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2007-12-16, 01:02 PM
In a game that I am in, We have each been given a part of the world to design. I have been wanting to design several gods for my region but am having trouble. I am curious as what class(es) to make these Gods. They all are level thirty (except for the greater deity) and their divine ranks vary. All of these gods are not born gods, but had their divine rank bestowed on them when a large god was killed.

Flyst; God of the waves, Scoundrels, and Disguise. A CG/CN lesser deity who rules over the City in the waves. He grew up poor and relied on his own skills to survive. Uses his Divine abilities to change his shape, size, and appearance. I was thinking Swashbuckler but am wondering what else to apply.

Vort Vlytahl; God of Order, Iron, and Machines. A Lawful lesser deity who controls the Stormwind mine, a Mechanically powered mine used to produce iron and machinery. I was thinking a class that allows the user to create Machines and steampowered robots and stuff.

Samorian Ostron; God of the planes, Arcane Artifacts, and Knowlegde. The Patron Deity of the Pantheon whose godly realm is a watchtower in the city of Crossward(lantan but roughly the size of jersey, minus gnomes.) He watches the planes to make sure they stay in allignment and do not fracture. He is known for owning a large collection of magic items and artifacts of the weird. I was thinking artificer.

I need help picking other classes/PrC becuase these are level thirty (the last forty). I also need some suggestions for feats and spells and such.

Lady Tialait
2007-12-16, 01:14 PM
well, i'll take a crack at it. They are all level 40

Flyst; God of the waves, Scoundrels, and Disguise:
Swashbuckler 20/Scarlet Courier10/Master of Masks 10

Comments: I like this build, it makes a master of Disguise who can fight on a ship. The prerequisite for Scarlet is a Reputation, and well...it's a god...

Vort Vlytahl; God of Order, Iron, and Machines.:
Artificer 20/Warlock 12/ [Gnomish] Maester 5/ Cleric 3

Comments: I'm fighting myself on this one, but I kinda like the feel. The Artificer mostly for Infusions, for keeping the Machine in order. The warlock 12 gives that nifty wave prerecs thingy. Gnomish Maester...if you don't want a gnome don't make it Gnomish...gives a quickening to make magical parts to keep the machine working. and nothing yells order like Cleric. Hard to figure for me..but I gave it a wack.

Samorian Ostron; God of the planes, Arcane Artifacts, and Knowlegde.
Artificer 20/Loremaster 10/Horizon Walker 10

Comments: Makes loads of Magical Items and Travels amung the planes...and is a total know it all...perfect for the feel you are going for.

Well? how did i do?

2007-12-16, 01:21 PM
This is good. But the idea for the god of machines is that he is less magic based. THe other two ideas are perfect, where are the Source books for these PrC's?

Lady Tialait
2007-12-16, 01:26 PM
Master of Masks is from Complete Scoundrel

And Scarlet Courier is from StormedWracked

Loremaster and Horizon Walker is from DMG

as for the Build on your God of Law..lemme Try again

let's see. Building Golems (Or Robots) is really always gunna be magic's domians in D&D sadly now if you want that to be the Machine's thing or his Godly powers I'd make him a nice martail charitor something like

Fighter 20/Warblade20

Or somesuch. I'm not really a fan of Martail Charitors...and I hate ToB but if you want a Godly feel to him and you want him to be Martial make him a ToB class for 20..and some PrC from it.

2007-12-16, 01:48 PM
Thank you for the Help. I still need to choose Domains and salient Abilities
(Vort[lesser, rank around 6] and Samorian[greater around 11] only, Flyst is set) I also Meant less magical as in Lantan Gnome that makes a machine using very little magic.

Lady Tialait
2007-12-16, 01:55 PM
Samorian Ostron; God of the planes, Arcane Artifacts, and Knowlegde.

Let's see for Domains, Knowlegde (duh), and i'd go with something a little bit odd. and it'd also take up alot of his salent abilities. Allow his worshipers to take any planar Domains from SC. I think that really fits him. Knowlegde, Magic, and Artifice. Otherwise would be fitting.

As for Vort Vlytahl; God of Order, Iron, and Machines.
I'm having problems with him..but Domains is all i usally give gods other then fluff. So let's see. Law, Artifice, and Pride
Again, he's tricky for me..Whatchathink?

2007-12-16, 02:00 PM
I would give Flyst levels in Rogue and maybe Dread Pirate. Depending on your flavor, O'course.

As far as domains, Yeah I got nothing. Sorry.