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Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-18, 08:32 AM
The mists of a cool morning in early spring burn away as the bright southern sun rises over the towers and minarets of East Bridgeport. Every day is Market Day in this thriving city, and a myriad of sights, sounds, and smells delight the senses. The smells of fresh bread and today's catch of fish mingle pleasantly. Merchants in booths sell olive oil, wine, cloth, and spices, while farmers sell produce out of their carts while their oxen stand patiently, chewing their cud. A young halfling goes from door to door, struggling with his wheelbarrow piled high with squares of peat, but smiling as coins from each door clink into his purse. At one corner, a street vendor shaves the first savory slices of meat from a kebab for a group of dwarven lumberjacks who are too hungry to pay any mind to the playful catcalls from a pair of gnome sailors. A few tall soldiers patrol the streets, watchful but still relaxed, as there is rarely trouble in this part of town. Always, there is the cry of the gulls and, if one listens carefully, the soft sound of the waves in the harbor.
The cobblestone streets are busy, as is the huge bridge that spans the Timber River over to West Bridgeport, the less affluent but older side of town known especially for the rich culture of the many halflings who have lived there for centuries. A few young boys fish from the bank next to the small piers where shirtless laborers hustle dwarven goods off of river barges. Curiously, a motley group of five adults (you) are standing on the riverbank beneath the overhang of the great bridge, somewhat awkwardly making small talk or absent-mindedly skipping stones, as if they are waiting for something.
A few minutes pass, then a wizened halfling can be seen gingerly making his way down to the riverbank where the five stand. He is clothed in religious-looking robes and wears a silver medallion that appears to be in the form of a horse rampant on his chest. His eyes sparkle beneath bushy eyebrows as his face wrinkles into a broad smile.

"Ah, excellent! I see the bards have spread the word of our little venture far and wide indeed! I am Father Eldon Highburrow, one of the founding members of the Adventurers' Guild. Please, follow me -- we can talk as we go, but all your questions will be answered once we arrive at our Guildhall."

I suggest roleplaying following him through a maze of streets on the way to the guildhall, and take this time for the characters to get to know each other, because we'll talk all about the guild once you get there. Feel free to be creative if you want to describe the area you're walking through, if something is completely out of line with the idea I have of this city we can always edit it. I think I mentioned before, Istanbul is one of my inspirations for Bridgeport.

2007-12-18, 10:00 AM
I'm Matthew.

Matthew thinks to himself, "The kobold must be joining too! Wow. I've never seen one this close. I wonder.... how can you tell if they are male or female?

2007-12-18, 11:19 AM
{muttered}'m Vlax

Vlax looks wary of the other applicants, particularly the rogue, and isn't making great lengths to start conversation.

2007-12-18, 01:21 PM
OOC:Don't worry, not all my posts will be this long hahaha. This game isn't really made for that is it? Just some 'initial' thoughts from Fin.
Fin flow

"....oh... Right.. Fin... Fin Flow. That's my name"

Fin started to follow, not all that taken back by the activity in the city. After all to him this was the 'norm'. He had grown up here, and he had seen this bustling market place too many times before. Right now Jenny (The second eldest, and as Fin put it 'best with the numbers, and junk') was likely out buying what meager things the family needed with the coin he had earned on his last, and final fight. He really hoped they wouldn't encounter her on the streets, she was over-joyed when he found out she had quit his dangerous job, and she would be none to happy if he had dropped it only to pick up another one, which may very well be 'more' dangerous.

Trying to knock his family concerns from his mind as they walked through the city he tried to take note of his companions, he may very well be working with them all soon! For the most part none of them struck him as strange, with the exception of the Kobold. Ages ago his grandmother had told him tales of creatures like 'kobolds, and goblins' but he hadn't actually SEEN one before, and hell if Fin knew what the critter actualy was! It had yet to speak yet... so maybe it was some sort of.. exotic pet of one of the others?

Mathew struck him as the priestly type. This was of course, utterly wrong, but most of Fins experience with, robed people with a habit of keeping themselves clean was in the form of Priests, not wizards. The Dwarf... well he was everything he expected out of a dwarf thus far. The only thing notable about the last member (Matthias) was that he seemed nearest to Fins age, and for that reason he spoke to him first.

"So uh.... 'aven't caught yer name yet. Never joined this sort a thing before, not sure what to be expecting."

2007-12-18, 01:53 PM
As they start to move along Matthew silently tries his hand at a guessing game he used to play with the other entertainers. Size up the patrons in the crowd.

OK who do we have here? The dwarf should be fine. You always know where you are with dwarves. He looks like a happy drunk. Probably a big tipper too. You have to respect anyone who caries round a weapon with a haft longer than they are tall. Easy to see what his skills are and they don't involve cutting down trees -- unless the tree is trying to kill you. Best not to say much to him until he's had some beers.

The big tall guy (Fin?) looks like a mean drunk. No, wait... he looks like the sort who never lets himself get drunk. I wonder if he's ever worked as a bouncer.

Then the guy with the short sword.... I don't know maybe a sad drunk? Perhaps he has some weepy story about his last girlfriend leaving him. He looks cheerful right now though. Probably the easiest person to start a conversation with.

I wonder if kobolds drink beer.... I should probably say something in Draconic. Unfortunately most of the phrases I know are more along the lines of "I have bound your soul for a thousand years" than something you could use in a conversation. That was all ridiculous. How amazingly powerful would you have to be to use that phrase?

Matthew always lost when he played at that guessing game.

2007-12-18, 02:39 PM
Vlax looks about the group, taking quick mental notes on who is likely to be most useful when problems arise, as he has found they inevitably do

OOC: Vlax is pessimistic, has little patience for spellcasters and it takes a lot to gain his full trust. He's not the most knowledgable dwarf either. Bear this in mind when you read what he thinks, im not trying to offend anyone :smalltongue:

Wizards, too interested in books to care about what really matters in my opinion. But if he can prove his worth then he could really provide this "adventuring group" with all the areas im lacking in.

This Fin guy, looks well built under those thick clothes. Looks a little hard for cash, but I like someone who works for their living. Looks like a hardened fighter too, I wouldn't mind having him behind me when the situation goes down the drain. But if he makes one wisecrack about height, I'll have his legs off.

A kobold, well this could be interesting. Can't quite tell what good it is just yet, but I'll leave that for later. Hope it speaks common...

The other guy looks too shifty for my liking. Like I've seen him before, but can't remember where. If he's a thief, he'll be valuable as an ally, but difficult to trust as one of your own.

Vlax continues watching warily, staying towards the back of the group.

2007-12-18, 03:14 PM
OOC: I don't really know what I should do for speaking draconic, so bare with me

Ioth looks at his potential allies and his eyes narrow slightly as they catch sight of Vlax

{mumbles to himself in draconic} "a dwarf huh, hope he doesn't have something against Kobolds."

{in Common} My name is Ioth, A humble servant of Io

(holds up Holy Symbol)

2007-12-18, 05:47 PM
Directed at Fin:
This is new for me too. I bet they have some more recruits at the guildhall and don't want to have to explain everything twice.

Guildhall? I figured they'd be half a dozen guys in the back of a bar. This all sounds very organised.

Where's everyone from anyway? My home town's way up river near the lake Heart region. I've been up and down this river for a few years now and been to Bridgeport several times before, although I hadn't heard of this adventuring guild before just a few days ago. Is anyone from around here?

Directed at Ioth:
Ioth, a holy servant of Io huh? How do you come to be so far from home?

In draconic "Ioth" means "holy".

2007-12-18, 05:57 PM
to Matthew:
Ah so you know Draconic? (says Ioth excitedly, then after mulling that over for a second), ah... so you speak draconic (he says cringing a little) yes well, the call of Io sang strong in my blood and I had to heed the call, and so I set off, any extra money I make will go back to my tribe however, I couldn't just leave without promising to do anything for them

glances around nervously, then glances at Vlax and cringes again
I wonder if he heard me, and I wonder who ELSE speaks draconic here
ok for me atleast I'm doing Red for Draconic
and Blue for common and Italics are thoughts and if its got () around its something small I'm doing like twiddling my thumbs or showing my holy symbol

2007-12-18, 07:35 PM

Well it certainly ain't no critter. Fin thought as Ioth spoke. Holy servant? A Priest? Seemed like an odd job for ... well whatever it was, very... much not what he was used to when it came to holy men. But the Gods call all sorts right? Though He had no royal clue who this 'Io' was. Maybe the head priest of the church?

Still walking forward, he tilted his head only slightly towards Matthew grinning a bit, having the tiniest of bit of pride in his hometown despite everything "Ah, born n' raised here myself, though we haven't heard a whole lot about it either, sept what the bards been singing."

For the heck of it, Knowledge local on what's been going on with this 'guild' in the city the past few weeks. [roll0]

2007-12-19, 03:48 AM
Vlax I wonder why Ioth keeps glancing at me, is he just as paranoid as I am? anyway he's a cleric, so it's good to have him here

I'm from the north, got thrown out of the cavern a few years ago for "violent and barbaric behaviour". I've been around the area a bit, came here and heard of this adventuring guild in a bar, so here I am.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-19, 09:35 AM
"Ah, here we are!" Eldon stops at an iron gate and opens it. A flagstone path of about a hundred feet cuts through an overgrown garden of bushes and small trees to the entry of a large house, which looks as though it could have once belonged to a very wealthy family, but where fine roof tiles and intricately carved shutters are missing, they have been replaced by mismatching cheap substitutes. Eldon opens the double doors. "Please, come in."

You step into a foyer that stretches across the front of the house. There is a stairway going up on each end, and to your front you are separated from another room by strings of glass beads hanging from a wide double doorway. From the other doorway in the foyer, next to the staircase on the right, comes a large, well-muscled man, followed by a frowning, middle-aged gnome with spectacles pushed down on his nose. A stout human woman and a wide-eyed boy who looks to be about nine stand on the stairs to the right.

"Well met, well met!" booms the man jovially. He has lost most of his hair, and his right eye socket is scarred shut. He is wearing riding boots and breeches with a loose, embroidered shirt, and has a short sword on his belt. "Welcome to the Adventurers' Guildhall. I am the so-called 'guildmaster,' but please call me Bruce. Eldon and I founded this guild along with Lankin here, who knows a good business opportunity when he sees one! Lankin is our quartermaster - he has made agreements with several merchants in town to give us discount prices, provided you adventurers go through him for all your equipment needs." Lankin nods in agreement. The woman on the steps coughs. "Oh, and of course," says Bruce, "this is my wife Elga and our son Brelgan. The three of us live upstairs on this side of the house, so I'd appreciate it if you will respect our privacy. You are of course welcome to use the Library behind me. Now, let me show you where you'll be staying."

Up the stairs on the left side of the house is a large room, the ceiling slanted to the pitch of the roof, with narrow windows. The room is jammed full of bunkbeds and wooden chests. A few of the beds have bedrolls on them with the closest chests closed and locked. Under each bunkbed is a battered tin chamberpot. A curtain is pulled across the end of the room closest to the street, hiding a few of the bunkbeds from view. On the opposite wall is a fireplace, presumably sharing a chimney with the fireplace in the common room below. A smallish man who looks to be in his thirties is snoring on the bottom bunk closest to the unlit fireplace, a heavy crossbow next to his chamberpot. "This is where you'll be staying, unless you have a home in Bridgeport and you'd rather stay there, as Eldon and Lankin do," says Bruce in hushed tones. "We have a few other Adventurers who live here, but I doubt you'll see any of them for a few days. Bil here is our night guard. Dependable as a rock, but not very sociable. I suppose the job suits him well." He leads you back down to the foyer.

Bruce then pushes through the strings of beads opposite the main entrance and leads you into the largest room in the house. There is a fireplace at the far end, a bar to the left with barstools, and behind the bar is a large dumbwaiter and a door to the back of the property. A few pathetic-looking hunting trophies and unimpressive weapons are mounted high on the walls. A comely young woman with dark hair and well-toned arms, wearing a simple undyed woolen dress, is taking chairs down from atop the several tables in the room. "This is our Common Room," says Bruce. The kitchen and storage rooms are below us, but the stairs down to them are just outside. Ana is here during the days and evenings, but she lives with her brother and his wife just a block away. She does not speak, but she listens well, and that's a good quality in a barmaid in my book!" Ana smiles prettily, then Bruce leads you outside, quietly muttering, "A good quality in any woman, for that matter..." Ana raises an eyebrow as evidence that she has a keen ear indeed.

In the back yard there is a stone patio, and cellar doors that are unlocked and open, revealing brown-stained stone steps leading under the house. Stacks of firewood, a well, and a small stable are closeby. The iron fence that runs around the property has a small gate in the back that opens to an alley, with a large stone jar sitting outside the gate. A cart drawn by a mule stops at the gate, and a miserable-looking teenage boy hops from the back. He swaps the jar with an identical one from the cart and climbs back in. The driver of the cart is an older man smoking a pipe. Bruce cries, "Hallo, Merrill!" The man turns to face you and bows his head, removes his soft leather cap and waves it with a flourish, as if he were a courtier saluting his king. He then gives a shake to the reins and the mule plods forward to the next house.

As you turn back to face Bruce, Lankin comes up the steps with padlocks and keys and begins to silently hand one to each of you. The padlocks match those that were on some of the chests in the Bunkroom upstairs.

"Merrill is a fellow guildmaster, believe it or not," says Bruce. He got fed up with some of the Council's decisions a few months ago, and stopped dung collection throughout Bridgeport until he got his own guild! My, that was a smelly three weeks! I know it sounds ridiculous, but the Doge, the Marshal, and many of the priests supported him, what with the way some of the guilds have been behaving. Turned out well for us, because you can thank Merill for our own guild status - his was the deciding vote! I don't need to tell you that the idea of an Adventurer's Guild was not a popular one, but you know what they say: Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity. And politicians desperate for a shift in the balance of power created the perfect opportunity for me to spend my pension on this little venture. Oh, that boy on the cart is Quinn - I'm afraid he's a bit of a delinquent, but ever since they put him in Merrill's charge he seems to have mended his ways."

"Well, like I said, down those steps are the kitchen and stores, and that's about it. I'm going to go help Eldon finish drawing up your contracts. In case the bards didn't mention it - they usually gloss over details like this - we'll provide your room and board, ammunition and a few other supplies, stabling for your animals, and all the ale you care to drink! In return we ask that you not do anything to give the guild a bad reputation - we've enough enemies as it is - and we'll need fifty percent of your profits until we recover our start-up costs, at which time we can renegotiate your contracts. Oh, and Father Eldon will provide his services free of charge whenever he's at the guildhall, which is most days. Take some time to explore, get settled in if you'll be staying with us, and ask anyone any questions you have. Ana has some eggs and salted pork - and ale if you want it this early - waiting for you in the Common Room."

2007-12-19, 10:45 AM

Vlax cheers up a bit with the mention of free ale, and after politely waiting for Bruce to finish, he moves swiftly back towards the common room for the food and drink. He doesn't even remove his axe from his back, just simply starts eating and quaffing ale.

He raises his mug to Ana, saying "This is good stuff!"

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-19, 11:20 AM
Ana smiles with her mouth slightly open, and her eyes twinkle as if with laughter. The ale is not what most people would call good, but it is palatable.

2007-12-19, 11:40 AM
Matthew is relieved to hear the guild master's friendly and enthusiastic speech in contrast to the rather brooding atmosphere of the march to the guildhall. He seems to have control of things very well. Sounds like the sort of man who could command the respect of a tough fighter type. Vlax seems to already have made himself at home, visibly more relaxed. Something about the words "free" and "beer" perhaps.

Maybe this is all going to work out.

Vlax, save me a seat and don't drink too much yet. I want to challenge you to a drinking contest -- if you'll give me odds -- I'll match every two pints you drink with one for me. Let's get our money's worth. I'm just going to check out the library for a minute. So don't get too far ahead of me.

2007-12-19, 12:40 PM

obviously more open and relaxed in the presence of ale

"ok lad, I'll wait for you, and I'll give you your odds, you look a bit scawney to me, and no sense in having you hammered after a few minutes!"

Vlax takes his Greataxe from his back, and leans it against the table, getting himself more comfortable in the chair.

well the wizard isn't what I expected, he's still into the books, but he's the first spellcaster I've seen who's into drinking, maybe he's ok after all.

2007-12-19, 03:30 PM
Ioth heads to his room and looks it over, after a few moments of consideration he leans his spear against the wall and puts his crossbow and his bolts in the chest at the foot of the bed and closes it, he then puts his backpack on the chest and fishes around in it until he pulls out a bottle of bitterleaf oil, he takes a little out of the bottle and rubs it over his scales and then rubs it off with a small cloth, then places then back into his backpack, and after another moments consideration, places his miners pick in the chest as well. He then takes a moment to make sure his scales are clean and healthy looking, he trudges off to the Common Room

Well, there's not much to do, I can at least get better acquainted with the people I will be traveling with, and try to get on good terms with the dwarf.

2007-12-19, 03:59 PM
Matthew checks to See if the library has anything on "Io" some sort of kobold or dragon deity....?

I really need to study up on this stuff. People expect a wizard to just know things like this. Unfortunately spending most of your time in a pub hanging with musicians isn't the most studious environment for religious education.

2007-12-19, 04:14 PM
The guild was, admittedly, not quite what Fin was expecting. It felt like he was walking through a strangers home when they walked about, rather then an organized guild hall, though he figured he would just have to get used to the place first. Everyone... seemed friendly enough, the only time he really frowned in the whole guide was at the throw away comment Bruce tossed at Ann (assuming we heard it fine) something that sounded a we bit too much like something his father would say. "I'd be one of those" He added quickly as Bruce mentioned 'adventurers from town' as he showed the living quarters "Don't think you'll be seeing me spend much nights. Might be a good place to store something I don't want the Young-'uns at though....".

A good bit after that went over his head. Fin certainly didn't have a head for anything political, and didn't really get how they needed 'permission' to start a guild in the first place. Though he did understand '50% of your profits', and 'cheaper prices at the merchants' well enough, but out of everything payment was what he was keeping his ear out for.

Once all was said and done, he gave a quick glance as Matthew left for the library, not having really any reason to go there himself (unless they have hooked on phonics in there), and pulled out a seat for himself at the table. (next post in the main thread for the adventuring guild)

2007-12-19, 04:25 PM
Vlax smiles at Fin, and continues eating, refraining from downing his mug, waiting for Matthew to come back.

