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Tiki Snakes
2007-12-10, 04:03 PM
So, next weekend is the next session of our main RP, a Ptolus campaign. My character is a Rogue2/Barbarian2 (Rogue first, mind.) Sword-and-board style fellow.

However, next weekend I can't actually attend, as I've started a job working weekends. The problem being, the party is kind of in the middle of a very dangerous encounter. My DM let me know that there would be a pretty good chance that my character would not survive the session, and that he's basically been giving us too much leeway with the whole consequences thing for a while anyway, etc etc.

Even knowing this, I gave him my character sheet so that my Character (Wulfgar Mann, a slightly piratical CG street-tough with a lapsed-catholic style faith in Olluum, a homebrewed CN sea-goddess of mine.) could stand roughly the same risk of living/dying as the rest. I'm basically assuming that he'd have gotten lucky and survived if not, due to the whole having-to-hand-wave the absent player's character away, thing.

It's sad, because I won't actually be there for my very first character-death. I'll get a good blow-by-blow account, eventually, of course. The Ranger's player is a religious note-taker.

So, the two issues of this thread;
1) What were your own First-Character-Death moments like?

2) I am currently considering, should the need arise after next weekened, rolling up a CN front-line cleric of the same homebrewed Sea-Goddess. Dwarven, spear-weilding perhaps (Longspear and morningstar perhaps, for reach and reasonable damage alternately), going rebuke/command rather than turn.
What kind of feats/spell selection should I be looking at to make my Cleric suitably fierce? I don't intend to twink him out too outrageously, but we really need a more forceful character or two, because between inexperience and being below the wealth-by-level guidelines, strong our party isn't, really.
Given the reputation that Clerics have on these forums, how best to tap into that potential in a flavourful way?

Notes From Memory;
I'm pretty sure Olluum had the following domains;
Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Travel, (Possibly Trickery also), Water, Weather.
Destruction and Travel seem a good pairing for said Dwarf, (weather being theoretically as detailed in Deities and Demigods, but I have since realised that might not be entirely 3.5. Is there an updated version somewhere?)

2007-12-10, 06:02 PM
Ah, my first character death, I remember it well. This is an epic tale mind you and not for the light of heart. My character was Dustfinger, and was loosely based off of a character of the same name from the book Inkheart. Well i had just 6th level along with the rest of my party and was very smug. I had just learned that a powerful lacky of our main villan was closely related to me, Petyr Baelish my half-brother. He wanted to claim the families sacred dagger, my weapon of choice. So we dueled for it. It was a landslide victory. I was on the ground in negative hitpoints in no time flat. So he took my dagger and left as my party revived me. I was now set on getting my weapon back. Whenever i got the chance i fought my brother Petyr and tried to get my dagger back. The result was always the same. I would be left bleeding to death on the ground. Until we fought at the Spire. Petyr brought lackies to deal with the rest of the party while we faught. This time i stood a chance, i had all of my allies magical items to help me. This fight lasted for a while, and of course i was reduced to negative hit points. But this time, i died. So Petyr took my corpse, carried it to his Lich master and had me raised as a semi-intelligent undead. My Undead Corpse was then used to fight my party. My DM actualy let me fight my party it was very enjoyable.

My DM gave me every chance to bail out of the fights so i wouldnt die. I was a very stubborn player, my character just refused to let my dagger go. So yeah, theres my first character death, hope it makes you feel better about not being able to be there. At least you wernt repeatedly killed by the same person with your own weapon...

2007-12-10, 06:13 PM

were still not past the tears and recriminations

a human ranger called crying shadow for his tendency to get in over his head picked the wrong moment to mock the CG with neutral tendencies (or was that N with evil tendencies ) Sorcerer who had just spent weeks of in game time (and a few rl sessions) kissing ass to some piddly stonehewers (who had an ugly ass orcish wifes ,who made awesome beer) just to have it ruined by an offhand character comment, "and you could put a summoning circle over there it would really liven up the place" NPC: "Summoning Circle? DIE DEVIL WORSHIPER" .

however it will forever remind me the multible uses of spellcraft.

