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The Meeting:

You all recieve a message, from fate, from legend, from your housekeeper, from your pet; the message indicates in some way that you are to go to a particular place at a particular time.

Arriving at the meeting location, you notice first all the regular patrons; coffee drinkers, people booking trips, employees running the locale. Everything seems normal, everything seems mortal. Then a man catches your attention. He waves at you from where he is sitting, alone at a small table.

He is wearing a blue and silver airline uniform. The name tag reads: Paulo Swift. Approximately 6 feet tall, a middle-aged caucasian he looks like an athlete, someone who keeps his body in top physical condition. His uniform is immaculate, his short cropped hair freshly washed. He looks very calm, and has a small pamphlet lying in front of him.

As you approach, he stands up and extends a hand in greeting. "Welcome <insert your name here>. You are no doubt wondering exactly what this is all about. My name is Paulo, and my father is Hermes." He pauses. "You and I have one very important thing in common; we both have a divine parent. Yours has requested that you attend a gathering in Canada. Every so often there are new Scions. Rarely, there are a number of new Scions in the world at the same time. When this happens, the Gods sometimes form the Scions into a group; a unit with which to fight the Titans directly on Earth."
"Your parent wishes you to form such a unit."

{Mercedes (Jannex): You are about to have breakfast one morning, when your doorbell rings. When you answer the door Paulo is standing at attention before you, the pamphlet folded under one arm. "Hello Mercedes. My name is Paulo Swift. And yes, we are siblings. Dad told me about you yesterday, so this news is as confusing to me as it undoubtedly is to you. However, as much as I'd like to chat and get to know you, Dad has asked that you be his representive amongst a new band of Scions that are forming." (As you will probably want to have a personal chat with Paulo, go right ahead, but we're going to do it in an OOC thread; if you'd like please just start such a thread, and post a link to it in this thread)

"Hades has found an item that holds properties hitherto unknown, even to the Gods. However, he doesn't have the resources to solve it's mystery himself. So he has asked the other Gods for help, and in response they have chosen you, and a number of others, to do this."

"Hades Scion, a coroner named Mark Young, has the item in a small town called Pembroke, in Canada. I'll be flying to the capital of Ottawa, and from there you'll arrange to get yourself to Pembroke. He will show you the item, and from there, your team will decide what to do."

Paulo pushes the pamphlet toward you. "These are your tickets to get to my plane. The airport staff are expecting you, and will direct you to the proper area of the airport. This may seem strange to you, but just as Hermes is the messenger of the Gods, I have become the messenger unto the Scions of the Gods. As such, I must be able to get anywhere in the world, quickly, efficiently, and without undo notice. While with me, you will be under my protection." {Derek Hunt (Kentmagus) you recognize this man. He is reknowned for being one of the best civilian pilots in the world, and is also known for attempting seemingly suicidal rescue missions.}

"Khufu, Bast is extremely curious as to the exact nature of this item and what is going on."
"Megan, Susan-O wants you travelling, and wants you to make sure that everything is done in the proper style."
"Shan, Sun Wukong apparently thinks that the item is directly related to the Titans; not enough of the other Gods are convinced, so he wants a personal represenatitive there."
"Andrew, Tyr only sent me a message. Apparently he has a very personal reason to be involved, and he wants you to know."
"Erina, your mother was the only Goddess of the group who did not request you personally. Freya apparently could not be reached at all recently, and it was Tyr who asked for you."
"Mercedes, Dad for various reasons has been forbidden from sending me on any missions by the other Gods. But he really wants to know what is going on, and many times the Gods won't tell him. (For instance, Hades hasn't actually told anyone what the item is, although I believe Tyr knows.)"
"Derek, Freyr asked that you go, as he believes that your skill as a pilot will be invaluable. Apparently Hades will be requiring a plane to be supplied by Hermes Airlines (my company), and I am not available to be the pilot."

Naotic Cheutral
2007-12-07, 12:42 PM
"Travel, huh?" Megan flashes an infectious grin. "I'd been planning to take some time to kick back and get used to all of this, but this just sounds too fun to pass up. You tell that bastard of a father of mine," she uses the insult in a friendly manner, as if she's simply harassing an old friend of hers, "that I'm in, but only if he isn't gonna hog all the credit."

