View Full Version : Wandering Men Weekly Round-up (12/02/07)

2007-12-02, 05:38 PM
Looks like it was "Media Exposure Week" at The Wandering Men Camp! Why do we say that? Check out all the buzz below!

Linked to the Grimm Studios/Wandering Men Podcast Interview (http://www.wanderingmen.com/wanderingmen/podcasts/wandering_men_podcast__grimmstudios.html)! An hour(+) of gaming/wandering goodness!
Announced a month-long feature of the Wandering Men at Paul Norman's Gateway Monthly (http://www.wanderingmen.com/wanderingmen/interviews/wandering_men_featured_on_gateway_monthly.html)!
Posted the next chapter in the Gray Beginning series - Part 6 (http://www.wanderingmen.com/crown/agb/a_grey_beginning_-_part_6.html)!
Continued our oltreggan series with Axiomatic Anarchy - Part 7 (http://www.wanderingmen.com/crown/axiomatic/axiomatic_anarchy_-_part_7.html)!
Provided a comprehensive list (http://www.wanderingmen.com/wanderingmen/books/wandering_men_titles_-_on_sale.html) of all the Wandering Men titles to date