View Full Version : Some thoughts/questions on Elans

2007-12-01, 02:51 AM
Okay, first off, Elans are awesome. But I just had a few thoughts on handling them in-game.

First off, I was skimming some splatbooks (Races of Destiny and Lords of Madness are the relevant ones here) and got a little confused. Several of the Races of Destiny feats have human (or partly human) as a requirement. Okay, no biggie, but fluff-wise, Elans are humans, just psionically modified. Do they count as humans for purposes of those feats? Likewise (this bit also relates to one of the few good things to come from Complete Psionic, the Synads) can aberrations take aberrant feats (from Lords of Madness) without taking the Aberrant Blood feat?

Secondly, Elans cannot die of old age, something arcanists do some really strange things to get (Lichdom, anyone?) and we all know how liches are. So what's actually preventing some Elan from getting to some absurd level and taking over everything? Obviously liches and other intelligent undead have problems with things like feeding (vampires) or being really obviously undead (liches) while Elans don't have those problems, and so won't get attacked by adventurers.

2007-12-01, 04:41 AM
Theres a feat In Races of Destiny that will allow you to take human feats as an Elan, alternately, ask your DM. As a DM myself, I'd say no. Fluff and rules wise it doesn't make sense. Those feats imply a Aberrant heritage, Elan is a transformation to Aberration.

Many things prevent Elans from taking over, I could spend all day finding things that would try and take them down. My Personal favorite reason though is a certain large, scaly, winged lizard with a gem hide and a bad attitude.