Sure, Canada wasn't exactly a far-off land of mystique, but something that even gods couldn't identify--well, that promised to be interesting, one way or the other. Besides, what better way to get used to her new powers than to see just how she was going to be using them?

2007-12-07, 02:06 PM
Kyle was enjoying the morning, still in bed of course, when Mau jumped on his chest. Groaning, Kyle tried to remove the feline, but Mau spoke up. "Wake, child. There is a message you must be given." Sighing, and complaining (loudly), Kyle got up and dressed. Eating quickly and telling his dad that he was off to go exploring, Kyle and Mau went off into Cairo.

Arriving at the designated location, Kyle saw the man waving at him. After his introduction Kyle was a bit unnerved, as the whole child-of-a-god thing was still a little new to him, but he looked at the pamphlet while Paulo kept talking. When Kyle's birthname was brough up, he winced slightly, but then forgot about it when Bast was mentioned. Sighing, he nodded and said, "Well, I can't dissapoint Mom, now can I?" He sounded reluctant, but by now his own natural curiosity was kicking in, so the hesitation wasn't truly heartfelt.

He left the place and spent a few hours shopping, thinking of a good way to tell his father he was going to Canada. Eh, what the hell? School doesn't start for a few more months and it might be fun to get to know others like me...

2007-12-07, 04:16 PM
The doorbell rang. Derek looked at his latest female companion, a delightful mixture of dark-haired American Indian/Asian. He turned to shift and work his way free. The girl's arm shifted the wrong way and locked him into place. He struggled to free himself without waking the girl under the blanket.
"What have we here?" Skirnir grinned as he walked through the walls of the apartment. From experience, he knew that the girl could not hear or see Skirnir or him while they talked.
"Your mother and father never had this talk with you?When and a man and a woman like each other very much..."
"They get themselves locked up in a tangle so they can't answer a doorbell?"
"I'll have you know that I have gotten free from worse tangles than this one. Jealous husbands, enraged sons, and beautiful women the world over can verify this. "
"In that case, you'll be able to get out of this tangle on your own. It's really a new tangle I came to talk to you about. You're to go to the LaGuardia Airport. It's highly likely that you've been activated as Frey's chosen agent on earth and you'll need to move fast as I'm sure you know. Have fun liberating yourself. " Skirnir walked through the wall. Derek thought Skirnir had been off his game for the day.
When the woman woke up, the only thing in a room was a note.

Derek nodded. Paulo Swift was known for going on mercy flights that were just short of impossible, but he was a civilian pilot. Derek had been taught in the United States Air Force and they did teach how to fight in a disarmed plane. The general consensus was "Be faster. "
"They needed the best.. " Derek leaned back.
He considered the possibility that Paulo Swift had been killed and replaced by a Titan agent.
"Most popular plane in the United States is the Cessna 172. One of the planes I trained on was the military variant of the Cessna 172. Is your plane related to that?" Derek asked. The answer he was looking for was the T-41 Mescalero
"Something that could fit the entire group and have armaments and speed would be better. " He finished. He would like a better plane than a four-seat single-engine plane.

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{Anyone who wishes to respond to the first post, go ahead and do so, I'm not worried if the post order isn't exactly right. Just mention it at the start of your post. This post assumes you all agree to go along.}

As each of you get to your respective airports, you are directed to a small hidden area, clearly not used much. Most likely it is a section specifically designed for private use, and it includes such perks as no security. Reaching the waiting room, there are about 15 seats scattered about, and the typical airport desk next to the glass doors leading to your plane.

Behind the desk is a small woman, probably mexican. She wears the same blue and silver Paulo did, the uniform of Hermes Airlines. Her name tag reads 'Ohtli'. She appears rather bored, and is leaning on the desk, playing with her computer.

The plane outside looks very small. It probably holds 6 people and has 2 turbojet engines, one on each wing. The nose reminds you of a duck, and overall, it looks rather ugly. A set of stairs lead up to a hatch in front of the wings.

