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2007-12-10, 12:07 PM
"Welcome to Spielburg Valley." The leader of an overstaffed checkpoint-fortress at the narrowest part of the pass into the valley greets you as you enter. Though most of you arrive at different times, the scene is the same, as though he's reading from a pre-written script. "I must warn you before coming in, Spielburg is not safe for travellers, only hunters responding to the Baron's bounty should cross this point, as we cannot garuntee your safety while in the valley until the hunt is successful. Until then, we're here to ensure the beast doesn't escape the valley, and to protect the citizens. of Spielburg.

The Baron recommends that you not go anywhere alone. Beyond the beast, monstrous tribes have grown bold since we stopped making patrols, and are ambushing lone hunters in the woods.

While in Spielburg, you are welcomed to stay at Harrington's Inn, as the Baron has graciously offered to cover the living expenses of every hunter who comes to the Valley. You would do well to talk to the hunters who have already ventured into the forest, especially Taen Kras, who has fought the beast and survived three times now. Many of them are in Harringtons, or at the temporary hospital set up in the Shrine to Obad-Hai near the fields.

Good Luck, and Good Hunting."

The town itself is a mile and a half down the road, an uneventful end to an otherwise uneventful trip to the valley, and contains all the basic necessitities of life. Harrington's is the only Inn in town, and practically overflowing with customers by now. Small shops carry sundry goods, but anything particularly well-made has already been bought up (Anything nonmagical less than 50 gold from the PhB is available without even asking about it) - The Shrine to Obad-Hai, formerly a small dwelling for the priest and his apprentice who ensured good harvests, has blossomed out with tents and cots for wounded guardsmen and hunters to rest in. Any stock of potions they once kept up have already been taken, and the two clergymen are overworked in the extreme.

The Baron's keep, which overlooks the village, is closed for the moment, anyone not bringing news of a successful hunt is turned away. Beyond it all are the fields, worked by nervous peasants and patrolled at the edges by a sturdy force of guardsmen.

The rest of the valley is untamed woodlands, where the best paths you can see are deer trails.

2007-12-10, 06:08 PM
Vincent Swiftfoot, Mage and Trapmaker, makes his way calmly down the road into the Valley beyond. Nodding politely to the Guard as he passes, he rides his dog into the town and makes his way towards the Harrington Inn. He will check in at the front counter, inquiring about any Halfling sized rooms still available, and renting one if so. He will then mingle in the lounge, meeting up with the other hunters as they arrive...

2007-12-10, 06:29 PM
Green Bear

For all his troubles the guard merely gets a half hearted snarl from the big man leading a big gray horse into the valley, the bounty hunter known as Green Bear sharing his foul mood with everyone. He would but damn the elf Silverleaf who'd given him that nick-name, for a few of the overstaffed guards muttered it upon his appearance. He would, but it was bad form to damn the dead, in particular when he'd come to avenge that particular elf's death.

Leaving Silverleaf's daughter back at that foolish wizardry school she attended, with an oath sworn to carve the beast apart before its black heart stopped beating, he'd come out this way without pause and without much rest and without relent.

Up 'til now, that is.

Guardsmen tend to be picky about warriors who charge their gates, even if they have a perfectly good reason to do so, and so the barbaric ranger entered peaceably; his eyes glaring out from under a young troubled brow.

Scoffing the need for any more equipment than the sword by his side and weaponry and gear at his back, the only thing he needs now is a place to keep the horse while he gets some quick rest before delving into the woods at the crack of dawn. He storms into Harrington's after hitching the brute to a post and looks for a seat. Though the place is crowded, the young man reasons within his mind that sooner or later someone already with a room will probably get kicked out for some fool act of violence or trouble.

Even if it's someone foolish enough to pick a fight with him, a chance he idly wouldn't mind stumbling across. After all, he's already looking for one source of trouble.

2007-12-11, 09:34 AM
As the evening wains a bedraggled pair arrives at the gate. Their clothes are rags, one carries only a long walking stick with him. The guards move to stop him, as surely no unarmed man should be allowed inside, "We are quite able to defend ourselves. Let us pass." The almost regal tone of his voice persuades the guards and the pair enter. "So, Besil, where should we begin?" Geoffery asks his cousin once they are well within the valley.

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2007-12-11, 10:33 AM
A short, rugged man steps up to the gates looking as if a part of the forest got up and decided to become a man.

G'day. Name's Rogan. I'm here to bag your sheila, he says matter-of-factly. Once the guard lets him pass, he'll find a room, then immediately seek out Taen Kras in order to get a bead on what he hunts. He's heard it's a wolf, a big one, and probably a monster. That's fine- he'd killed monsters before and he would again. The real problem would be hiding his scent, but maybe Mr. Kras could shine some light on that topic.

2007-12-11, 02:06 PM
"So, Besil, where should we begin?" Geoffery asks his cousin once they are well within the valley.

Besil smiles. "You know me, Geoffery," he replies with a voice that borders on a song, "I'd prefer to gather what tales we can of this beast first. Best to know what to expect. Let us start at Harringtons and then move on to the Shrine."

Besil leans his staff toward the Inn and the ragged pair enter the Inn. Besil stands near the entrance, surveying the crowd inside, trying to determine who were hunters just starting out and who may have already faced the beast.

