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Aotrs Commander
2007-12-05, 07:22 PM
As you may or may not be aware, Paizo are holding an RPG superstar contest to find new writer talent.

It has progressed to Round two (http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/community/gaming/rpgSuperstar/round2), where the 32 contestants were required to create country; from here on in winners are decided by fan vote.

So I encourage any of you even slightly interested to go and vote, because whoever wins might be writing your gaming supplements in the future! Plus, there are some damn good entries well-worth reading just for kicks!

This post is not at all self-motivated just because I'm in the running. Really!

What do you mean don't believe me!

Would I lie to you?

2007-12-06, 12:36 AM
As another GiantITP member who's one of the 32 contestants, you can see my entry, which is the entirely underwater nation of Olanra (http://paizo.com/rpgsuperstar/round2/olanraUnderseaEnchantment). As much as I'd like everyone to give me one of their five votes (http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/community/gaming/rpgSuperstar/round2/pollRound2Voting), I must instead encourage everyone to have fun and enjoy looking at all the entries (http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/community/gaming/rpgSuperstar/round2). :smallsmile:

2007-12-06, 12:53 AM
I encourage everyone to vote for those very same not-reasons.

Thanks, Cruiser, for providing links.

2007-12-06, 01:21 AM
It is nice seeing a Giant there besides if there is a lot of traffic this might become an annual event that other Giants could enter next year.

2007-12-06, 11:40 AM
I encourage you to send me some love as well, and don't forget to "Think Blink!"

Ghost Hound Kinships of the Rolling Plains (http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/community/gaming/rpgSuperstar/round2/ghostHoundKInshipsOfTheRollingPlains)