I wonder what happened to that other guy? He was very quiet

2007-12-20, 10:31 AM
Ioth looked around the Common Room and tried to pick out his future traveling comapanions from the assembled adventurers
bah, humans look so alike to me its hard to tell who's who, I've definately gotten better but I still need improvement he spotted Matthew, Vlax, and Fin after a moment, then he thought to himself isnt there supposed to be another here? Thats weird.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-20, 11:22 AM
Bruce (entering the common room)
"Your contracts are prepared, bold adventurers, and if you will all make your way into the library Eldon will help you sign them, then he will enter your names in the Roll at the Council Chambers when the open in an hour. So please, finish your food and drink, but it would be helpful if Eldon could be on his way before the Chambers get too busy, or the good Father will be there all day. Oh, and once you sign you may take your insignia, and also Lankin has some small welcome gifts for you down in the stores."

(Should you go into the library, this is what you will see.)

The library is decorated in an odd assortment of styles. A map, which appears to be fairly new, adorns one wall, with a worn spot over the city of Bridgeport. A few shelves have books and scrolls on them, but most are empty. The table appears to have been fashioned from a large wooden door, and there are two rough-hewn benches about six feet long, one on either side of the table. On the table are pen, ink, and sheets of parchment (the contracts). Also on the table are several small silver brooches, in the form of three intersecting lines: a winding road, or perhaps a river, overlaid with a crossed sword and a staff. A narrow window opening onto the back yard allows some light into the room, but there is also a candelabra on the table and a torch in a bracket on the wall.

(If you are literate in Common, this is what the Contracts say - Eldon will read it accurately to you if you request it.)

Let it be known that the signer of this contract is a full member of the Adventurer's Guild of the Fair City of Bridgeport, having agreed to the following expectations and benefits:

Expectations: Member is expected to spend most of his or her days actively seeking opportunities for experience, glory, and profit. Member will contribute his or her talents to support other members and the Guild as a whole in pursuance of the same. Member will exercise reasonable discretion in these activities, especially when conducted within the city and surrounding area of Bridgeport. Member will endeavor at all times to prevent the Guild from dishonor or excessive financial loss. Member will contribute 50% of monies earned through any activity to the care of the guild treasurer, until such time that the value of 1000 gp have been contributed. Thenceforth, member need only contribute a tithe of 10%. Should a member experience material gain in a form other than coinage, a reasonable contribution to the guild is expected.
Failure to follow these expectations may result in temporary or permanent forfeiture of your benefits, and a guild officer may ultimately request the Council of Guilds expel you from the Roll of Members.

Benefits: Member shall enjoy free room, board, stabling, and drink at the Adventurers' Guildhall. This privilege shall not be extended to family or guests without the approval of a guild officer. Members are free to go where they please and do as they please, provided activities meet the above expectations. The member shall enjoy the physical sanctuary of the guildhall and representation by the Guildmaster in the Council of Guilds. Requests for loans or grants of monies or equipment, when necessary for a highly profitable adventure or in situations of dire need, may be granted by a majority of guild officers. Should a member be wounded or fall ill while conducting legitimate guild activities and return to the guildhall alive, his healing shall be provided for with guild resources. After ten years of active adventuring, member shall enjoy guild benefits for life, as long as his or her conduct remains good (as determined by a majority of guild officers), whether or not he or she continues to seek adventure.

The new member shall proudly wear the insignia of Adventurers, and a guild officer shall enter the new member's name into the Roll of Members of the Council of Guilds at the first possible opportunity. This contract shall not expire until such time as the new member should resign his membership, or such time as the Council of Guilds decides his membership must be revoked, in accordance with the laws of Bridgeport.

______________, New Member
Bruce Wrightson, Guildmaster
Eldon Highburrow, 2nd Adventurer
Lankin Copperbags, Guild Treasurer

(If you go down to the kitchen and stores, this is what you see.)

It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dim light in the cool basement of the guildhall. There are two fireplaces, sharing their chimneys with those of the common rooms above. There are three spits for roasting meat, cauldrons on hooks that can swivel in and out of the fireplace, and various other cooking accoutrements. A block of kitchen knives, a mortar and pestle, and a small supply of herbs and raw vegetables sit on one side of a table identical to the one in the library. Wooden buckets, sealed with pitch, are in one corner, along with some cleaning supplies. A calico cat, not fully grown but missing part of one ear, yowls at you and skitters behind some wooden pallets, on which are stacked sacks of grain or flour. Some casks and bottles are stored next to the dumbwaiter which may convey them to the bar above.
Walls made of large bricks separate the half of the room that is furthest from the door (and closest to the main street) into three smaller rooms. Two of the rooms have no doors, and you can see they are each lit with dim, slow-burning torches. You can see smoked and salted meats hanging in one room, while the other is crowded with various adventuring equipment. The third room has a sturdy door, locked with two large padlocks.
Lankin sits on a stool outside the equipment room. He hands you a sack with five days' trail rations, five torches, and a standard bundle of ammunition for your ranged weapon (slings and bullets are available for those without a ranged weapon). He then solemnly counts out ten gp worth of coins to any character who answers that he or she lacks this amount (any combination of gold, silver, and copper that you want), explaining that it should be used as your expense account for guild purposes.

2007-12-20, 11:54 AM
Vlax quickly finishes his food and downs the last of his ale. He picks up his axe again and fastens it to his back. Before heading to the library he says to matthew "Looks like we're going to have that competition later lad"

Vlax then walks out to the library, where he requests the contract to be read to him. After listening intently, he nods and scrawls his first name (the only thing he can read or write) on the line.

Vlax then heads downstairs to the stores. He feels quite at home here, being a dwarf and therefore used to being underground. He recieves the pack, but asks Lankin "Do you have any throwing axes? Im more at home using them than a sling"

2007-12-20, 11:59 AM
I suppose I ought to read this first... blah blah blah... 50% .... blah blah up to 1000gp ... leave whenever you want. Fair enough. Oh no ... looks like they want you to sign with two names. Let's see now. I could go with Matthew Littleton after my birth town. Or how about ...

Matthew signs himself as "Matthew Estella" taking the name of his grandmother and former tutor in the illusionary arts.

To Fin (or anyone else wondering about the 50% cut):
That could be a good sign. All the best paying joints take the biggest cuts. It means they figure we're going to make a pile of money at this and will be able to afford it.

Matthew catches up with Vlax. Oh and I can't use a sling I'm afraid. Could I have a crossbow? If you have a broken one I might be able to mend it.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-20, 12:46 PM
Lankin (to Matthew)

"As a matter of fact, we do have a broken light crossbow here, I'm not quite sure where it came from... ah, here it is, and here are some bolts for it in case you manage to fix it. Thanks for taking it off my hands."

2007-12-20, 01:08 PM
Fin Flow

He let out a sigh of relief, quite happy they had the contracts ready before half the room was drunk, going to the library first.

Fin signs his name (or rather 'prints his name' crudely) 'Fin Flow at the bottom of the document after it's read out to him, trying to be as polite as possible around Eldon, not forgetting his thank-yous, and what not. He 'is' another holy man after all, all be it not of Fins own faith. Still, a lot of the aspects of the contract seemed... odd to him, particularly the 1000 gold requirement. That was more then Fin had ever earned in his life! Were they really going to be racking up that much gold in this job? He glanced at Mathew a little skeptical but shrugged.

"Hoping you be right about that"

He follows Matthew down to the storage after that, and quite happily accepted the free gold, and food. Giving a "Thanks!" To Lanken in an instant.

He did... take one of the slings, cocking a brow, and finding it rather strange they'd be taking something like 'these' on an actual 'adventure' "Haven't touched one of these since I was a Little'un. 'Course, all I got from it was a broken window and a tanned hide hahaha" tucking it away he glanced back at Lanken with his right eye "Don't think I'll be needing anymore then that. Though, I'd be wondering how we'll be getting jobs in all this. Will folks hire the guild, and they'll send us out to do work? Or are we going to be walking 'round looking for it on our own? Bit a both I'm figuring..?"

2007-12-20, 01:18 PM
Matthew tries to take a peek into the store room as Lankin is getting the broken crossbow. The crossbow looks like it might be mended with a simple cantrip, but Matthew hasn't prepared that spell today.

Mending cantrip (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/mending.htm)

To Lankin:
Thanks, sir. I hope this venture makes a lot of money for you. That's right isn't it? You are the financial backer of the guild? Are you an adventurer yourself too?

To Vlax:
If they have no throwing axes we could use the expense account cash to get some.

To Lankin:
Is there any particular shop we should buy from in town?

Hearing Fin's remarks Matthew thinks, Well that's a smart question. This guy is more than just a big pile of muscle.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-20, 01:56 PM

"Me - an adventurer? Hahahahaha! Though I must say, just keeping the books for this place is an adventure in itself. Bruce took his whole pension in one lump sum, including what he got for the loss of his eye, and sunk it all into this place, along with Eldon's meager funds. I think they would have lost it all to no avail if Elga - who knew me from church - hadn't persuaded them to bring me into the partnership. No offense, but adventurer's don't usually have much... business sense.

Speaking of business sense, no, I don't have any throwing axes, and if if I did, they wouldn't be part of your little fruit basket here. I still can't get over the ten gold, but Bruce vouched that all of you would be staying on and that somebody would need it for sure for some healing potion or whatnot, and that it would end up paying off tenfold. Well, at least you're the best of the best. Bruce said he was very selective when he went through your references and interviewed you.

"Anyway, if you want an item, it's best if you tell me ahead of time, and I'll go hunt down the best deal in town and bring some back here within a day or two. Please don't go shopping for equipment in Bridgeport or you'll ruin my reputation with the craftsmen. I'll look for some throwing axes this afternoon, and if you've got the cash, I'll sell them to you at cost."

2007-12-20, 03:12 PM

to Lankin, slightly taken aback after detecting a hint of irritation at his question"Well I'm sorry if I'm asking too much of you. I'll stick with the sling for now, let me know how much you'd be wanting for a set of throwing axes later."

2007-12-20, 03:13 PM
Ioth heads to the library. When he arrives he reads the contract, and signs it "Ioth of Kaerinath" {In Common} I hear it is common for people to use their hometown as a title, or something along those lines, well my Lair was named after the Red Dragonness we serve. Afterward Ioth asks {In Common} I already have a crossbow, I could use some more bolts for it though

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-20, 03:14 PM
Matthias appears to be less decisive than his companions, and continues to study the contract closely. Meanwhile, Bruce shows a new person into the library.

"Here's a latecomer, Eldon! Berwin, is it? Evidently the bardsong he heard left out the part about the dawn pick-up at the Bridge, but somehow he found his way here, ho! Sign your contract quickly, reverend, and get to the basement so Eldon and Lankin can get on with their business, then take some time to relax and meet the other folks who signed on today."

Upon catching sight of Berwin, Eldon raises his eyebrows in surprise. He looks at Bruce, who simply shrugs and leaves the room. Eldon quickly composes himself, and primly presents Berwin with a contract.

2007-12-20, 09:38 PM

"Well yes, Berwin is right. Excuse my late arrival, there was a little disruption in our garden yesterday, which delayed my departure."
The cleric introduces himself with a high raspy voice.

He takes the contract and sits down to read it once in it's entirety and signing it without any display of emotion as Berwin, servant of Neraynh. He hands it back to Eldon and nods with a faint smile. Berwin then takes the brooch, fiddles around with it a bit, seemingly undecided where to put it, and finally sticks it onto his Armor.

Walking down to the stores, he gladly accepts the food with the same nod and smile, but declines the other offers, "I have everything I need," and gently strokes over his pendant.

At last, he walks back up to the others, nods and smiles to everyone, takes a seat and carefully puts his shield and pick down next to him. All this, he does without arousing much attention, wouldn't it be for the slight scent of decay, that emanates from his clothes.

2007-12-20, 11:24 PM

It is this very scent of decay that awakens Matthias from his mental slumber. Shaking his head lightly, he looks up at Bruce, seemingly just out of a dream.

They think me a fool already, Matthias thinks. I'll show them fool!

Grabbing the contract, having already read it before losing himself to his daydream, Matthias quickly sketches out "Matthias Foolson" in cursive and slams the contract back down on the desk.

He immediately marches down to the common room. "My apologies for my absentmindedness, fellows," he says with a foolish grin. "Won't happen again."

2007-12-21, 12:05 AM
Fins question goes, mostly unanswered as Lanken gets distraction from the 'adventurer' comment. Not wanting to interrupt him Fin just drops the idea for now, and heads back up to the common room, spotting Matthias and waving via a nod.

To Matthias
"Seemed a bit out of it since we got here there. More then one thing on yer mind I'm gathering?" Fin says, casually glancing around at the common room, somewhere he'd imagine he'll have to get used to seeing before taking a seat.

2007-12-21, 01:07 AM
Hey Fin, you're a local right? Do you know anything about the local guild politics in Bridgeport? Lankin seemed a bit ... hard to read there. Perhaps it's nothing, but I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about the guilds now I'm in one.

Let's see if I can make a Knowledge: Local roll.

Oh excuse me for interrupting! Matthias isn't it? I'm Matthew. You want to hang out with the senior adventurers then? As he jokes, he gestures in a manner to include Fin, Vlax, Ioth and himself. We were all signed up this morning. You were right behind us; what happened?

Without really giving anyone much chance to respond he goes on....

Oh and someone else new.....

2007-12-21, 01:15 AM
{In Common} Senior adventurer? ME? thats a good one, truly this will be my first actual "Adventure" before this I merely took some jobs as a caravan guard or to help scare off some goblins, I've not had an eventful career so far, though I'm hoping my lack of experience won't get me killed in some gruesome manner Ioth interjects from the side.

2007-12-21, 08:26 AM

"Well If you count wandering around, drinking a lot, bar brawls, and defending yourself againast the local wildlife, I've had a little experience in adventuring.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-21, 11:02 AM
Ana bursts into the Common Room from the back door, looking wide-eyed and panicked. She tugs at the arms of all the adventurers in the room, gesturing frantically through the doorway towards one of the large stone jars that are usually kept just outside the alley gate. For some reason, this jar is on its side in the middle of the path from the back door to the alley gate, its wooden cover lying on the ground nearby.

Edit: The results of Matthew's Knowledge check:

I) The city of Bridgeport and its surrounding area, collectively known as The Fair City of Bridgeport, is ruled by three branches of government.
A) The Head of State and Chief Magistrate is known by the title of "Doge" (pronounced with a long "o", soft "g", and silent "e") and is elected for life by the Council of Guilds, each guild having one vote through its guildmaster. The current Doge was once master of the Smiths' guild and took the name of Aloysius III upon his accession to power forty years ago.
B) The Council of Guilds, in addition to electing the Doge, has tremendous power of the purse. All levies of gold, goods, or government employees (including the Army) must be approved by the Council (except in case of a Holy Directive). The Doge has the power to do as he pleases once these materials or persons are appropriated for government use, but he knows that if he doesn't follow the Council's recommendations on expenditures, the Council will be less likely to give him future levies he requests. Voting power for levies is not equal among the guilds, but rather works by a seniority system: the most junior guild gets one vote, the second most junior gets two votes, and so forth all the way up to the most senior guild. Seniority is determined by the chronological order in which the guilds were approved to join the council. Votes by one guild are all-or-nothing and determined by the guildmaster. The different guilds have different methods of determining who their guildmaster is.
C) The third branch, known as "The High Priests" has little power except in great crisis. Each of the most senior clerics of the three most commonly worshiped deities in The Fair City (Pelor, Yondalla, and Obad-Hai) has the authority to declare a State of Emergency in The Fair City. This triumvirate then has the power to issue certain directives that are outside the usual laws, but these directives must be unanimous (all three clerics) or they are invalid. Examples of Holy Directives in Bridgeport history include a draft of citizens for the Army and seizure of private possessions needed by the Army (both done when the city was attacked by Vanorian cavalry centuries ago) and various quarantines of the port or certain parts of the city, usually for public health reasons. States of Emergency are actually declared every few years or so by one High Priest or another, but they are usually only political saber-rattling with no real power behind them. It is very rare that the High Priests of three different deities would ever agree on anything, much less a Holy Directive!
D) The formation of a new guild must be approved by a simple majority of guildmasters plus the approval of the Doge.
II) There are no known powerful wizards or sorcerors in The Fair City, but it is vaguely rumored that some of the guildmasters had supernatural assistance in gaining power in recent years.
III) The Army of Bridgeport is small but professional, and is commanded by an appointee of the Doge who holds the rank of Marshal. There is no Navy, but the Army has a few small boats for harbor and river patrols/defense.
IV) Among the citizens of The Fair City, most humans worship Pelor, most halflings worship Yondalla, and gnomes are about evenly split between Garl Glittergold and Obad-Hai. Other deities are worshipped to a smaller extent. Not all followers of each deity fall within the traditional racial delineations. Bridgeport tradition names Obad-Hai not only as the god of nature, but also as the god of the sea, and he is frequently depicted with a garland of seaweed rather than oak leaves.
V) Some areas of the city include:
A) The Port. On the coast of the ocean to the east of the Timber River. Known for pubs full of rowdy (but fortunately small) gnome sailors.
B) Old East Bridgeport. Just north of the Port, a mostly industrial area. This was the center of activity in Bridgeport before the Timber River trade routes opened with the Dwarves. There are quite a few homes that were once considered grand and are now crumbling (including the Adventurers' Guildhall).
C) The Docks. On the eastern bank of the Timber River. The center of trade with human, dwarf, and halfling cities inland.
D) New East Bridgeport. This part of town, once farmland, was developed when Aloysius III became Doge. A grid of well organized streets contains new government buildings and the more important guildhalls, as well as the homes of many government and guild officials.
E) West Bridgeport. Populated mostly by halflings, it is home to a small-boat fishing industry as well as many peat-cutters and peat-carters.
F) The Great Bridge Area, on both banks of the river, has no residential homes, but serves as a thriving downtown for shopping areas and entertainment venues.

2007-12-21, 11:38 AM
Rushing outside and seeing the dung collection jar on the ground Matthew's first thought is, "Perhaps there was a spider crawled up in the jar and it scared her". But no, that doesn't seem to fit; Ana isn't that flighty sort of girl. Something's really wrong here. Perhaps there's an intruder? Hey! Is anyone there?