About 5 minutes after you arrive, Ohtli see's something on her computer screen and looks over to you.

"Paulo finally got the plane ready to go. You can go on in now. The airport controller also really wants us to get moving so he can get back to his business of directing real planes." She spits something in a language you don't recognize, but sounds vaguely Spanish, and turns around and walks out the doors toward the plane.

{This happens in about the same manner for everyone, except for Mercedes who arrives with Paulo, and is asked to wait in the waiting room with Ohtli until he gets the plane ready to go.}

Once onboard, the first thing you notice is that you were wrong about seating room. The plane holds 12 passengers. 7 of the seats have nametags tossed into the seat. Ohtli waits for you to enter the plane, then detaches the stairs and closes the hatch. She then zips forward into the cockpit.

The flight between each meeting is 10-45 minutes long, with about a half hour break at each stop. Anyone who needs to can get off the plane and grab a bite to eat or go to the bathroom during each stop. When the last of you (Derek and Andrew) are collected in New York, it is about 12:30, and various of you have probably lost most of your sense of time. The flight from New York to Ottawa is about 40 minutes, and the only thing you see of Ohtli or Paulo is Ohtli sticking her head out of the cockpit to yell "Ok, we're flying again! None of you better be sick! Especially not you Mr. Air Force man!" and then Paulo turning on the intercom "We have finished all our scheduled pick-ups. Please, feel free to get to know each other; you'll probably be working together for some time now. Once we reach Ottawa, you'll have 1 day to hang about before you are expected in Pembroke. On the back of those pamphlets I gave you should be Mark's address. There's also the address of a bank I use when in Ottawa to convert money. Tell them you're from Hermes Airlines, and you won't get charged anything for using their bank."

One last thing most of you notice: When you were getting ready for the trip, you may have spent several hours buying things or getting things to the airport. But each stop after that only takes half an hour or so, and in fact Ohtli won't even allow you out of the waiting room; vending machine food and a bathroom, no sightseeing or touristing. You're not sure why you were given such a luxury, when everyone else was rushed.

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He liked coffee, it was one of the few luxuries he lad left. He took a sip looked at th New York Times and continued to read. Surprisingly enough he looked rather well, considering that he had just been fired and his boss told him to go the airport. Apparently he brought too much bad publicity to the firm, but he had got disability pay for a good long while now, not that he needed it, but something about being attacked on the job just made people throw money to you if you had any of it. But he was going, somewhere, anywhere, it was just nice to go and if he had the money for it (and he did) than all is well.

He sighed awaiting some sort of sign, and the man waving at him was good enough of one.


"Welcome Andrew. You are no doubt wondering exactly what this is all about. My name is Paulo, and my father is Hermes."

"Not so loud jeez," he looked at the various tables around him. He didn't need people announcing the fact that they were the sons of gods at the Kennedy airport.

But the man more or less plowed on.

"Fine, if ... Dad wants me to go than I will."

Out of everything from the last part of his life, the fact that his dad was a relatively constant. If anything loosing his job meant nothing to the weight to being the giver of law to the Norse pantheon. He picked up his bags and carried on.


He and another man were the last in apparently. At the being told to entertain each other, he decided, that he might as well and turn to the nearest person and say: "My name is Andrew."

Naotic Cheutral
2007-12-09, 03:14 PM
Megan arrived well ahead of time for the flight, pleased to discover that she didn't have to spend hours going through security checkpoints. She carried only the bare necessities, having long since gotten tired of hauling huge piles of luggage around. A rolling suitcase full of clothes, and a carry-on bag with a few dense novels and a coat that would let her go for a comfortable stroll in the arctic circle if need be--Canada was just a bit cooler than her usual haunts, and she'd long ago decided that there was no price too high for a really warm coat. Also at hand were her father's gifts, the katana hanging in its sheathe on her back and her hair in a simple ponytail, the kanzashi stuck in its base. While the weapon would be a pain to accomodate in a cramped little plane, she wasn't about to let it out of her sights until she was certain that nothing funny was going on.

