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2007-12-11, 08:34 PM
"Barkeep! A round for the conquering heroes!"
A cheer goes up as the wooden elevator slowly makes its way up. Several kitchen hands haul on the taught rope, straining as the several heads appear over the lip of the massive stone well in the center of the warm tavern. Adventurers, all in various stages of resting, recreating, or retirement watch as a grim faced group appears. When a bar maid comes with a tray of ale, the well armored dwarf pushes past, taking his mug and slugging it down before slamming it on the nearest table. He moved over to a chair by the fire, staring into the flames with his back to the room.
"Cheer up, Master Dwarf. You've survived a trip into the Dungeon Level!"
He gruffly shouts back at the would be lifter of spirits:
"Not all of us, ya git! Now leave me alone!"
His two companions, their faces stained by sorrow rather than rage, simply take their ale and walk to the second floor, their faces haunted by what they've seen. A somber mood settles over the bar, and the drinks are silent for a few minutes in reverence to the dead.

But then the Half-Elf bard on the small stage in the corner struck a chord on hs guitar, bringing the conversation and laughter back, slowly but surely, to the entire room. Everyone, that is, except for the dwarf, who watched the fire with tears in his eyes. Tears for his dead friend. Tears for all who fell in that wretched darkness. And tears for himself, for he knew that after a night or so of dreams he would be back down there again, even if he had to go alone, in order to find "what was broken". So is the destiny of the Called.

And so is the scene at the Yawning Portal tavern, the greatest establishment in the Castle Ward of the city, on the night that five adventurers took their first steps into the Undermountain.

Knowledge Local, even if untrained, so I can PM you things you've learned from your stay, no matter how long. If you don't wanna risk it you can take a ten, indicating no actual persuance of knowledge, but idle chatter you've picked up. Introduce yourself, say what your doing in the tavern, and prepare for an adventure.

2007-12-11, 10:54 PM

The elf walks towards the dwarf, but then he stops. Now wait.. it would be impolite to ask the dwarf what killed his comrade... or perhaps, his comrades? Anyways, better to let him grief for whoever died down there.As he finished that thought, he turns around, walking away from the dwarf, looking for a free table.Must have been one of Halasters mantraps anyway. I should be able to deal with that particular risk... i hope.As soon as he finds a free place he sits down, fiddling with his lockpick set and cleaning everything. After a short (and actually unnessary, since his equipment is in top condition anyway) cleaning session, he looks around to see if theres anybody he deems fitting to explore the dungeon with him.

OOC: I'm assuming we'll have to build a party first, so we haven't met yet, right?


2007-12-11, 11:40 PM

He entered the tavern with a slight look of contempt upon his face. Although certainly one of the more prestigious taverns in the city, he still felt as though the very air around him was contaminated with every kind of filth imaginable. After a quick scan of the room, he could see that he was evidently the only one concerned with such details. Such was the life of Endiril Meliamne.

There's gotta' be someone in this dump willing to pay for a decent job.
His eyes wandered over to the barkeep and he started toward him, looking to get a drink. Suddenly, he slowed down as he fingered through the coins he carried in a small bag. Not even a single gold coin sparkled back at him.

Now somewhat depressed with his lack of funds, he decided that a drink probably wasn't the best idea. He needed some real money before he could do any relaxing, but he'd have to figure out a way to earn some before he ended up without a coin left in his bag.

OOC: I had more to add, but figured I'd see my knowledge roll before I did.


2007-12-12, 12:44 AM

A man sitting in along a wall frowns imperceptibly.One fewer candidate that I can be sure is safe. Such emotional trauma rarely breeds stable allies.He is plain and nondescript, with simple brown robes covering an average frame. His unremarkable features do little to separate him from others, with the exception of his cold blue eyes.

He slowly picks up his tea, tasting the bland room temperature substance, before turning his attention to the other inhabitants of the room.It appears finding some accompaniment for this adventure would be more difficult then I had hoped. None the less, I hold skills that rare even in the realms of the Arcane. I will find a ready group, without some of the more common flaws, and from there I will arrange for my inclusion.