Glancing at Ana for a cue, Matthew quickly looks around the back garden. If the gate is open, he rushes out to the alley and looks up and down it.


We saw the large stone jar when first arriving: (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66910)

The iron fence that runs around the property has a small gate in the back that opens to an alley, with a large stone jar sitting outside the gate. A cart drawn by a mule stops at the gate, and a miserable-looking teenage boy hops from the back. He swaps the jar with an identical one from the cart and climbs back in. The driver of the cart is an older man smoking a pipe. Bruce cries, "Hallo, Merrill!" The man turns to face you and bows his head, removes his soft leather cap and waves it with a flourish, as if he were a courtier saluting his king. He then gives a shake to the reins and the mule plods forward to the next house. .....

"Merrill is a fellow guildmaster, believe it or not," says Bruce. He got fed up with some of the Council's decisions a few months ago, and stopped dung collection throughout Bridgeport until he got his own guild! My, that was a smelly three weeks!

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-21, 12:43 PM
Matthew sees nothing in the alley.

DB, good stuff - die rolls justify me giving the party experience points. Now wait for your other party members to post until you post again in this thread (you don't have to do this all the time, just right now while there's some interesting action) - thanks.

2007-12-21, 03:30 PM
Ioth scurries over to the door and peers out, cocking his head as if listening to something

[roll0] listen
[roll1] spot

2007-12-21, 03:37 PM
Vlax hurries towards the courtyard, goes past Ioth and moves towards Matthew, stopping between them. He slowly takes his axe from his back. He listens intently and scans the area.

[roll0] spot
[roll1] listen

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-21, 04:47 PM
Ioth catches a glimpse of something moving at the mouth of the jar, but before he can shout a warning, a snake the length of a man's arm strikes from its coiled position at Vlax, who is standing dangerously nearby, axe in hand, scanning for enemies everywhere but at his very feet.

Surprise attack against Vlax, who is wearing armor but caught flatfooted: [roll0]
Now everybody roll for initiative, including any characters who just now showed up at the back door (50' from the jar, 100' from the alley)

2007-12-21, 05:04 PM

On his turn, since Matthew is 50' from the action he'll draw his dagger and rush back to see what's going on. His preferred attack would be to throw a dagger from 10' away, and avoid melee, but I'm not sure he'll get that chance this round.

Besides, Vlax' poison save, as we know now, is pretty darn good!
Poison snake vs Dwarf? Ha!

2007-12-21, 05:09 PM
[roll0] right?

On Ioth's turn, Ioth jumps at the snake, intent on snapping it in his jaws, Ioth is 50' away, and his reaction is pure reflex, because his spear and crossbow are still in his room.

2007-12-21, 05:16 PM
Matthias quickly dashes to the door, spotting the snake. He draws his javelin and moves as close as he can to the snake, as quickly as possible.

Too far away to attack, draw weapon, and move all in the same turn.

Initiative [roll0]

2007-12-21, 06:08 PM
Aww, all the fun starts while I'm at work. Oh well Fins go! Initive [roll0] Also seeing as I didn't get a chance to Fin's Spot, and listen, in the case that it's still relavent. Spot [roll1] Listen [roll2]

Fins first response to suddenly being dragged outside is confusion, but it quickly becomes apparent why she brought them out there as the snake snaps at Vlax! His first response (once he gets a turn) is to run over to the blasted thing, and stomp its head into the dirt (Charge 50 feet, then unarmed strike).

2007-12-21, 08:33 PM
[roll0] - initiative

AC flatfooted is 14, so the snake misses

When Vlax gets to react, he goes to cut the snake in half with the greataxe.

2007-12-22, 08:40 AM
Berwin follows the others outside, shield and pick in hand, but as he sees the others all over the snake already, he makes no intent to attack.

Initiative: [roll0]

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-22, 09:21 AM
The snake's fangs glance harmlessly off the bottom fringe of Vlax's chain shirt. Matthias runs up, his javelin in hand. Berwin continues to assess the situation, staying out of the way of his companions. Ioth sprints and dives at the snake, attacking with his teeth and claws - exposing his vulnerable head and neck to the snake who takes the opportunity to strike. Fin also sprints, and with the power and speed of a kickboxer drives his heel at the snake.

The snake's initiative: [roll0]

The SRD doesn't mention anything about Kobolds having a natural attack. The standard unarmed attack (punches, kicks, headbutts) for a small creature is 1d2 nonlethal damage, with a -4 penalty to attack to make it lethal. I think damage from a human bite would be negligible, but I agree a Kobold should get something. House rule: Kobolds get a bite/claw attack of 1d2 lethal damage (no penalty to attack roll), but because they are not highly practiced in using it like a monk or an animal with its natural attack, it draws an attack of opportunity like an unarmed attack does. Oh, and Ioth is wearing his daylight goggles, so he's not dazzled. Standby for my double post, I can't put new rolls in an edited post.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-22, 11:54 AM
Snake's attack of opportunity against Ioth: [roll0]. If he hits, damage is 1 HP plus poison. Ioth and Fin both have a -2 charge penalty to their AC for one round. This snake has a poisonous bite that deals initial and secondary damage of 1d6 Con. The save is Fortitude vs. poison, DC 10.

Ioth's semi-natural bite/claw attack with charge bonus (hope you don't mind that I roll for you to keep things moving here): [roll1]. If he hits, damage is [roll2] HP.

Fin's monk unarmed strike with charge bonus: [roll3]. If he hits, damage is [roll4]

Before Vlax and Matthew can enter the fray, the viper retreats into the bottom of the open stone jar, which is lying on its side.

Viper and kobold fangs both miss. Then Fin crushes the snake's head beneath his heel, instantly killing it. Ana peeks out the back door, trembling and sobbing silently.

2007-12-22, 12:45 PM
Cool! Our first monster!
Not very big. Looks like someone is trying to leave our guild a message.

Ha, that was pretty brave Fin, but I think I'd have left that little snake up to Vlax here. He could probably have picked it up and bitten it's head off safely. Remember how easily he shrugs off poisons? I guess we're all tough adventurers though, so a little snake shouldn't be much.....

Matthew then notices Ana and remembers who was first attacked by the snake.
His attitude changes suddenly from triumphant to angry.

Damnit! They could have killed Ana!

Matthew starts swearing as only someone who's spent half their life in a bar can. First in common, and then as he runs out of words, in Dwarvish and finally Draconian. At first it's almost funny to hear the little guy going on but he starts to cry through the anger. He rubs his hands in his eyes and falls to his knees angry and tearful. This isn't what I signed up for is it? I thought I'd be bravely fighting monsters. Fair play. Them against me, me and my team mates. Cowards!!

Aaaargh! What kind of evil bastard would do something like this ....

[voice in Matthew's head]
Hm. What kind indeed? It's quite a clever ploy.

the voice in his head is in draconic - in case it matters
I'm still trying to get a font that looks right and is readable, although I don't know if this episode will be repeated yet. This wasn't exactly the direction I had planned for poor Matthew.
Anyway so far as anyone can tell he's just blowing off steam because all the other text is just his own thoughts.... or something like that.

There's a bit more to this first speech of "Voice in Matthew's head" to come but I think the others will want to post reactions to their first victory and so on before I post the rest of it.


[voice in Matthew's head]
Yes. Clever. Does the Guildmaster handle his own manure? No. This was aimed at the servant girl. Now imagine what would have happened if she'd died. Vivacious. Innocent. Vulnerable. Dearly beloved by all those [I]wannabee Justicars in there. All those loose cannons. They would just have to seek revenge. They'd fall over themselves not even knowing who to attack. Chaos. And then the guild council would be so reluctantly forced to act against the Adventurer guild. No trail of evidence. Completely deniable. Smart move. Clever.

2007-12-22, 03:13 PM
Vlax smiles at the complement of "being able to rip its head off." When Matthew breaks down he feels sorry for him and wants to help, but isn't sure how to react and doesn't know what to do.

This is the uncivilised trait kicking in

Instead he settles to crouch down and take a better look at the snake.

I wonder who would do this? Could it have anything to do with that youth from the dung collectors guild? or maybe his guild master was in on it too? Ahh, maybe I should leave the thinking to those more suited to it. Though Matthew's not in any position for that right now, I wonder whats up with him?

2007-12-22, 04:14 PM
Berwin turns to Ana and looks at her with a smirk. "I guess you won't be requiring my services today, yes?" Turning to the others again he continues: "And neither does one of my new comrades i suppose. The animal however..." He walks up to Vlax and kneels down next to him. He touches the vipers head, mumbling a short blessing an then begins to check it out as well.

Not sure, but this could be common knowledge: Can this be a natural occurence or is there no doubt that the snake was deliberately put there to attack someone?

2007-12-22, 04:25 PM
Re-quivering his javelin, Matthias turns and places a hand on Ana's shoulder. "It will be fine, miss," he says softly. "We'll always be here to help you."

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-22, 04:28 PM
The snake is bright green with a triangular head and large fangs with drops of liquid oozing from the points. It looks like it would belong more in a rain forest than in the pastures around Bridgeport.

2007-12-22, 04:36 PM
critical to the snakes head huh? I swear I remember making my own rolls for smashing the things head.... not that I'm complaining! Nice quick end to that fight. As I've done once before a few of Fins comments here are in the 'past' just showing his responses, and what he's 'doing' while others are talking, or freaking out. This is mostly to make up for me not posting as often as I'd like. I kinda Had a game to run last so it took up most of my time.

Fin looks down at whats left of the snake, both eyes open. Kicking it from his boot, it was pretty clear the thing was dead, brains, and blood splattered about. As his left eye closed, he came up for far more reasonable reasons for the snake to be there: Someones pet who had gotten away; was out from the country somewhere, and had slithered into the vase looking for mice, and things before getting shipped off. The idea of foul play only came to his mind for a second... but right now there wasn't any REAL reason to suspect this was anything else but an accident.

Before saying anything else, he cautiously looks into the Jar, making sure there are no more surprises. (And if there are he'll be ready to snap their necks!)

The present (ignore the following if there ARE more snakes in there, as Fin would obviously be busy doing something about them if there are.)

"Critters ain't going to be hurting anyone now" Fin says, turning around, and giving the shivering Ana a smile, before glancing down at the Berwin, brushing the hair out from under his eyes as Berwin, and Vlax take, a look at the snake. "Figure he just ran into the Jar looking for Mice, and Got himself stuck?" He says in passing, kneeling down as the other two look at it.

Not sure if I can attempt this or not but Knowledge:local on the snake. Fins trying to remember if this is a breed that's normally found around these parts or if snakes are common around here at all! [roll0] seems you posted while I was typing! Well then let me fix that

He quirks a brow a bit, a little surprised at what the snake looked like "... Well.. no.. that can't be right, this snake ain't no Local, wouldn't be long dead come a cold spell" Now Fin actually had some reason to suspect. What was a snake like this doing here? It still struck him as strange that someone would purposely try to hurt the people here.

But it could of come from port somewhere... plenty of foreign ships come a-shore every day, the snake could of somehow got on board one of them. But that was one hell of a long shot.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-22, 04:44 PM
Ana brings her own hand across her body to rest on top of Matthias' hand on her shoulder. She closes her eyes and takes a few deep, slow breaths. She opens her eyes and nods when Fin speaks to her, then gently slips away from Matthias and goes down the exterior steps into the basement, without looking towards the dead viper.

2007-12-22, 04:49 PM
Vlax looks up at Fin, shrugs and says "I don't know, I'm wondering if the dung collectors guild, or just that kid had anything to do with it, but that could just be me being paranoid.

Vlax stands up, and goes searching around the courtyard for any other "surprises"

[roll0] search check

(if he finds anything, he shouts out so the others know too)

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-22, 04:54 PM
Cautiously, the members of Team Adder take their time looking and listening around the back yard of the Adventurers' Guild property, and find nothing remarkable.

I played this as if you "Took 20" to Listen and Spot.

2007-12-22, 05:35 PM
Ioth stands up, feeling a fool more because he missed the snake than because of his reaction, having a good reaction time is nothing to be ashamed of he feels, but missing an enemy and opening oneself up to attack is always a foolish thing to do {In Common}Yes well, I suppose I should start carrying around my spear, just in case this WAS a deliberate attack
Ioth takes a final glance around the alleyway to see if anyone or anything is lurking in the shadows
[roll0] I hope its ok if I do another spot check now that the actions over

2007-12-22, 05:45 PM
Matthew looks zoned out for a little bit. His eyes look distant.

[voice in Matthew's head]
If they think this attack failed to get the guild stirred up they will have to try some other provocation. The agent who planted the serpent will have to try again and soon, or he will fail his master. Perhaps another snake, or maybe some more risky attack that will be more easily traced. Set a trap for them and turn the tables!

Trust no one. The guild may have been penetrated with a spy! There must be no sign that anything is wrong or they might not feel the need for another act of provocation.

paranoid anyone?

Matthew appears to recover, and replies to Vlax.
No, I think the dung collectors guild is our ally. But this is probably something political. Matthew explains what he knows about the guild system in Bridgeport.

Did you guys see the huge spoiler the DM posted above on the Bridgeport political set up btw? (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3690312&postcount=38)

I dunno guys ... this may sound a bit stupid but .... I was thinking it might be best to keep a lid on this incident and check it out ourselves. I think the snake was meant to get us all mad as hell, to go out and do something stupid that might cause the guild a bad name. Beating up someone. Attacking another guild maybe. Something like that? That would be just the excuse needed to get the guild disbanded by the council.

Maybe if we keep this quiet the assailant will try again? We could stake out the alley or something? Make our own trap? Matthew is already having doubts about this plan as the memory of the forceful voice fades from his mind. Trust nobody? He has to trust his team doesn't he?

2007-12-22, 06:07 PM
Fin Flow
As the place seemed to be clear of any more 'little critters (Minus Ioth anyway) Fin stood up straight looking back at Matthew "...So you think this be all politics huh? Well, I ain't going to call myself any expert on that... but I suppose it could be..but it could be a lot of other things still"

The young man starts making his way back inside "Too much guessing right now. Not much good of setting a trap if we ain't even sure on what we're trying to catch."

Upon getting to the door he looks back "I think right now what we gotta worry most about is just keeping everyone safe eh? If you're right, some fellah did put that critter there on purpose, it wasn't put there for any of us: we wouldn't of been the ones to open that Jar after all. One of the girls, or folks working here would of been, and did." he heads inside, waving his hand back "Going to tell the boss about all this either way, maybe he's got a better idea"
He chuckles to himself grining "And maybe we're just being a bunch of worrying annyies, and this ain't nothing but a big accident"

And Fin's off to find Bruce if he's around. Wondering about guilds, and other such things. Not something he obsessed about too much, he knew his away around town sure, where places were, things like that, but he never bothered to much with 'actual' politics. Matthews idea seemed.. a little to contrived for him though. too complicated for a practical plan. If this was some sort of 'guild war' like action this was more of a warning, then a murder attempt. 'Get in any deeper, and this is what's in store for you'. Still, he couldn't help but feel they were ALL a little too parnoid at this point. An Accident is more likely, and for now they should just try to keep sane heads.

2007-12-22, 06:19 PM

Vlax re-attaches his axe to his back. He still looks a little concerned about Matthew.

"I'm no expert on politics either, but I think you're right Matthew. I think we need to tighten security round here, and we really don't want to go off attacking the first suspects. I think it might be an idea to go down to the docks and market, see if we can find out how something as exotic as this could have got into town. But I'm not exactly great at public relations."

Vlax lifts the urn up, replaces the lid and moves it back to where it was supposed to be, clearing up the mess.

2007-12-22, 06:48 PM
Fin's probably got more self-control than any of us. And I suppose we ought to tell the Guildmaster......

Matthew is late to the search for clues but lends his close scrutiny to the snake and the area where the jar is usually kept just in case. He calmly makes a mental note of how the snake looks and how it moved; an automatic reaction from his long training in the arts. You never know when you'll want an illusion of a nice scary looking fanged snake.

Oops. Forgot to not preview my +7 search or whatever, but I doubt there's anything to find. I guess I'll just take 20 too.

I don't know much about snakes Vlax. You're idea sounds good... or perhaps our quatermaster would know who you could buy an exotic animal like that from in town. Still I wouldn't mind staking out the alley tonight. Of course, maybe it's nothing but an accident after all Yeah right!

I'm going to see if Fin managed to find Bruce.
Actually can we have a feasibility comment on the idea of staking out or trapping the alley? What I mean is how many people go down the alley -- for example how many in the 20-30 mins we have been standing around? And would there be an opportunity to hide there?

2007-12-22, 06:53 PM

Vlax agrees with the others plans, and goes back into the common room. He sits at the bar, without a drink, in deep thought.

2007-12-22, 09:44 PM
Berwin returns to the common room as well, not showing any signs of concern about the event. He looks at the others though to see if anyone makes a motion to go to the guildmaster right away.

If someone goes to talk to the guildmaster or any other authority of the guild he will gladly accompany him.

2007-12-23, 10:42 AM
Seeing nothing, Ioth makes his way back to his room. When he gets there he puts his backpack on the bed and packs everything from the chest back inside it. He then fishes around in his pack till he pulls out the bitterleaf oil, and rubs it on all his scales, then puts it back again. After that is done he leaves the pack on the bed, after putting tying the crossbow to his belt, and grabs his spear before heading downstairs.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-23, 01:08 PM
Back in the Common Room, all of Team Adder is assembled, along with Bruce and his family, Ana, Eldon, Lankin, and even Bil, the night watchman, to discuss the episode of the viper in the dung jar.

I agree, this could be anything ranging from a freak accident to a not-very-good assassination attempt. And I agree, we should look into it, but not overreact. I'll tell you what we should do. If anyone sees anything out of the ordinary, even if it seems trivial, you should tell someone else so you at least get a second pair of eyes on it before you dismiss it as nothing. Bil, that means you should wake me up if something goes bump in the night. And this evening I'll take all you adventurers to go see Merill and ask him if he knows anything, especially about Quinn being involved in any trouble these days. So let's go ahead and eat dinner, then after you finish any last-minute preparations we'll go to the Dungcarters' Guildhall.

2007-12-23, 01:23 PM
Matthew says nothing of his suspicion that there might be a spy in the guild.