Bard standing beside the ranger as sorcerer gets away on boat with no oars Spellcraftcheck what is he casting
Me: I cast...
Bard: No wait i wanna see if i spell craft it
DM: Its a ...

yeah it was my first game , so sue me for being disruptive and cliche.

2007-12-10, 06:13 PM
I fear I don't remember my first character death.

I do, however, remember the first time I was (effectively, and partially inadvertently) PK'ed by my party.

I was playing a young and nieve fighter in a low-level game, Lawful Good in alignment. We were doing a dungeon crawl and found a supernaturally pitch-black room. We decided to tie a rope to someone and send them in; being the toughest character in the party, I was asked to do so and accepted.

Long story short, a bunch of stuff in the darkness shredded me into negative hit points. I auto-stabilized, thankfully, when the CN Warforged of the party decided to feed me a 'potion' of his making, to see what it would do.

This 'potion' was made of vampire ash and minotaur dung. Needless to say, I died, and they immediately started talking about how to divvy my loot (during which the DM decided to step most of the players' alignments towards evil, except for the one player who argued against just splitting my goods, who got stepped towards good).

2007-12-10, 06:29 PM
I have written about this one before...

My first character death was my first character, first time playing. Halfling thief (not rogue, this was 1st edition) was walking with a NPC character. Both get jumped by a pair of brigands. My halfling dies first round.
Shortest. Game. Ever.

2007-12-10, 06:34 PM
My first character death was a druid/swanmay who was party leader in a campaign that went on for a long time. It was a tale of massive proportions, and our fighter and sorceror had become the founders of the church of a new god. We were in a hopeless situation and they went charging the dude with the all powerful sword. When things went from bad to worse, they made a god call and were taken out of there. Leaving me. Looking at the sword. Then I lived in the sword.

I still remember how taken aback I felt, made even worse because the death was such a 'bad' one.

Then I rolled a kender wildmage :smallwink:

2007-12-10, 07:06 PM
Oh yes I remember the time I swatted those PCs like flies...

Oh you meant first death as a character...

2007-12-10, 07:47 PM
None of my characters have died, since I'm always the DM, save for occasional 1-session games every once in a while.

However, I DO remember the first time someone died in one of my games.

This was in 2nd edition, and he was playing a fighter. The party had been out pillaging dungeons and resting in tiny specks of villages on the outskirts of society for the whole game. Now, the party was around 7th level, and coming to their first big metropolis.

As they were coming through town, their path intersected with a procession of foreign emissaries on their way to the capital building. The fighter shouted some snide remarks about the visiting nobility for no real reason at all, and when one of the guards slapped him upside the head (not for any hit point damage; just roughing him up slightly) for being an uppity peasant, the fighter promptly killed him. Then reinforcements showed up, and he killed them too. Eventually, they took him down after many casualties.

The player screamed and threw a tantrum about how it was unfair, tore up character sheets, hurled dice at me (and out windows), broke a miniature, and then when I told him he was being immature about the whole thing, he slugged me in the throat. When one of the other players went to help me, the fighter guy hit him in the face with a chair, shattering one of his front teeth. He then left.

A few years later, we playing with him again; deciding to give him a second chance. Similar things occurred, but that's another story altogether.

Jolly Steve
2007-12-11, 05:44 AM
Would have been a nameless warrior, the first time I played 'Warlock of Firetop Mountain' in primary school.

2007-12-11, 06:16 AM
First character death happened for me recently. I was playing a barbarian with a cheesy prestige class and had just dropped two cyclopses in one round. I'd taken a beating doing it though, putting me down to like 40 HP's (this is at level 12). The prestige class along with a feat I have combined to drop my AC to 6 (I had stopped trying at this point). The other cyclops had until that point hung back and cast spells. My barbarian is (was) extremely cocky. He'd lost a grand total of one fight in 6 years of play, and then his allies had bailed him out (and he'd retrained to be more powerful). I decided that he'd think hey that guys casting, he must be squishy (my barbarians none to bright either). Needless to say, after I charged the huge cyclops my barbarian learned that just because it's casting spells, dosen't mean its squishy. Fifteen hit dice of the giant type and a 40 odd strength saw my barbarian as cleave bait as it opened up it's full attack volley. I got to be raised by creatures that draw their power from entropy though, so it's all worth it:smallsmile: .