2007-12-12, 03:48 AM

A handsome half-orc in tarnished scale moves through the crowd around him. He has a bit of a hard time seeing, but eventually makes his way through to the dwarf that is drowning his sorrows in ale. Signaling to the barkeep, he takes two more mugs of ale over to the mourning warrior, hands one to him, and says:

"Hail the victorious fallen. May they be at the right hand of the Soulforger before Nerull knows they're dead."

Hopefully an old Dwarven toast will lighten his spirits. It don't...er, doesn't befit a dwarf to be in such a state.Know (Local) (1d20-1=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1421433)
My apologies for not posting yesterday. I did not see this thread was up.

2007-12-12, 04:31 AM
Know (Local) [roll0]

2007-12-12, 12:53 PM

A little gnome, barely visible from her over-sized table, slides off her chair and makes her way carefully through the room, ducking past the many larger patrons. With blond hair in twin braids and dark, sparkling blue eyes, her appearance is nothing if not charming. She's wearing a bright red cloak over her light armor, and her weapons are discreetly tucked away.

With some difficulty, she clumsily climbs up onto a chair beside the dwarf. Excuse me sir, she says quietly. I couldn't help but overhear that you've lost a loved one. I'm Annikko Arabelle, priest of Garl Glittergold. Please, is there anything I can do to help you through your suffering? Silence is no way to mourn.

2007-12-12, 10:00 PM

As Akiano looks arround, he notices a fellow elf walking into the inn. He observes him walking towards the barkeep, getting slower, fingering around in a bag and then stopping.
I wonder what he was doing there... perhaps he wanted to get a drink? Ah, now I've got it... he has no money left. No doubts the journey towards here must have been quite expensive for most people.

He gets up, and walks towards the other elf, saying in elven: Hello friend... what are you doing here, so far away from our homelands - are you also here because of the recuring dreams about the mage Halaster? Perhaps i can invite you to a drink?

2007-12-12, 10:17 PM
I don't want ta talk about it, to either of ya. The things tha can happen to ya down there... some of its worse than deth. It can drive ya mad. Damn that Halaster and his stupid dreams! I hope he's in right pain! Cause if I find him, I'll want to be puttin him outta his misery!
With that the dwarf stamps up the stairs, mumbling to himself slightly. The large axe on his belt begins to shine a dull red just as he dissapears into the second floor.

The cheer of the tavern recovers quickly, and a game of dice begins over in the corner as several halflings, smiles on their faces, begin to shake wooen cups and spill the bones across the table. One in particular, a finely dressed halfing with a silver rapier on his belt, smiles larger than the others as he takes the pot.

Spot checks to anyone who isn't focused on one thing.

The large barkeep, a man you know as Durnan from the whispers that circulate the bar, slaps his hand on the wooden board above the fine Elven wine he kept on display. A small parchments, pinned with a simple needle, is stuck there, along with several more on different kinds of paper, and wiht different levels of literacy.

This is a good one for all you green horns! The City Watch is having a problem with those damned Sluggard goblins. They're leaving the Dungeon Level and keep ending up in the Market Ward, with murder and robbery on their minds. The Watch believes that the sewers will be too dangerous with all the thieves that have settled down there, so they are paying five silver pieces a head for goblins and a gold piece for each of their uglier cousins. And if anyone finds out how the little bastards are sneaking up into the city and puts a stop to it I'll find a suitable reward for them myself! We can't have those green skinned mongrels murdering the rich folk, or n one will pay us to go into the Undermountain!

His speech, as always, is met with cheers and new orders of drinks. Durnan picks up a rag and starts to wipe down the counter. He yawns, and as if on cue a voluptious young human woman snatches the rag out of his hand and pushes him in the small of his back playfully.

Time for bed, you old miser! I swear, you pry more and more coin out of these delvers with your speeches then you do with your ale!

Durnan ruffles the womans hair before heading back through the kitchen of the tavern, presumably to follow the orders he was given.

2007-12-12, 11:07 PM

But... sir! Annikko gives up and sighs. Halaster's dream. That's what everything comes down to, doesn't it? No one can figure out what it's all about. But that's only because I haven't tried yet!