The other seem to be making sure their weapons are ready. Matthew usually only carries his daggers.... after lunch he can see about casting Mending on that broken crossbow and using it.

2007-12-23, 01:34 PM
Ioth finishes his meal and heads up to his room. When he arrives he meticulously checks all of his things, making sure everything is in order. After he's sure everything is where it should it be, Ioth heads downstairs with his backpack strapped onto his back, and his crossbow dangling from his belt, with spear in hand, and his symbol of Io, clutched in his other claw.

2007-12-23, 01:54 PM
Vlax eats his meal silently, and then waits for the others to be ready, as he has nothing to prepare.

2007-12-23, 10:35 PM
As the matters of the snake were discussed Fin mostly kept a serious expression, arms crossed, nodding as he agreed with Bruce. Being a bit more careful was a good idea, but this just wasn't something to 'panic' about yet.

After they got into dinner however his mood improved considerably, while his companions were eating quietly, and gripping weapons tightly he was chatting with the other 'locals' at the table over recent events in the city (that is the folks running the guild), nothing that wouldn't normally be tossed over a dinner table.

"Old Jenkins is dead? Alcohol poisoning?... Well least he died how he lived"

"Oh, common now! No way Terrin is beating Hallem in the festival this year. Sure, That terrain fellah got a lot of youth behind him, but no way he can stand up to a vet like Hal!"

"The Red robins closing? Damn, that was still 'round during my great Granddads day, waste of history!"

Forgive my 'made up' Banter there, just wanted to show Fin is pretty sociable in the right scene. But I also can't spend three days making the conversation up so this is the 'samples' quick version/

Much like Vlax, Fin has little in the ways to 'get ready' before going out. Everything he needs is on him, and his weapon of choice is hardly something 'storable'. Once dinner is over, he helps out with the dishes, and cleaning stuff up, before meeting everyone else for the trip to chat with Merill

2007-12-23, 11:14 PM

Matthias also has little to prepare. He spends much of breakfast sitting near Fin and participating in conversation as best he can.

2007-12-26, 09:56 AM

Berwin listens attentively to the dinner conversations, or at least looks as if he would, but doesn't join in on them. In fact he says nothing at all, aside from thanking for the served food.

Afterwards he is pretty much ready anyway and waits for Bruce to lead the way

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-26, 03:08 PM
Bruce leads the adventurers, armed to the teeth, just a few blocks to the dungcarters guildhall, which is actually just a small house constructed of wattle and daub. He knocks on the door and identifies himself. A small window within the door opens and the wrinkled face of Merrill appears.

"Ah, Brucey! And these must be your new guildmates! Just a moment, please."

Merrill removes the board that bars his door on the inside and admits you to his home. You crowd into a room that appears to serve as kitchen, dining room, and home office. A faint smell of dung mingles with that of potent spices, probably from a recent meal. Bruce relates the events of the past few hours while Merrill sits in a basket-like chair with an expensive-looking cushion and smokes a foul-smelling pipe. The adventurers find various positions of comfort, as there is precious little furniture in the room. Finally, Bruce asks Merrill directly if he has any idea how the snake could have gotten in the dung jar, and if he thinks Quinn could have had anything to do with it.

"Now, I don't know how a snake could have gotten in one of those jars, especially as we store them upside down after washing. We only put the wooden lids on once we load them on the cart in the morning. But seeing as how Quinn and I are the only dungcarters who work your alley, I suppose if anyone has answers it would be Quinn."

Merill calls over his shoulder, "Hai, Quinn lad, you're needed here!"

A lanky teenage human boy with hunched shoulders promptly shuffles in from another room. His dull expression becomes more alert when he looks around at all the people in the room.

"Now then, answer any questions these good people have," Merill instructs.

Bruce (to the Adventurers)
"Those of you who witnessed the event should question the boy."

2007-12-26, 03:24 PM
Vlax doesn't sit, just stands in the corner of the room with his arms folded, leaning against the wall. He's not exactly adept at relations with people, unless it involves cutting bits off them until they scream what he wants to know, so he leaves the questioning to somebody else.

2007-12-26, 04:59 PM
Ioth stands close to the doorway, leaning a little on his spear, fiddling with his crossbow as Merrill speaks, though he listens intently as well. when the boy walks in and Bruce announces it would be them who questioned him, Ioth did not see anyone step forward and so he decided to begin. {In Common} Quinn was it? yes well, awhile ago, a jar, presumably one that fell off of one of your carts, was found in the street, inside it was a snake of unknown origin, that attacked Ana and us, and we were curious if you knew anything about it. as Ioth finishes explaining the basics, he hopes someone else will fill in the details he missed.

2007-12-26, 05:18 PM
Matthew studies the boy's face as Ioth speaks, especially to see if he reacts to the news that Ana was attacked.

Perhaps you could start by telling us what your usual routine is for the pick-up.

Do you usually do the round alone or with Guildmaster Merrill? Is the pick-up at the same time every day? Do you take the same route? When you exchange the full jar for the empty, do you use any empty jar or certain jars for certain places? When you drop-off the empty jar at the Adventurers' Guild do you usually see Ana there?

2007-12-26, 10:51 PM
Fin, while not adding to the questioning (seeing as his allies seem to be doing a fine job so far) but does say with a friendly grin "Just answer best ya can. Ya ain't in-trouble here or nothing. We're just trying to get to the bottom of this whole mess"

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-28, 09:20 AM
Quinn stares blankly for a moment, then turns suddenly, as if to run. So quickly one might think he had anticipated the boy's movement, old Merill trips him with his foot. While the boy does not appear to have been hurt, he stays down on his hands and knees, staring at the floor. Without getting up, Merrill bellows at him:

So, you've fallen back into your foolish ways, lad? You were asked a civil question, now let's here the truth! Else you will be pullin' the cart tomorrow, while the mule takes a day of rest! Now, on your feet like a man!

Quinn slowly gets up and stands, facing the Adventurers, his face beet red. Merrill clears his throat as a cue to Quinn. The boy straightens up to his full height, which earns a nod of approval from Merrill, then speaks quietly:
"An old lady stopped me outside one evening and said she wanted to play a trick on a friend. She said to take the jar from the house just before yours and leave it at your house, instead of swapping yours with a clean one from the cart. She gave me an address to go to once I'd done it, where she would give me a whole gold piece if I'd kept quiet about it. So I did it, but I haven't been to the address yet."

"Curse my age-addled brain, I didn't even notice when you got off the cart at Ian Smith's house today, even though he left a note saying he'd be away on business this week. And you, boy - haven't you learned anything? Someone offering you that much money and telling you to keep quiet is obviously up to no good! Now, let's have that address, then you answer any other questions these fine people have quickly so you'll time to take the cart around the block three times. If you don't use the good mind Pelor blessed you with, you might as well do a mule's work!"

Quinn's face reddens again, but he appears to be somewhat relieved at the light sentence. His sullenness is gone, and he bows humbly to the Adventurers, speaking with the formality of an educated person.
"Good people, she said I was to inquire for Lady Partasti, at the big house on Peat Smoke Hill, at the far Northwest corner of West Bridgeport this evening to collect my reward. I...apologize for my mule-like foolishness. Can I help you in any way to atone for the harm I have caused?"

2007-12-28, 12:47 PM
Lady Partasti? Not exactly the best part of town for a "lady".

Has Matthew ever heard that name, "Partasti", perhaps in connection with a guild? or is there any guild that is based way out in West Bridgeport -- other than the obvious, peat cutters.
[roll=knowledge: local]1d20+6[roll]

This old woman was not a halfling was she?

Would you recognise her if you saw her again?

2007-12-28, 01:40 PM
Fin nodded in agreement to Merills punishment though he wasn't so happy that the kid wanted to 'run' first. "You did good kid by telling us the truth. But what ya did today could'f gotten Ana killed. Ya keep that in mind next time somebody asks you to do something shady this, and be happy Merills being soft on ya this time"

Still, everything Fin heard brought a frown to his face. This was looking very much so deliberate now, though this 'address' the women gave, it's a wonder if it's 'payment' that he'd be going for. Might be a place where they were going to get rid of the kid, so there wasn't anymore trail to follow for all they knew... something to bring up once they were on their way there. It was all possible the kid was supposed to go there to get paid, and that's all.

Taking the kid along might work, let him go in first while everyone else hides about. Wait tell who ever's behind it to come out, pay the kid like he's suppose to, then ambush them for some answers. But... Would it be fair to put him in danger like that?

Knowledge local on the name/area as well.

[roll0] starting to think it might be simpler for in situations where KL would apply (which is very often within the city walls) for the dm to just roll for the few people in the party who have it after he posts, and PM them any details rather then waiting for them to post their attempt at the check. Would speed things up a bit.

2007-12-28, 02:27 PM
When the boy spoke, the news troubled Ioth. he wondered who this "old woman" might be who would go to lengths to do harm to the guild, however it occurred to him that it might have been less of an attempt on someones life and perhaps more of a message, or perhaps a threat, maybe even a warning, than a real attempt on anyones life.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-28, 04:14 PM
"No, she wasn't a halfling, she was a human lady. She looked pretty old, too. I might be able to recognize her, even though when I saw her she had a shawl over her head and her hair was in her face." Quinn stands solemnly, waiting for instructions or dismissal.

Matthew and Fin discuss what they know of the information provided by the boy. Neither of them recall having ever heard the name "Partasti." Matthew is familiar with the part of town described by the boy, he knows it to be rather historic; it is almost entirely populated by halflings, and the house on the hill is known as the ancestral home of leaders of the Highburrow clan, a highly respected family known for having many of the High Priests of Yondalla among their number through Bridgeport history. As Matthew recalls, the house was purchased three or four years ago by persons who have somehow managed to remain anonymous.

2007-12-28, 05:22 PM
Details, details! Matthew methodically asks Quinn to go over the appearance of the old woman. What sort of height? What colour of hair? Was she dressed as if wealthy or poor? Did her voice have a West Bridgeport accent or did it sound more upper crust? What colour was the shawl? Did she wear gloves? Did she have a ring on her finger? Did he notice any jewelry, especially of a church or a guild? Did she smell as if she'd been over the West side a lot (if you know what I mean)? Did she seem furtive? Nervous? Commanding? In a hurry? Kindly? Did she use her arms when she talked? Did she avoid looking you in the eye? When she left did she go on foot? Did he catch which direction? Was there anyone who appeared to be with her?

*Sigh* People often don't pay attention to these things, and Matthew doesn't expect Quinn to remember many of the answers. But perhaps it will be enough of a description to ask around; after all there aren't that many humans in West Bridgeport. 'Least there were not the last time I was over there.

Gentlemen! Perhaps we should attempt to retrieve Quinn's wages for him tonight?

2007-12-28, 06:33 PM
Vlax's hands dart to his axe handle as the boy starts to run, but he stops, and goes back to his position as Merill trips him, smiling slightly at the Guild masters quick reactions.

After listening intently to all the conversation, He speaks out.

"I'd sure like to find out what this is all about, I say we go question the old woman, and bring the kid along too. Anyone else have any ideas?"

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-29, 08:46 AM

"I was outside the house here just as it got dark, finishing some chores, and Master Merill was inside. I was walking, and suddenly this lady came up behind me and said, "Boy!" I was kinda scared and turned around. It was just her, nobody else. I guess she could have been tall once but she was hunched over, you know, like an old lady. So she was leaning forward to me with a shawl over her head and all wrapped up in a dark cloak, and she had hair hanging down in her face, curly hair like it hasn't been washed, some kind of light color, I guess white or light grey hair but dirty. I couldn't really see her face well because of the dark and the shawl and her hair in the way. Then she told me what to do. She talked in Common like an educated person, and her accent was kind of strange, I don't think I've heard anything like it before. No jewelry that I could see, and I couldn't really see her hands, like I said, she was all wrapped up in her cloak. She wasn't nervous... more like commanding, like you said. When I said I would do what she wanted, she walked away really fast North down the street and turned left at the corner so I couldn't see her any more.
And since you mention, there was one other strange thing about her. I thought when I was talking to her that I could just barely smell something like roses."

Matthias gets the impression that even though the boy appears very uncomfortable with this interrogation, he is presenting what he knows to the adventurers without attempting deception.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-29, 05:14 PM
It seems we're agreed to go investigate this address. But we must ask our host...(to Merrill)...Should we decide we have a need for the boy, would you allow him to go with us?

"Aye, the boy will be in your debt until you tell him he's made up for his error. I just ask that you keep his safety your primary concern, as I am responsible for him, and I will not be going with you."

2007-12-29, 06:48 PM
Your plan sounds fine to me Vlax. Nobody objecting that I can see. Let's go down there tonight -- strike while the iron is hot! If we draw a blank we can try that other idea of yours -- about asking around merchants that you could buy a snake from, or perhaps we could get Eldon to look at the guild registry to see if this name "Partasti" is associated with one of the guilds. But so far it doesn't sound much like a guild thing after all. ... Huh ... I suppose it could be a trap but I think we can handle ourselves pretty well.

It's getting on... we should probably set off right away.

Guildmaster Meril, thanks for your help. Quinn, you're with us. Guildmaster Bruce... laughing I guess if we don't get back tonight you know where to send the search party!

2007-12-29, 06:59 PM
{In Common} yes well, its a good plan, and I think we can take care of ourselves, I'm ready whenever the rest of you are. Ioth stands up straight, prepared to leave.

2007-12-29, 07:10 PM
Vlax stands up, checks his axe and armour is secure and says: "Right then, lets get going, Matthew or Fin should lead the way, you two seem to know your way around here."

2007-12-29, 08:34 PM
Well I'm sure Fin knows the way better, but I guess it's just dumb luck; I think I might have been to this very house three or four years ago.

Back then I was in Bridgeport and I was doing a bit of "wage mage" stuff. You know -- hiring out for specific spell casting. Usualy it's the "Mending" spell. You can pick up a decent living that way. Anyway the clients were pretty wealthy of course so sometimes they'd pay extra for you to do a house call. I always love snooping round homes of the wealthy like that! Mostly it would be people living up on the hill in "new" Bridgeport but this one time I was called out to West Bridgeport.

file under "more detail than you needed"?
Matthew can go over most of this story as they walk along so this can be after anything Fin or Matthias might want to say before we leave. -- This is just background fluff fleshing out the DM comment on the last page

Now at the time I had thought West Bridgeport was pretty much nothing but halfling peat cutters and fishermen but there's a part of it that used to be the center of that side of town before they built the bridge. I guess going back a long time before the two sides were one city it would have been the town center where all the most wealthy halflings lived. It's based around a hill so it's out of the marsh area and some of the smell. Some of the buildings looked pretty old and the streets are wider -- not like the rabbit warren or roads in the rest of West Bridgeport.

The house I went to belonged to someone high up in the Yondalla church which is really big among the halflings. The owners were moving out and I suppose the decorative mirror I was there to fix must have got broken as part of that. I didn't get to see the inside of the house but I did hear some talk that it was some sort of ancestral home and what a shame it was for the new owners to be "out of the family" -- though nobody seemed to know who the new owners were exactly which was pretty odd for such a tight community as they have over there. Especially as most halflings are terrible gossips!

But that was years ago and it could have changed hands again since....

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-30, 02:35 AM
"Very well, I hope you have your torches with you tonight; there aren't as many streetlamps out there on the far west side."

2007-12-30, 01:16 PM
Slow responses from me again. *laughs* no real excuses lets just keep this going!

Fin takes a glance towards Bruce as he suggested the torches, of course Fin was more then used to walking some of these streets in the dark by now, but torches they had, so torches they'd use! He nodded in agreement with most of whats said but added "Say our best bet is to leave the kid behind. Made some mistakes, but don't think there's much reason to take him into something that might get ugly just cause he made a few mistakes. Will be fine on our own."

Looking in the direction of part of town they'd be heading Fin thought aloud a bit "... Hm... well, 'think' I know which house this is, heh maybe remember a few Halfings chatting about it... but...never stepped foot in it for sure, and I could be thinking another. Maybe just strolled on by it while heading some place else. Figure you'll be best showing us the way Matthew if yer more familiar with it."

2007-12-30, 01:45 PM
"I say we bring the child," Matthias says, standing up and stretching. "He's the only one who's seen her before."

2007-12-30, 06:08 PM
If it's the place I'm thinking of you can't miss it.

Matthias has a good point about Quinn being the only one who can positively say we have the right old lady. Don't want to start a fight and then not be able to prove we were in the right. He's our proof. He can always run off if things get ugly.

EDITED: realised Ioth already signed off on the Vlax plan more or less so removed asking for his opinion.
Matthew realises Fin might need persuading on his own terms.

Look Fin, this isn't about punishing the kid, and of course we'll be fine. We'll be the scariest things walking the streets tonight I bet. But if we get to this place and we find, yes, there's an old lady living there. What do we do? Break in to make sure of it? And if our would be assassin fed Quinn a false lead we end up scaring some innocent old lady needlessly. You wouldn't want that to happen would you?

2007-12-30, 06:24 PM
"All right, enough talking, time to get something done"

Vlax strides across the room and takes Quinn by the shoulder. {to Merill}"Hope you don't mind if we take him sir" and then steers him firmly but not harshly out of the door and into the street.

2007-12-31, 12:27 AM
Fin didn't look like he loved the idea, but shrugged "If we gotta bring him" was his simple response. He brushed his hair aside as he watched Vlax oh so politely escort the kid outside, shaking his head. Hopefully this'll be simple, and the kid will stay out of trouble... taking the first few steps of following after them.

Bonecrusher Doc
2007-12-31, 09:00 AM
The adventurers and Quinn walk quickly across The Great Bridge and through West Bridgeport for half an hour before they finally arrive at the northwest corner of Bridgeport City. In a neighborhood of steep rocky hills with patches of spring grass, they can see one house standing out on the highest hill: Highburrow Hall. As the road goes over a hill near Highburrow, you can look across and barely make out a short, one-story stone house, with halfling-sized doors and shuttered windows, three large chimneys, and a low wooden fence around the perimeter of the roof. These features are barely decipherable in the dark, even with Matthew pointing them out, because the only light on the hill comes from two peat lamps atop the gate pillars. A path winds up the hill to a stone wall that surrounds the house, six feet in height, with an intricately constructed metal gate which Matthew says must have replaced the old wooden gate that was here the last time he saw the house. The smell of peat smoke fills West Bridgeport on this chilly night.

