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2007-11-27, 06:14 AM
A group of myself and a few friends were playing the OOTS boardgame over the weekend and when we finally got down to the Xykon's lair area, we came across somewhat of a problem.

Due to the battle decks that people had at that time (and subsequently drew) and the fact that the chosen monster in that room from the Xykon deck was the roaches, we ended up with a pile of 55 monsters in the one room - mainly due to the main battle deck's redcloak card pitching up and a number of goblins all of which supported and added +1 to the battle size each time. The first card ended up with an attack of 40-something.

Is this normal, or were we missing something obvious somewhere in the rules? Did the game just beat us? :smallbiggrin:

Any ideas would be greatly received.

Many thanks,


2007-11-27, 09:19 AM
There was a slight change in the rules in that any support cards can only support one card in any stack, the highest. (Or front-most, if you prefer to think of it in that way.)

I'm not 100% sure that that's what caused your 55 size stack, but it seems likely. The rule change should be in the FAQ which you can download from a site linked to from one of this board's stickied threads.

2007-11-28, 03:29 AM
Thats grand - Thank you very much. I shall pass that onto the guys!