She casts a glance toward the message board, but decides to save it for later. She'd need to ask for a stool anyway, and right now she'd rather spend a moment or two with people her own size. Clumsily pushing her way through the crowd, which seems hard-put to notice her, she invites herself onto one of the seats. Can I play? She smiles sweetly.


2007-12-12, 11:51 PM

Jirrek says a quiet prayer for the dwarf's fallen comrades, and finishes his ale. Getting up from the table, he looks around the massive tavern for any friendly face. The orcs that have gathered seemed to be from the north--savages dressed in animal furs carrying flint and stone weapons....not his kind, regardless of his race. He decides that perhaps some spiritual guidance might be in order, and goes across the tavern to where the small cleric he had met earlier had sat down.

"Excuse me, ma'am. I am Jirrek Lockerhelm, and I wer-was wondering if perhaps you might give help me dete-dete-dete-figure out these dreams I've been having. I don't follow the Glittergnome, but I was wondering if you could help a conf-confused traveler."

Spot [roll0]

2007-12-13, 12:07 AM

Annikko blinks slowly as she cranes her head to peer up at the half-orc. Then she smiles, seeming to be completely uninhibited by their massive size difference. Of course I'll help you! There's no need for a handsome guy like you to be shy! Garl Glittergold teaches: One should always help a stranger, for one day the stranger will be you. What is that's keeping you awake at night, hmm?

2007-12-13, 02:34 AM

The speech had intrigued him. Although he disagreed with the title "greenhorn," perhaps this was exactly the sort of thing he needed. Judging from the adventurers that had recently arrived from beneath the city, it didn't look like it would be easy, but certainly not impossible.

Could be tricky down there all by myself. Might be a better idea to let some others come along and take care of all the dangerous stuff for me.
He took another quick scan of the coins within their bag.

Of course, getting DOWN there could be just as tricky.
Endiril looked over the tavern once more, trying to find some candidates that might work well for exploring the depths, but before he could finish, was interrupted by another Elf, speaking in their native tongue.

Hmm. A drink offering? Maybe he'd be willing to pay the toll for using the lift. This one might be worth something. Might as well play along.
He replied as quickly as he could in the same language, trying to ignore his inquiry of the dreams.

"Ah yes, a drink would be quite relaxing. Things are a bit tough when you've got hardly the money to spend on a place to sleep!"

2007-12-13, 03:27 AM

Spot [roll0]Sipping once again at his Tea Kayne analyzed the groupings in front of him.Well most seem to have their normal games going on, regulars, already arranged with friends and comrades. I could work my way into one of them that has suffered a loss. But such a group is clearly unlucky or incompetent.

Then there are those who stand out, and Cleric who approaches the Dwarf, but doesn't know his name? Clearly incapable of staying in her own business, and just as clearly here for the first time judging by her lack of knowledge of the local patrons.

A poor Elf with a bow, how stereotypical, maybe just dead weight, but definitely desperate enough to take any job, especially if he can't afford a nights sleep. His friend on the other hand... That one bears watching. Clearly people savvy if nothing else. And probably quick to action as well.

And the last of the out of place, a Half Orc without a keeper, though he appears to be looking for one. They don't usually last long without someone else to do the talking in this world of dwarves, and elves. And yet he is open and a loud to the group, but shy in person. Probably has yet to be burned by the bigoted nature of civilization.

At least a few of them will be good at getting in the way, and one has to start somewhere, now if only I can find a way to push the outcasts closer together.

Muttering softly to himself, his lips barely move, Perhaps it is time for a convenient event to draw the attention of the crowd as our Dwarven friend did.

2007-12-13, 06:39 AM

Knowing that halflings can be a mischievous lot, he takes a closer look at the scene...

After that, he turns back to the other Elf he just met.
So where was I? Ah, right...
He turns back to the bar, looking around to see if theres still someone serving drinks. In common, he says:"Anybody still here who's willing to serve two thirsty elves a drink?"
Then he looks back at the other Elf, continuing to talk to him in elven.
So, interesting business about the Goblins there, no? By the way, my name is Akiano.