2007-12-31, 11:08 AM
Try to see if the metal gate is locked or just latched and closed.

Dang preview messed up my was never-going-to-work anyway because I'm-not-a-rogue search for traps

In a low voice.
I don't see a light on, but this is the place. I suppose we have a couple of different options. I prefer the direct approach; go up there and knock. We're on guild business and openly wearing our badges. We're investigating an attempted murder on guild property.

Hm, so why am I almost whispering here?

2007-12-31, 11:10 AM
Matthias leans against the fence, playing with his shortsword absentmindedly. "I second that. We have no reason to sneak in."

2007-12-31, 12:17 PM
Vlax tries the gate.

{Assuming it isn't locked}

he walks up to the house and knocks hard on the door.

2007-12-31, 02:21 PM
Fin has zero objections to that approach, and nods "Only get ourselves in trouble if we try something shifty over it." following the others to the door, just standing to the side as the dwarf gives it a knock, taking a few glances around to the sides, and windows of the building as they do. Fellahs here might not like to see us, and decide to run off rather the answer...

2007-12-31, 07:26 PM
Matthew fiddles nervously with some multi-coloured sand (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/colorSpray.htm) in his left hand.

Speaking to himself:
Hey, "Highburrow" wasn't that.... Father Eldon's last name...??

Matthew shakes his head -- it's a popular enough name. He tries to concentrate on what Vlax and Fin are doing.

2007-12-31, 08:22 PM
Ioth sits quietly, he nods his agreement to the plan, but he is unsure whether they noticed the gesture in the dark. He assumes they will go ahead if no one voices a complaint about the idea, and he would agree if asked, so he continued to stand quietly, Ioth was using his Darkvision now, since it was to dark to use his regular vision effectively, and takes a look around

I'm unsure whether I should be doing spot or search so I'll just roll for both [roll0] search [roll1] spot

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-01, 04:55 PM
The gate being unlatched, the party walks into the front yard of the house. They yard is lit, but the house is dark, with no light escaping from shuttered windows or the wooden door.

As the adventurers and Quinn approach the door of the house, Ioth's uses his keen night vision and spots some people up on the roof, crouched behind the low wall. He notices at least two silhouettes, perhaps three.

Feel free to edit your posts now that you have this information.

2008-01-01, 05:03 PM
As Ioth spots the three people crouched on the roof, he nudges Vlax a little and whispers {In Common}hey, you see those guys on the roof? he makes sure not to point, not wanting to draw too much attention, and repeats the comment to anyone reasonably within earshot.

2008-01-01, 07:06 PM
holy crap! ninjas! :smalltongue: I hope not.

Vlax doesn't straight away reach for his weapon when he is told theres figures on the roof, but he looks tenser, and more alert. I don't think it would be wise to let them know we've seen them just yet, but if they're here to fight...

2008-01-01, 08:13 PM
Matthew glances around checking to see what other cover there is in the front of the house for ambushers to hide in or to take cover from archers on the roof. He gauges the distance to the house; would it be safer to rush in or dive for cover if they start shooting?

whispering, head turned from house:
We'd lose some of our advantage in a shooting fight... perhaps Matthias or Fin should circle around back?

louder voice, facing towards the house:
Are you sure this is the right place Quinn? It doesn't look like anyone is home. This better not be another wild goose chase young man.

2008-01-02, 07:46 AM
Fin of course takes note of Ioths warning, and agrees with Vlax with a nod. Best Not let them know we know so soon. His eye glances around the yard casually, much like Matthew trying to make note of any cover they can manage in the case the people up there are armed. Though.. they 'could' just be working on the roof. But in the middle of the night? Right. Fin already was regretting taking the boy along, might find himself with an arrow in his chest....

Fin did say in a hushed tone to the others "well.. if they're on the roof best spot we can get is as near as to the house as we can. Hard as Hell to shoot a guy pressed up against it, no way they can aim right without jumping down or showing themselves"

And.. I spent most of yesterday in bed with the flu :smallannoyed: Nothing fun for me, and to make matters worst work in about 40 minutes. Ah well!

2008-01-02, 08:13 PM
Matthias pulls out and loads his crossbow, then turns to his companions. "I'm want to try to talk to them. Any objections?"

2008-01-03, 08:10 AM
{whispered to Matthias}"Actually if you can get onto the roof somehow and do it quietly, it would put us at a much greater advantage.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-04, 02:02 AM
The door opens and a tall human woman, wearing a cloak over her head and shoulders, stands there. She looks at the adventurers (some closer to the door than others), throws a few coins at Quinn, and says imperiously,

Tall Woman

"Get out of here, boy! The rest of you, please come in. We have certain matters to discuss."

With a flip of her cloak, the woman whirls and walks back into the house, leaving the door open behind her, faint firelight shining out the doorway.

2008-01-04, 05:16 AM
Vlax is surprised at the womans reaction to them. It was as if she had expected them and called them here. {whispered to quinn}"Is that the woman?

2008-01-04, 05:28 AM
Vlax is surprised at the womans reaction to them. It was as if she had expected them and called them here. {whispered to quinn}"Is that the woman?

sorry for double post, internet was acting up

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-04, 08:17 AM
Quinn scrambles for the coins, then starts backing away from the house...

"I...I don't know...she could be, but the woman I saw was all bent over and old!"

2008-01-04, 09:42 AM
Go on Quinn, get out of here.

Such arrogance. Does she really expect us all to meekly walk behind??

Loudly towards the house.
Thank you for your offer of hospitality. However wizards' spells tend to work best in close quarters when the enemy is all nicely bunched up together so I believe I'll stay out here. Why don't you ask your friends hiding up on the roof to come down and join us for this parley. Perhaps you could start by introducing yourself (since you know who we are) and explaining your choice of calling card?

Smells like roses Quinn said. Could that be... that reminds me of something. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/sleep.htm)

Matthew being overly suspicious again?

Matthew hafts his crossbow.

2008-01-04, 01:54 PM
At this point Fin was hoping those above didn't fill Matthew full of holes for hefting a weapon, possibly with the intent of shooting their matron. He quickly whispered to Quinn, not really feeling the kid was in anyway safe here anymore "Ya can go ahead, and take off now, we'll be handling this. Suggest giving them coins to Ann for scene she had to deal with this morning" (Something his allies may disagree with, but Fin isn't for leaving a 'youngin' in a place that might break into a fight soon)

He took a few steps forward so he was ahead of Matthews, hopefully ruining the aim of those on the roofs aim just a tad (but not so much that he was blatiently blocking him) adding his two sense "Sorry if we'd all be on the suspicious side here mam, but ya haven't given us much reason for trusting yet, with the fellahs hiding up on the roof, talk about the other stuff we dealt with today... " he spread his arms wide, clearly showing he was at least, unarmed (not that it's true) "If ya got something to say to us, tell it to us out here."

Diplomacy check! If it's needed. Hopefully she's willing to chat out here without it...

2008-01-04, 02:01 PM
Vlax just stands ready while the others do the talking. He hasn't drawn his weapon yet, but knows that if the situation can't be sorted through words, he'll be ready to solve it through violence.

2008-01-04, 02:48 PM
Ioth scowls at the woman, however he is content to let others do the talking, and he likewise readies his crossbow, sizing up the men (or women) on the roof.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-04, 03:37 PM
Quinn runs back to the gate, but quickly calls back,


"It's locked! I can't get out!

There is no response to the adventurers' shouts into the house, and all you see through the door is a dim hallway lit by flickers of firelight.

2008-01-04, 04:15 PM
Vlax calls back to Quinn"Then get back here lad!

Vlax isn't happy about the kid being with them, but it doesn't seem like we have a choice.

Why would the gate be locked? How did it get locked? THis is seeming more and more like a trap.

Well theres no reply, looks like words didn't work

"You lot can stand out here if you want, but I'm going in, I want to hear whats going on."

Vlax strides confidently into the building.

2008-01-04, 04:20 PM
Someone behind us?

Do you see anything back there, Ioth?


Quinn, are you sure it's locked? Calm down and try it again.
Hang on; I'm coming.

Matthew will start to calmly walk back towards the gate.

Although he might not get there I guess, depending on the result of the spot check and what other people / NPCs are saying and doing. I assume Matthew would have been one of the PCs nearer the gate anyway, given his cautiousness and lack of fighter or sneak skills.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-04, 04:45 PM
Quinn is standing at the gate, struggling with it. Matthew begins to walk towards Quinn while Vlax begins to enter the front door of the long house. The rest of the adventurers are between Vlax and Quinn. Suddenly there is a rustling sound and the adventurers realize that the two or three shapes seen by Ioth were not the only people on the roof. Over a dozen crossbowmen now stand with weapons raised, their outlines dim against the night sky, lining the low wall on the roof. One of them near the adventurers speaks:

"Leave the boy. As soon as you're all inside, we'll open the gate and let him go free. I promise you'll come to no harm in the house. We have no desire for any violence to occur here in Bridgeport."

2008-01-04, 04:52 PM
Fin was debating seeing if he could simply kick the gate down, or if it would be better to just go into the house as the crossbow-men revealed themselves making his choice for him. Did they have a chance of beating that many? Maybe, but the risk of someone being killed, or all of them being killed with THAT may bolts heading their way wasn't something Fin was going to take, particularly with Quinn still out in the open. "Don't think we got much choice..." He said simply, heading into the house, having to hunch over a bit to fit through the halfling sized door.

2008-01-04, 05:12 PM
Ioth scowled, looking around, trying to see if he could discern any features on the new crossbowman, he kept his crossbow lowered, but ready, and edged toward the door, grumbling to himself draconic about jabbing the next guy who jumped out at him with the business end of his spear, and he smiled cruelly at this thought.

Spot [roll0]

2008-01-04, 06:14 PM
Matthias walks back to the boy at the gate (assuming he isn't stopped) and takes Quinn by the shoulders. "It's going to be fine," he says. "I want you to go straight back to the dung guildhall and tell them everything that's happened."

With that (or if stopped), Matthias turns and walks through the open front door, stooping to fit through.

2008-01-05, 02:04 AM
Ignoring the crossbowman's comment Matthew walks on to the gate. If Quinn and Matthias are there and nobody is there to stop them, he'll get Quinn over the gate (perhaps with Matthias' help) and then climb over the gate himself, possibly with the help of Matthias or Quinn.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-05, 06:37 AM
As Matthew heads back towards the gate, one roof guard lets loose a bolt... apparently not at Matthew, but instead impacting perilously close to Quinn.

"I told you just go inside and we'll let the boy go. Otherwise all of these guards have orders to shoot the boy the moment any fighting starts."

2008-01-05, 10:21 AM
Well no fighting has started, so I guess their orders are not to shoot still, we have maybe a few more seconds of them not knowing how to react....

Continue to help Quinn over the gate, offering no rebuttal to the crossbowman, not even to recognise the challenge was heard.

I'm not sure how long it takes to flip the kid over the gate with two of us giving him a boost. I suspect it could happen within a combat round. At any rate if we go any further playing this out it would be very useful to know distances from the house to the gate and where everyone else is, where any other cover is. Is the crossbowman having to shout to be heard? It's a tough shot over long distance at night when Quinn is behind us to hit the kid. Where exactly are the light sources for the crossbowman to shoot by (is it still "the only light on the hill comes from two peat lamps atop the gate pillars"? Is it possible to run off to the side into the dark and climb over the wall instead (for Matthew - I assume Quinn is basically almost over the gate by now). Also the people who decided to head to the house may not have got there yet or if they have may want to know what they see inside before deciding how to react.

How is the gate locked and is it as easy to climb as I am thinking? How about the wall?

Matthew is ready to cast Silent Image (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/silentImage.htm) to cover the escape.

This is where some illusion rules issues come into play. Under rare circumstances you don't get a saving throw ( and this is possibly one of them. You have to be able to interact with or inspect the illusion to get a save but if Matthew creates a visual barrier between him and the crossbowmen and a long way from them, they may have almost no ability to tell if the wall or cloud of mist or whatever is real or not since they are a long way from it at night. Similarly for example Matthew suspects that the other dozen crossbowmen on the roof might be illusions too, but he has no way to test this theory. He can hardly see them as more than shadows and he can't interact with them. It's not good enough to say to himself "it's an illusion" and see if it just goes away.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-05, 03:09 PM
The adventurers at the door pause to look back at the commotion behind them.

Matthew and Matthias boost Quinn up at the gate, but Quinn hesitates at the intricate prongs of metal in his way. Instead of going over the gate, Quinn boulders sideways an arm's length and over the stone wall, which is only six feet high. Just as he does so, flames a foot high leap up along the top of the wall, snaking toward Quinn. Matthew and Matthias can hear him jump, land on the other side, and scramble to his feet running before the flames reach the spot where he had climbed over. Looking back they see the flames illuminating a piece of wall which extends from the house to the main wall that runs along the perimeter. This is where the other characters saw the flames originate from - shooting along the top of the wall starting at the house and eventually burning along the entire perimeter. The two men are brightly illuminated as a target by the flames, while the guards on the roof remain somewhat hidden by the darkness.

"I see you prefer the difficult way, even though we would have let the boy go. Still, your behavior gives me a good explanation for my superiors if your party dies tonight. Men, if any one of these fools make a move other than walking into the house, kill those men!

Fifteen index fingers curl slightly as the roof guards take up the slack on their crossbow triggers, aiming fifteen sharp steel points straight at Matthew and Matthias' hearts.

2008-01-05, 04:26 PM
Pressing himself up against the wall, Matthias slowly creeps toward Matthew. "Want to cooperate now?"

2008-01-05, 05:57 PM
Since Matthew was expecting another long speech from the crossbowman before he could change the orders of his troops and had readied a spell I assume he can cast it while the blow hard is still trying to impress us with his diplomacy?

Matthew casts an illusion of a thick cloud of fog, somewhat similar to a smoke stick or what he imagines the low level wizard spell can create -- no need to do anything flashy like a wall of fire. It should be large enough to prevent the people on the roof from seeing anything around the gate or the wall near the gate.

Area of effect is 50'x10'x10' fog thick enough to not see through / full concealment / no LOS. Positioned just about 10' in front of the wall so the area the crossbowmen would have to guess we were in to shoot blind would be 20' x 50' or 40 different 5'x5' squares. Alternatively they could guess we were climbing the wall / on the wall and shoot at any of 10 5' sections of wall at about the 6' height. If they guess the right rough location then there's a 50% concealment miss chance and finally they have to roll a to hit with the -2 distance penalty and possibly an additional -4 penalty for cover (eg if Matthew was standing directly behind Matthias) or being hunkered down on the ground.

Then he hits the dirt expecting a volley of crossbow bolts!

Quietly to Matthias:
Yeah how about you give me a leg up. That oil on the wall will burn itself out any second now.

2008-01-05, 09:46 PM
"The hell are they doing..." Fin mutters to himself as he looks back. At the very least Quinn got away, but these guys mean business. Fin can't just run out and get himself filled with bolts pointlessly! Who would take care of the young'ins then? Still a lot of this didn't make sense. Why the hell did they have THAT many guys waiting for them? What are the stakes here?

He shook his head, right now that didn't matter, as Matthews Fog started to appear he sighed kicking the side of the house hard "Put the bloody bolts down! You said you didn't want bloodshed in Bridgeport so how about ya start acting like it! Fin wish he could do more. But there wasn't much else. A sling against that many crossbows was nothing, his best hope was that Matthews Fog was enough to give them the cover they'll need if they ignored him. "Now I'll go Talk to your Damned Mistress. But That AIN'T going to happen if you decided to pull a trigger. I can tell the rest whatever she's got'a say if they need to hear it"

Without much hesitation he moved into the house now (or as fast as he could in a home made for halfings) if, and when he sees our good lady Fins first response is mostly an angry one. "The lot of you would of bolted is already if you wanted us dead. Call your Blasted Goons on the roof off NOW, and tell me what the hell you want to say. And don't get started huffing over a raised voice, I got plenty of reason for it."

Roll a diplomacy for me if I need it. Though I'd much rather keep that 20 From earlier hahaha.

2008-01-06, 07:50 AM
Vlax shouts out to the guards "This is ridiculous! All this just to see some old woman! He turns and heads into the building with his axe draw, intent on finding the woman and finding out what all this is about.

2008-01-06, 07:59 PM
"Are you so eager to take up the final journey? And how do you think this will work out with two people running away while the others are still at the door?"

Berwin has been silent all the way since they left the dungcarters guildhouse. His hoarse voice is directed towards Matthias and Matthew, who just disappeared behind a thick cloud of mist.

He leans his pick against the house and slowly backs up, with his hands raised, peeking up the roof.

"I am am sure all of this will yield a rather interesting explanation, considering the effort that was made to trap us here and I am much inclined to hear it from this side of the world."

Peeking up the roof, Berwin casts Detect Evil

2008-01-07, 11:50 AM
offline for about 30 hours.
I'm not sure what time there is for this speech but it could be said after the escapees get over the wall, or while they are ducking and diving crossbow bolts waiting for the best chance to jump the wall. eg between volleys.
Hushed voice:
Matthias, I don't think they were going to let Quinn go. The woman perhaps, but not that crossbow guy. They probably didn't want him running back to the guild to get reinforcements. Now their plans might have to change. They might be going to move out before the cavalry arrives. I don't trust that Quinn to get everyone roused up and down here quickly so one of us has to go for help and the other should stick around to shadow these guys in case they run off. It looks like they may have captured the others ... hard to see from here (Uh... that fog cloud is an illusion by the way - you knew that right? you can see through it) if they have been captured and the enemy runs off and takes them, we'll need someone following them stealthily.... that seems more your department than mine.

I've been moving slow almost round by round because clearly the escape is an opposed action, and these guys have a few tricks. However if nothing new turns up -- and they probably would have used anything else to stop Quinn escaping -- it looks like the last obstacle (the wall) is going to be trivial to get past.

It looks like a DC 10 climb skill check (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/climb.htm) even if the wall was 20 foot high let alone six. In fact you could just pull yourself up, plus there's two of them. Since they are not in combat they can just "take ten" if they just keep a cool head. Oil normally burns for just two rounds although they could probably just step past it since it is not burning on the top of the gate or at the end of the wall tight close to the gate presumably. Matthew has to concentrate on maintaining the spell but climbing is only a move action not a std action and even if he takes damage (eg from a lucky hit with a bolt) Matthew can take ten on concentrate to automatically pass (unless the damage actually knocks him out of course).

