View Full Version : BattleScar Rolls for Caliban, in Truemane's WW20 Game

2024-06-16, 09:12 PM
Alright. We're going maximum scars for this guy, so let's do both.

First scar choices: [roll0] or [roll1]

Second scar choices: [roll2] or [roll3]

2024-06-16, 09:22 PM
Well, the first one is a Deep Scar (Appearance pool reduced by 1 depending on situation - mostly with homids.). He wasn't much of a looker anyway.

The second one's a bit problematic. The 5th choice on the list is Broken Jaw - which would give Caliban a speech impediment on top of everything. The other option is Maimed Limb, which is... quite debilitating. I guess I'd go with broken jaw if I have to; Caliban will just be prepared to lose a temporary glory getting it healed up some day.