Just at this moment, he can't help but notice a human in plain robes, apparently watching him and his new acquaintance all the while sipping some tea.
I wonder what this human seems to find so interesting...He looks back at the human for about one or two secounds - perhaps just enough for the human to notice - before he looks to the the other Elf again in await of an answer.

2007-12-13, 06:43 AM
OOC: Messed up my roll in the first post before.

2007-12-13, 08:46 PM

After performing a slight cringe after the Elf's announcement for any others to buy them a drink, he heard him introduce himself.

"Call me Endiril,"
he replied in the Elven tongue. He could have been speaking in common, but he didn't feel the need to lower himself to that level in the presence of another Elf.

"Goblins sicken me." As do most races. "I'd be quite happy making sure that every one of them never saw the light of day again. Or the dark, for that matter."
Endiril looked over his shoulder, getting a good glimpse of some of the others in the tavern. A select few caught his eyes, such as the armored half-orc towering over a gnome as he spoke with her and the poorly dressed human, apparently watching the two Elves as intently as if he were watching a play.

Quite the crowd we've got here. "Looks like we have a spectator,"
he said to Akiano, gesturing slightly toward the direction of the human.

2007-12-13, 11:37 PM
The rushed barmaid effortlessly crosses the room, quite a feat with a fully stacked tray, dunks wavering around, and the constant motions of cairs pulling out, toasts being raised, and stories being told. With a single hand she draws two mugs of ale for the two elves, sliding them across the br to the pair.
That'll be four coppers, friends.

At the halflings table several small hands wave the gnome in. The well dressed halfling, who seems to lead the game, plays with a silver cup with gold wire inlaid in a complex pattern of flying gold dragons. He collects his dice with a single deft hand, but not before you spot that the cubes are ebony with dots of platinum to mark the numbers.
All are welcome in Fleet's Games! Your half-oc friend may join as well! We play for silver pieces, and the games Evens and Odds! You probably don't have your own set of dice...
He reaches into his pocket and pulls a small cloth bag. He throws it to the gnome, who opens it to see a large amount of dice, these made from wood and marked with charred dots.
But you can use mine of course! You roll five six sided die, calling odds or evens. If you call the result that shows most on the die, you compare it to everyone else. Whoever has the most of their call wins, while ties split the pot. So if your ready...
He shifts a small wooden bowl towards the half-orc and the gnome, tapping it lightly. There are already four silver pieces in the pot, one for each of the halflings sitting at the table, eagerly watching you to see if your playing. Fleet, the well dressed halfling, bears a warm smile, as well as a fat coin purse. That bulges out from his cloak.

If you play, simply describe the way you roll the dice, maybe add some conversation, and then call evens or odds. I will roll these for you in a results post. Also, no result from any active checks- spots, arcana, etc.

2007-12-14, 12:11 AM

"Well, you see, lately, I've been having dreams wherea strange man is in a room, surrounded by sigils, screaming...just screaming...it's truly awful. I wish I knew what they mean."

2007-12-14, 12:14 AM

Annikko grins broadly. She rolls the dice she was given a few times to make sure they aren't rigged, for as trusting as she might be, she's no one's fool. After adding her silver to the pot, she gives the dice a dramatic shake and then spills them on the table before her, trying to stop their tumble with her palm but not quite managing it in time to keep all of them. Even! She cries as they drop.

So, she says casually as they tally the score. Any rumors from down below? I'm looking to join a group myself.

Annikko nods slowly as Jerik speaks. Right. Halaster. Well... it's sort of hard to say what that dream could mean. But I think there's only one way to find out. She nods firmly. It's settled. You and me are going to go to Undermountain and find out what this dream means! It's the only way!

2007-12-14, 01:34 AM

After he opened his purse and gave the barmaid a silverpiece, he says in common: Make that 5 coppers - thanks for your fast service.
He takes both jugs, handing one of them over to Endiril as he listens to his comment about the goblins.
"Well, while i'm usually no one partial to killing, those goblins clearly present a danger to the citzens of Waterdeep. So it would be in the best interest of everyone to put a stop to this menace... thought i wonder why whoever cooperates with the goblins would send them above ground when there are plenty of adventurers to rob in the dungeons. Either way, my swordwork could use some practice before i expose myself to the risks down there."

