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2007-11-28, 10:37 AM
During one of my less sober nights, I thought: "Hey, the Hypermode system in MP3 is pretty good, and we already have precedence that magic exists in it (Byyro), so what would happen if I mixed it and D&D?" This train of thought was not eliminated by the hangover, so I came up with this: The PCs are residents on a typical fantasy world when a Leviathan Seed impacts in the vicinity of their location. They survive, but with brand-new Phazon growths and mutations. Soon, they make a rather eventful contact with the Galactic Federation (ie boss fight with Samus), and are soon drafted into destroying both their Leviathan and a few others, and hopefully destroying the new Phaaze (this takes place after MP3), all while trying to deal with A)The fact that they are not the so-called pinnacle of civilization (in fact the actual pinnacle-the GF-thinks they're rather primitive), and B)Trying not to succumb to Phazon madness. Complicating the matter are the Space Pirates (they aren't going to let their new source of Phazon go to waste easily), GF politics (democracy means that every idiot has a right to an opinion), Metroids (SCREEEE!), and a certain female bounty hunter that still hasn't forgiven them after causing her to lose all her upgrades...again.

So what do you guys think? What about some good sympathetic villains who where "corrupted" of their own free will? How would you go about creating mechanics for Hypermode? Should I give the PCs their own Hunter Armor? How awesome do you think it would be to feature fight against a Phazon-mad Gold Dragon?

For those of you that are wondering how I am going to adapt the Metroid lore to D&D, I'll just say that like a certain Imperium, the GF can't keep track of all it's planets, and tends to forget about some for a few milennenia, and the PCs come from one of those more "magic-rich" worlds. That, or I could be more forgiving and say that the PCs are descendants of a human fleet that crashed on their world and the GF thought they were dead. Either way, magic caused them to split into different sub-races, and they eventually forgot the ways of science.

And for those of you who wonder why Ms. Aran would shoot upon seeing the PCs...

Step 1) Samus walks into room with PCs.

Step 2) Sees natives obviously suffering from Phazon mutation.

Step 3) Samus thinks: "Oh joy, more Phazon-mad monsters (Note from Leliel: They aren't, but she doesn't know that) for me to vaporize. And I just refilled my energy tanks too. Oy."

Step 4) Blam

Step 5) Blam

Step 6) Blam!

Now if you'll excuse me...*goes off to contemplate putting Phazon-enhanced Elminester for the final boss (controlled by the main villain, of course)*

*Is given commendation by the Munchkin's Game-Breaking Association of Powergamers*

2007-11-28, 11:50 AM
Is it that bad of an idea? So bad that no one wants to consider it?

Ryshan Ynrith
2007-11-28, 11:52 AM
I am actually considering something vaguely like phazon, but tied to the Far Realms in one of my campaigns, so no, it's not a bad idea. Let's see...only thing I might not enjoy if I were in the campaign would be the whole mixing tech thing-I tend to like my genres fairly well separated. However, it does sound pretty fun. Just make sure Samus is properly statted, eh? I don't want to hear about PCs beating up on one of my favorite VG characters. :smallsmile:

Oh yeah, questions at hand: Hunter armor may be a good idea if your PCs are fighting Space Pirates and The Hunter herself. Make it unique, maybe-infused with the native magic, perhaps? I would stay away from just giving each player a set of generic power armor.

Hypermode would require a sacrifice of HP, probably 10-25 based off the number of energy tanks Samus can have and the HP a high level character can have. You might also make it 10% of the character's total HP to be less hurtful to mages. Give a boost to stats, and that should cover almost everything-AC, attack, damage, spell saves, saving throws, et cetera. Maybe some heavy DR and/or temporary HP, too-DR/Phazon would work best.

And a fight with a phazon Gold Dragon would be, on a scale of 1-10, Awesome. I would love to see that.

2007-11-28, 12:00 PM
I think this idea freaking ROCKS!

Not just the Samus + DnD which is a crazy and cool idea by itself, but the implementation of it. Phazon! Very nice. And people say alcohol is bad for you...

I honestly don't think there would be a problem with tech-vs-magic. Given the fact that from what I've seen of the GF marines, some of the slightly more powerful DnD monsters shouldn't have any trouble with them.

Unfortunately, I can't help with mechanics, I played MP3 only once and too long ago to be any real help. But I DO want to see how this turns out.

2007-11-28, 12:07 PM
I uh... actually meant as in "she takes every opportunity to annoy and rattle the PCs, and won't be saving their asses if they engage a Space Pirate far above their level" rather than "recurring boss" by that sentence.

Good point about Hunter armor though.

Ryshan Ynrith
2007-11-28, 12:16 PM
Ah, okay. That sounds good, then.

Thinking a little further on it, perhaps the power armor the PCs find attunes itself to its wearer-thus, to Samus (an accomplished acrobat and gymnast) it boosts speed and jumping abilities, while to a wizard, it might be able to store spells in an onboard database and be minimally restricting, and perhaps offer a sort of optimizing algorithm that gives a bonus on spell save DCs. A melee fighter's would enhance strength and give more armor/DR, and perhaps offer a 'boost charge' to attack enemies that are far away/flying. A cleric's power armor might have a matrix that boosts the power of turning, or a bard might get equipped with a subsonic/hypersonic generator that allows additional effects from their music.

Anyway, yeah. If I were to make these, I would likely choose the primary aspect of the character (speed and ranged combat, strength and melee combat, spells, and any specific special abilities) to enhance, and perhaps grant something completely bizarre and unrelated, such as the Morph Ball. Perhaps a very advanced model would have the ability to contain its user in a cloud of nanites, or have the ability to phase between planes, or absorb energy damage. Something somewhat flashy and unique for each one.

2007-11-28, 01:35 PM
I'm not familiar with the Prime series, but about mixing D&D and Sci-fi, you could first look up for Spelljamer.
I also tried working some fantasy/sci-fi ideas once, and I found out that it pretty much becomes StarWars :smalltongue:

Holocron Coder
2007-11-28, 01:39 PM
Metroid Prime rocks ^_^ Not to toot my own horn (too much), but I created Samus' Armor via magic artifacts (up to MP2:E).

Could be useful, could be not.

EDIT: BTW, links in the sig.