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2007-12-17, 09:03 PM
Hi. I'm planning to make a campaign setting set in the world of fire emblem, Elibe. This thread isn't for anything but the world itself, so no classes or anything, please. However, if you have any ideas about anything other than the world itself, put them in spoilers. Now the most help here will be from people who have read the FE manga/ played the game FE6. (Japan only... Darn.)

So any ideas would be appreciated.

NOTE: This isn't Magvell or whatever the world Path of Radiance takes place in, this is from the FE with Lyn, Hector, and Eliwood.

The places I need most help with are the ones not in the game, such as the bandit-owned isles to the west or Ilia to the north. Bern, Lycia, and Valor are pretty heavily explored. They need the least help with. TY, Sequinox.

2007-12-17, 09:13 PM
oops... I made 2 threads... How did I do that? :smallconfused: Doesn't matter...

2007-12-18, 03:06 PM
I've only ever played Path of Radiance, but assuming the other games you are talking about are just as good, then you might have an interesting campaign world.

If the other games are like the one I've played, drawing up all those classes might be a pain. Then again thats half the fun of homebrew.

2007-12-18, 03:30 PM
I peronally dont know much about the world but if you want help with other things pm me.
I own Fire Emblem and Sacred Stones

Edit: I actually had a similar idea to this but only useing the classes and adding new tier 4 ones

2007-12-18, 06:28 PM
The fire Emblem world is actually a fairly mainstream fantasy world, so you shouldn't need to make too many changes. The biggest difference would be the size of the human population to the rest of the races. Non humaniods are pretty much a non issue. Monsters are obviously still about, but since Fire Emblem is more large scale battles we really only see them as mounts, chances are monsters in the wild live far from humans habitats, and are still rather rare.

As for places... it's been some time, so I'm of no help there at the moment.

2007-12-18, 08:44 PM
okay, as of now, feel free to post ideas about anything in the world (class ideas, etc.), not just the world, but I do need the most help about the geography. Also, any ideas about how I can implement the two-tiered system of classes into dnd? Maybe fighters pick just 1 set of weapons, then get a second set at lv 10 when they become 'warriors' or wizards/clerics/druids pick a set of spells that are part of a certain type (just rollin' out ideas...) and pick a second when they reach level 10 and class up? Ideas, anyone? Im trying to make it feel more 'fire emblem-y' than 'dnd - y,' but hey, just type out some ideas when they come. :smallsmile:

2007-12-18, 09:43 PM
My idea for a Tier based system:

Fighter - Proficient in all Simple Weapons and Medium Armor.
Barbarian - Proficient in Basic Axes and Light Armor.
Ranger - Proficient in Basic Bows and Light Armor.
Paladin - Proficient in Basic Spears and Heavy Armor.
Sorcerer - Proficient in Quarterstaves and No Armor.
Cleric - Proficient in Quarterstaves and No Armor.

Lv1 - 5: Basic set of skills.
Fighter gains Weapon Aptitude. Maybe bonus feats? I don't know.

Barbarian gains Basic Rage(+1 STR per 2 levels) and Fast Movement.

Ranger gains Skirmish(replaces spellcasting) and Archery feats.

Paladin gains Special Mount(at 1st, replaces spellcasting). Maybe bonus feats too? I don't know..

Sorcerer gains 3 spells known per level, begins play knowing all 0 levels.

Cleric gains Sorcerer spellcasting and 3 spells known per level, beginning play with all 0 levels.

Lv6 - 10: Intermediate set of skills.
Fighter gains Heavy Armor. Feat advancement continues? I dunno.

Barbarian gains Hardy Rage(+1 CON per 2 levels).

Ranger continues Skirmish gains. Gains choice of Special Mount or Ranger-Only Archery feats(to be made later)

Paladin continues Special Mount advancement. Gains Charge(Smite redone).

Sorcerer gains 3 spells known per level. Spell specialization?(+CL to damage with a number of spells equal to CHA mod?)

Cleric gains 3 spells known per level. Choice of Special Mount or Divine Providence(+CL to damage with a number of spells equal to WIS mod/2).

Thats just a rough idea right now..