He doesn't look towards the human as Endiril mentions him, trying not to be too obvious.
I couldn't help but notice, yes... i've seen a couple of weird people here, just look at the half-orc in shining armor over there... but something about this human stikes me as kinda off. Perhaps we should we just head over and ask what he seems to find so interesting?

2007-12-14, 07:54 AM
The Halflings each make a call before they reveal their dice.
H.1.-Odds H.2.-Evens H.3.- Evens

The small crowd around the table cheers as the newcomers ties the old hand at his own game.
Well done, master Gnome! It seems Garl Glittergold has touched his chosen with a bit of luck!
He tosses three silvers across the table, then the other two to the other winner.
I have more than enough, so I'll allow you two to split the winnings, and the newcomer always gets the extra, of course! Play again? And maybe you would like to join as well, mister... Half-Orc?

2007-12-14, 06:47 PM

After Akiano had spoken of the goblins again, Endiril's eyes wandered to his hand clutching his drink. He took a moment to stare at the long scar across the hand, which branched and led down along his arm, disappearing behind his sleeve.

A menace? Hah. Those creatures are a scourge of this world. They deserve nothing more than a swift death.
He quickly snapped out of his daze as Akiano asked him another question. Shifting his drink to the other hand so as to hide his scar, he turned to him and listened.

Endiril nodded his agreement to the suggestion, then took a quick drink before beginning to casually wander over to the human. Of course, what Endiril believed to be casual was in reality more akin to him shoving his way through the crowd as he made a beeline for the man, but he wasn't much of one to argue semantics.

As soon as he was close enough, he spoke in a clear tone, keeping it innocent enough, "Something that interests you about us?" He turned to Akiano, wondering if he had anything to add.

2007-12-14, 07:47 PM

Kayne looks up from his tea, his quiet contemplation distracted by the words of the elves he had noticed earlier.OOC: I have no idea what made you think that I was paying much attention to you. Everything I wrote was just something my character picked up from slowly looking around the room, which is why he had something to say about everything. What he gathered from you was all picked up in maybe 3-5 seconds of looking directly at you. He's been looking down at the table in contemplation for almost your entire conversation, and before that he was watching the dice game more intently then you.Not particularly. With that he returns to looking down at the table and takes another sip of tea.

2007-12-14, 09:12 PM

Annikko grins happily and tries for the second time to start a conversation. Of course I'll play again! I'm Annikko by the way, but I like to be called Quicktongue as well. So Fleet... what do you do for a living besides playing dice in this fine establishment?

Conscious of her last clumsy toss, she is more careful with her next roll, movement precise and yet oddly graceless. Even again!

2007-12-15, 12:52 PM

Slightly stumbled by Endirils very direct approach, he trys to be tactful. Ah, well.. not to imply anything, but it just seemed to me that you where observing us. Altough you surely figured that much out by yourself by now. We'll be heading back to where we came from, im sure you'll excuse us. Turning his head to Endiril he speaks in elven to him.
I don't think we'll get much out of him this way... lets forget about it for now. Cmon.
He steps forward, towards the bar again, hoping Endiril will not continue to bother the human.
This human IS weird... but my new friends approach was too hasted. What a embarrassing situation...
OOC: Oh... ok. I've read that your character noticed Endiril not being able to pay for a nights sleep, but Kayne doesn't speak Elven.
So i figured that he might have figured out by intensively watching him (and probably Akiano too) and picking up other sings (ie bodylanguage). Possible for a High-Int char, I think.
Same way Akiano noticed Endiril not having the spare money for a drink.
And since Akiano and Endiril both have maxed Spot skills, they would very likely have picked that up.

2007-12-16, 12:05 AM

After taking a moment to look over the human once again, he decided that it wasn't worth his time. He turned around and retreated to the bar where Akiano had already gone. Once he was back within earshot of the other Elf, he told him,

"I don't trust him. But... then again, I don't trust anyone."
Endiril snatched up his drink once again and took a long swig before quickly shooting some of the other patrons suspicious looks until his eyes were watching the game of dice going on not far from them. He continued to watch in silence, taking a few sips every now and then.

