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2007-12-03, 07:35 AM
An idea hit me after posting "A Pleadful Message (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65350)"
This idea is that there are others out there who just cannot think up a new idea or need a good jump start for next weeks campaign and have just hit a wall.

This is a thread for fully formed plot hooks or just half baked ones that aren't fully thought out. New ones with a twist, old ones you thought were cool. Essentially posting for other people's sakes or so you have somewhere to bounce ideas off of. You can just post your own or comment on others (Though I must ask others to refrain from saying something is a bad idea. Instead try to think of ways to improve it.)

To get the ball rolling, I had one in my head that I plan to toss into one of my campaigns eventually.

A king of some country hires the Pc's to go get a relic for a collection of his. The reason he can't do it himself: It's supposedly haunted and not even his gaurds will dare enter. So the Pc's go there on the info of the King. go through the place, and come back with the item. The king looks at it and finds it to be a fake! (THe painting is wrong a crack in the "unbreakable item" ,etc.) You can then do more with it: The King refuses to pay the PC's for time rendered since they didn't actually get him what he desired. He might rehire the pc's to find the original, or at least why that ones a fake. Maybe the king lied and only said it was a fake just to get out of paying the PC's...

Anybody else have good plot hooks?

2007-12-03, 07:48 AM
The wizard's familiar is actually his wife, baleful polymorphed. After hilarity ensues, the group realizaes it is not a mere baleful polymorph, and has to find an ancient artifact to turn her back into a person. And then...
(A player of mine came with this idea. And it was too good to ignore)

Your previous work with the city guard has attracted the attention of the Thieves guild. Part of the guild want to use you, part of the guild want you dead. Will you unmask the would-be killer, and gain the thieves trust, or at least enough trust so they leave you alone?

The Duchess of Westgate has gave birth to her first son. Happy with the news, the Duke organizes a big tourney with a very desirable prize. Sadly, the first day of the tourney one of the Duke's daughters dissappear.

2007-12-03, 08:05 AM
Main NPC sends PC's to eradicate a group of outlaws. While they are gone, he takes over the kingdom and declares the PC's outlaws. An army mobilizes to seek out and destroy them.

brian c
2007-12-03, 08:12 AM
Re-posting my own idea from your previous thread

Here's another idea: there's been a strange beast(s) spotted and villagers are terrified. Turns out to be some sort of dinosaur, so the PCs need to hunt it/them down, and then you have a new plot hook of "why they hell are there dinosaurs here?" (unless you're in Chult), so you need a wizard to have done it. A great dino to use, if you have MM3, is the fleshraker. CR2, but it should be higher, deadly effective ambusher and a couple of them could easily TPK a 3-5th level party, if they get a surprise round.