2007-12-18, 10:27 PM
Me and my cousin created a quickly done system to play Fire emblem. It's based on d10.

You could use the fire emblem system by giving your character stats that would be appropriate to their level. On level up you could roll a d10 to see if the stat would be uped(With a pre set chance). During a fight You would use skill vs speed to for hit chance (The difference would be the chance to miss. someone one with one higher speed would have 10% to dodge etc. ) and def vs str/mag vs res for damage (The difference would determine damage. One higher str/mag means one damage ect.You'd have to tweak it to roll for weapon damage). We kinda winged crit. Terrain would factor in as well (Works very well with d10. def can be added as a modifier and avoid as a percent modifier) Weapon bonuses too. I believe that covers fighting.

Before the battle we spent our gold on units, equipment and Items. Each unit costs different amounts of money based on level and class. I had an level 2 axe lord(Wolf belie), level 2 a myrmidon(plus killer edge. 30% crit chance.), and a level one cleric. He had a level 3 bow lord, level 3 calvary, and a level 4 peg knight. We fought in a very forestry area near somewhere very important (I forgot why we were fighting in the first place). Long story short, I whooped him.

I should convince him to play again. Although, he knows I could beat him easily. He has to use codes to play through the games.

Ugh, I was so sleepy when I typed this. Too bad I'm lazy and won't fix it.

2007-12-19, 03:29 PM
(Raroy) wow, that sounds actually kinda interesting... But yeah, axe lords are awesome. Lets go hector!

(zeronumerous) (nice name) And I like the idea of 'basic bows' 'basic swords' and so on, and the semi-tweaked magic system sounds interesting, but I didnt'u understand what (+CL to damage with a number of spells equal to CHA mod?) meant. Care to explain? Heres what I got from it: (plus caster level to damage with a number of spells equal to charisma modifier?)

I just understood as I typed it out... :smallbiggrin:

2007-12-19, 05:26 PM
(Raroy) wow, that sounds actually kinda interesting... But yeah, axe lords are awesome. Lets go hector!

You were wowed and yet you were only slightly interested? You must be easy to please. Well, I've recently decided to expand on the idea. I've already written in some more details and when I get my 100 dice bag for x-mas I can field test this. If you still like this crazy nonsenses by then I could give you a rule sheet.

2007-12-19, 09:41 PM
well, I've seen a lot of home made rpgs, and frankly, most suck. But sure, if you finish that, I wouldn't mind a rules sheet.

2007-12-19, 10:46 PM
And I like the idea of 'basic bows' 'basic swords'

Basic Bow: 1d4 damage. 50ft range. 10% crit chance.
Changes from D&D: Arrows can be recovered(represents infinite ammo from FE). Arrows only break when they successfully crit.
Light Armor takes +50% damage from Bows.

Heavy Arrows: +1d4 damage, -20ft range.
Light Arrows: -1 damage, +20ft range.
Flaming Arrows: +1 fire damage, unrecoverable.

Basic Sword: 1d6 damage. 20% crit chance.
Changes from D&D: Medium Armor takes +50% damage from swords.

Heavy Edge: +1d6 damage. -10% crit chance.
Light Edge: -1 damage. +10% crit chance.
Basket Hilt: -1 attack. +1 AC.

Basic Axe: 1d8 damage. 5% crit chance.
Changes from D&D: Unarmored individuals takes +50% damage from Axes

Heavy Head: +1d8 damage. -5% crit chance.
Light Head: -2 damage. +5% crit chance.
Longhandled: +5ft reach. -5% crit chance. -2 damage.

Basic Spear: 1d8 damage. 10% crit chance.
Changes from D&D: Spears deal +50% damage to Heavy Armor.

Metal Shaft: +1d8 damage. -10% crit chance.
Light Shaft: Weapon can be thrown 10ft. -4 damage.
Piercing Edge: +10% crit chance. 10% chance of breaking upon use.

Quarterstaff: 1d2 damage. 30% crit chance.

Inlaid Metal: Damage die changes to 1d6. Crit Chance becomes 10%
Willow-wood: -1 damage. Crit chance becomes 50%.
Metal-sheathe: +1 AC. +1 damage. Crit chance becomes 0%.