2007-12-11, 02:56 PM
Waking from his normal 2 hours rest Marcus finds himself blinded by the birght light of the sun as he is dragged along the road. looking up he relises that he had obviously fallen from his war horse in his sleep and so had been dragged for most of the travel and so as normal he slept through it. Letting out a yawn Marcus quickly stretches forward pulling himself free from his stirup and watchign as his horse slwoly comes to a stop aware of it master no longer being pulled along.

Aproaching his horse he looks over to the fortification of the valley were a guard stares startled by the sudden apearance of the Xeph. Taking a deep breath Marcus mounts his horse and gallops off past the gate ready to see what is to be hunted in the lands... After he grabs a pint of course.

2007-12-11, 03:41 PM
Harrington's Inn is a crowded place, the new Arrivals would fit in well with the already assembled crowd of hunters. Fully half the crowd seem to sodden with drink they're obviously here more to leech off the Baron's hospitality than to actually try and hunt anything.

The remainder consist mostly of the players assembled here, Green Bear, Vincent, Marcus, Basil & Geoffery should be coming in about the same time, easily close enough to notice each other. The staff, a trio of Wenches (Ahh, good ole' fashioned Wenches) are so overworked by the extra business that anyone waiting to be served will be greeted with a quick, "Seat yerself, we'll be with you in a bit."

Beyond all of you, notable figures include:

A huge man (nearly the size of Green Bear) with an entirely-too-serious look upon his face who looks like he's never drank a drop in his life, seated with a shifty-looking fellow that looks like the second half of one of those "Unlikely duo" plays those rich snots from the City are always raving about.

Six young men, barely older than boys, loudly boasting about how they're each going to capture the beast single-handedly. What marks them as different from the regular breed of drunks is how they actually seem to mean it.


Mr. Rogan searching out for Taen Kras could hear from anyone in town how the King's Hunter is still in bed in the hospital-shrine run by the clergy of Obad-Hai.

The hospital is little more than a tent filled with cots where bandaged men lay waiting for each day's round of healing prayers. Taen himself is easy enough to find among the wounded, being covered in bandages from nearly head to toe ("And that was AFTER the clerics cast their spells" A helpful attendant would let Rogan know while pointing out where Taen was lying down) - He's awake at the moment, but doesn't look to be in too good of a mood.

"Yes?" Is his only greeting.

2007-12-11, 04:14 PM
Jumping from his horse Marcus ties it quickly down and walk through the door into the inn looking around he tries to here what the six men boasting are saying as he walks towards them.


2007-12-11, 05:37 PM
Green Bear

Bear finds the din and chaos of the bar as acceptable from his position. He doesn't sit at the table in much of a slouch nor with feet propped up. No, he seems more intent on looking to see if anyone can give cause to his earlier plans of ousting a troublemaker and taking their room.

It's like a buffet in that regard, though after a few moments more, the bounty hunter resigns himself to hopeful patience. At least for now.

Geoffery and Besil he glances at with a brutish look, but doesn't seem to find them much of a threat and makes a point of ignoring them for now. No, after more waiting for an ale-jack and food, the barbarian finally starts to lean his eyes and ears towards the six boastful youths. Within reach of where he sits, Bear gives them a half-hearted scowl while listening to their claims, trying hard not to laugh at such merry entertainment.

2007-12-11, 06:19 PM
Walking at the edge of the road, the woman studies the various people as they move past her. An invitation such as the baron has issued brings people with vastly different motives together, and it was fun to try and guess what they were. Eventually the town proper came into view. It was obviously that it wasn't typically this busy as people seemed to overflow out of several different areas.

Moving over to an open space off the road, the woman fished through her pack until she found her comb. Emptying a bit of water onto a cloth, she wiped the dust of the journey from her hands, face and armor, finishing by combing her hair. She then packed everything away and started off once more. When she reached the main street she could plainly hear the crowd over in what had to be Harringtons. For only a short time past midday they seemed to already be fairly deep into their ale cups.

Giving Harringtons a miss for the time being, she moved to the general goods shop, which was also bustling with activity and waited until one of the clerks notices and and then she asked to speak with the shopkeeper.

"Well now," she says in a lilting voice when (s)he came over to where she was standing. "I was wonderin' if ye'd be int'rested in a bit 'o consignment considerin' all the traffic ye've got here." She opens a pouch at her belt and pulls out several silver bracelets and three pairs of earrings. They are done in a current but timeless style and two of the bracelets are set with blue stones. "Since ye've got the customers and I've got the stuff, we 'kin make each other happy, yes?"

2007-12-11, 08:09 PM
Happy stands impassively as the guard recites his speech, though the raven on his shoulder pipes up occasionally. As the guard finishes his speech, the Raven says "Cheerful here's really grateful for that info." "Indeed" says Happy as he turns and continues down the road.


Happy arrives in town, and quietly heads to the tavern. He finds the least crowded area available which is within earshot of the six enthusiastic young men. He sits down quietly and listens to the conversations around him.
(Taking ten on listen)

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2007-12-11, 11:36 PM

Oi, I see you got yourself in a tangle with the beast. The locals say you fought her three times and lived. I wanna know how you did it, and what you did wrong.

Mr. Rogan flips a chair backwards and sits on it, legs akimbo, leaning against the back. Did you track her, or was it an ambush? What weapons did you use? And how smart is she- really?

2007-12-12, 01:09 AM
Vincent takes a glass of suspiciously strong tea and begins to wander the crowd in an unimposing way, scanning the various patrons and trying to separate out the wheat from the chew toys. A man as smart as Vincent realizes fully the importance of having brave men armed with swords and armor and iron wills around when hunting monsters. After all, all that equipment just made it that much easier to outrun them once things went bad.

