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2007-11-27, 10:46 AM

I used Word-for-Windows to make a document for my character in the DnD game that I play in. Upon showing it to the DM, he asked for several copies for himself. I would like to offer it to the people here too, but I am unsure how to.

It is a Word document that uses tables to display the various character conditions and also references the pages that these conditions can be found on in the DM / PH. (e.g. Sickened, held, Fascinated, etc.)

Thanks in advance.

Mr. Friendly
2007-11-27, 11:40 AM
I'm pretty sure your best bet would be to put it up on a site somewhere, just look for online document storage or something similar, then just upload the fille and post the link to it.

Shhalahr Windrider
2007-11-27, 11:52 AM
For general document sharing, I've been using DivShare (http://www.divshare.com).

And if possible, could you share it in PDF? There are many (such as myself) that do not use Word, and PDF is a more universal document type.

Failing that, you might get passable results saving it as Rich Text, which Word should be able to save as natively... </fingers crossed>

2007-11-27, 12:36 PM
If you specifically want to post it on this site, you can reproduce all the tables and other formatting effects in word using the forums' BBCode. It's kinda a pain in the ass, but it'll give you a nice-looking online version of your efforts in the end.

2007-11-27, 12:38 PM
Another option, if you have a GMail account, is to access Google Docs. It has an import function that allows you to import a document. It should keep the majority of formatting but won't keep the page size information (since it will be published for Internet, which doesn't use page sizes).

In order to keep page size information as-is you must publish it as a PDF file.

2007-11-29, 03:48 PM
Hmm. I cannot seem to figure out how to change it to a .pdf file. :smallsigh:

I took Shhalahr Windrider's suggestion and put it up on DivShare.
Here is the link:


Shhalahr Windrider
2007-11-29, 04:12 PM
Hmm. I cannot seem to figure out how to change it to a .pdf file. :smallsigh:
Because of the ways PDFs are generated, creating one without a devoted application such as Adobe Acrobat often requires visiting the print dialogue box. Basically, rather than sending the data to an actual physical printer, it "prints" the data to a PDF document using a similar data stream.

I don't know if any versions of Windows features PDF printing by default the way Mac 10+ does, though. Still, look for an icon or button labeled "Adobe Distiller," "Save as PDF", or something similar to one of those two. You might find it.

I'll see if any of my programs that can translate Word documents will work with this and try and make a PDF out of it.

EDIT: Whoo! Worked out quite well!

Here's da PDF!: http://www.divshare.com/download/2941372-892

Looks good, BTW, Yvanehtnioj.

2007-11-29, 04:16 PM
The most current version of Word allows for it. You need to 'Save As' 'Other Formats'.

Shhalahr Windrider
2007-11-29, 04:52 PM
The most current version of Word allows for it. You need to 'Save As' 'Other Formats'.
See. Ya just gotta talk to someone who actually knows.

2007-11-29, 05:42 PM
www.Jarte.com will let you save in RTF. I'm not sure if it'll support the tables though.

2007-11-29, 07:49 PM
Thank you everyone!

2007-11-29, 09:48 PM
Very neat, thanks!

Hunter Noventa
2007-11-29, 10:53 PM
You could also upload it to http://www.rpgsheets.com/ , a site that has nothing but sheets for various PnP games.

lord of pixies
2007-11-29, 11:15 PM
like this?
me.htm (http://www.divshare.com/download/2943998-01c)