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2007-12-18, 03:05 PM
Orcish Subrace;

Imperial orcs, also called "Irons." are a subrace of martially inclined orcs, built for battle and disciplined much further than that of their brothers; a battalion of Iron orcs are near unbeatable during a skirmish.
Most Imperial orcs have thick greyish skin, sometimes tinted with greens or brown. Armour and weaponry is considered almost a fashion, replacing jewelery in most instances and it is uncommon to see an Iron not wearing some kind of armour.
Imperial orcs revere many warrior deities, some praise to Grummsh and some to Hextor, and some even hail to Herenious.

Imperial Orc Traits: Imperial orcs possess the following racial traits.

+4 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, -2 Wisdom, -4 Charisma
Imperial orcs are very strong and sturdy, but lack in other places, they are also very stubborn and Gruff.
+1 Natural Armour
Imperial orcs skin is very tough and durable.
Low Light Vision
Imperial orcs lack the dark vision of other orcs, but still have keen eyesight compared to others.
+4 to saves vs fear
Imperial orcs are near fearless warriors who are disciplined to stand strong in the face of even overwhelming odds.
Weapon Training
All imperial orcs grew up in a society built around martial study and weaponry, and as of this, they are all proficient in Light and medium armour, and a martial melee weapon of their choice.
Bonus Feat
Because of their upbringing, all imperial orcs have knowledge of advanced battle techniques and may choose a bonus feat from those available to fighters.
+1 racial bonus on attack rolls against Dwarves, Elves and their sub races.
In the same way that Dwarves often train specifically to combat orcs, Imperial orcs have done the same against their common enemies.
Automatic Languages: Common, Orc. Bonus Languages; Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Terran, Undercommon.
Favoured Class: Fighter
Level Adjustment +2

Anything so say? Its really Melee based sub race, I hope the +2 LA is balancing. Just somthing I'd like to share, Ive loved the idea for a less barbaric, more tacticly aware, smarter, stronger and tougher orcs of a LE/LN alignment.

2007-12-18, 03:06 PM
Might I recommend you repost this in the Homebrew forums?

Otherwise, looks interesting.

2007-12-18, 03:07 PM
Here's my advice:

Ask the mods to move it to homebrew.

Otherwise, looks good.

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2007-12-18, 03:08 PM
Here's my advice:

Ask the mods to move it to homebrew.

Toe-MAY-toe. Toe-MAH-toe. :smallwink:

2007-12-18, 03:10 PM
... Whoops I always do that ><

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2007-12-18, 03:18 PM
+2 LA is death for most builds. I'd drop the bonus feat and add light sensitivity, make it a +1 LA race instead.

brian c
2007-12-18, 05:26 PM
+2 LA is death for most builds. I'd drop the bonus feat and add light sensitivity, make it a +1 LA race instead.

Agreed. However, if you drop the Dex and Wis penalties, they would be pretty well balanced I think at LA +2, if you allow LA buyback then it's no problem anyway.

2007-12-18, 05:33 PM
You'd add light sensitivity when they just have low-light vision? So now they're handicapped in every environment except dusk, dawn or candlelight. That's not what I'd do... maybe drop the nat armor? Also, why is Gnome one of their bonus languages? Nothing wrong with it, just wondering...

2007-12-18, 05:39 PM
I was thinking about something along the lines of this for a setting I'm (supposedly) working myself.
Although I don't like LA so I was just going to use regular orcs and make their favoured class fighter, possibly give them martial weapon proficiency as a racial feat. Not that it would matter much seeing as 95% or so of them would be fighters and barbarians anyway. No need to remove the intelligence penalty, you don't have to be particularily smart to follow orders.
Their story being that they're the wild tribes of the mountains surrounding the goblin empire and centuries of conscription into the Goblin Imperial Army has instilled a sense of discipline and rigorous martial prowess so thoroughly in the tribes that it's become tribal tradition to join the Imperial Army.

Anyway... The homebrew looks nice, although if it's a subrace I personally feel the modifications are a bit extreme, unless it's some sort of genetic experiment or the like. Of course, that's just personal opinion

2007-12-18, 05:48 PM
They are a bit weak for their level adjustment; you can probably drop it to LA+1 without any other changes. Specialized warriors are per se om the weaker side and there is no reason to weaken them more than absolutely necessary. Drop the ST Bonus against fear to +2, and make them LA+1. Than they should be balanced (but I would also say that Hobgoblins wshould be LA +/-0 without any changes).