Crit Chance: Roll D%. If it gets that percentage or lower, it crits. Crits deal x2 damage and always hit.

EDIT: I'll write out the classes later tonight.

2007-12-20, 07:30 PM
Also, to help with the idea that axes aren't omnipotent, how about -2 to hit with them, and +2 to hit with swords, and maybe for lances 1d6+1, and no bonus to hit.

Weapon triangle: Axes get +2 hit and +2 damage against lances and -2 and -2 against swords. Swords get same only +2/+2 against axes and -2/-2 against lances. Lances are +2/+2 against swords and -2/-2 against axes.

And, of course, the 'reaver' weapons will be in the game, only they work backwards with the weapon triangle. FE players will know what I mean.

Changes from D&D: Arrows can be recovered(represents infinite ammo from FE).

Huh. I never really counted arrows unless it mattered. For example, it wouldn;t matter if you were going on a 1 day dungeon delve, but for a 2 month long journey I would count it. Now back to fire emblem...

EDIT: How the crap do you copy + paste from forums? My computer says that the data being inputted is too much for the word processor.

EDIT: AGAIN: I would change it to axes being good against med armor and swords being good against unarmored. Also, just something that pooped into my head, armor should grant damage reduction rather than AC bonus, and DEX should be the major AC creator rather than armor. Just a thought.

2007-12-22, 02:17 PM
Okay, further expanding on this:

Fighter - Proficient in all Simple Weapons and Medium Armor.

How about 2 sets of basic weapons?

Example: A fighter has 2 weapons: a bow and a sword. Both are basic, and he can use them, but no other types of weapons. (None until he ''classes up'' anyway, which I may have covered in my last post.) So he can't use an axe, or lance, or mace, or whatever. (Maces, flails, and whatever else weapons could be like bows, that are outside of the weapon triangle? Just an idea.)

And, okay, classing up. Here's my idea. At level 10, a character can "class up" by using a special item. Then their class changes from, say, fighter to warrior (but that may be confused with the NPC class...) and they get a couple bonuses, like +10 hp, +2 attribute points? (Changing with the class, but all equal) Other than that they get no changes, so their BAB and saves wouldn't change. Balanced? If all the characters get it, why not. Post your ideas...

Now for upgrade items to core classes.

Fighter - Knight Crest? Or Hero Crest? - to Warrior?
Sorcerer (called Mages in FE) - to Sage?
Barbarian - Hero Crest would fit - to berserker. Definitely.
Ranger (Called 'Nomad') - Orion's Bolt? - To Nomad trooper? I like 'chieftain' more myself, helps give the higher-leveled people supremacy in the eyes of Low-Leveled characters.
Bard - Earth Seal - to what? Troubador?
Cleric - Heaven Seal or Guiding Ring - to Priest(ess) or Valkyrie. (I like that idea a lot. How about branching classes? Gives a 'zing' to the cleric. I know 1 person that enjoys playing as a cleric. Make them more popular?)
Paladin (or 'cavaliers') - Knight Crest? - Paladin

This post was more for flavor then mechanics, but, hey...

2008-01-04, 05:00 PM


Really, I'm just bumping the thread. :smallbiggrin:

2008-01-04, 07:48 PM
Fire Emblem is usually just a generic fantasy world with a few exceptions:

1) Dragons, while remaining shapeshifters, usually only change into human forms. You have a selection of Fire, Ice, and Earth dragons in most parts. The only exception is Judgral, but there are only twelve dragons there.

2) There are no races except human and dragon, and in the two latest installments shapeshifting beasts.

3) ... Well, there is no 3.

As much as I enjoy d20, it is really not for Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem's mechanics though are very simple. Infact, using the game's mechanics themselves you can build a complete combat system. I have used it myself in the past, and it works very well. The formulas are fairly simple, though the math you need to do to calculate the hit chance on any given roll is a bit much. It's why most of the games (play by post) I have tried to use it with have fallen apart.

Really, Fire Emblem is for when you want a character-driven political campaign featuring a lot of humans with differing points of view.