She spent most of the early flight leafing through the novels, feigning interest in them... though mostly, she was taking the opportunity to steal peeks at her fellow fliers and hazard guesses about what their abilities were. Still, she remained quiet until the invitation to speak was issued--she was too familiar with how annoying being seated next to an overly-talkative passenger could be. Andrew's greeting, though, gave her an excuse to release hours of pent-up enthusiasm. "Hey there!" She gave him a broad smile and seized his hand in a hearty shake. "Megan; nice to meet you. Where ya from?"

2007-12-11, 08:45 AM
Kyle had gone home to tell his father that he needed to go to Canada, which had gone over as well as it could've and him and Mau took the bus to the airport. There, the two waited for awhile, relaxing and then got on the plane, seeing that there were several others on it.

Sitting alone, but not very far from anyone, he took time to look at the others there. Turning to Mau, he asked, "Are all of them children of gods, like me?"

"Yes. And from several different pantheons, too. Interesting. Though, I don't see any others from your mother's..." The two just continued on thier conversation. (Everyone else sees a college age kid and a cat holding a conversation. O.o)

2007-12-11, 03:40 PM
Erina had taken the invitation with a minimum of ado, though the trip to and through the airport and gave her mind a peck of questions to ponder, as well as other thoughts. Mom must be doing something important... I'll at least try to find out what's going on here. I'm pretty sure that's what she'd want. She straightened her jacket unconsciously. I shouldn't have listened to Gustav. Seriously, why am I dressed like this? It's like... like I'm some sort of out of place rock star. If even that! The jacket had fairly oversized black buttons, left her midriff bare, and was clearly the type one wore for style, rather then for warmth, an observation punctuated by her pleated black skirt.

She spent the first few stops napping, waking up at the plane's landings, but quickly falling back asleep after takeoff. By the time the last person was picked up though, she stayed awake, though. I should probably get to know my Band-mates, actually.. hm, it's a shame I napped, come to think of it. Well, might as well fix it. ...Wait, what? Her attention was drawn by Kyle speaking to.. his cat? She tilted her head trying to figure out what was going on. "Um, hello there.. were you speaking to anyone in particular?" she asked, quite certain the lad was perhaps a bit touched..

2007-12-11, 08:24 PM
A young woman with short, wavy hair sits in one of the airplane seats, one leg bouncing involuntarily until she notices it and stops, not wanting to annoy her traveling companions. As soon as she stops thinking about it, of course, the leg starts bouncing again. She looks around curiously at the other people on the plane, but doesn't attempt to start a conversation until Paulo's voice over the intercom suggests that the passengers entertain one another. At that point, the girl turns to whichever of the other Scions is nearest and not already engaged in conversation, and smile brightly. "Hi! I'm Mercedes."

2007-12-12, 04:07 AM
Well it was fairly obvious that this girl, was, well, she was a bit different. Truth be told he had no idea why he was on this mission, but it was nice to see someone who had biological parents for Gods. Looking around, he noticed that he appeared to be the oldest one here, he looked a bit, well, nervous. Most of the people here looked like they had just gotten into college, and here he was, just in his thirties. Yeah he looked young, but he almost got the feeling that they were going to go ask for him to go and buy booze for them all, but there was something to be said for youth.

Even if that youth was rapidly shaking his hand. It was a bit, disconcerting, and he got the feeling that if he wasn't a god, or whatever, he would be on the ground nursing crushed bones. It must be hard to know this so young.

"Me too. I'm from New York, upstate, actually." Some people had very rough accents, Andrew's was quite suttle actually. "Yourself?"

2007-12-12, 06:00 AM
Paulo Swift and Derek Hunt fell into shoptalk for a few minutes, enough for Derek to confirm Paulo knew what he was talking about.
He made quite a sight in the private waiting room, wearing a carry-on knapsack, having stored what would be needed for what amounted to an overseas mission. He was the last one to be collected as he noticed the tags on the seats. There was only one seat left with a nametag which read Derek Hunt.

He promply made exaggerated throwing-up sounds for a second. Second thing he did was examine the intel for the mission, scanning the nametags, the pamphlet, the bank name and the address of the target. Mark Young was a coroner who had found a holy pagan item and resided in Pembroke, Canada. The landing site was Ottawa, Canada.