A few patrons catch his attention immediately: The giant and the rat look professional, though a fleeting hesitation makes him a bit uncertain about the pair. The man with a stick and the performer who just walked in might need some Arcane support, as might the large man sitting alone. And the man with a Raven has the look of a mage about him (One can never have too many mages around. Never.). Making mental notes to see where each of those men's specialties lay, Vincent decides to approach the table of young boasters to see what their plan is, and if they might just require the services of a Wizard...

2007-12-12, 10:34 AM
In Harrington's Inn, the boistrous boys are quite loud, and perfectly audible to anyone specifically paying attention to them, (DC: 10 listen)

"You all know there isn't an animal in the world I can't trap. When we go out to check those nets tomorrow, you'll see." One was saying as the conversation comes into focus.

"Bah Paul! You saw the guard's armor just like we did, that thing's claws can cut through steel! Even if it is stupid enough to fall for your traps, it'll slash them to shreds. Now a good hit on the head from someone with proper training, THAT will bring the thing down." The largest one shot back with a snigger.

"A Real man, huh? You think you're better than the King's own? Obviously it's stronger than any man, you'll be on your knees thanking me for saving your lives with a little honest magic." The smallest one cut in. You'd have never guessed he was a wizard if he hadn't just admitted it, dressed identically to the others and well-built from a farmboys childhood.

"Listen to lil' Tom, he goes off to school and comes back his first year, thinking he's some kind of archmage or something!" The larger one streched his arm out and snagged Tom in a headlock, making him the victim of a playful noogy, "C'mon little brother, let's see your magic get you out of this!"

The rest of the men, brothers all from how similar they looked, waited with baited breath while Tom whispered something beneath his breath, managing to ignore his bigger brother. "What was that? Huh Tom?"

"You've had enough, John. Go to sleep." John, the big one, suddenly relaxed, falling off his chair to the floor to the drunken cheers of his brothers.

"He going to be okay, Tom?" What looked like the eldest asked him with concern.

"Yeah yeah, just drag him upstairs and let him sleep. He'll have a headache in the morning, that's all."

"Good good, I'll get him to bed then." The eldest said, standing up, "Just remember brothers, we're not here for ourselves, we're here for Mom, and Dad, and all the folks back in Brielle.”

“Aye, for Brille!” They (Sans the sleeping one) intoned as one!

About the time when the Eldest has his brother’s arm over his shoulder, ready to drag him off to sleep is when they notice Vincent coming up to talk to them. The eldest pauses in his brotherly duties for a moment to begin the conversation, “Something the matter, mister?”

The shopkeeper gives Marin a concerned look. “Are you in some kinda’ve trouble, miss, that you’ve got to be coming all the way out here, especially when it’s so dangerous out, just to try and sell these things?”

As for Rogan, Taen Kras spends a good few moments just looking at him judgmentally. Finally, he answers the barrage of questions, “You’re awful rude for someone who needs so much help.”

2007-12-12, 12:10 PM

Marin smiles, "Na at all," she replies to the shopkeeper. "I'll be after bringin' this fearsome beastie back y'see. But tha's no reason not ta' do a bit of business asides. Imagine how valuable these'ere trinkets'll be when I succeed?" she asked with a grin.

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2007-12-12, 12:19 PM
Mr. Rogan

If I'm a little frank it's because time is of the essence, mate. Every hour that thing's out there is another hour some ill-prepared git might get his head ripped off, right?

He looks at the incapacitated man, trying to judge for himself if he's looking at a great hunter or just a fool who's lucky to be alive.

But no worries, I don't need your help if you don't wanna give it to me. Just thought you'd want to spare a bloke your fate, s'all. Say the word and I'll be going. Name's Rogan, by the way.

2007-12-12, 12:38 PM
Jaegar stood in the road a moment, looking over the gate and what he could see beyond it. Not bad, he thought to himself. He approached the gates, ignoring the guards' warnings, and made his way inside.

The fields then, he decided and began walking toward the shrine to Obad-Hai. The sooner he got the information he needed, the sooner he could get started.

As Jaegar crossed town, however, he stopped when he heard a familiar voice. The same voice with that same silly accent. He grinned as he turned to see the woman bartering with one of the shopkeepers. That woman. She must be after the beastie too. He decided to continue on his way and let her continue her negotiations. There would certainly be plenty of time for catching up later.

Finally he came to the shrine. He thought about kicking the mud off of his boots, but then realized What's the point? It's Obad-Hai. So he went around the shrine and the many tents, listening for whatever the failed hunters had to say.

2007-12-12, 03:09 PM
Taking a seat and grabbing a pint Marcus quickly gets into the spirit of things listening out for any unusual talk amongst those in the inn.


2007-12-12, 03:10 PM
OOC: Scratch that ill take 20.

2007-12-12, 03:59 PM
Green Bear

Bear scratches his chin and then scowls as most of the brothers get ready to leave.

"Damn, but this is going to be more hassle just to get to the monster than the slaying of him if I've got to wade through every fool family on an outing..." he mutters, calling for ale with a thunderous bellow moments later at the unfortunate wench that's closest.

"A flagon! Bring me ale, woman and be quick about it or this tavern may yet see an even fiercer monster than the beast in the woods!"