2007-12-11, 06:26 AM
My first character death wasn't particularly epic. I was a 7th level druid. Hearing that our next encounter would have a plant BBEG, I prepared anti-plant spells like Antiplant Shell, and got ready to whack it to death. However, I lost initiative and got killed in the first round by 2 greater shadows (I forgot to wild shape)

Hunter Noventa
2007-12-11, 07:42 AM
The first character I had die was Zegai the Warblade/Dervish. (Don't ask how i got there, ToB cmae out int he middle of the campaign and the DM let us retrain) Anyway, i twas the Age of Worms campaign, modded for Eberron, and we were in some really nasty dungeon in the jungle. We came up against some horrid undead thigns and he got hit by a Finger of Death, and failed his fort save.

He would have been raised, had it not been for the fact that our primary healer at the time was a druid, and Reincarnate doesn't work on people killed by death effects.

2007-12-11, 08:12 AM
My first real character death happened this past weekend. I've only ever retired characters from campaigns, never died in one so it was interesting. I was playing a Githzerai, Favored soul//monk//vow of poverty gestalt named Pelsenrei. He was considered to be a true outsider, so no rezzing. I'd come to face the facts that i was going to die eventually, and i wasn't going to be rezzed. This was something i was willing to deal with, but i figured i'd be taken down by some BBEG, not the Centaur Radiant servant of Pelor PC... Our campaign had been based around a forest kingdom and a city kingdom vying for land. our group ended up split for sides. one thing led to another and I was being charged by this other guy. He ended up dealing me a good amount of damage bringing me down to about a quarter or fifth of my health. one more hit from anything and i was toast. but he was now in range for me to take a full attack. I flurried him for nearly 300 points of damage at lvl 15, killing him on the spot. he drops and i'm ready for my next round. i begin talking to the player about how it was lucky i didn't die, and how it just was really great die rolls. then the dm looks at me and says the fateful words: "roll a fort save." now, fort would be my weakest save... and it held true. i rolled a two, asked if a 16 would save me and then Pels... one of my favorite characters, fell dead on the ground from a finger of death spell cast by the centaurs NPC ally. the only words i had for this...

"Karma's a Bitch"

2007-12-11, 08:20 AM
First level PC, got charged by a boar... critted for max damage (22), had only 12 hp, had been on watch, and had spent my action waking the party and standing up. Last time I put a 10 in Con for a Barbarian.

Just over a week ago, I DM'd my first TPK... another milestone.

2007-12-11, 11:26 AM
My first character death was, as it usually happens, when I wasn't there. Mezron was my first character a 1st edition thief, this was back in 1982, maybe 83, can't remeber completely. I couldn't be at the session, but my friends tell me that he was turned to stone, don't remember what did it, and he failed system shock save and then fell over and brok into a million pieces. I was pissed when I found out. He had lived through the demon web pits and died as a statue, kinda crappy.

I did cry when my elf died later that year, he was my main character and I truely don't remember how he died. I'm pretty sure it wasn't from the challenge I made to the DM that I could beat anything. He pulled up a monodrone and gave him +5 plate and a vorpol sword, that was funny.

Oh, the best character death was when I ended a campaign by doing a retributative strike with a staff of the magi in the hall of a demon lord.

Good times

2007-12-11, 11:36 AM
In 2E our group was being hounded by a pack of wolf-riding hobgoblins. Our horses weren't going to be able to keep up the flight forever, so my dwarf fighter stopped, bid his companions farewell, and turned to face the hobgoblins. He was swarmed, of course. Lashing out with his axe and a heroic battlecry, he took as many of the savages as he could before they dismounted and overwhelmed him. It was a tough choice, but the rest of the party escaped. I'll admit that a shed a few tears, as he was my first character, and had been through quite a bit up until that point.

Interestingly, the party was able to double back and retrieve his body. It was rough, losing the few items he had been so proud of, but it made for a fun time getting them back after the ressurrection.

2007-12-11, 11:43 AM
My first death was a ranger who was searching a house instead of chasing the villain. There was an explosion, and THE HOUSE FELL ON HIM. I was not amused, especially when I crit failed my reflex save to survive.

And that was my first session with the group, too.

2007-12-11, 11:49 AM
First edition as well, the first in the Dragonlance modules. I was playing Sturm Brightblade, a paladin wannabe.

Party has been doing fairly well exploring a castle...until the black dragon shows up. We are, I think, about 2nd or 3rd level at this point. So we retreat past a big doorway/chokepoint, and Sturm stops, draws his sword and does the oh-so-cliche-but-what-the-hell-I-was-in-elementary-school "You run. I'll hold it off." Holding it off, unfortunately, meant challenging the dragon to a duel, whatever that meant.

In the dragon's eyes, apparently, it meant "toast this guy with acid and then run after the others." The DM did a great job of describing the smouldering remnants of a rib cage and a boot that were the only bits left. From there, I went on to play the gully dwarf thief who Sturm had befriended.

Cliche is cliche because it retains emotional power. And it's not a cliche the first time!

2007-12-11, 12:06 PM
Level 16 Eldritch Disciple, with my party, attacking a level 17 wizard/level 3 fiend. The fiend decides that I have been the biggest threat, killing most of his succubus defenders, constantly hitting him with Righteous Smite, and aware I'm about to run up to him with an antimagic field, with our monk standing right next to him with improved grappling (but can't get to him because he failed his will save against repulision. How does a Monk fail a save?)

Anyway, he had foresight up, so when I OOC told the Monk "don't worry, he'll be toast next round" the DM basically said "well, he has foresight up ... he can't be surprised. He knows you're trouble. He telepathically tells the demons to swarm you."

I decide to ignore the demons, and walk straight to him, and throw up the AMF field. However, I forgot that you can use an AoO to grapple, so the creatures grapple me.

After I'm freed by our Dervish, the Wizard once again freaks out, knowing that if I throw up an AMF on him, the monk will finish him. He uses his "nuclear option", pulls out an artifact, burns some spell that gives him a +20 on his next attack roll, and hits me with some "ball of nothingness" that sucks my character into nonexistence. No saving throw, just "Is your touch AC better than a 39? Nope ... you all see Oz disappear, as a ball of blackness tears through him and puts a hole in the floor."

Poor Oz.

The Wizard neglected to put up protection from arrows though. The next round, the Shugenja blasted him with a flamestrike, and then our Bard took two sure-strike arrows. The first hit, and the final charge of the Nine Lives ring discharges. His next shot was a critical, and finished the Wizard off.

2007-12-11, 12:14 PM
My first session ever had a pretty funny "almost kill".

We're fighting this undead monk, and he nearly beats the tar out of us. My barbarian has taken sufficient damage to put him at negatives when his rage wears off. So his rage wears off after the fight. The monk drops, and someone goes to loot him. "I take the potion on the monk. Oh, Tordac's down? Oh, well I go and give feed Tordac the potion."

The DM says "well, since it was an Inflict Serious Wounds potion, and not a Cure potion, you've just killed Tordac."

The group was able to argue that he MEANT that he gave Tordac the potion that Tordac had. Also, the guy that did it isn't very smart, so we said that his character would have known better than to give a potion looted from an Undead creature, to a living creature.. The DM cut me some slack because it was my first DnD session ever.

2007-12-11, 12:33 PM
My first character death was actually about a year ago. We were playing Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil in a Faerun with bits of Eberron added in, and our party was a Human Paladin/Fighter, Warforged Cleric of Helm, Halfling Rogue, and a Half-Orc Monk (Me!). We were exploring the Moathouse, and we had been fighting a couple of ghouls and such, and we ended up going into a room (the Paladin and I in the back) that turned out to be an attack. The Rogue and Cleric were fighting something else, and in the surprise round a ghoul (or ghast maybe) and its Troglodyte or Lizardfolk controller charged me. I got paralyzed. The Paladin tried to made it to me and readied an action to hit whichever on was going to attack me, but then the unthinkable happened. The DM looks up and says, "Hey - Paralyzed means you're helpless, right?" The result? Coup de grace. It wasn't even close to me being able to survive it.

