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Fiery Diamond
2007-11-27, 02:19 PM
I'm a fan of Inuyasha, so I toyed with the idea of making the demonslayer Sango's weapon, the Hiraikotsu, for D&D (not directly translating the weapon, mind you, just using it as a basis).

For those who don't know, the Hiraikotsu is a steel-like bone boomerang as big as the character who wields it. Despite this, she is able to throw it one-handed if she wants. It almost always returns to her, and she catches it with both hands. She carries it on her back and can pull it off and throw it very quickly. It slices right through the monsters she fights, and she often hits more than one monster with it.

(I don't know how to make a chart, so I hope you'll forgive messiness)

Hiraikotsu (Minor Artifact)
Damage : 2d6
Critical : 18-20/x3
Range Increment: 50 ft.
Weight : 8 lb.
Type : Slashing
Special Qualities :
0-2 handed: The Hiraikotsu is carried on the back. It is drawn or replaced as a free action, each of which(drawing or replacing) can be done once per round. In order to attack with the Hiraikotsu, you must hold it with one hand. In order to catch the Hiraikotsu (see next quality) you must have two free hands.
Returning type: The Hiraikotsu always returns to the user at the end of the turn on which it is used. You must have two free hands in order to catch the Hiraikotsu upon its return. Catching is automatic. Should you not be able to catch it (not having two free hands), there is a 95% chance that it will land in your square and a 5% chance it will strike you, dealing damage.
Multiple targets: You can use the Hiraikotsu to strike multiple targets, but you take a penalty to the attack rolls (-4 per additional enemy struck). The targets must be in some semblance of a curve. That is, the line between targets cannot move the Hiraikotsu away from you, toward you, and away from you again, or zig-zag left-right-left (or right-left-right).

Yes, the returning effect of this item is different than the returning special ability for magic items. That's on purpose. Yes, I know the description for multiple targets is a little confusing, but I can't figure out how to better state it. Yes, I know that no regular weapons have a crit of 18-20/x3. I liked it better than giving it keen. Yes, the 0-2 hand weapon is sorta weird, and I'm thinking of just changing it to be one hand for throw and catch or two hands for throw and catch instead of mixing them.

Whaddya think?

- Fiery Diamond

2007-11-27, 03:11 PM
You might consider an enhancement bonus in addition to the returning property. This frankly seems a bit vanilla of an item. There's a nice idea here, but not enough to make it really stand out as artifact material to me.

Are there any special properties that you'd like it to have?

Also, is there a limit to the number of targets you can declare? (e.g. number of base attacks)

Someone who specialized in this (Improved Critical) could deal a lot of damage to a group of crit-vulnerable foes in a hurry, without explicitly including a keen feature.

My little thoughts.

2007-11-27, 06:21 PM
I agree with Shishnarfne. It's definately not a minor artefact. However, I think it follows the rules for a boomerang and you need the Exotic Weapon Profencience (hiraikotsu) and str 15 to use properly, and it has a range with a 30ft arc. Meaning, it goes out to 30 feet then comes back to you on the next round. Also, it can be used as a heavy steel shield or a tower shield. Not sure which.

Now, Sango's particular weapon would have these special abilities put on it: Distance, Demonbane, Devilbane, Keen and maybe a +1 enhancement bonus. It's also made of demon/devil parts so it's automatically a masterwork item. and probably has the same hardness as stell, but very lightweight for it's appearent size.

There's my thoughts on this. =D

2007-11-27, 09:24 PM
I think the range should be noticably longer than 30 feet... coming back the next round is a balance issue, and for D&D I think it should come back the same round, allowing for interative attacks...

2007-11-27, 09:39 PM
Hmm... iterative attacks... I want to think that this weapon would attack along a curved line, ending back at the thrower, and attack everyone along the path at the highest BAB. Might be too powerful.... As for standard range, 60 feet seem good?

2007-11-27, 10:11 PM
Oh! Yeah, if it is hitting everything along the path then having to use a full round action to throw it and having it come back the next round WOULD make more sense...

2007-11-27, 10:36 PM
Yeah. Though, I think that the weapon would come back on the next round, before your turn. That way, you can attack with it again. I think that this weapon would be constructed out of mythril or some other light-weight material.

Mr. Moogle
2007-11-27, 11:42 PM
Why not have it always under the effect of telekenetic boomerang (Complete psionic) which would make it come back the same round?

2007-11-27, 11:56 PM
I don't have any of the psionic books, so i was unable to connect this to that.