Sitting back in his seat, he looks about the tavern, as if daring anyone to call him on his brutish behavior, a smoldering look if there ever was one.

2007-12-12, 07:12 PM
Happy stands abruptly, and heads towards the large bellowing man. His raven flies ahead, and alights on the table. "You should be nicer. A hard working wench is hard to come by" he says with the air of someone imparting great wisdom.
"everyone has problems" says Happy, taking a seat across from Bear. "Happy here means you got no reason to be angry. You mind if we sit here?"

2007-12-12, 07:31 PM
Green Bear

Bear looks suspiciously at this bird perched on his table as if it belonged there. Anyone with half a brain may think (and anyone with less might say) it looks like the man would try to eat Happy's raven from the way his hands flex and his teeth clench, the look of a predator about to strike. It's almost humorous.

However, the bounty hunter never liked the taste of squab, shrugging his shoulders and giving the bird no more attention he allows the other seat to the man.

"I'm in no mood to dole happy words, but my money's enough to console maids from harsh ones, magician," he assumes, as if the notion Happy was of any other profession that allowed for an animal companion an insult,"I'm in a mood to be fed and rested before I kill the damned beast and be done with the business.

2007-12-13, 03:30 AM
“Something the matter, mister?”

Arching an eyebrow, Vincent smiles and says, "The matter? Oh, certainly not. I merely happened to overhear your conversation about the hunt and was a might intrigued, as I too have come to this particular valley in search of the beast. As an accomplished practitioner of the Arcane, I felt I could potentially be a valuable asset to your troupe, however it would appear that young... Tom, was it? Has unfortunately beat me to that position." Inclining his head at the table and the men seated there, "I do wish you the best of luck, and hope that your hunt is as safe as it is successful. Perhaps we will meet again, though it would appear that other individuals might be more in need of my services."

Turning abruptly if not impolitely, Vincent scans the occupants and decides the most likely suspects would be the pair who just entered, and walks up to Besil and Geoffry, "Evening sirs. You have the look of adventurers about you, though I dare say not exactly the look of trained wizards. Would I be correct in that assumption?"

2007-12-13, 11:15 AM
The Shopkeeper speaking to Marin

He looks over the shiny things Marin presents before him, inspecting their quality and making a few mental judgements of the sort she's probably seen before, Are they stolen? Probably, she'll sell them cheap if they are, how likely is it I'll get caught for having them?

After a while, he seems to come to the conclusion Marin was hoping for, "Well, the missus has been asking me to get her some jewelry.... How much are you asking for 'em?"



Would enter the hospital-tent-shrine of Obad-hai to see a multitude of wounded men in various states of recovery. If he's looking for information, it's simply a matter of asking around. After a few of them, it becomes obvious that no-one wounded here has ever actually seen the beast. Rather, they've been ambushed by goblins and kobolds that've taken to ambushing hunters. Seems the beast isn't bothering the monstrous tribes of the valley at all!

Also seems anyone who tangled with the Beast is dead now, except for Taen Kras of course. If he pays attention, Jaeger would also bare witness to the conversation between an increasingly agitated Taen Kras and...


"I'll be fine in a couple of days, 'mate,' and catch it myself my next outing." His voice takes on an almost beastial growl near the end of that speech, after which he locks up for a moment, like all the excitement made one of his wounds start hurting something fierce.

After a moment it passes, and his tone is notably softer, "No, you're a good man, you mean well... I can't tell you much, except it's the biggest, toughest, meanest thing you've ever hunted. Smarter than most men too, it'll smell out an ambush and come up behind you before you realize it.

About your only chance is to get it out into open country, a meadow is your best bet around here, and just be better at killing than it is."

Harrington's Inn

"Right then Mister." The Eldest of the six nods to Vincent, letting him go off as easily as he came. He leaves with his inebriated brother, and the rest of their conversation drifts from bragging to stories about their hometown, Tom telling stories about the City and how exciting it is there, but nothing relevant to the hunt at hand.

Marcus, paying attention to the whole of the room, can get the gist of the conversations between players going on, as well as an ongoing one between the large man and his shifty companion (Who are talking intentionally quietly to let their voices be drowned out in the general roar of the tavern) - but can't sift out the details.

Before Green Bear can give substance to his idle thoughts of Raven Pot Pie, one of the wenches comes in out of the crowd, the demanded Ale firmly in hand. She lets down two flagons out of the four (!) she's carrying around the room just for this sort of occasion. One for Green Bear, one for Happy, a little watered down, but thanks to the Baron's generosity, the price is just right.

2007-12-13, 11:52 AM
Marcus getting up walks over to where happy and green bear sits bowing polietly to happy. He anounces him self.

" Hello, my name is Marcus of the Zeph paladins in the south are you also here to hunt the monster?" He asks though he knows what is going on he wishes to act ignorantly.

2007-12-13, 12:49 PM
Turning abruptly if not impolitely, Vincent scans the occupants and decides the most likely suspects would be the pair who just entered, and walks up to Besil and Geoffry, "Evening sirs. You have the look of adventurers about you, though I dare say not exactly the look of trained wizards. Would I be correct in that assumption?"

Besil chuckles. "Adventurers," he says to Geofrey. "That's nice for a change. Seems our friend here has a sharp eye."