The next session, the DM gave a 2% chance of a Scroll of Resurrection being in wherever we were. He rolled it, and Krell came back from the dead. Later that night, we were going down the big hole in the ground in the Moathouse, and our lift finally stopped on top of the Obelisk or whatever it was, and the DM told us about the other one on the edge 15 feet away (or however far). Someone started walking toward it and the veins in the Obelisk tried to snare them, so they jumped back on the platform.

With my super Jumping skills (maxed out ranks, high Strength, bonus for Monk speed, etc.), I decided that it'd be safe just to Jump across to the other one to take a look down. My DM let me roll, I made it across, and then said, "Oh, by the way, make a Reflex save." Rolled it - natural one. "Okay, make another Reflex save." Rolled - failed. Okay, you fall and die, because the platform is unstable and swings as you land on it.

And, being bitter, I made him roll the 12d6 falling damage (or however much it was), and I used Tumble and Slow Fall to negate as much as possible. And you know what the worst part was? I ended up at -12 hp.

That's right - my first character death and second character death were with the same character, in the same module, one session apart. That's like 3 hours in-game. :smallyuk:

2007-12-11, 01:03 PM
After I'm freed by our Dervish, the Wizard once again freaks out, knowing that if I throw up an AMF on him, the monk will finish him. He uses his "nuclear option", pulls out an artifact, burns some spell that gives him a +20 on his next attack roll, and hits me with some "ball of nothingness" that sucks my character into nonexistence. No saving throw, just "Is your touch AC better than a 39? Nope ... you all see Oz disappear, as a ball of blackness tears through him and puts a hole in the floor."

Your BBEG killed you with a Sphere of Annihilation? That's just cheap.

2007-12-11, 01:12 PM
Your BBEG killed you with a Sphere of Annihilation? That's just cheap.

Haha, is that what it was?

Well, this was the end of that campaign. These characters are history. The whole campaign was overpowered (he had no problem with broken characters). And many of our characters had been killed or captured up to this point.

The BBEG had an artifact, and he used it. He had tried to use it on the monk twice, but the monk's touch AC was too good.

If it hadn't been the last session of the entire campaign, it would probably bother me more. But we're done with that campaign, so no big deal.

2007-12-11, 02:44 PM
See there was this Keep...and it sat on the Borderlands...

I was an elf (just an elf). Details are a little fuzzy by now, but to this day I remember that "Bree Yark" does NOT mean "we surrender" in Hobgoblin.

2007-12-11, 03:58 PM
Well none of my characters "died, period", but my current character died once, at the hands of an undead balor, but my god (a homebrew god of lies and death) confronted me and made me his ressed me, made me his chosen, but also made me his soul eater (from book o vile darkness)

2007-12-11, 04:09 PM
A knife in the night from my 12-year-old player comrade in the first session. We were too young immature to be playing D&D.

2007-12-11, 05:02 PM
Paralyzed by Grells and fed to a giant Gibbering Mouther. That near-TPK taught us not to use invisibility to sneak past creatures with blindsight...

Luckily, we were kinda working for Kelemvor (FR god of death) on a very important mission, so he cut us some slack and sent us all back.

Funny thing was, if the party cleric (who my character was in love with) had cast the Remove Paralysis on me instead of the druid, the only difference would have been that the cleric would have escaped instead of the druid, who instead of helping unparalyze the rest of the party, bolted as soon as she could move. My character, unbeknownst to the party, had recently taken cleric levels of his own. Now, normally, this guy is CE and focused on little more than his own survival. However, since he was secretly in love with the primary cleric, he would have tagged her with a Cure spell and told her to run while he bought time. Would at least have been a more dignified way to go...

2007-12-11, 05:19 PM
My first dead PC was a gnome wizard. I forget what his name was, but I fell down a pit-trap and was cut off from the rest of the party. As I wandered around looking for them (instead of waiting for them to lower a rope or something) I got attacked by a hill giant skeleton and...well...

Later the party found a snapped wand and a red stain.