One of the guys sitting next to him broke the ice A girl with a ponytail and a katana on her back responded "Megan, nice to meet you!.Where ya from?" A college-age guy was holding a conversation with his cat. Skirnir had told him that one of the powers that a Scion could get was speaking to animals. The girl dressed like a rock star was obviously shifting uncomfortable in it, as he looked her over. That might have been the way that the college-age guy was speaking to his cat. Another girl was bouncing hyperactively and shaking the icebreaker's(Andrew's) hand in rapid fashion. He mentally tallied the typecasting in his head. The katana was a Japanese Scion, the one with the cat with as Egyptian Scion, possibly that of Bast. The others remained indeterminate for now.

"Hey, I'm Derek. " He offered a smile. "New York City, where if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. "

Naotic Cheutral
2007-12-12, 11:24 AM
"... I hope you meant 'nice to meet you too' and not 'my name is Megan too.'" Megan raised an eyebrow, freeing Andrew's hand from her implacable grip. "You don't look like much of a Megan, though maybe with some makeup and a nice skirt... Me, I'm from the ass end of nowhere, in Missouri."

She trailed off, examining Andrew for a few seconds before shrugging in slight disappointment. "Nobody here really looks like what I expected. I figured it'd be all wreathes of olive branches and glowing eyes. I mean, I don't have any of that, but I'm kinda new at all of this. On the other hand, there's no way a normal plane just travelled this far this quickly, so I guess we at least have something obviously weird happening." She seemed a bit let down that nobody was hurling lightning bolts around yet.

2007-12-12, 02:09 PM
{OOC: Just a comment: at the beginning of each of your post's, please put your character's name. That way, it's easy referencing!

And for those of you who know such things: The plane you are on is a (obviously very modified) Piaggio PD.808.}

As you all start to introduce yourself, you realize that Derek was right. He HAD taken the last seat. Although, before he had taken it, you all could have sworn there were another 3-5 seats left available, that just hadn't had name tags.

Even more disconcerting, you all notice that at the back of the plane, there is seemingly a fully stocked wet bar (alchoholic and non) sitting there. Ohtli's voice comes over the PA system again "While yer all yacking, there's also drinks in the back. If there's anything else Hermes Airlines can offer you, just holler!" Those of you with keener hearing also are sure you hear Paulo muttering something about "Why do you always have to ask them to yell?" before the PA cuts out.

The view out the windows is completely blocked by clouds, although it seems like you're going fairly rapidly whenever you do manage to find landmarks to judge by.

2007-12-12, 06:04 PM

Mercedes snickers at Paulo's sotto voce addendum, and unbuckles her seat belt, bouncing up and making her way to the back of the plane toward the bar. "Anybody want anything, while I'm up?" she asks, claiming a bottle of pomegranate juice for herself. She passes Derek on the way back to her seat, just as he makes his introduction. "Nice to meet ya," she smiles, shifting the bottle of juice into her left hand so her right is free to shake. "I'm Mercedes." She looks about nineteen, though her short haircut and cheerful demeanor make her seem younger.

2007-12-13, 12:23 AM

He laughed a belly laugh. What is more this looked like a man who rarely, if ever, laughed at all. What's more is that it actually felt good to Andrew, he hadn't laughed in a long time and it all just kind of let loose. Finally, covering his mouth, he stopped.

"I've always been more of a Hillary Clinton-esque pants and blouse person really." He nodded his head while he continued to smile.

She had probably done the impossible in making a Scion of Tyr laugh, and what's more, laugh at himself. Not that Andrew really noted it that way, but he did like her wry sense of humour all the same.

"Nobody here really looks like what I expected. I figured it'd be all wreathes of olive branches and glowing eyes. I mean, I don't have any of that, but I'm kinda new at all of this. On the other hand, there's no way a normal plane just travelled this far this quickly, so I guess we at least have something obviously weird happening."

"Yeah I suppose I know what you mean. We're all so ... human-looking. Still I've only, I don't know what the word is, 'awakened-maybe' recently and the rest of you look fairly young. Best not to dwell on it to much, I think, it might drive us nuts. So what's your divinity." and figuring that it would be too prying to not say hi own, he added, "Mine's Tyr. Norse pantheon" The closest that thing that counted as weird to him was the buisness with the cat, and that was quite tame really. He hadn't noticed the time difference on being on a plane, personally, he hadn't noticed it. He flew very rarely so fourty minutes or six hours, it all seemed to be a bit 'meh' to him.

"Anybody want anything, while I'm up?"

He eyed the woman to see what she got, and it was pomegranite juice of all things. Weird woman. Still at least she wasn't going to drink herself into a stupor, and she looked under age as well, but he asked for: "Coffee thank you."

((ooc: I'll just say that you got it ok?))

He took a sip of his drink.

2007-12-13, 12:55 AM

Mercedes glanced back over her shoulder to see who had asked for the coffee, and noticed the man who had just been talking about wearing women's pants-suits giving her an odd look. She shrugged. Well, it's not like I expected all of them to be friendly, she thinks. I hope some of them will be easy to get along with, though.

She reclaims her seat and looks disappointedly at the blank wall of white clouds outside the window. Briefly, she entertains the notion of fishing something out of her carry-on to pass the time with, but rejects all the possible options as either antisocial or potentially annoying to the others. Her gaze drifts around the cabin, looking for someone with whom she might strike up a conversation.

Naotic Cheutral
2007-12-13, 11:26 AM

"Me? Susano-o, the Japanese pantheon... er, Amatsukami." Though Megan has to slow down slightly to do so, her pronunciation of the Japanese words is fairly accurate. She glances around the cabin again. "It kind of makes me wish I'd studied some mythology in school. I've heard of Tyr, but that's about it. On the other hand, I guess this is pretty much a hands-on lesson in mythology that we're heading to. Wonder if it'd be rude to ask a god for an autograph..."

2007-12-15, 01:43 PM
Derek reaches into his leather jacket and then shakes his head in a forlorn manner.

"Left my olive wreaths in my other jacket. You'll have to be deprived. Vanir, Scion of Freyr."He answered to the general inquiry. He had guessed right with the Japanese God of Thunder Scion. He chuckled at the memory of some of Megan's introduction.

"Pomegranate juice? "He asked Mercedes.

2007-12-15, 05:17 PM

"I was amused at the symbolism, given who we're on our way to meet," she explains with a grin. "Did you want some?"

2007-12-17, 02:51 AM

He really had no idea who that was, but he smiled and shrugged not trying to be rude about it. He wasn't very familiar with the gods that you could not see outside your saterday morning cartoons, and really, he barely knew that Tyr existed until he found out it was his father. No matter things looked like they were going fairly smoothly.

"... umm I guess you could, if you wanted to?" He didn't really get why she would want an autograph of his father: monetary it made no sense, but then again it might be a nice memento.

He drank some of his coffee and remained silent.

He turned around and took a good look at the Scion of Freyr. There were many panthenons, how odd it was to see a second Norse god-blooded. Still he said nothing about it, but made a mental note.

2007-12-19, 07:51 PM
((Sorry for the delay, guys))

Looking up, Kyle smiles and says, "Yeah, Mau here was giving me some advice about why we're all here." He offers his hand. "I'm Kyle."

2007-12-27, 02:48 AM
Happy Holidays to everyone!

Sorry for the very long lag in posting; holidays were busy. I'm also working 11+ hours a day for the next week and a half or so, so I'm not going to post much except in response to other's posts. Ohtli is available to answer any questions people might have, and I'd like to ask people to start planning what they will do in Ottawa. You'll have one day to muck about in the city before heading toward the actual adventure; planning how to get to the town 200 km away from Ottawa should be included.

After my busy work period I'll be around a lot more. For now, chatter away!

2008-01-21, 05:17 PM
It's amazing. They all took my name as Vanir. , Unholy thinks for a bit.

"It's a kind offer, but I don't share people's cups on the first date. I'm off to get my own beverage. "