He turns to the halfling and smiles. "We use to being called paupers before adventurers," he explains, waving a hand at his tattered robes. "And you are correct, on both accounts. I have picked up a little of the arcane arts, but certainly am not trained as a wizard." He glances over Vincent. "Now, if I were to make a guess, I'd say you are one of the newer adventurers here. You just don't have the worn look some of the others here have.

"Ah! But where are my manners. I am Besil Gualdherp and this is my cousin and companion Geofrey, and, as I'm sure you have already surmised, we are have been lured here by the mystery of this beast. Now, who do I have the pleasure of talking to?"

2007-12-13, 02:11 PM
Green Bear

Pressing a gold piece into the barmaid's hand without looking (either her or the coin), Green Bear's ire is turned towards the paladin, interpreting the bow towards Happy (and not to him!) as an insult.

The ale is good though as he kicks back a slug of it at least.

"And kill it and find out if it's pelt will make me a nice cloak before the week is out," he spits, not too impressed with Marcus. The paladin's plan seems to work on him as his emerald eyes regard him as a simpleton. "You're welcome to watch, of course, but were I like you, I'd stay more than a league away when I get my hands on the hellbeast.

Human Paragon 3
2007-12-13, 02:52 PM
Mr. Rogan

The hunter scowls. This is going to be a tough one... Although he's confident he can track the creature, he doesn't like the idea of fighting it out in the open. Ambush, or at least surprise, is more his style. Maybe a trap of some sort to hold it still while he gets some shots in would be the way to go, or luring it into a dead end where he can fire from behind cover... Some distractions would be in order, regardless. A team of helpers would greatly increase his odds of taking the thing down- and coming out of this alive. Surely, he'd find some willing accomplices back at the lodge.

Thanks for your help. I'm going to try and get a posse together. You're welcome to join it when you're well again.

He gets up and goes to leave the healers' tent.

You were wrong about one thing though- I'm not a good man.

After leaving the tent, Rogan will go to the lodge and scope out potential allies.

2007-12-13, 09:06 PM
"Ah! But where are my manners. I am Besil Gualdherp and this is my cousin and companion Geofrey, and, as I'm sure you have already surmised, we are have been lured here by the mystery of this beast. Now, who do I have the pleasure of talking to?"

Grinning and making a bow, Vincent intones, "Vincent Swiftfoot, Arcanist and Trapmaker, at your service. And while I may not look it, I'm not exactly new to the adventuring game. I can owe my appearance to an appreciation of the joys of adventuring from 50 or so feet behind big men with big swords." Giving a little shrug, he continues, "If you're interested, I'm up for sitting down with a drink and laying down a plan about the best way to catch this thing. The Gods know I can't do it alone."

2007-12-13, 10:54 PM

Marin smiles at the shopkeeper, "Only what it'd cost me for collectin' the stuff and the time I spend makin' 'em lovely. What say five gold apiece? I bet ya' can sell 'em for four times tha', once I bring back ya' Lorships beastie."

2007-12-13, 11:27 PM
"This Happy little man is looking to slay the beast as well." Pipes the raven. "Money is indeed the ultimate consolation, isn't it..." mumbles Happy, taking a sip of his ale. "We'll come watch you fight," continues the raven as if he hadn't been interrupted, "but we're really here for taking care of the beast afterwards"

((That's right, you're getting trash-talked by a bird))

2007-12-14, 12:34 AM
(...Me or Marcus?)

2007-12-14, 09:49 AM
Geoffery extends his hand to Vincent, "As he said the name is, Geoffery. We are here looking for the beast and would be delighted to sit and discuss with you. I shall pass on the drink; however, I'm just not very thristy." As they sit Geoffery scans the room, and the fellow they have been talking to for any signs of mischief or mayhem.

Using free Detect Evil to scan the room, and their new companion.

2007-12-14, 12:59 PM
Marin Would find the shopkeeper amiable, though not above a little bartering, "With so many hunters in town, I'll not pay extra betting you're the one that brings it down, Miss. I'll take the whole lot for twenty pieces of gold, which is a fair price by my eyes."

In Harrington's Inn,

Most of the action is occuring between ya'll. The Barmaid (Yes, she's upgraded from "Wench") manages a quick "Thank you, M'lord" for Green Bear's generosity before she's off into the thick of the Tavern once again.

For Geoffery,

None of the main characters mentioned already show up as Evil. A few of the drunkards are mildly evil individuals, though they probably register as such because they're the type of person who would take advantage of a desperate man's generosity without ever intending to contribute.

2007-12-14, 06:57 PM
((You, Bear. Marcus can take offense to, though, if he wants))

2007-12-14, 07:20 PM
His tiny hand gets a little lost in the palm of the sturdy Paladin before him, but Vincent still makes a noble effort at returning the shake. Taking a seat at the table chosen by his companions, Vincent props himself up on an elevating cushion and takes a sip of his tea before glancing around the room again. The crowd seems to be stabilizing by the look of things, and he could even see a couple other adventurers seeming to form impromptu traveling groups. Grinning a small knowing grin, he turns to the two men, "May I ask what your specialties are? And do you have any plans in the works for capturing the beast?"

2007-12-15, 12:49 AM
Green Bear
Civilized men birds are more discourteous than savages;they know they can be impolite without having their heads split open, as a general thing.~ Robert E. Howard

Bear peers at the raven with incredulity for a split second before he swats at it with a heavy hand, and were he a lesser barbarian he'd listen to his impulsive angry thoughts and follow this up with an attempt to brain the wizard for teaching his familiar this skill to sass. Instead...

"Damn this fool trick, magician! Learn your bird some manners or by my Blade I'll skewer the two of you!! I made a vow to slay this beast even if I have to fight every manner of man, hellspawn and God to do it, and the pair of you are a low threat on that list! he bellows with a follow up snarl.

"Now are you going to get the squab to apologize or not?!"

Human Paragon 3
2007-12-15, 11:16 AM

Mr. Rogan enters the lodge and casts a glance around, looking for anybody who might be helpful.

His eyes are instantly drawn to the biggest man in the room- a nice piece of meat big enough to choke any beast, and by the looks of it a skilled warrior, too. Quick to anger, perhaps, but that could be an advantage, too. The guy he's with is a little weird, but pretty big, too. Probably a decent snack for the beast.

He quietly moves over to their table and pulls up a chair.

Sorry to interrupt, gents, but I believe you're hear to kill that beast, not each other. Name's Rogan. He sticks his hand out by way of greeting.

2007-12-15, 12:29 PM
Green Bear

Bear doesn't take it.

"Mind your own business, this is between me and the bi--the magician.

2007-12-15, 03:39 PM

"May I ask what your specialties are? And do you have any plans in the works for capturing the beast?"

"Oh, I'm just a wanderer really," Besil replies. "I just try to bring comfort and strength to those who need it and try to remove what evil I can from their lives. I have some skills, a few songs, and some magical practice to help me and my allies accomplish that. Geoffery here is much more accomplished at meeting villains head on.

"As for a plan, I can't say I have one just yet. I'd prefer to get a little information on what we are up against first."

2007-12-15, 05:50 PM
@Bear's violence:
"That was unnecessary" says Happy, looking up from his ale. "Please refrain from doing that in the future." While his words are fairly neutral, his tone is anything but. He is quite obviously angry.

Happy turns back to his drink. Now some guy in mithril and camouflage comes and identifies himself as Rogan. "We'll kill it alright" ays the raven, now on Happy's shoulder and considerably more wary.

Human Paragon 3
2007-12-15, 10:00 PM
Mr. Rogan

Aye, we will. But it won't be easy. I've got more than a few old tricks up my sleeve, but in the wild, one mistake will get you killed. If you're by yourself. He looks meaningfully at the wizard and barbarian.

I'm putting a posse together to take her down. And we'll do it, too. I know more about the wild than anyone- practically live there. I eat monsters for breakfast lunch and dinner- but I don't do it with this, (he points to his bicep), I do it with this (he points to his head). A small group of well organized hunters can take down any prey no matter how strong, fast, or smart she is. Join up with me, and I can guarantee a kill. I'll even give up my share of the reward. I don't want it. Not interested in it. What interests me is the hunt. This is the big one, gents.

So what do you say?

2007-12-16, 11:30 AM
"Sure... why not." says happy, not even looking up from his ale. "I suppose it can't hurt" "but if you keep making speeches, we're gone!"

2007-12-16, 05:01 PM

"Less'say twenty-two and ye've got a deal" Marin replies to the shopkeeper. After the exchange is complete, she pockets her gold and looks around, finally she flips up the hood of her cloak and walks into Harringtons, trying to get to someplace she can watch the crowd.

If the shopkeeper holds to twenty, or goes to 21 that's okay by me if it just happens so we don't go on forever there. My main goal in the tavern is to not attract attention, and to get somewhere I can just people watch for now.

Human Paragon 3
2007-12-16, 08:59 PM

The hunter gives a grin and a nod.

Believe me, birdy, once we get out into the thick of it, you'll be lucky if you see or hear me. What about you? he asks the Green Bear

2007-12-17, 10:29 AM
Geoffery laughs as his cousin refers to his warrior talents. "While I may have skill in battle I prefer to use it to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I'm particularly fond of deposing aloof monarchs who have lost their sense of purpose." Memories of his father flood Geoffery's mind. Almost as quickly has they appear they are gone, merely appearing to pause for breath. His attention is suddenly drawn to a rather boisterous man seated with a few other fellows and a bird. "Besil, perhaps some of your calming music will change the atmosphere here a bit?" With that Geoffery gets up, walking stick in hand and slowly moves toward the boisterous fellow, hoping to prevent a brawl.

2007-12-17, 02:08 PM
Green Bear

The bounty hunter scowls.

"Normally I would tell you to go to hell, but since I plan on living after the death of this monster, I'll accept to join forces," he commits, though to say Rogan is leader is like getting blood from a turnip for Bear. "But that beast killed someone very important to me and I promised his daughter I'd kill the damn thing, so if you want my help, know that I'm going to finish it off. The reward for it alive could be ten times what's offered and I'd still kill it and be done with this affair."

Human Paragon 3
2007-12-17, 02:36 PM
That's fine by me. Far as I know, this thing's wanted dead-not-alive. Hopefully, we can start out tomorow morning. I'm gonna see if I can get anybody else to join our merry group.

Rogan obtains some paper and ink from the stores and writes the following:

Notice: A hunting posse will be gathering at daybreak tomorow to kill the beast once and for all. Stout bodied hunters requested. Cowards need not apply.

Mr. Rogan, expedition leader

He makes sure that he does so very conspicuously.

2007-12-17, 02:49 PM
Bear finishes off his ale in response to Rogan's recruitment drive.

Not that there's enough booze for this situation...