2007-12-11, 07:11 PM
:smalleek: My first character death was my first character in my first campaign ever. Technically there were 3 characters before him, but I just rolled them up. I never got to use them because the DM would always bail before the first session.:smallfurious:

Anyway, he's a human monk, and given that I didn't want to focus on too much at once, I took the roleplay cop-out and just based him off of Sabin Figaro from FFVI (awesome game and that's my favorite character). So we're about level 8 at this point, and we've tracked down these two baddies (a minotaur and a goblin) to this mausoleum. We've been chasing them since the beginning of the campaign, so even though they're not the final boss, this is still pretty big.:smallbiggrin:

So we go inside this creepy mausoleum, where we're presented with a riddle (our DM loves riddles). As we're contemplating it, the floor falls out from underneath us and we land in a dimly lit room where we see.....A FLESH GOLEM! The riddle seems to suggest a way to beat this monstrosity, but we haven't figured it out yet, but in the meantime, we're under attack from this thing. So me and the knight (he dies later fighting the minotaur) are trying to keep this thing busy while the rest of the party contemplates our riddle. The knight's not dealing a whole lot of damage, but boy can he sap it. I have my magical monk fists though, so I'm the only one being truly effective at hurting it. I'm still taking some damage though, and I'm down to 30 HP. I yell out to the party "Hey guys! I could use a heal over here!" but the cleric is in the back and can't reach me for a few turns. That's when things turned ugly.:smalleek:

All of a sudden the DM starts rolling a crapload of dice, adds them up for a minute or two, then rolls again, and again, and keeps rolling. I'm sitting there practically crapping my pants praying "please be attacking the knight!" I take 37 damage.:smalleek: The freaking thing criticaled me. I could've easily survived any attack of his BUT a critical! I'm dropped to -17. We can't afford a ressurection yet. I turn to the rogue. "Pass the eraser please; I'd like to reroll now.":smallfrown:

Yeah so he died pretty badly. Turned out all we needed to do to beat the thing was cut off a bit of our own skin and give it to the monster. Too bad I didn't have any slashing weapons.:smallfrown:

2007-12-11, 07:12 PM
See there was this Keep...and it sat on the Borderlands...

I was an elf (just an elf). Details are a little fuzzy by now, but to this day I remember that "Bree Yark" does NOT mean "we surrender" in Hobgoblin.

^_^ Oh wow... just, wow.

So yeah, about my first character death...
More of the same.

2007-12-11, 07:24 PM
1983? Maybe 82...
Fighter leads party into cave - first adventure, first time playing.
Fighter sees Giant Ants.
Fighter charges.
Ants go first (low dex fighter, low roll on the old d6 for init).
Fighter never gets to swing his sword.
I spend the rest of the night waiting to try a second character (I was the youngest - older brother and friends didn't mind leaving me out... but no, I am not bitter :smallfurious:

2007-12-11, 07:50 PM
I'm sure I've had characters die previous to this, but I will recount to you the tale of my most recent character death, one of my favorite characters too.

His name was Daine Aramathi, and he was a half-elf knife fighter (for those who care for this knowledge, rogue 5 / invisible blade 5 / thief-acrobat 2 / fighter 1 / barbarian 1) in a Dark Sun game. He was a fairly bad ass little guy, and he was on a quest across the Tablelands to find his half-sister who was stolen from him and sold into slavery as she was a seer (a wilder who the DM made that took her powers solely from the seer list) of great power. After numerous adventures (and misadventures), killing his way towards his sister he finally found her, blinded by her master and in an awful state. Daine and co killed them, rescued her, and while he was planning his escape to home with her and his company, the town that had helped them on numerous times was being overrun by a recurring villian and her undead plague. Making the tough decision, Daine left his sister to the care of a friendly cleric and his personal servants/slaves and went with his friends to save the town.

The battle was going well, but after being targeted by a defiler's disintegrate spell and the following round being hit twice by a scout/dervish with scimitars and spring attack, one being a critical hit... Daine died in battle. I was so sad, because he had just rescued her but he left her to do the right thing and paid with his life. The worst thing was that the villain won that day and the city fell into undeath.

It sucked a lot, but hey, what can you do right? C'est la vi.