Edit: I realised I didn't have quite enough of a point as to why d20 isn't good for it. See, Fire Emblem is not a low-magic setting as much as it's a low-power set of settings. Yes, ordinary people can become the strongest people in the world going on an adventure... but practically anyone can become one of the strongest people in the world! That is the appeal. You would need a system whereby a level 1 commoner with 10's across the board can still take on the final boss along side the person who started out as a bad*** with 15's across the board and was 5 levels higher when they climb up to the same range. You need a system where people can be functional in a battle even when they are 5 levels lower than most of the people fighting. You need a system where the mook is still effectively hitting your characters even at the end of the game.

THAT'S Fire Emblem.

Fiery Diamond
2008-01-04, 08:19 PM
Kudos to Willfor. I agree with you. It is important to recognize that the bad***ery of a character a couple levels below an enemy exists in the setting the OP intended to use, though, but not in all FE settings. Have you played the newest game yet? You have to gang up to kill an enemy several levels lower than you for most of the game.

Very different power structure from previous games. But still fun.

-Fiery Diamond

PS, my name here is actually derived from Fire Emblem. Could you guess? (My fav series ever, and i wish i could play the Japanese ones. That's one of the reasons I'm studying Japanese, actually)

2008-01-05, 10:48 AM

That's new insight on the subject. Fiery Diamond... great name. I never would have realized the meaning of that if you hadn't pointed it out.

Anyway, I really have no comeback for that.

2008-01-05, 11:00 AM
Fire Emblem isn't a low magic setting since they have entire armies of mages. It even has magic items in the form of Power Rings, Swift Wing and the other stat boost items. The Legendary weapons are magic swords, but unique. The main problem is D&D's terrible defence system where you have to rely on magic items to stop yourself getting hit. A Swordmaster/Myrmidon style character is almost impossible in D&D, just look at any Monk sucks thread.

If you've seen how fast Swordmasters can move you can't really call it a low-power setting either.

If you want to know about the Japan only Fire Emblem 6, gamefaqs hosts an English translation of the script here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbadvance/file/563015/26673

Okay, now I can plug the Pegasus Knight Prc I posted here months ago


I also have a Mameket class wirtten out but I've never posted it.

2008-01-05, 11:46 AM
Have you seen how many Swordmasters there are in the world though? Depending on what game you are playing, you can burn through 10-30 of them. And burn through them you will, as the high critical chance is their only real threat to your characters. You generally get at least get 3 or so yourself. Their animations do not really reflect the reality of what they can do as other classes can have comparable or better speed stats than they do.

Regardless of how powerful and/or swift a Swordmaster is, a Paladin with a lance, being a completely ordinary person, can dispatch one quite quickly. And you generally get 4-6 of those in every game. I would call it low power if anyone has quite a reasonable chance of killing anyone else. (Brigands insta-killing my characters, I'm looking at you)

2008-01-27, 01:29 AM
Haha, just found this thread while I was looking for pegasus knights-y PrC! (And, lo', Closet Skeleton just linked to one!) :smallbiggrin:

Why I was looking for that? Because I have been working on a working d20 Fire Emblem myself (and a friend). We've gone around most problems with a few incredibly useful variants from Unearthed Arcana. Mainly, the Defence system and the Weapon Group proficiency. Check those two out, they'll save your life when you'll want to limit a unit's proficiency with types of weapons.

That put aside, all my classes have 10 levels. Whenever you pick a class, you must finish it (so no class dipings, folks!). Nearly every Base Class has two Master Class option (much like in Sacred Stones), allowing for some variety even though the class choices are limited.

As for the world, I've personally been working more closely on Tellius, which is where the GC and Wii games take place, but I've made sure the classes and such could be use in just any of the games' settings. Hence I have five types of mages (light, dark, fire, thunder, wind) but I still have a mercenary/hero class, which appeared in Lyn/Eliwood/Hector (kick ass, Hector!) game.

But, yes, if you need help or lack ideas designing your own classes, I'm quite open to showing you some of our work. I mean, I have spent hour after hour designing classes and spells and game systems (like the weapon triangles). Oh, and searching the board has been quite useful a few times (today again :smallbiggrin: ), so I recommend it when you're out of ideas.

And now, off to check that Pegasus PrC! :smallamused: