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J Do Baggins
2007-11-29, 04:52 PM
So my players were getting bored and i wanted to give them a game where they ha dthe ability to do pretty much what ever they wanted. SOOOOO the world or "Epicmatus" was born.
In this realm of D&D players role there stats a little differently. they make 3 roles with D8's and keep all four of the dice on there highest role to give them a possible 32 base stat. then the other 3 stats were normal. Next the characters were asked, not told they were able to but asked, to pick a race with a level mod of at least 5. yes 5! and if they did not wish to they recieved double race bonuses!
now this world of Epicmatus is as its name suggests an epic world. mountains as tall as the sky, river rapids only crossable by the most skillful, lakes you could not see across, litterally rolling hills, 200 degree desserts -200 degree tundras. there are no meesly orcs only giants. no goblins or koblods,trolls and beasts. also this world has access points to all the elemental planes by simply saying a comand word while being engulfed in the element.
in there first adventure they faced a very old red dragon with a slue of frost fire stone and storm giants. it was fun to say the least. now lemme give a brief description of the team. we had an illithid wizzard, rakashasa sorc, 1/2 dragon stone 1/2 giant, minataurs, were-tigers and elementals as familars.
when the players were making there characters they kept asking me well can i make up this feat that does this or this spell or this or that and i finally told them "ask yourself is this gonna make the game more fun?" if the answer was yes i told them to do it. after th first 2 adventures they had an army of followers and slaves and undead and were building a fortress.
needless to say it was every players fanasy world but it was a bit too much... all great things in moderation right? not in this world so we had to put it down and make a level 1 game to recover lol.
well i just wanted to share this recent adventure with you all hope you enjoyed it:wink:

2007-11-29, 05:17 PM
I'm changing my Avatar because of you.

Top Ten Signs you DM is too easy:
1.The red dragon suddenly develops a chest cold, and cannot use it's breath weapon.
2.Your party sneaks into the lich's secret dungeons. Luckily for them, the lich has been born-again, and sent all his undead minions off to do charity work for the poor.
3.The phrase "Oh geez, what do I need with another +5 vorpal longsword" is used during game play.
4.Your cleric is on a first name basis with his god, because of all the times the god has had to pop in to save the cleric's butt.
5.Any major city has at least one "Ressurect-a-matic" on every street corner.
6.All the city's guards are first level, and are easily spooked by the flamefinger cantrip.
7.Bubba the Mighty, the most powerful and evil mage in the world, has a soft spot for fast-talking halflings. Instead of casting meteor swarm and annihilating the party, he decides to teleport away.
8.The party is dividing treasure. The fighter says "Ok, who wants the staff of the magi? Anybody? Anyone at all? Ok, we leave it leaning against a tree stump."
9.The DM uses a four sider to roll monster attacks.
10.The gods in your campaign worship the player characters.

You technically haven't done any of these, but I think I could make another top ten list with what you've shared.

2007-11-29, 05:37 PM
1. Players roll three of their stats with 4d8 each.
2. Players are asked to pick a race with AT LEAST a +5 level adjustment
3. If not then, then receive double the bonuses.
4. Saying a simple command word can automaticall teleport the player to another plane of existence. (Easy Travel)
5. Repeat above. (Easy Escape) I doubt they ever had to escape, more like the demi-gods had to escape from them.
6. Were-tigers and Elementals are their farmiliars.
7. Players get to decide on creating feats/spells.
8. After the second adventure you have an army of followers (Charisma must be about 80-90)
9. Plans for their new fortress have just begun. (Why wasn't the high charisma score used on the gods to give up Valhalla?)
10. LOL I've ran out.

2007-11-29, 05:42 PM
Do you not feel that this is even a little ridiculous?
I mean, seriously, I wouldn't even enjoy that.

2007-11-29, 05:49 PM
I think the point of it is that they didn't enjoy it, judging by the last few sentences (and I use that word loosely).

But I have to second everyone's opinion there, and say yeah, that's seriously fubarrific. You don't have to be utter GODS to do "whatever you want" in a D&D game; that's really the whole point of tabletop, the only limit is your imagination.

Well, that's just my two bits on it.

2007-11-29, 05:53 PM
should this really be in homebrew?