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2007-11-29, 03:34 AM
So I was looking at Complete Adventurer and saw the Spool of Endless Rope, and thought, "Wow, that's a really cool item, but I need thread (twine) not rope."
Since there isn't a table for odd magic items like this, I was wondering what you all would think a Spool of Endless Twine would cost. Also I would like it in shorter amounts, like 150ft. So what do you all think?

2007-11-29, 03:46 AM
You would break down the cost of enchanting a Spool of Endless Rope via the DMG. Then you would subtract the cost of masterwork rope from the equation, input the cost of masterwork twine (probably ask your DM for the cost of twine and add 300 gp to it), and work out the formula from there. I would imagine that it'll be cheaper than the original magic item, but not by very much.

2007-11-29, 03:51 AM
Not 300. 300 is for masterworking weaponry. 150 is for masterworking armor, and 70 is for thieve's tools. 45 is for regular tools. Perhaps 15 for masterworking twine? It's really up to the DM.

2007-11-29, 03:51 AM
most non-weapon/armor masterworking is +50gp, not +300.

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2007-11-29, 04:01 AM
Silk rope is 10gp...
It's not masterwork, its silk.