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2007-12-10, 06:48 AM
First off, the backround, Kinkan and I recently started a school project involving 100+ hours of work and settled on building an RPG with all that comes with it, a world, a system and every part of fluff we can come up with.

This thread will be both a thread for suggestion and a help for us to keep track of what have at all times, so always check this first post as stuff will be added here continously, later on we will compile everything in an easy to read ready fluffed PDF for anyone to use, and remember, feel free to ask for material that you need to play the system if it feels good enough for you to use.

What I'm looking to get out of posting here is ideas for neat concepts and rules regarding the world, so everyone feel free to give us any suggestion you can come up with, save silly stuff, we are looking to build a gloomy serious world where everything isn't well, there'll be demons, magics and monsters, like any RPG you have seen but we want to do it personally enough to make it stick out from the masses.

And well that's about it for introduction unless Kinkan has something to add on a later stage.

Then we move on to what we have at the moment of writing:
We have decided to use a system based on successes and D6s, every 6 you roll on a dice will reward you with a success on your roll(Anyone played WoD will recognize this).
Skills and numbers are still up for debate but will probably range from 1-10 as base for abilities.

The system will be classless and everyone could probably be a caster, not decided if it will be a sort of feat taken at character creation or something that everybody has a spark of and can train, the advantage of the last alternative is that we will have a lot of small time casters and hybrid spellblades and so on.

The world will have a strong demonic presence, there will be full Demons, half demons and people which will have gotten a high enough corruption score to have turned into Devils, the difference between them will be something along the lines of that Demons are generally greedy but not althrough Evil, they could probably save someone hanging from a cliff if it furthers their goals.
Half Demons will have the traits of Demons and the other parenting race, basically atleast.
Devils on the other hand start out as a generic person but will have endured enough Demonic corruption to reach the top a scale and thus will have changed both physically and psychically(sp?) to an altrough Evil being bent on death and destruction.

Both Demons and half demons will have a presence that one could track with a sense aura skill that is either inborn or trained, this aura in strong demons will probably inflict corruption in the landscape that the Demon resides in, up to a certain level, think Demonic Flora and Fauna.

We have a few more concepts half thought of that will be added after Kinkan has done a little revision of this post, or atleast when he has reminded me of them, so for now this post is far from complete.

So from here on, give any thoughts you have, and I mean ANY.

2007-12-10, 06:49 AM
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2007-12-10, 08:19 AM
Greetings and well met, I would be the partner in crime on this project. I don't have time to add some bigger things at the moment, and I know this looks quite meagre. However, we do have lots of ideas which we will incorporate into the world later on. We also want structure in this project so we don't get caught up in something smaller and lose track of the big picture, and therefore we have decided to build the world from scratch and then create nations and cultures from their geographic conditions. Therefore it will take a while before those areas can be worked upon while the magical elements of the world can be developed in the meantime (well, some magical things will, of course, affect the nations and cultures in which they occur, e.g. a goverment of wizards with enslaved demons ruling their lands as a dictatorship)

I hope you will enjoy this as much as we do =)

2007-12-14, 07:23 PM
We have completed a rough sketch of the world map: