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2007-12-17, 06:29 AM
I'm doing some things for the classes in my campaign to make them seem more relevant, linear, and balanced. One of the many things I'm trying to do is introduce a ranger. Of course, to do it, I want to tear out 80 percent of the abilities. Here's the list of what I'm keeping, and following it is a list of what I imagine taking it's stead:

Favored enemy? Gone. I don't like it, too dedicated to a single enemy type, makes the player overpower even mages when around her enemies and little more than a Rogue with fewer skill points and different skills when not around her enemies.
Spells are gone; in my campaign, Rangers are simply militant minded foresters who know how to track, fight, and retreat rapidly.
Animal companion is gone; useless thing, more for me to keep track of in my game anyways.
Combat Style is removed. In it's place, I want to insert a sinlge precision based form of ranged combat.

Here's some of what I imagine taking its place:

- Sniping, Improved Sniping, Master Sniping; Immediately after firing you can make a Hide check at a -20 penalty to remain hidden. These abilities reduce the penalty by five each time.
- Scent: Various scent abilities as the Ranger levels up, but not quite as keen as an animals; he has to stand, study an area, etc.
- Camouflage at earlier levels, I was thinking level nine unless it was too imbalanced.
- More ranged abilities/feats
- No armor proficiencies at all.
- Some kind of rage or focused mind state
- Poison Use

Please ask clarifying questions; I'm not sure which questions to ask myself!

2007-12-17, 09:08 AM
Can you toss this into a standard 20 level class format.

That should help you figure out where things go and help everyone else review it.

Looking at it right now it looks like it would have a lot of dead levels. I'd try and add in some minor abilities to compensate.

Charlie Kemek
2007-12-17, 04:11 PM
you might want to look at the scout and the ninja in CA, both are good at hiding, and scout gets skirmish, which is bonuses to attacks and AC when you move 10 or more feet a round. it also gets a bunch of bonus feats. Ninja is like the best hider in the game, it is unarmored, sort of like the monk, getting ki, but the ki can be used to become invisible. also look at the blood hound in the same book. what kind of BAB?