2007-12-16, 10:23 AM

Reliefed that Endiril decided to follow him, he slowly answered.
Well... perhaps this enviroment has made both of us nervous. Too many shady types around here. Or just look at the tribe of orcs over there, I'd rather not have anything to do with them. Wich reminds me - i wonder why the halforc in heavy armor isn't with them.
Taking a short breath, he continues.
Ah, either way. So, about those goblins... they must be a serious threat to the citzens, and the current situation really leaves them at the mercy of the goblins - and I'm not sure how much mercy can be expected from the average goblin, if you know what I mean. Perhaps we help the guard out there... what do you think?
Then he takes the first sip from his ale, subsequently knitting his brows heavily, fighting not to immedately spit it back into the jug.
I forgot how horrible human ale tastes... make it even more bitter, will ya? Ugh.

2007-12-17, 10:06 PM

"Don't make the assumption that goblins know what mercy is. I'm fairly certain they believe in no such things. They're out to satisfy themselves and to take what they want. At any cost."
Although he hadn't been looking at Akiano, his speech was clear. After a few more moments watching the game of dice, he turned away and went back to his drink. He took another long swig before lifting his head and staring into space. There his eyes remained, fixed on nothing, as his mind began to wander.

And if they show no mercy, then they shall receive none. They will feel my revenge before I draw my last breath.
"At any cost..."
he muttered to himself.

2007-12-18, 11:43 PM
(waiting to hear what kyuss is doing. I'm fine with the inn activity- it gives me time to to work on those maps! But anyway, just want to know what he is doing before I do anything to dramatic. PLEASE do not think this game is halted.)

2007-12-29, 02:35 AM
Suddenly, a loud, jarring crash sounds up through the inn. Several drinks are spilled mid swig as a thick bodied employee or Durnan curses, the pull rope to the elevator in his hands.
Rotten thing! The rope slipped off its pulley again!
He turns, looking over the bar with squinted eyes. He strokes a small beard, then shouts out.
Oy! anyone wanting to go down the shaft tonight can go for free, down and up, if they climb the rungs to the bottom and fix the rope. It slips off once in a while, and it's easy to fix. Just a long climb down, and I didn't bring my sword or armor, so if anythings down there I'd be meat. If not, we need to wait till tomorrow to send anyone down. One whole group for free... come on people!
He is frustrated as several of the more innebriated patrons turn away laughing, and the rest simply shake their heads. Most are either coming up from a trip or unprepared to go down.

2007-12-29, 06:19 PM

With the noise and crowd of the tavern, Durnan fails to notice Annikko until she is tugging on his hand to get his attention. Excuse me a moment sir, she says. I'd like to go down. I think your offer must be the Perfect Gem's way of telling me to get off my butt already! She giggles for a moment. Umm, how much does it usually cost to get a ride on the pulley?

2007-12-29, 09:11 PM

He felt that he couldn't add much too Endirils comment about goblins. He would probably have come to the conclusion that Endiril must have had a unfortunate clash with goblins, if it would not have been for the elevator crashing and the employee cursing loudly.

As he watches the scene, he speaks to Endiril.
"I suppose this would be a good point of time to mention that I've been thinking, well, perhaps we should form a group? I've been looking for other adventurers skilled enough to go down there, and you seem to fit the bill - and this might just be the opportunity to gain a free ride on the elevator. What do you say, should we take a look at it?"

2007-12-30, 06:51 PM

Akiano's question quickly snapped Endiril from his daze, returning his senses to the tavern. It only took him a split second to answer the question, as if everything they had been talking about just moments before was completely unimportant.

"It's not exactly my nature to turn down a free anything,"
he replied in Elvish. With a bit of a hole in his pocket, he needed every free ride he could get. Then again, even if he had the money, he'd still try to get anything he could for as little as possible.