Sorry for going over that at length ... I guess I am a little surprised at how it worked out ... The next action for Matthew and perhaps Matthias is just "climb over the wall".

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-07, 12:27 PM
Vlax moves into the house and is lost to view by its dark interior. A few poorly-aimed crossbow bolts are loosed at the illusionary fog and clatter harmlessly against the stone wall before the spokesman on the roof raises a hand. The crossbowmen reload, waiting for instructions. The spokesman stares at Fin furiously but looks hesitant and unsure, saying nothing.

(For Vlax only)
The interior of the house is very dark and you find yourself having to struggle through the hallway as you push through...pine trees??? Vlax realizes there is no floor, but the ground covered with pine straw, and he is surrounded by tightly spaced pine trees. Through the pine needles behind him (where he came through the doorway) he sees only darkness. He can not tell if there are any walls, but through the pine needles above him he glimpses a starlit sky, and he can just make out a clearing in the trees ahead of him where there is a bonfire.

2008-01-07, 01:44 PM
Weird thinks Vlax, looking around himself. Of course this could all be illusions, like Matthew does, but anyhow...

He moves toward the bonfire, but not quite into its light, watching.

Spot check into the clearing [roll0]

Also Being a dwarf I have darkvision (60ft), just incase that helps me see, unless its magic darkness.

2008-01-07, 01:55 PM
Ioth, who had been edging his way toward the door, finally ducks in after Vlax.

2008-01-07, 01:57 PM
The spokesman stares at Fin furiously but looks hesitant and unsure, saying nothing.

Fin, wasn't going to add anymore words to that, just returning the glare back up at the spokesman both eyes open, hands at his side but clenched. His point made either way, as if he was was saying 'You KNOW I'm right' as he stared up, before finally heading forward into the house (unless he decides to shoot more anyway!)

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-08, 03:11 AM
Berwin detects no evil.

2008-01-08, 08:27 AM
Berwins face relaxes a for a moment. He slowly returns to the house and straps his pick on his side again. He now stands next to the doorway, watching the fog for a sign of Matthias and Matthew and waits for them to either run off, return to the house or get hurt.

2008-01-08, 08:18 PM
We have a split party for the moment. I will wait for a response by Hyperfreak or the DM to the "Matt and Matt" scene before posting again. I was the last to post in that "scene".

The rest of you OTOH shouldn't wait for either hyperfreak or me. Neither group knows what the other is up to.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-10, 03:37 PM
Vlax' spot check:
Sitting and reclining around the fire are a half dozen small humanoid creatures, about 3 1/2 feet tall, with ugly, exaggerated features. Some of them talk quietly to each other or smoke pipes, and they wear leather armor and have various weapons and shields about them. A deer carcass, partially and crudely butchered, lies on the ground near the fire, and Vlax can see the gleam of firelight reflected on a few bones scattered around the creatures.

EDIT: The flames on the wall sputter and die down.

2008-01-10, 08:05 PM
"Let's get the hell out of here," Matthias gasps as he sees the bolts clatter next to him. "I'll give you a boost, then follow you out."

Aid another to Matthew: [roll0]

After Matthew gets over: [roll1]

2008-01-10, 08:34 PM
Matthew calmly climbs over the wall with Matthias' help to steady him, maintaining the illusion as he goes, careful to avoid what's left of the hot oil.
taking ten on the climb = 10

Trying to keep alert for a change:

Seeing Matthias goof up following him he whispers.
Just take it easy. Try again. Forget about the crossbowmen. The leader has raised his arm to tell them to stop shooting for some reason.
This last is said in case Matthias can't see through the fog.

Matthias should make a DC 15 Will save with +4 bonus to see through the illusion. Or possibly a normal save followed by the save at +4 if he figured the fog was an illusion before Matthew told him.

2008-01-10, 08:39 PM
Ioth stalks in nervously, switching to his darkvision in the low-light setting, and sidles up next to Vlax trying to discern what he's staring at.

Spot [roll0] Search [roll1]

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-11, 07:01 AM
Ioth identifies the creatures - goblins!

Matthew and Matthias manage to get to the far side of the wall, albeit somewhat clumsily, with a few banged shins and singed fingers in the hot oil. As they catch their breath on the other side, they look around and see that Quinn is already gone.

2008-01-11, 07:20 AM
{whispered to Ioth}"I say we go for them now, take the element of surprise. Or should we wait for Fin or one of the others to catch up?"

2008-01-11, 08:35 AM
After he sees two shadows scampering over the wall, Berwin lets out a relieved sigh and enters the house as well to catch up with the others.

He is visibly astonished by the strange interior as he picks up some straw and crumbles it in his hand. Stumbling through the darkness towards what seemed to be a campfire, Berwin finally caught up with Vlax and Ioth.

"Matthew and Matthias made it over the wall... Some interesting place we stumbled into here. What do you think all this means?"

2008-01-11, 09:17 AM
Note that Berwin can't see through the illusion any more than the men on the roof can although if he waits for a few more seconds he'll see the fog disappear and the two Matts gone.

Matthew, per the plan will run to get help.
I'll be about an hour. Maybe an hour and a half. Good luck.

As Matthew runs off full tilt trying to catch up with Quinn, the illusion disappears.

The plan from earlier on:

I don't trust that Quinn to get everyone roused up and down here quickly so one of us has to go for help and the other should stick around to shadow these guys in case they run off. It looks like they may have captured the others ... hard to see from here if they have been captured and the enemy runs off and takes them, we'll need someone following them stealthily.... that seems more your department than mine.

2008-01-11, 06:25 PM
{to berwin}"Keep it down, they haven't noticed us yet. Yeah really weird, but I don't like goblins, I'm ready to go in and cut them down. Any objections?"

2008-01-11, 10:19 PM
Ioth looks at Vlax strangely and says {In Common} I have an objection, there is no reason to attack other than their race, and for all we know these people summoned us here, after all that strange woman came in here and I haven't spotted her yet, she could have been a Goblin with an illusionary appearance, or they maybe be allies of those who have summoned us, either way if they mean us harm we can attack them soon enough After saying this Ioth strides over to the nearest goblin and says {In Common} Hail fellow dweller of the upperdark, what brings you and yours so close to the surface, in the middle of a human occupied city no less?

2008-01-12, 03:46 AM
Vlax stays in the shadows for now, watching what happens.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-12, 07:02 AM
The goblins scramble to their feet, shouting to each other in their goblin tongue, grabbing their weapons. One looks around to see if Ioth is alone. Two advance toward Ioth with murderous intent.


2008-01-12, 08:37 AM
{assuming they haven't seen me and I can seize some initiative}

Vlax leaps out from the shadows and swings his greataxe at one of the goblins going for Ioth.

To hit:
Damage (if hits): [roll1]

edit: like zomg! critical hit!
To confirm: [roll]1d20+4
if confirmed: 2d12+6 (add this result to previous damage)

2008-01-12, 08:40 AM
Never mind, obviously cant post in edits

to confirm: [roll0]
if confirmed: [roll1] (added to previous damage)

edit: ok if all thats allowed and I havent screwed up anything then I think the goblin should me mangled after 35 damage?

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-12, 09:41 AM
The goblin looking around spies the adventurers and shouts to his gang. Too late. One of the goblins charging toward Ioth is caught completely by surprise. A razor-sharp axe blade slices through bone, and a goblin head flies through the air and into the fire. The remainder of the body falls at Vlax' feet, motionless.

2008-01-12, 12:51 PM
Berwins face darkens. He fastens his shield, quickly releases the pick from his side and builds up a firm grip around it's hilt.

Flexing his neck, his eyes suddenly come to life and he is ready to join the fray.

Ini: [roll0]
2 move actions (ready shield/ready weapon)

2008-01-12, 01:30 PM
remembered this time! anyway initiative now [roll0]

2008-01-12, 02:25 PM
Ioth, angered by the attack, attempts to cast Mage Armor, after which he will bring his crossbow to bear and fire at the nearest goblin.

I guess I'll roll for defensive casting if i can [roll0] and initiative [roll1] attack [roll2] (I think) and damage [roll3]

2008-01-13, 02:00 AM
(Well darn miss a few days and look what turns up haha. Though I did say fin went in the house a few times...he wouldn't of been that behind! Still, goblins, and a forest in a house? Fin sees this as freaking...)

"Mess up...." Fin mutters to himself, still angry from the situation, but surprised to find the insides of the house to be full of the last thing he could expect, he expected to be slouching down in cramped halfing halls, not walking out in the country side. Common sense says this can't exactly be a real. Magic wasn't something he knew much, if anything about. An Illusion? (Will save to disbelieve! Huh? What do you mean this isn't 2e!) Or maybe.. some sort of.. warp...... 'thing'. Ok Maybe Matthew would be useful here...

Either way Fin isn't deaf, as he hears the sounds of battle he rushes forward, spotting the party fighting a load of nasty little green critters who don't look all that happy. In an instant he dashes out from the underbrush, brining his body low as he moves, once he gets to a goblin he moves his entire body weight upward, fist flying from the ground up in an upercut

(hope this ones tall. Charge+punch. Fin will go for an unhurt Goblin who's attacking someone first, and foremost. likely Ioth seeing as he's busy casting mage armor. If no such goblin exists, whichever one he can actually reach in time works :P)


Initive [roll0]
Attack roll [roll1]
Damage Roll [roll2]
Crit confirm(If needed) [roll3]

(Why do I always get a higher roll on the crit confirm when its only needed 5% of the time?)

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-13, 05:16 AM
Fin charges lightning-fast out of the pines at the remaining goblin attacking Ioth. His haymaker uppercut connects, and as the small creature is lifted off its feet by the impact, the Adventurers hear the sickening crunch of a breaking jaw.

Ioth maintains his concentration as the two goblins fall in front of him, and the air crackles as an invisible force surrounds the kobold.

Berwin, now ready for combat, raises his pick and shield, while Vlax whirls his dripping axe back into the ready position.

The remaining four goblins are now fully armed and armored, but a little hesitant after seeing the short work made of their two comrades. Still, they keep their heads (!) and advance in a line, one goblin to each adventurer, preventing any flanking by either party.

Ioth raises his already-loaded crossbow and lets fly a bolt. His opponent stops in his tracks and drops his morningstar, gasping for breath and staring wide-eyed at the feathered shaft protruding just below his ribs.

If my calculations are correct, with point blank shot Ioth gets a total +5 ranged attack bonus and a +1 damage bonus, so his attack roll would be 18 and his damage roll would be 5. Let me know in the OOC thread if I'm wrong. Also just if you're wondering everyone will get some good XP here shortly (and equal, even though the two Matts aren't technically in this encounter)


Meanwhile, Matthew and Matthias catch up with Bruce, who is walking from the Dungcarter's home back to the Adventurers' Guildhall. He stops at their approach and waits for them to catch their breath and speak.

2008-01-13, 10:56 AM
Matthias was staking out the house and wasn't running for help with Matthew - unless hyperfreak says different. Also presumably the Dungcarters' Guild is to the West slightly of the Adventurers' Guild if Matthew runs past there on the way.

Nng. There's the guildmaster... Quinn can't have got back to warn him yet... or didn't bother

Catching up....
Guidmaster! ...fifteen guys.. crossbows... Matthias is OK. Quinn's OK too.

OK calm down....
Right, right.
Sir, we got to the big old house OK. Gate was unlocked so we entered. Ioth spotted men hidden on the roof. There were about 15 of them. Four of the team... There was a woman that Quinn said could be the one he met. She said we had to go into the house to "talk". Four of the team I guess they were too close to run so they entered the house. Matthias and I got Quinn out and then managed to ... the gate was locked behind us somehow. Matthew Quinn and I got out but they fired on us. Matthias is staking the place out. Quinn was ahead of me running... They others -- the odd thing is they didn't disarm them before they entered the house. That's the last I saw of them. Presume captured. Odd. Like the crossbow guys were just hired to get us into the house any way they could and din't care if they were armed or not.

I told Matthias I'd run for help.

I gotta get to the guildhall...

2008-01-13, 12:45 PM
Fins left eye snaps open just as his fist impacts with the Goblin, watching it hover in the sky as if time is frozen for a few moments before finally dropping to the ground, Fin quickly pulls both fists in front of him, shifting his hair back, and out of his face with one twist of his neck.

"... The hell these critters doing in here? I the only one who think this is a ball of crazy for us to be out in the woods in a house?" Fin remarks as he pulls his fist low quickly, shifting it forward in what would be a punch to a gutt in the ring, but against this goblin it would be fist to the face. Not quite used to fighting critters so short Fins attack is a bit too high, and the goblin has little trouble ducking under it quickly. Unluckily for it though, Fin quickly pulls his knee forward in response, slamming it into the Goblins face, just as the poor creature pulls its head down.

Using Flurry of blows!
Attack 1
Attack roll [roll0]
Damage [roll1]
Crit Confirm [roll2]

Attack 2
Attack roll [roll3]
Damage [roll4]
Crit Confirm [roll5]

Edit: Looks like his first attack is missing for sure, but the second.. looks like the first Gob got Knee in the face death. Poor Fin isn't used to fighting something so short! Well he recovered from his charge at least, AC is back to 14.

2008-01-13, 01:24 PM
Ioth loads his crossbow and aims again, aiming for the closest goblin to his position

Initiative (incase i need it again) [roll0] attack [roll1] and damage [roll2]

2008-01-13, 09:25 PM
Without a sign of emotion or stress, Berwin swings his pick in a wide arc, trying to hit the Goblin that is charging towards him.

To hit: [roll0]
Damage: [1d6]

2008-01-14, 02:20 AM
Vlax swinds his axe down overhead onto the nearest goblin.

attack [roll0]
damage [roll1]

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-14, 09:55 AM
Fin's knee not only breaks the goblin's nose, but shoves splinters of bone into its brain, dropping the small creature instantly.

The goblin in front of Ioth, still gasping for breath, staggers back two short steps and leans on a tree for support. Having dropped its morningstar already, it now draws a small but wicked-looking curved dagger from its belt.

Berwin's opponent ducks the swinging pick, then attacks with his morningstar.

Vlax's opponent is more lucky than his decapitated comrade, and manages to avoid the deadly axe. Sensing the tide of battle about to overwhelm the goblins, he desperately attacks the dwarf.

__________________________________________________ ______________

Bruce (to Matthew)
"Wait, wait - so Matthias is back outside Highburrow Hall, the other four are inside, and you're here to get help? Well, I'm afraid everyone's gone from the guildhall right now. Even if they were there, I don't think we could get away with fighting a small battle within the city limits, especially on someone else's land. But lead me back there! They won't dare harm a guildmaster, and if nothing else, they'll release our friends. Don't worry - I'm primarily concerned for the safety of our guildmembers - I'll get the City Guard involved if I have to, even though it would probably mean bad consequences for us. Enough talking - let's go!"

2008-01-14, 11:19 AM

Matthew looks at Bruce to see if he's kidding. But he's tired and not in any mood to argue... in fact he's happy to let someone else make the decisions. So the two of them head back West at a pace Matthew finds damnably slow. Bruce certainly is being very calm about all this. Matthew remains silent but after a while starts to think of all those cutting answers he could have made.

Hey. Did I mention the bit about fifteen guys with crossbows?

You've been Guildmaster for what, three weeks? And you already have the "immunity to missiles" package? Cool!

Great idea. And in case they don't just all surrender what's our plan B?

In the end though he considers that he doesn't really know how tough Bruce is, or what he is capable of, and says only, "Sir, whoever these guys are they are already guilty of several attempted murders and kidnappings and have attacked our guild, all unprovoked. If they are caught they won't be getting a slap on the wrist. They may figure it's better to just kill all the witnesses."

2008-01-14, 12:35 PM
The morningstar smashes against Berwins shield, which he could raise just in time. Pushing away the enemies weapon, Berwin attempts another swing, this time, trying to pierce the pick into the goblins side.

To Hit: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
edit: :smallfrown:

2008-01-14, 12:47 PM
Vlax laughs manically at the Goblins missed attackand whirls the axe around for another strike, bringing it down between the goblins neck and left shoulder.

I know its not my turn yet, but since I'm here...
attack [roll0]
damage [roll1]

2008-01-14, 02:36 PM
Right then, Fin isn't about to just sit there while his buddies fight, he quickly moves forward, zig zagging his way to the nearest goblin, pulling out a straight punch with a downward slant the instant he arrives, but the goblin manages to dodge it with a hop. The force of his momentum stops Fin from pulling himself up quickly enough, and his second punch flying upwards is already expected as the goblin keeps its face nice and intact.

Attack 1
Attack Roll [roll0]
Crit Confirm[roll1]
Damage [roll2]

Attack 2
Attack Roll [roll3]
Crit Confirm[roll4]
Damage [roll5]

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-14, 03:18 PM
"Sir, whoever these guys are they are already guilty of several attempted murders and kidnappings and have attacked our guild, all unprovoked. If they are caught they won't be getting a slap on the wrist. They may figure it's better to just kill all the witnesses."

Bruce jogs a half step behind Matthew, keeping a steady pace. Matthew can hear a jingle with each footfall of Bruce's, which could only be chain mail under the large man's shirt.

"Thank you, Matthew, I'll be cautious - this isn't my first time facing - a few crossbows...Oh, another thing - don't count on the - Bridgeport justice system - working the way you think it might."

After Asmodeus posts this round, I'll post the remaining goblin actions.

2008-01-14, 04:19 PM
For the third time in the space of about an hour Matthew is crossing The Bridge. Behind him are the bright lights of East Bridgeport. Ahead of him the much more scattered lights of West Bridgeport. Above him, the best view of the night sky to be found within the city, below on the river, only a dim and broken reflection of the crescent moon.

Hope it's OK to have some moonlight -- I'm not sure what the light source situation is, although Matthew could produce light in a number of ways if he had to.

Oh, another thing - don't count on the - Bridgeport justice system - working the way you think it might.

He thinks it's political too... but what if it isn't?
Big house, lots of guards... someone must have a lot of money.

