View Full Version : Order of the Stick: Sticky Shticks compatibility question

2023-05-12, 08:32 AM
I've recently managed to snap up a copy of the non-deluxe base game and was looking at ordering the mini-expansion, but I noticed that the page says "This is an expansion for The Order of the Stick Adventure Game: Deluxe Edition; you must have a copy of the original game to use this product."

Will it still work with the non-deluxe edition? I'm honestly not sure what differs between the two.

Lord Torath
2023-06-14, 03:16 PM
I bought the Deluxe edition, so I couldn't tell you for certain, but from what I remember, there isn't anything incompatible with the base game.

I think the Deluxe edition introduced "The Shortening" for playing a shorter game and wandering Xykon. The Stick Shticks should all still work.

2023-08-20, 09:36 AM
Thanks! I'll look into snapping up an expansion then.