View Full Version : Charging minotaur x2

2007-11-28, 01:38 PM
What if a minotaur is performing a charging minotaur strike from ToB, a minotaur who charges is allowed to make a special gore attack, but this is a bulrush which does damage as well, but its rather odd if he wouldn’t be able to perform his special minotaur charge attack when he is performing a minotaur charge…
Ps. This actually concerns a dragonlance minotaur but those still have a special charge attack, so I suppose it would go for both of them. (and yes I know those guys are broken)

EDIT: also would it be worth taking the strike at 1e level?

2007-11-28, 02:03 PM
By RAW, it probably wouldn't deal Gore damage. Bull rushes don't have to be made as part of a charge, though in this case the maneuver requires it. If you look at how the maneuver works, though, it seems to imply that it's more of a powerful tackle than a gore attack. It deals bludgeoning damage and is supposed to send the guy flying. Keep in mind that bull rushes do not require attack rolls, so in this case it might be unreasonable, IMO, to give bonus damage meant for an attack to a creature that is technically not making an attack roll.

By extension, a minotaur attempting a normal bull rush without this maneuver probably wouldn't get the damage unless he specifically chose to use the gore attack. It seems you can only do one or the other.