2008-01-14, 05:45 PM
Ioth fired his second bolt into the Goblin, and cursed in Draconic, he dropped his crossbow and grabbed at his spear, thrusting it at the next closest goblin, seeing as he had no time to reload his crossbow.

[roll0] Attack and [roll1] damage I hope abandoning the crossbow turns out to be the right idea :smalleek:

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-15, 01:19 AM
Three goblins remain. One, barely conscious, continues to back slowly away from battle, still clutching his shield and a dagger. The other two goblins are flanked: one by Fin and Berwin, the other by Ioth and Vlax. Despite being outnumbered, the goblins manage to elude the adventurer's blows, then return a desperate counterattack.

Goblin1 (attacking Fin)
Goblin2(attacking Vlax)

2008-01-15, 02:21 AM
The successful strike from the goblin can be described more like a small shaving cut to Fin as he's left with a minor cut on his chin. Though one should consider what may of happened if he didn't back step at that moment. Still that wasn't about to stop him from fighting back. Fin sprints forward, and makes two solid forward punches, the goblin raising its shield just in time for both, and almost dropping it from the impacts.

Flurry of blows again, may as well drop the bugger

Attack [roll0]
Crit Confirm [roll1]
Damage [roll2]

Attack [roll3]
Crit Confirm [roll4]
Damage [roll5]

2008-01-15, 03:13 AM
The blow to Vlax misses, and {unless the goblin is killed before it's his turn} Vlax slices at it with the axe.


2008-01-15, 05:44 PM
Matthias skulks near the bridge, awaiting Matthew's return. The cries of battle from within the house worry him, but he knows he cannot do much until his illusionist friend comes back.

2008-01-15, 10:02 PM
With two blows dodged already, the goblin suddenly turns away from Berwin and jumps at Fin. Without hesitation, Berwin swings his pick at him again, this time, trying to hit the Creatures back.

To Hit: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2008-01-16, 03:36 AM
oops, can't roll in edits, so heres my damage for that hit

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-16, 02:32 PM
In the interest of moving things along, I'm going to let Vlax's attack take place while we're waiting on Asmodeus' post (as if Ioth had delayed initiative slightly) but we'll still wait for Ioth before the goblins get their turn. Don't forget you can get an attack bonus for flanking.

While the goblin defending itself against Fin and Berwin is able to avoid injury again, Vlax's axe draws blood once more. The blade sweeps low, catching the goblin in unprotected back of the thigh, severing hamstring muscle and leaving a wound that gushes blood. Despite the goblin's leathery skin, the adventurers can see it go pale as it struggles to remain standing.

__________________________________________________ ________

Bruce and Matthew appear on the west side of the Bridge where Matthias is waiting - sooner than he expected, and without the small army hoped for. The pounding of their feet and the clank of their equipment seem unnaturally loud in quiet, dark West Bridgeport.

2008-01-16, 03:42 PM
"Bruce, Matthew!" Matthias cries. "Something's fighting everyone else inside. We need to get in there."

2008-01-16, 03:42 PM
I was thinking the bridge was still some distance from Highburrow Hall. Possibly hyperfreak was assuming in his last post that they were right next to each other? Anyway let's assume we either meet Matthias at the Hall or else meet at the bridge and then proceed to the exterior of Hall, outside its garden wall.

Btw -- is it true that Matthias would be able to hear sounds of a fight from within the house? I was wondering if the party got eg. teleported when they stepped through the door, in which case no sound of a fight.

EDITED: come to think of it since it must have been a good 40 minutes to run across town and back the fight would have ended by the time Matthew and Bruce get back. Of course if the others eg. take 20 on searching around that will take about 40 minutes and we'll all be caught up.

Matthew speaks at the same time as Matthias:
Matthias! Has anything happened in there?

2008-01-16, 03:52 PM
I attacked right before you posted, you kinda... ignored it just fyi here it is "Ioth fired his second bolt into the Goblin, and cursed in Draconic, he dropped his crossbow and grabbed at his spear, thrusting it at the next closest goblin, seeing as he had no time to reload his crossbow.

(1d20+3)[12] Attack and (1d6+1)[5] damage I hope abandoning the crossbow turns out to be the right idea"

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-17, 11:54 AM
Sorry about that Asmodeus

The goblin in combat with Fin and Berwin sees only two of his comrades still standing, and both of them at death's door. He decides to make a run for it, and starts to sprint away. The two wounded goblins, seeing his flight, also try to start limping away.

Fin and Berwin, you each get an attack of opportunity at the running goblin. Vlax and Ioth each get an attack of opportunity at the hamstrung goblin. The one with the crossbow bolt under his ribs is still making his slow retreat.

__________________________________________________ _____________

Bruce, Matthew, and Matthias crest the last hill before Highburrow Hall. They can neither hear nor see anyone across the way, though it is dark and hard to hear much when jogging.

2008-01-17, 12:56 PM
Per comments in OOC I'm assuming Bruce and Matthew catch up with Matthias close to the outside of Highburrow Hall's wall just where Matthew left him 40 minutes ago and that Matthias has been keeping an eye on the hall from there.
Matthew attempts to peek through the crack between the wall and the gate but it is hard to see much.

Asking Matthias, hushed voice:
Have they moved at all, the guards? No sign of anything? No movement?

To Bruce, hushed voice:
We could easily climb over the wall around the back? Or you could call them out from here if you really think they would stand down based solely upon your rank. Of course so far as they know we might have brought two dozen men with us.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-17, 01:42 PM
Bruce (scratching his head)
"I don't see anyone, though they could be hiding behind that wall on the roof. Strange that this gate is lit, but the house is not. And the rest of your team went inside the house, hmm..."

Matthew doesn't Spot anyone either.

2008-01-18, 12:37 AM
Fin pulls out a fast punch just as the goblin decides running is the best option, finding his fist coming into empty space, brushing just an inch away from the goblins head as it starts getting the hell out of there (AOO taken, and... I doubt a 10 hits. Blasted Crit confirm)

Attack roll [roll0]
Crit Confirm[roll1]
Damage [roll2]

2008-01-18, 06:51 AM

Trying to swing at the fleeing goblin, Berwin misses again, almost stumbling as the Goblin escapes the blow. He kept his face calm and emotionless during the whole fight, but now as he regains his balance he shows an angry sneer.

2008-01-18, 10:59 AM
Yeah the guards were on the roof hiding behind that low wall. Spaced out regularly all down the roof, but all on this side like they expected us. When the woman came out of the door there was some light from inside the house.... although now you come to mention it, there wasn't much light even then.

Guildmaster do you want us to try and scout the place out before making a decision? maybe take a peek inside? If you want to go with the idea of playing on your official status.... declaring you are here and ordering them to release the others... it wouldn't look good if you had to sneak in. For that matter it would be undignified to have to climb over the wall if the gate is still locked.

Matthew tries to quietly see if the gate is still locked. Assuming that it is,

Matthias, can you unlock this gate?

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-19, 07:23 AM
The gate is still locked.

Bruce (in a booming voice, sure to carry to the house)
"Hail, ye of Highburrow Hall! I am Bruce Wrightson, Guildmaster of the Fair City of Bridgeport! I am here with witnesses to speak of the wrongs done to my guild-members! Let us solve this matter with words, not steel, else I shall be forced to call upon the Marshal!"

(to Matthias and Matthew)
"Nobody wants to get Bridgeport troops involved in any disagreement. Their methods tend to favor neither side, and be rather... lacking in subtlety and restraint."

A few moments pass without reply or sign of anyone at the house.

Waiting on Vlax and Ioth's attacks of opportunity. (I'm not being impatient, just trying to keep people updated.)

2008-01-19, 08:23 AM
sorry I forgot :smalltongue:
attack [roll0]
damage [roll1]

2008-01-19, 11:05 AM
Scouting seems like Matthias' territory so I'll give hyperfreak a chance to post.
So another waiting in place post from me.
Site's been bad 3 days now.
The guy in charge on the roof seemed to be slow to come to decisions. Worried about what his "superiors" might think. He might be thinking about what to do.... or gone altogether...

Matthias gestures with his loaded crossbow. Maybe this could provoke a response of some sort...?

2008-01-20, 02:05 PM
"I could try to open the lock on the gate," Matthias says after pondering the question for a moment. "Have weapons ready should the defenders decide my intrusion is not conducive to their plots."

[roll0] Checkin' for baddies.
P.S. My crossbow is still out, in case that becomes an issue. I suppose I will put it on the ground if I reach the gate; lock-picking usually requires both hands.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-20, 02:45 PM
Matthias peers through the gate and doesn't see a soul, not even the glint of a crossbow over the low wall on the roof.

He tries to unlock the gate, but his first attempt fails.

There is still no response to Bruce's challenge.

In the interest of moving thing along (I'm going to bed), if Matthias takes 20 to unlock the gate he will succeed without any incident, and the three outside the gate can then decide what they want to do once the gate is open.

Also in the interest of moving things along I'm going to give the results of Vlax's attack of opportunity, even though we are still waiting on Ioth's attack of opportunity.

The goblin that was fighting Berwin and Fin eludes their blows and makes a break for the concealment of the trees, quickly gaining on the two severely wounded goblins who are staggering away from the battle.

Vlax swings at the goblin fleeing him and Ioth, but only barely makes contact with the blade of his axe, the blow harmlessly cutting loose one metal stud from the fringe of the goblin's dirty leather jerkin.

2008-01-20, 05:31 PM
Matthew tries to see any signs of response while Matthias fiddles with and eventually unlocks the gate. Seeing none...

Are you sure they didn't all run off somehow? I'm going in. What the hell... forcing the issue seemed to work last time and brazening it out was the guildmaster's call on this thing.

Matthew swings the gate open. Pauses, steps forward and begins to walk towards the house. Note to self: remember to buy some real smokesticks.

If he sees a bunch of people stand up and try to shoot him, or gets a warning shout from the others, obviously he'll dive for cover or duck back behind the wall if he is challenged immediately upon opening the gates.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-21, 02:46 AM
Ioth thrusts his spear at the retreating goblin, but the small creature's fear seems to have made it very light on its heels. There are now two dead goblins, two critically wounded goblins limping into the woods, and two uninjured goblins sprinting away as fast as they can.

Acting on Asmodeus' behalf: [roll0] [roll1] OK, unless there are any objections, you may act in whatever order you like (I don't want being picky about initiative to slow things down right now). All four goblins are now out of range of melee weapons unless you do a charge

Bruce follows Matthew in the tense, cautious walk towards the front door of the house, expecting a hail of crossbow bolts any second, as Matthias puts away his lockpicking equipment.

Bruce (sounding regretful but not scared)
"...Maybe you were right, young Matthew. You never know who might be the type to shoot first and worry about the consequences of killing a Guildmaster later."

2008-01-21, 03:10 AM
Matthew's inner tension is released in a burst of laughter that breaks the tense silence, and perhaps, a switch in Matthew's head goes off. He doesn't bother to speak quietly:

You pick a fine time to agree with me guildmaster. As for me, I've just about come around to your way of thinking. This is not some dark back alley. Highburrow Hall -- whoever bought the place has money no doubt, and a name. They might murder a guildmaster but I think they'd want to avoid doing so in their own front garden with witnesses back up there at the gate. A little hard to explain that one away I think.

What a strange twist of fortune. An hour ago I was doing the same thing but walking away from the house.

2008-01-21, 03:27 AM
Vlax roars and charges after thre nearest goblin

Charge is +2 to attack and damage right? If not re-roll for me :smalltongue:

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-21, 06:28 AM
Vlax easily overtakes the goblin and strikes him down.

Charge is +2 to attack, -2 to the attacker's AC, but you still do 7 HP of damage.

2008-01-21, 01:16 PM
(Ewww. Dicebot doesn't like me anymore...)
Fin charged after the nearest goblin, stomping his foot into the ground near it as if to scare it into keep running rather then actually hit it. Fin honestly want to bother with these goblins anymore:They were running, they were no longer a threat, they didn't matter, and more importantly they had other things to think about. Where'd that women go? And hell how'd they get out in the middle of the woods?

Fin shouted out as the goblins ran, as if she could hear him "Where'd you go Old women?! The hell is this about? Or you even here to hear me?!"

To hit [roll0]
If Crit [roll1]
Damage [roll2]

2008-01-21, 04:03 PM
"Anyone have an actual plan, or do we just walk in?" Matthias asks as he catches up with the others.

2008-01-21, 06:35 PM
The trio close in on the house.
Ask me again in 30 seconds.

If we get to the door without incident Matthew offers to boost Matthias on to the roof, or else climb up himself. Is the door open?

2008-01-21, 09:13 PM
As some of the others chase down the remaining Goblins, Berwin starts to search the bodies of the already dead ones. With experienced ease he rolls them around, flips open pouches, looks for hidden compartments in their clothing and is not afraid to get his hands dirty in the process.

Everytime he is done with one, he lines him up next to the previous and puts the body back into shape as good as possible, if they had been seriously mauled or cut too much. Finally he closes their eyes and mumbles a short prayer.

Taking 20 on Spot check if applicable: 24

2008-01-22, 06:08 AM
Afetr striking down another goblin Vlax begins to tear after the rest, blind to what the others ared oing in the ecstacy of the fight.

Im not in rage, Vlax just likes fighting. I won't roll for another charge, as the situation has probably changed in terms of whacking goblins. If I would be able to hit another with a charge, feel free to roll if tof me.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-22, 09:00 AM
Matthew, Matthias, and Bruce survive their march to front door, though every second spent waiting for a bolt in the throat may have seemed like an hour. As they come close to the house, each of the three notice the unmistakeable smell of charred flesh in the air.
The front door of the house is open, but glancing inside, all they see is darkness and a faint flicker of orange light which does not reveal anything.

Bruce (growling, mostly to himself)
"There is some kind of devilry at work here..."

"Perhaps I should get on the roof, or else give you a boost, Matthias?"
__________________________________________________ ______________

As Vlax chases after the running goblin, the hamstrung goblin lunges at Vlax - opening the leg wound wider in the process. It falls to the ground and the light fades from its eyes. The other adventurers then see the goblin with the curved dagger spit at Vlax. Vlax turns, furious. The goblin hisses and gives Vlax a look of contempt and venom, looking straight in his eyes as it slits its own throat and falls, denying the adventurers victory in combat.
The last fleeing goblin disappears into the darkness, its footsteps lost in the the sound of the wind in the pine needles.

Remember - Spot is to find hiding people, Search is to find hidden stuff.

Berwin searches all the goblins carefully and thoroughly, and finds the following (all equipment sized small):

-one curved dagger
-several hunks of dried meat of an unknown animal
-1 set of "knucklebones" (common knowledge - these are used for gambling by many races, or sometimes for divination)
-5 suits of studded leather armor (filthy)
-5 morningstars
-5 small wooden shields
-12 javelins
-8 silver pieces, 13 copper pieces
-2 flint & steel sets
-1 crude necklace of hemp and bones that look to be from a cat, rabbit, or squirrel
-6 waterskins
-6 filthy, torn cloaks of heavy wool along with other tattered bits of goblin clothing
-1 piece of deerskin with some goblin script and what looks like a crudely drawn map inked onto the smooth side

2008-01-22, 09:28 AM
This is getting creepy. Should we shout for the others?

Matthew climbs up on to the roof of the manor.
Give me a boost here will ya Matthias.
I'm coming up. Don't shoot.
Take ten on climb - it's only a halfling house after all, albeit a big one.
After the others finish searching the bodies etc., we'd be about up with them time-wise.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-22, 09:47 AM
Matthew's stomach turns as he peeks over the roof wall.
All fifteen crossbowmen lie on the roof... their skin charred black and smoldering. None of them are moving. There is a narrow stairway that goes down into the house, just above the front entrance.

2008-01-22, 11:15 AM

Still slightly irritated at the goblin killing itself, Vlax stops and replaces his axe on his back. He returns to the others, grumbling about the cowardice of goblins, and how they can't die fighting.

2008-01-22, 11:16 AM
Oh god...
Don't you dare puke you little worm.

Fifteen burned guys up here, and another way into the house.
None of them our guys.
I'm checking for survivors now.

Matthew clambers over the small wooden wall on the roof. He takes a minute to walk along the roof making sure the men are all dead, as seems likely. He tries to figure out if the flames came from one direction as if by some spell, or if the burns are all over.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-22, 12:41 PM
"What's wrong with going in the front door? We - never mind, we'll wait until you can tell us what you find up there. Matthias, I'll give you a boost up if you want."

Matthew moves from one burnt corpse to another, checking them carefully for signs of life - which he does not find. In the darkness he can not find any indicator of the source of the fire. The men are scattered all around the rooftop. They do not appear to have died fleeing a fire from any one direction.

2008-01-22, 05:34 PM
Fin lets out a sigh as his cry gets no response. Relaxing again, letting his hair flow over his eyes as he lets out a deep breath he tightens his gloves with a few pulls muttering to himself "The hell does this woman want..."

With no one answering his questions he simply turns to the other adventurers, glancing at everyone making sure everyone was more or less alright, which for the most part was the case minus a few small bruises and cuts. He looked around at the trees surrounding him, trying to figure if he could recognize the landscape at all (say if it looks anything like a forest near Bridge port Knowledge:Local for that.). Noting that Berwin was in the process of going through the goblins things he walked over to him, asking quite simply "Found anything that explains this whole mess? Or at least gives an idea of where we're at?"

The map most certainly will help. Cash wise, the only thing I see us actually being able to see is the morning stars, and the knife:Who would buy dirty old Goblin armor? Oh and knowledge local check

2008-01-22, 05:54 PM
They're all dead.

Matthew lights a torch using flint and steel - a fiddly task by moonlight.
If I knew more about this stuff I could figure how long ago they died I suppose.
There's a way into the house up here and I'm going in. I suggest you stay put for a second guildmaster.... it begins to look as if whoever is behind this has fled.

Matthew gets some sand ready for a spell, draws his dagger and heads down the stairs into the house.

2008-01-22, 05:59 PM
Ioth is frowning and mumbles something about the goblins he knew being alot nicer, he then walks around the room as if searching for something... or someone, but he days open his mouth long enough to say {In Common} If no one minds I'll take those knucklebones, used to love that game

I'll roll for search and spot if thats ok [roll0] search [roll1] spot

2008-01-22, 06:38 PM

Vlax leans against a tree, waiting for the others to give him something else to smash. He's not interested in the goblins possesions, seeing the weapons and armour as pathetic in comparison to dwarf work.

