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2007-12-11, 04:48 AM
Hey Im getting ready to join a World's Largest dungeons group so I was wondering if I could get some help making a Spiked Chain user. Our Dm limits material to PH and PHII. I have never really user a fighter before so I was looking for some ideas and builds. Thanks for your help in advance.

2007-12-11, 05:00 AM
Some feats to take:

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Duh)
Combat Reflexes
Combat Expertise
Improved Trip
Improved Disarm

There are a lot of nice feat that aren't in the books you mentioned - it's a shame you can't use them.

2007-12-11, 05:16 AM
Going Human for the extra feat doesn't hurt. As mentioned, you are going to want some fairly specific feats. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (spiked chain) is the obvious choice. Combat Reflexes is nice because you'd be surprised how often people will move in, out, and through your extended reach. You might make a living taking pot shots at passing foes and ruining archers/casters. Combat Expertise is a prerequesite for Improved trip, which works well because it lets you get that extra attack after a trip, and then get the Attack of Opportunity when your tripped enemy stands up. Chains are a two handed weapon, so you obviously are going to want power attack.

Now, the interesting/controversial part of this build is whether or not to go full fighter or fighter 2/Barbarian X. If you go full fighter, you can get the wad of extra feats that makes whirlwind fairly viable, which can be pretty potent given the sheer amount of targets you could hit in an ideal situation. Granted, you may decide that rage and barbarian goodness is far more valuable. If you had access to more books, this would be far more potent, I'm afraid.

2007-12-11, 05:38 AM
I don't have a PHBII so I'm only reffering to the PHB.

Classes:- I'd suggest you look at taking 2 levels of Monk. This gives you Combat Reflexes, which is a standard feat for many Spiked Chain Builds, + Stunning Fist, which can be used via your weapon with a +1 Ki Focus magic weapon ability, as well as good saves, Evasion, possible AC bonus in Bracers and some useful skills, for the cost of +1 BAB and 2hps.
Another possibility is 1 level of Barbarian, for Rage. The +4 Str is crucial in a Str Build, especially when Tripping, and the fast movement is useful.
Depending on what exactly you're planning on, 2 Barb (for Uncanny Dodge) goes with 2 Monk levels on a Dex build. This is thinking outside the box, and requires your alignment shifting at least once, but optimally twice (starting as a Barb is stronger) because you want to end up non-lawful to keep the ability to Rage if needed. Note: Alignment shenaigans are leagal, but can piss off some DMs.

Otherwise you have to decide whether you're going the Trip route, disarm route, or lots of attacks via AOOs and possibly Whirlwind. The latter two can be done via a Dex based Fighter, while the 1st must be Str (preferably maxed out).

Stat generation method is important for this purpose. I'm guessing you're using point buy, but how many points? For Trip 18 Str is vital. If you go Dex based 18 Dex damned useful.

Race should be Human (for the feat) Half-Orc (for the +2 Str) or take a risk on Elf (for the Dex)

Feats -
Weapon Finnesse, Combat Reflexes (if Dex based)
Power Attack (it's a 2HW)
Combat Expertise
Improved Trip (if Str based)
Improved Disarm
Dodge/Mobility/Spring Attack/Whirlwind Attack
Quick Draw (if Disarm or Trip focused, you will lose your weapon reasonably often).

Edit - Of course you need Exotic Weapon prof


2007-12-11, 06:26 AM
Hold the Line is another handy feat for a reach tripper. And a level in a class which allows you to enlarge yourself, such as Cleric, is also very handy.

Keld Denar
2007-12-11, 07:27 AM
Hold the Line is another handy feat for a reach tripper. And a level in a class which allows you to enlarge yourself, such as Cleric, is also very handy.

Its a trap!

If I was building your character, I would try as hard as possible from losing BAB. I have a spiked chain character, and I can tell you that losing BAB is a Bad Thing(TM). I considered long and hard the possiblility of taking a level of wizard or cleric with mine, and I just couldn't justify it. See if you can nab a couple potions of enlarge (along with the standard asortment of pots like lesser restoration and oil of bless weapon). This will give you enlarge when you really need it. Otherwise co-ordinate with your friendly party arcanist or cleric w/ strength domain. From levels 1-5ish, that will probably end up being the most effective first round buff either can put up, as it will do good things to your dmg.

Also, Hold the Line is not listed as feat in an available source.

In your limited area of access, I think your best bet would be to forget trip and disarm. Get the weapon focus -> weapon specialization -> melee weapon mastery feat chain. 3 feats nets you +3 hit +4 dmg. That's pretty good considering its actually +10 damage after you power attack it away, and since you don't have access to other stuff like leap attack or shocktrooper. Combat Reflexes is a no brainer. While taking that, take a look at the combat focus feats from PHBII. One of them gives you fast healing, one gives you bonuses to hit/dmg. Take about 3 of them, as their effects are cumulative based on how many you take. At higher levels, pick up Robilar's Gambit. It will pretty much double the number of attacks you make in a round. Highly consider taking a level of barbarian, its an effective dip. Take it as your 1st level for maximum effect.

Now, if you are able, BEG your DM to give you a little luvin from CW. The Exotic Weapon Master PClass screams spiked chain wielder. The only trick you are gonna want to grab out of there is flurry of strikes. This is just like the monks basic ability. You take a -2 on all attack (so small) and gain a whole extra attack at highest BAB. Stacks with haste! Its so good. Also, if you do get into that book, even a little, and you take that barbarian level, see if your DM will let you nab extra rage. This will gives you a little more staying power as far as encounters/day, which WLD has a lot of. Neither of these things are over powered in the way that leap attack or shock trooper are, so if you ask really nicely, you might get them.

That's about where I'd take a spiked chain wielder if I was you. At later levels, grab a GMW from your party wiz/cleric and a couple of other nice buffs, and don't be afraid to power attack. The hardest part of playing an effective fighter is determining your PA threshold with all your buffs and bonuses added in. Too much math for an "I hit stuff" character...

2007-12-11, 10:43 AM
I personally prefer to start as a Barbarian, take four levels as a Fighter for feats, including Weapon Spec, and then spend the rest of the levels as a Barbarian, or Rogue.

I prefer to go Rogue, if I'm going to be in front, since I love the sneak attack damage. If you prefer to play meat sheild, go Barbarian, and be sure to pick up Combat Reflexes, and Weapon Finesse.

2007-12-11, 11:33 AM
Hold the Line also doesn't work because it isn't in the available literature.

If you want to be really good with the disarm, might I suggest a locked gauntlet? Even if you fail your attempt, odds are good the same fate won't befall you.

You might be tempted by Weapon Finesse, since that's a special option for the Spiked Chain. Don't be. It's an option strictly for flavor reasons, and one of those special combat tricks (I think disarming) requires you use Strength for the check. Read: Dex for attack roll is bad for Chain Monkey.

If you expect to be fighting a lot of Mooks, I would advise the Cleave Feat Line. With the best melee coverage of any weapon available, you have the best odds to be able to abuse the feats. Plus, your reach encourages charging, so the other feats on the Power Attack Line look good too. Bull Rush, then AoO when they try to come back at you.

That being said, everything Nebo_ said is a must as well. Combat Reflexes, EWP, and the Trip/Disarm Feats. Combat Expertise too, but only because it's a prerequisite for those last two.