2007-12-17, 04:06 PM
Listening intently to his companions, Vincent considers as they both speak, attempting to form some kind of strategy to take the beast down. Hmm... A Song Mage and an unarmed brawler with what looks to be some kind of Divine connection... Not a bad start, not bad at all, but certainly lacking in several areas.

Taking another sip from his cup, Vincent addresses the two men, "Are either of you trackers at all? A Forester or Wild Shifter would be helpful in tracking this beast, and there would seem to be several options nearby," motioning towards Rogan and Green Bear, "if you agree with my assessment."

2007-12-17, 04:37 PM
" I wish to join your party only I hope you will alow me to take a claw or two as souveneirs... well if theres anything left of it that is," Marcus says turning swiftly to a passing wench he orders a round of drinks for the others then sits eyeing up the tough looking green bear.

2007-12-18, 01:20 AM

The Shopkeeper settles at 22 gold pieces, and bids her goodnight.

Inside of Harringtons, she has ample view of the goings-on in the Inn as described in...


Outside the Afternoon gives way to Evening, and though the Inn is still loud and boistrous, it's significantly less so than when everyone first arrived. The night is winding down with the rest of the boys from Brille having stumbling along to their room, along with a good portion of the nameless drunks that otherwise filled the Tavern.

The large man and his shifty-looking companion remain, they don't seem to be talking much anymore. Just watching the room, along the same lines as what Marin is up to.

2007-12-18, 05:52 PM
Taking another sip from his cup, Vincent addresses the two men, "Are either of you trackers at all? A Forester or Wild Shifter would be helpful in tracking this beast, and there would seem to be several options nearby," motioning towards Rogan and Green Bear, "if you agree with my assessment."

Besil nods. "It sounds like a wise course of action," he replies. "We will need those more familiar with the wilds then we are. Although they do sounds like a rowdy and violent bunch. Could be a problem if the beasts intentions are not as dark as I have heard..."

Besil stands and walks over the Geoffery, placing a hand on his shoulder. "He may be a braggart, but that group may be what we need, if their claims of knowing the wilds are true. Come let us see if they will have us."

Besil continues to Mr. Rogan, calling out to him. "Sir! If you are need of three more able bodies, my companions and I are in need of forest men and trackers to help us on our hunt. I have no doubt a trap savant, an intrepid warrior, and a succorer would help strengthen your party for the challenge ahead."

2007-12-18, 05:59 PM
Jaegar turned around to walk back to the downtown area. It seemed from his conversation with the other man that the hunter was unwilling to provide the information he had hoped to get. He headed over to the inn that was recommended.

Fortunately, things seemed much calmer there than they had been earlier. He didn't mind the din that was left. Jaegar stepped inside to take a look around at who was left. A familiar scene. He knew his part well, and it should be much easier this time, as just about everyone here was assembled for the same purpose. Inside he saw the same thing he came to expect every time he entered such a place. A lot of people trying to look and act tough. Some in the corner, attempting to use intrigue to silently scream for attention. Then of course, you have the locals, just there to drink and have a good time.

He decided sit at the bar, among the latter, and ordered an ale for himself. Before taking a seat, he removed his enormous bow and greatsword from his back and leaned them against the counter next to him. He let out a great sigh. Relaxing was what he needed after the last few days of hard travel.

Human Paragon 3
2007-12-18, 06:42 PM
Besil continues to Mr. Rogan, calling out to him. "Sir! If you are need of three more able bodies, my companions and I are in need of forest men and trackers to help us on our hunt. I have no doubt a trap savant, an intrepid warrior, and a succorer would help strengthen your party for the challenge ahead."

Bonzer. I'm a bit of a trapper myself, maybe you can help me turn the odds more to our favor. That makes 6... should be enough for what we're dealing with. We'll meet here in the morning.

2007-12-18, 10:28 PM

Watching the door, Marin smirked as she watched one of the newcomers arrive at the bar. Pulling one of the barmaids aside, she whispered something into her ear. When the woman looked at her with a puzzled expression she spoke again and pressed a coin into her hand.

Ordering tea to be delievered to Ryax's character at the bar, but rather than in a teapot, it should be in an alecup. And the coin is simply a tip - the Baron is paying for all these adventurers, so Marin will assume that many of those assembled will not be tipping anyone.

2007-12-20, 03:14 AM
"Right away Ma'am." The barmaid taking Marin's order says with a smile, once she gets over her curiousity at the unusual order. She hurries off to the back to brew up a fresh pot of tea.

Minutes later, she comes back out, Ale mug in hand, plopping it down in front of Jaeger. "From yer Lady friend over there," she tells him with a wink and a nod to Marin across the room.

2007-12-20, 11:40 AM
A bit surprised, Jaegar thanked the woman and inspected the mug. He then grinned as he took a drink. Yep. Tea. Standing up, he gathered his weapons and his drinks, and headed for the table where Marin was sitting. "Evening, Lady," he said as he sat down. "I wondered if I might run into you again around here."

2007-12-20, 12:54 PM

Grinning, Marin raises her cup to Jaegar. "The world is not nearly as large as we like to think it is," she comments. "News as tasty as this carried quite quickly after all." She pauses to take a long sip of her wine. "Not too bad," she mumbled more to herself. "So what have you been up to?"

2007-12-20, 06:18 PM
Jaegar smirked at the question and relaxed back against his chair. "Well you know. The usual. Keeping myself busy and fed. Of course what I heard about this place was too hard to resist."