He might be an outcast, but he is still a dwarf, and therefore proud of his race's work

2008-01-22, 08:34 PM
Berwin puts each Goblins belongings next to his head and picks up a single silver piece to put it in his own pocket. When Ioth asks about the Knucklebones, he scowls at him for a few moments but says nothing, then continues his work.

The map however catches his attention. He studies it, then stands up and says aloud, without looking up from the skin. "Anyone able to read Goblin?"

2008-01-22, 08:39 PM
Ioth, still concentrating on the surroundings wanders over to the bodies, oblivious to the cold stares of the other priest, and begins to search for the game pieces and asking idly {In Common} Anyone need any healing?

2008-01-22, 10:21 PM
"Nothing but a scratch" Fin notes at Ioths question if anyone needed healing (all of 1 hp, Fin isn't going to ask for healing for that). Fin scratched his head taking the map from Berwin looking it over. "Can't say I know a word of that.... but...A maps a picture first, words second" He couldn't understand the words.. but a map is still a map:a picture first with words pointing out important places. He tried to see if he could recognize the vague shape of land depicted on it, if any the symbols were simple enough that he could gain some clue about them.

Still, his first concern was getting them somewhere they could get home with. The Lady wasn't here to chat with them and explain this mess after all. "We best retrace our steps, figure out which way is what. I get the feeling there ain't much of nothing out here for us... makes little sense as is for us to be way out here"

(Do ignore the double negative. Fin didn't take English in school. Or well, even go to school for that matter. If there's any skill checks required in map examination you'll have to roll them for me there boss)

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-23, 01:33 AM
By torchlight, Matthew determines the time of death to be somewhere between the last time he saw them alive and now. Not all that useful, but, he does notice one curious thing. The wooden surface on which he stands is only scorched immediately around each dead man. There is no "shadow effect", as if the flames came from one direction, and as a whole, the roof is mostly untouched by fire. It seems as though whatever fire killed these men did it very quickly, and causing almost no damage to the roof.

Matthew starts to go down the almost miniature staircase immediately behind the front entrance. He almost bumps into the same woman who had so haughtily spoken to them earlier, now crouched at the bottom of the steps. She gasps and shrinks back from him, her back up against a small sliding panel door in the small space at the bottom of the stairs (the orientation is such that the door must open into the hallway just behind the exterior front door).

__________________________________________________ ____

The adventurers in the trees look around for enemies and search the fallen thoroughly, but find nothing else. The map appears to be a crude rendition of the Timber River south of the Lake Heart, also including the eastern mountain range. Towns are labeled on the map in goblin script.

2008-01-23, 03:34 AM
"If this is local .. we're ways up past the lake!" Fin almost growl, not exactly happy by the sounds of it (Damn, how long of it is a trip back from here?).

"...Good few towns away from where we were...I think..." Though Fin couldn't exactly recall 'how' many towns. He didn't know their exact order down the river, he rarely left Bridgeport after all "...thanks for this" he gives the map back to Berwin and glances to the others

"Before we start a long walk we better find where we started, might not even be as far out I'd be thinking...." with that he searches a bit, trying to retrace his own, and the parties steps backwards. Trying to find the 'entrance' to the little house on the hill that led them all the way out here.

Making some assumptions here, Such as Fin at least knowing the basics of the area, being a local and all. Will edit if you think I'm going too far...
Taking 20 on search, Automatic 22. It should be noted if Fin finds said entrance he WILL try to go through it right away, just to speed things up.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-23, 04:55 AM
After taking a moment to orient himself, Fin finds an unnaturally dark passage between two trees, then realizes upon turning around that it was the same place where he found himself in the forest with the campfire in sight. Bringing the location to the attention of the other adventurers, he walks into the darkness and finds himself standing just inside the front door of Highburrow Hall, facing outdoors, with the darkness about three feet behind him. The smell of burnt flesh lingers on the air.

2008-01-23, 09:42 AM
As Matthew had run back to towards the guildhall his main desire had been for bloody revenge against those who had humiliated him, and those who had planned to kill Ana. But the smell of burned flesh had mostly put that out of his mind. Now here is the head assassin....

No doubt the others would not approve....

Matthew stares at her for a few seconds....

Before I change my mind... Come with me.

The stairwell is too small to allow the two humans to easily pass each other and Matthew doesn't want to have to take a prisoner into a part of the house he doesn't know is safe. He checks to see if the woman is armed and if she is not will grab at her right arm with his left hand.

Come. It is safe this way.

He will attempt to edge back up the small stairs half dragging the woman behind him, but doing it slowly while keeping an eye on her. If she shows any sign of resistance or arrogance Matthew will prefer to use color spray and drag her limp body out.... but who knows what other more dangerous enemies might still be nearby? Better to save that spell...

2008-01-23, 10:31 AM

AS he sees fin retreat back the way they had come, Vlax xalls out to him.

"Hey Fin! Are we in a forest or still in this crazy house? Can we get back out that way?"

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-23, 01:00 PM
Fin hears Vlax's voice distantly, as if the dwarf were at the bottom of a well...


The woman has no weapons in her hands, and looks more shocked than dangerous. As Matthew drags her by the arm, she stumbles up the stairs, her hood falling back. Once on the roof, she looks around, wide-eyed and silent, at the dead crossbowmen. In the torchlight, Matthew can see that this tall woman is actually quite young, looking to be in her 20s, with curly, blond hair that falls loosely to her shoulder blades. Her face is thin and drawn, her fair skin clear, but seeming to be stretched thin against her sharp cheekbones, nose, and jawline. As a gust of wind blows her cloak back, he can see she is dressed in a white linen shirt and pants, bloused loosely in brown leather boots and a wide brown leather belt. A slender dagger is in a sheath clipped to the belt at her hip.

"What else is there, Matthew?"

2008-01-23, 01:30 PM
I found a survivor; the woman Quinn identified. She seems shaken up. Not sure what to do with her. I'm guessing whoever burned the guards is gone, but I don't want to be babysitting a prisoner while I investigate further. I'll try and get her down to you.

Matthew grabs the woman by the shoulders and looks her in the eye.

You're going to be a good girl now, right? Climb down over the fence. People down below will help you down.

Matthew tries to lift her up on to the fence to push her on up and over it. Something in the way she reacts puts him on guard.
Matthew's OOC thread initiative roll = 19
Matthew's color spray is a DC 15 Will save.

2 HD or less
The creature is unconscious, blinded, and stunned for 2d4 rounds, then blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, and then stunned for 1 round. (Only living creatures are knocked unconscious.)

3 or 4 HD
The creature is blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, then stunned for 1 round.

5 or more HD
The creature is stunned for 1 round.
As the young woman reaches for her knife, Matthew reacts faster, dropping the torch he was holding and stepping back he blasts away with color spray.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-23, 02:05 PM
Matthew tries to move the young woman to wall when she doesn't comply with his instructions, but when he takes her by the shoulders she doesn't budge. He slaps her across the face, but no sooner does his hand leave her reddened cheek than her look changes from shock to that of a snarling, cornered animal. She reaches back for her blade as her body assumes the crouch of a veteran knife fighter...

Matthew roll for initiative, and if your initiative beats hers go ahead and edit your post to describe the action you take, with any additional die rolls necessary posted in the OOC thread to avoid a double post.
Matthias - are you on the roof or are you still on the ground with Bruce?

Meanwhile down below, Bruce suddenly notices Fin standing just inside the house, looking out the open doorway.

Bruce (squinting his one eye)
"Young Fin! Is everyone alright?"

2008-01-23, 03:11 PM
Fins smiles as he finds himself back in the city, he yells back to Vlax "I can barely hear ya! But I'm back in the city! Seems it's two way!.... Huh?" He turns as he hears the voice of Bruce, turning to face him and taking a few steps forward.

Fin ruffles his hair, not exactly sure how to explain this ".... Uh.. well I'm alright, so is everyone else just.. uhh" He shakes his head "... You ain't gonna believe this....." He's about to explain what is hidden behind the doorway but quickly remembers the army of crossbowmen hidden on the top of the roof, looking up in an instant. Though Matthew or Bruce likely tell him the face of the men who were up there. (Sorry if I'm assuming here, just keeping this moving along)

"What... All.. dead? How?!..." leading to Fin abusing his hair more ".. Gah... This is only getting more messed up. It ain't making any bloody sense, but the door of that house leads to ways up past the lake! All the way by Timber, in the middle of the woods! Like skipping the whole jounrey in one step... I don't know if it's some sort of trick or the real deal.... but me and the fellahs just got in a tangle with a handful of Gobs out there...."

2008-01-23, 03:17 PM

On hearing Fin's subdued reply, Vlax gets up and heads back towards the entrance, asking "You coming?" to Ioth on his way.

2008-01-24, 08:45 PM
Ioth pockets the knucklebones and follows Vlax saying {In Common} There better be a way out of here somewhere.

2008-01-25, 12:41 PM
"Let's get in there, Bruce," Matthias said as he saw Fin as well.

Taking ten on the Climb should suffice, right?

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-25, 04:12 PM
The woman flinches, and tears come to her eyes, but she blinks away the dazzling colors and presses her attack. Screaming with rage, she lunges, burying her dagger to the hilt just under Matthew's ribs, then pulling it free again for another strike.

Matthias jumps, catches hold of the roof, dangles for a second while he finds a foothold on a window shutter, then scrambles up and over the low wall to stand behind Matthew.

Bruce raises an eyebrow for a moment, then rushes into the entrance of the house, elbowing aside Fin, finding and throwing open the sliding panel door on the left, just past the threshold, as Vlax and Ioth come out of the darkness a few feet further into the house. He runs up the narrow steps to the roof, his short sword drawn and ready.

2008-01-25, 04:49 PM
The others no doubt coming out of the house not far behind Fin, he looked with some surprise as everyone started to rush to the roof, but followed, if only to see what they were running after. While jumping up there sounded quite fun, seeing as Bruce had revealed a more practical way, he simply followed him, running up the steps behind him. Eye opening wide to the less then pretty site at the top of the roof.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-25, 04:55 PM
See previous post for edited results of woman's attack.

2008-01-25, 05:29 PM
Matthew staggers back a few feet and throws a dagger at his assailant.

Matthew would prefer to take a 5' step back throw his dagger and draw one of his other daggers. If there's no space to backup he will fight defensively.
(see OOC for crit confirm roll - failed)
alternatively fight defensively (+2 to AC =14):
either way same possible damage

2008-01-25, 05:40 PM

Seeing Bruce thunder past into the sliding panel, Vlax draws his axe again and follows quickly up the stairs.

2008-01-25, 05:47 PM
The space in the room is limited by now I'd imagine (full of corpses, and four people now?) but Fin can tell the women isn't exactly going to go quietly waving that dagger around as she is but he'd rather not just run up and deck her one.

He points "Common woman use your head! There's Four of us now, and more coming! We ain't got no interest in killing you" (at least not yet anyway ^_~) "Toss the knife!"

(Intimidation this would be. [roll0])

(Intimidation apparently successful =P)

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-25, 05:59 PM
Matthew's dagger spins through the air and lodges itself just under the woman's left collarbone. She staggers slightly, and as she does so catches sight of the mighty Bruce barreling towards her. As Fin leaps onto the roof behind Bruce, warning her she has more foes on the way, illustrated by Vlax charging up the stairs with a still-bloody axe in hand, the woman drops her dagger and collapses to the ground, sitting with her legs to one side and her face buried in her hands.

2008-01-25, 07:37 PM
We're not fighting in a room as such but in a narrow place on the roof behind a low wall -- the same low wall or fence that the fifteen crossbowmen were hiding behind. It's very long (about 150 feet?) but narrow and has a single burned body about every ten foot. Matthias is behind Matthew, possibly in front by now, and Bruce, Fin and Vlax are coming up the halfling sized stairs, probably with little room to get passed each other.

Fin: We ain't got no interest in killing you
Speak for yourself, Fin. I got plenty of cause. thinks Matthew who throughout this encounter had been half hoping the prisoner would try and escape... although himself getting stabbed wasn't part of the plan.

With satisfaction he sees his dagger knock her down.

Watch out she might be faking again.

Matthew sits / falls back against the slope of the roof proper and tries to tend to his wound... I think I've done my bit here.... This is going to hurt like hell when I calm down.

Vlax too! Are Ioth and Berwin with you?
I could use a little help.

2008-01-26, 08:08 PM
Fin makes sure to kick the womans dagger away the moment he gets the chance "They're on their way up." He says to Matthew with a nod, with that nod yelling back down "Itoh! Berwin! Get up here!" making sure there's some urgency in his voice. As he walks towards the woman he glances to Matthew asking simply "How bad is it?" referring to the wizards wound, at the same time keeping on guard of any sudden movements from the woman.

(Just for the sake of moving things along as always Fin will chat with said lady as well, assuming one of our clerics get up here to help him)

"I don't suppose you had anything to do with this; these are your men" Fin said referring to the mess of death that lay on top of the house. He kneels down some offering one hand "You wanted to talk, and now we've got plenty of question. So just come along now. I REALLY don't wanna drag ya at this point"

2008-01-27, 09:09 AM
Berwin follows the others behind and walks out the front door, striking with his hand over the frame and looking back and forth between the outside and the damp corridor from which he came. Fin's commanding voice sets his wandering mind back into focus though and he starts to make his way up to the roof.

The view up there makes him raise an eyebrow in suprise and his eyes wander over the dead crossbowmen as he walks up to Matthew and he seems generally more interested in them than Matthews bleeding side when he carefully touches it with his hand. He speaks a short prayer and looks at Matthew with a soothing smile, while the wound seems to heal up instantly.

Channeling Detect Undead into CLW: [roll0]

Then he raises again and walks over to one of the burned bodies to inspect it, again not afraid to touch it and roll it over.

2008-01-27, 10:30 AM
Ioth stepped up onto the roof and looked around, he half-screeched {In Common} What the HELL happened up here?

wait so do i still need to heal anyone?

2008-01-27, 11:04 AM
Matthew has seen wounds this bad cured by a cleric before, but never been on the receiving end of the spell to quite such effect. Wow!

Thanks Berwin! Matthew examines the area where the wound used to be. The only evidence remaining is the hole in his tunic. He pokes his finger through the hole and wiggles it. Hahaha. That's great. I feel great.

Ha. I'll need to get a needle and thread and fix the hole.

Ignoring the woman other than to retrieve his own dagger, Matthew helps Berwin search over the dead bodies. Let me give you a hand with that. I might have a better eye for detail even if you are more used to handling dead bodies.
Probably come back later and "take twenty" but for now Matthew doesn't want take too much time searching when there could be more enemies around.
Ha. Matthew realises he's rushing too fast for a full check I would think.

As he's searching he answers Ioth's question. "These men were like this when Bruce, Matthias and I got back here. I entered the house through the small stairs there and found the woman huddled up and scared. I brought her up here and she turned on me. That's about it." He asks, "So what the heck happened to you guys?"
Don't know if anyone wants to roleplay the story. Matthew won't be satisfied with "the short version" but he might have to wait for the long version. Whether it's roleplayed or not I'll assume someone tells Matthew the gist of it: portal, goblins, map.
Has anyone analysed the portal's magical aura yet? Matthew goes down to where the portal is. He's reluctant to pass through it. He casts detect magic and examines the portal. There should also be time to pop back upstairs and see if there is any weak residue of magical effect on the dead bodies themselves.
Take ten on spellcraft check for analysing aura = 16.
(+2 for illusions, ha)
If there is a magical residue on the bodies, the same take ten on that aura.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-27, 01:44 PM
After Fin kicks her dagger away, the woman does not take Fin's hand, but stands up on her own. She continues to hide her face in her own hands, sobbing.

"He's mad - completely mad!"

Berwin and Matthew inspect the bodies and find that all of them are definitely dead, with many of their possessions burnt and unsalvageable. They do find a few things:

With the fast check (and low Search roll) you don't actually know the exact quantity of all these things, you're just kinda throwing them into a pile that you could count later.

15gp, 12 sp, 63 cp
4 undamaged light crossbows (size medium)
100 undamaged crossbow bolts
15 daggers, 3 short swords, 1 morningstar, 1 light mace (all size medium)

As Matthew walks down to the hallway, he hears a quiet hisss and the unnatural darkness shrinks away to a point and disappears with a barely audible crackle, leaving only a bare, dimly lit hallway with two doors to the right side and a stairway going down (wider and less rough-hewn than the little stairway that goes up to the roof. He casts Detect Magic here, and his knees almost buckle as a strong aura sweeps over him. Some mighty magic has been cast here. He goes back up to the roof, casts his spell again, and once more feels a shockingly strong aura. Whoever killed the crossbowmen and teleported Matthew's teammates must be more powerful than any spellcaster Matthew has ever met.

2008-01-27, 05:50 PM
Back up on the roof Matthew says,
The portal's.... and catches himself before he says "gone". Hmm. Don't want to give away any information in front of the prisoner.

The portal's certainly very powerful magic. So is whatever torched these men. Vlax, Ioth, Matthias can you help me a sec? If you're not busy? I want to grab some plants from that forest through the portal to help identify exactly where it is on the other side.

If they come downstairs he says, "Sorry for that ruse. I didn't want to tell the prisoner the portal has gone already. You guys must have got back out not a moment too soon."

2008-01-27, 06:05 PM
While the magical types investigate the portal (something Fin knows so very little about), and others check the bodies Fin puts his focus on bringing some to what this women is saying. "Who's mad? Ya were up here before any of us for certain, what happened here? Who did this to yer men? You ain't got nothing to worry about now....just give me an idea of what all of this was about?"

He tries to lead her back downstairs (making sure to avoid said 'portal' and Matthews chatting) figuring standing beside a bunch of burnt corpses isn't helping.

Diplomacy! [roll0]
Sense motive (If needed) [roll1]

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-28, 01:44 PM
The woman yanks her arm back when Fin tries to guide her. For a moment Fin thinks she's about to spit in his face, but a brief internal struggle, she takes a breath and looks at her feet. She speaks so quietly, Fin can barely hear her.

"It doesn't matter. Everything's going to end anyway."

Fin doesn't know exactly what she means by that, but he doesn't feel that she's trying to trick him - she's talking to herself, really.