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2007-12-09, 10:55 PM
I was trying to explain to my realitivly new group how the different character levels relate to the general populace of the world. Here's what I came up with (please note that our games havn't reached higher than level 15 in about two and a half years):

Levels 1-3
The characters are more their potential rather than their abilities, in the eyes of the world. A fighter is exceptionally good, albeit green. The wizard has a frightening aptitude for magic, and the bard is a celeberity to watch. The cleric is seen as somone whose devotion has given them a connection to their god.

Characters at this point are either trying to prove themselves as a step above the rest of the world, or the products of fate having to survive through tests beyond what is normally expected of somone.

Levels 4-6
The characters have proven themselves and are considered some of the best amongst the general populace. While the champions of the kingdom, and certianly the heroes of legend, may best them, your average person is in awe of the things that they can accomplish. The fighter can best all but the greatest members of the guard with realitive ease, the wizard is beginning to truly defy what people expect as possible and the cleric is seen as an embodiment of his god's ideals.

People in need of aid will seek them out if they are near. Ofcourse, powerful beings may begin to consider them a threat and dispatch emisarries to deal with them as well.

Levels 7-9
The characters are the champions of the kingdom. The fighter may lead a full corps of the army, and could certianly hold his own to any amongst their ranks. The wizard is able to trangress the laws of reality beyond what most people even believe to be possible for one man. The cleric may be an archbishop and a high authority on his god's wishes, a chosen representative.

Characters are known, or at least their deeds are. They are considered some of the greatest people to come out of any generation, and will be sought heavily for aid. At this point, the normal limits of the human body are but a routine test for the characters. Planar travel becomes a possibility.

Levels 10-12
The characters are leaders of the kingdom, or have similar power. They deal with some of the greatest threats that a region can face. They may travel amongst the planes regularly.

Levels 13-15
The characters deal with world spanning threats. Planar envoys may seek their aid.

Levels 16-18
The characters are the protectors of a plane, or more. They are the heroes of legends.

Levels 19+
The characters are virtually once in a generation. They deal with threats to the entire multiverse.

I felt that the first three needed the most distinction for my players, and so they are expanded the most. What do you think of my assessment? How do things vary with your play level?

2007-12-09, 10:59 PM
I think levels and their associated power is entirely dependent on play. Level 6, in my worlds, isn't that rare. Champions of entire kingdoms tend to be closer to level 12, etc.

Lord Tataraus
2007-12-09, 11:57 PM
As Cuddly said, this is highly variable depending on your power level. I've had games where level 10 was not rare and a few were level 20. I also have an E6 game where most people are level 1 or 2 if well trained and the elites are mostly level 4. Then the most powerful are level 5 and 6.