"And what about you," he grinned. "Still selling trinkets inbetween slaughtering things?"

2007-12-20, 07:22 PM

"Sure enough," she replied. "It's something to do in my spare time, and gives a little cushion in case I can't kill my way to my dinner. Surely better than hiring myself out to some temple or other."

2007-12-21, 01:45 AM
Jaegar nodded in understanding. "But from the sound of things, this beast they have here would be well worth it. Quite a challenge. It's obviously strong enough to tear apart many men at a time." He then lowered his voice, to make sure what he said next was only between the two of them. "That normally wouldn't be much of a problem, but from what I've heard...you know I think it may be intelligent. If it does have brains to match, all of these fools are going to get themselves killed, unprepared for what awaits. They'll never realize that they are actually the prey."

2007-12-23, 10:54 PM
"Aye, too right" Marin replied with a smirk. "I suppose the right thing to do would be to try and get them to realize just what they might be up against. Or..." she lowered her voice a bit more, "we could just pick up the pieces afterward. What say, old friend?"

2007-12-26, 12:28 PM
"It seems that the next batch of fools are going after it in the morning. If we were to simply follow and observe, then we can get an idea of how it thinks, and how it fights, before making our own move. No predator ever became very successful by being wreckless."

2007-12-26, 01:00 PM
"Seems reasonable to me," Marin replied. "What is it they say... 'the wise learn from others mistakes'?"

2007-12-26, 01:38 PM
Jaegar simply smiled, with a nod, and took a drink of his tea.

Human Paragon 3
2007-12-27, 01:58 PM
The following morning, Mr. Rogan rises at the break of dawn and heads to the lodge to see who shows up for the hunt and who, cowardly, stays behind.

2007-12-28, 06:12 AM
Assuming here that Zimmia and Jaeger simply finish up the small talk and call it a night.

So we can push things along and start this up again before it dies!

The following morning

Cleaned up and free of drunkards, most of whom are still sleeping off last night's excesses, Harrington's is a revived building, much more in line with the small town homeliness you would expect of a town like Spielburg. A plump man who was barely part of the background last night is out in full force serving breakfast to the six youths from Brille who were boasting so loudly last night. The lot of them look ready to leave within the next few minutes, "Eat up boys, Yer parents must be proud o' ye, bein' such fine young hunters."

When Rogan comes out, the man steps right up, extending a meaty palm in welcome, "Good morning stranger! Warms me heart to see ye' up an' eager hunters passin' through. Terribly sorry to not have made yer' acquaintance last night, what with how busy we were and all. Name's Harrington, proprieter of this Inn, let me know if you need anything while you're here."

2007-12-28, 03:19 PM
Besil wanders into the common room, ready to begin the day's hunt.

2007-12-28, 03:23 PM
Geoffery follows close on the heels of his cousin. Quickly scanning the bar again. He acknowledges Rogan, then sits at a table, waiting for the hunt.

2007-12-28, 07:02 PM
The Raven from last night flies into the room and finds a solitary perch, though its owner doesn't seem to be present.

Human Paragon 3
2007-12-28, 09:39 PM

No worries, mate. Set me up with some bangers and mash and I'll be happy as a clam. I'm just waiting for my men to assemble and eat before we head out.
To the bird:

Where's the big frowny bloke?

2007-12-29, 07:01 PM
"He's in the room still. should be down eventually"

2008-01-02, 08:14 AM
"So, Breakfast fer just three o' ye and a bird is it? Do ye' have any more friends coming down I should let the cooks know about? I should hope they get here soon, Morning's almost over!" Harrington asks after subtly pushing Rogan, Geoffery, and Basil off to the same table. He's at a loss over how to feed the bird, but has seen enough over the past few days to know about wizards and what the Raven is.

After a moment spent thinking about it, he just straight out asks him, "And what would you be wanting for breakfast?"

2008-01-02, 01:21 PM
The Big Frowny Bloke

Bear finishes grinding down a decent edge on his hatchet; when he appears coming down the steps (notably, his footsteps are suspiciously quiet) he's thumbing the edge of the weapon and find it satisfactory. Rather than sleeping in he'd been up with the sun, making sure his gear was in working fashion.

"Meat." is his answer as he grimly slides the axe into place over his right shoulder, completing his preparations.

2008-01-02, 03:35 PM
"I get to choose? um.. I'd like some meat" Says the raven. "When my cheerful companion comes down he'll be hungry too, but he'll eat whatever you give him"

2008-01-02, 04:30 PM
"Nothing for me thank you. Perhaps a little extra for my companions here."

Geoffery declines the offered meal as he waits for the rest of the hunters to arrive.

2008-01-07, 08:09 AM
"Right then, We've got some ham for you, big fellow, and I'll have the lasses' chop some of it up for the little Master." Harrington caters to the Bear and the Raven respectively, "Eggs and ham all around for the indecisive, can't say I've ever heard of Bangers though. Those some kind of biscuit?"

2008-01-08, 09:03 PM

Marin comes downstairs in the morning, and finds a table away from the larger crowd, standing her greatsword against the wall. She orders some eggs, bread and tea and then takes out a length of fine leather and braids it while she waits.

2008-01-14, 04:36 AM
"Seems some of us are a little slow to rise this morning," Besil remarks. "Perhaps some of us should head over to the temporary hospital and speak with Taen Kras while whoever stays here can gather up the late comers and meet them there."