drow rogue, and a drow warlock/acolyte of the skin. And a few blue goblin psions and drider blue goblins, as well as a half-ilithid drow psychic warrior.

I then realized that I'm not running a drow focused campaign. My girlfriend is. I'm doing giants in Xendrik.

Any other drow ideas? Any ideas on drow strategies for the classes chosen? Any mods or other things done to the drow? What monsters would you add to a drow encounter? Any other crazy dorw variants you want to show off?

2007-11-26, 03:08 PM
Oh, how about a drow raised by Illithids?! They know that Drow think differently from them, and so they wanted a Drow perspective on things!