"Besides, this sounds like a cake walk. Let's see who else we can rope into this."
...so if things go bad, I have a distraction.
he thought as a small grin appeared on his lips before it was flushed away with another swig of ale.

2007-12-30, 08:04 PM

"Alright, sounds like a plan to me." He said, while walking towards the elevator.

Turning his head over his shoulder to talk to endiril while evading a apparently drunk human at the same time, he continued. "Perhaps we should ask the gnome here to come with us? Seems like he... or wait, I think its a female. Either way, that gnome seems quite interested in getting down there for free too."
Altough the gnome would be able to hear him - Akiano was now just standing a few steps away from her - he did not feel it would be impolite to speak about her while standing next to her, since only very few gnomes understood elven.

2008-01-03, 02:23 AM

Endiril took a quick moment to look the Gnome over. She seemed to be pretty cheery. Maybe too cheery. But at the same time, he couldn't help but feel that she would be able to hold her own when it came down to it. And her eagerness to get into the dungeon would probably prove an easy tool to get her roped in with him and Akiano.

After finishing his quick scan of her, he answered in Elvish,

"Looks promising. Let's see if she's interested."

2008-01-06, 05:01 PM

Annikko turns and narrows her eyes up at Akiano, folding her arms. The effect comes across more as petulant than intimidating. Excuse me? You think I'm a female? And my boobs just grew out too... you're going to make me cry, you know that? She shakes her head, sighing. Elves are never like this in the romance novels.

2008-01-06, 05:46 PM

Akiano looked at the gnome, his eyes wide open with surprise. Having a little bit of a bad conscience now, he answers - this time in common, perhaps because of his slight confusion. "Uhhh.. I'm sorry, err.. my lady. I just haven't really met many gnomes by now. You look very female. And to be honest... I didin't expect you to speak elven."
It became quite obivious that he felt rather uncomfortable in this situation, with his head blushing, so he decided to change the topic to something that he felt more comfortable about. "Oh, and... as you surely overheard, me and my new acquaintance here, we would like to use this opportunity for free travel, and we where just about to ask you if you wold like to join us, so... what do you think? My name is Akiano, by the way."

2008-01-09, 10:41 PM
(ok guys posting a thread to recruit for a replacement for Kyuss)

2008-01-10, 12:08 AM
((OOC: Thats good, thanks. :smallsmile: But don't we also need a new arcane caster? Apparently Kaelik got banned - see the OOC thread.))

2008-01-10, 04:14 PM

Annikko keeps a stern expression on her face for a moment longer before bursting into giggles. Oh that's fine, that look on your face makes it all worth it. And you ought to know better, learning a second language is a requirement by the fourth year in any respectable gnome university. And I've had six years of education in the priesthood!

She tilts her head to the side and begins walking around Akiano, and then turning to peer curiously at Endiril. I'm Annikko Arabelle, though I like to be called Quicktongue, or maybe just Ann if that's easier for you. I wouldn't mind joining you, but why don't you each tell me a little bit about yourselves so I can decide if we'll work well together or not?

2008-01-11, 10:40 AM

Relieved that Anniko doesn't appear to be holding a grudge, he attempts to explain his skills to her. "Well, I am good with... how to say, I love to fiddle with mechanics - they're fascinating to me. Or say, picking a lock! Its just... something I can't really explain, it tickles my nerves in a real pleasant way. And I'm constantly trying to get better."

Then he pauses for a small moment, looking at the shaft before he turns to Anniko again. "Oh, and I'm somewhat competent with those two." he points at the sheated shortswords hanging by his left and right side. "Altough I believe I probably shouldn't be the one standing in front... not that I'd be overly weak, but I'm not exactly what they call a bruiser."

2008-01-12, 02:28 AM

"I'm not overly thrilled with being in front either, but I can certainly lend my skills toward the challenge. Especially if there's some... monetary incentive," he said, gesturing to the longbow on his back. Although he was reluctant to reveal anything else about himself to such a stranger, he decided to continue anyway.

"The name's Endiril, and I've spent my time among the forests. I figured it was about time to find something a bit more profitable to do. This little bit of goblin hunting sounds like it could be just the thing."