2007-12-11, 10:29 PM
My first (and only, since I'm almost always the DM.) character death was thus:

I'd just gotten into D&D, so I didn't have any books. A friend of mine gave me a few 1st ed books that he'd photocopied for a reference way back in the day, and he was running an adventure from it for my sister and I. We were up against a giant spider and I dropped it to one half HP in 2 rounds, but the next round I failed my save against it's poison and was paralysed, at which point my sister bugged out, leaving me to be liquified by the bug. (Excusable, considering that she's an arachnophobe.)

2007-12-12, 03:24 AM
Level 11 party of adventurers. A group of about 8 people. I was one of two wizards, and our group was tasked with hunting down a dragon and slaying it. We inquired as to the dragon's color, and we were told it was a red dragon.

That's cool. We prepared the customary Protection from Fire spells, and had a couple other things to help us out (namely ice versions of spells like fireball and scorching ray).

My wizard has the highest resistance to fire in the group, and has been slinging ice spells for the majority of the battle. The red dragon decides it would be a good time to disappear and lets itself fall back into the lava lake. When it reappears, it flies right to my character's face saying, "So you like playing with ice, eh wizard? Try this!" and lets loose an icy-cold breath weapon.

Actual dialogue between DM and myself:

DM: Alright, make a relfex save.

Me: Does a 22 cut it?

DM: Sorry, nope. *Rolls hand full of dice* You take 66 damage.

Me:Did you say 66 damage?

DM: Yeah.

Me: Dammit.

DM: What?

Me: That's enough to drop Naugus to -10 even if he had had full hp.


I hate spells from the Draconomicon. >:( The best two things about the whole battle? The dragon was CR 17 and healed to half-health once it was dropped down to 10 hp.

2007-12-12, 03:34 AM

I hate spells from the Draconomicon. >:( The best two things about the whole battle? The dragon was CR 17 and healed to half-health once it was dropped down to 10 hp.

You probably were not expected to actually beat that. Especially since it was probably also using the Suppress Weakness and/or Overcome Weakness feats, which would have meant it made no difference that you packed ice spells.. or maybe it was just using that famed dragon trickiness and casting Disguise Self a lot to look like a Red.

2007-12-12, 09:33 AM
First death? My wizard got eaten by a frog.

Best death? Late in the game, we entered a cavern occupied by the BBEG, only to find he had two CR25 Black Dragons, a Tarrasque, and an undead red dragon of CR30-something. Unfortunately, the entire room was supported on a single stone column. I used a special wave spell to push the monsters back, then soften earth and stone on the center column. My poor sorceror got caught under a rock, and got taken down with the BBEG's minions. BBEG teleported out. Rest of the party escaped.

It was sad.

2007-12-12, 09:41 AM
Ah, you all think your fancy character deaths are all so....fancy. Well, my first death was epic! It caused the whole world to cry and the heavens to uh, dance!...... erotically (yeah thats the ticket). It was big, okay?

:smallannoyed: : So what actually happened?

TB: I'm glad you asked, random smiley: My party ran away, leaving my unconscious sorcerer trapped in an impenetrable (but ultimately temporary) wall of force and at the mercy of 10,000 orcs and the evil knights that KO'd me and my little frog, too because I shot a Lightning bolt in their general direction (Remember kids: You can never be too far away from knights on horses you are about to hit with a poorly rolled L-bolt.) The party and I got me in that situation via the power of teamwork, we're Sonic Heroes! (Hey, bad teamwork is technically still teamwork)

Lady Tialait
2007-12-12, 09:45 AM
My first Charitor Death was Rasputian 'The Rat' Gonzolis. A Fixer in Cyberpunk 2020. I remember it well. We went into the worst part of the city and the solo ran out of bullets So i gave him my gun he used all my bullets and shot a fuel tank grabed me by the collar of my shirt and used me as human shield. I dieded..and I was panted hot orange..don't remember why

My second Charitor death was the same day. the guy who played the solo got me killed by Mega-Damage Poison in rifts...I hate that guy.

2007-12-12, 05:27 PM
About 1984 I guess. I had never heard of DnD but was always into boardgames and such. My first character didn't last long enough to even get a name (pregen charaters in a school lunchtime). I think I blundered into a pit trap, survived, only to go down under a swarm of skeletons in the next encounter. Pretty much set the tone for the next 20+ years :smalleek: