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2007-12-18, 11:56 PM
This is the 6th of 22; current races done and posted are the Grispen, Blood Elves, Death Elves, Lichs, and High Orcs.

This is the fluff. It's decent. Not my best. Some of it was hard to think of supporting writing for what I wanted mechanically.


Renowned for their eternal pursuit of their careers, their ability to quickly learn to utilize a variety of abilities, and their fearlessness in the face of daunting tasks, they have spread and held their homelands of Greyholme. Their armies are some of the most feared in the world, needing no rest, food, or water.
A Necromar is a perceptive, wise being who can quickly decide what is truly going on in a given situation. Necromar are often slow to anger but slower still to forget, but very fast to learn and willing to try things fast. They worry about trying things first rather than concerning themselves with making sure they have anything. If they try it out and it works the first time, great. If they try it out and it doesn’t work the first time, they will come out a second time more properly equipped. This puts them at an opposite position with Lichs, who desire to have a masterful plan for everything, usually before the start thinking about putting themselves in danger.
Physical Description:
A Necromar stands at least as tall as their living counterparts; they are sometimes even heavier, for a reason; their bones are denser and tougher, their atrophied muscles thicker than the muscles of their human counterparts. Undeath makes their bones heavy and thick. Their eyes glow with blood red, bestial yellow, or acidic green light.
Necromar represent the bottom rung of Undead society in the city of Greyholme. They are frowned upon as simpletons and fools by the rest of Undead society, despite being quite wise in the ways of the world. By others outside of the Empire of Greyholme, they are just more Undead, despite being some of the most numerous.
Most Necromar are Neutral in alignment, ready to adapt to their life situation in order to succeed. They are wise and because of this wisdom willing to acknowledge the multiple perspectives to life.
Necromar Lands;
Necromar congregate in great, haunted fortresses in the darkness sheathed land of Greyholme. They congregate en masse, which often brings Lichs out. Despite being viewed as the lower rung of society, between their numerous natures and their wisdom and drive, they are often the rallying force in times of danger as Necromar soldiers will show up and ask for leadership from the Lichs, who, seeing an army of ready soldiers before them, will happily command.
Necromar are commonly clerics, just like Lichs are. They also study Druidic and even Paladin magic. They commonly pray to Gods of Death, Undeath, Secrecy, Wisdom, or Knowledge. Prayer is a common part of their societies, and while most Undead don’t act dogmatically, they do acknowledge gods in their life and pray before trying events.
The Necromar speak all the languages they knew in life, which usually includes Tiscern Imperial.
Necromar adventure for many reasons; they often travel for the adventure and experience of it all, to satisfy a natural curiosity that they have for the world around them. They also adventure for official Greyholme groups, usually for military actions, spying, or exploratory expeditions.

Stat information. Read the Cannibalize, see what you think.

• +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: Necromar are wise and perceptive but not talkative and are rather reclusive, except when around eachother.
• Immunity to Fear: Necromar are dauntless foes who will march for hours on end into the hordes of death and destruction if it will achieve their goals.
• Immunity to Fatigue: Necromar do not tire, yet they need sleep. Their best guess is that sleep grants them the ability to act tirelessly throughout the rest of their waking hours.
• Cannibalism: Necromar are carnivorous, and need flesh no more than a week old in order to survive. After winning a grapple, a Necromar can bite and feast upon the flesh of an opponent. This does 1d6 + STR mod in damage. For every successful bite, the Necromar heals a number of hit points equal to his Constitution modifier + his level. A Necromar must consume a number of hit points in a week in this fashion equal to no less than 7xCON modifier+level or become lethargic and tired, unable to take more than a single move action per turn, and must rest for sixteen hours a day. After a week of this, the necromantic energies fueling their bodies go into a hyperactive state, depleting rapidly. The Necromar goes into a powerful cannibalistic rage, gaining a +6 to Strength, and attempts to grapple any living creature he sees, regardless of how the Necromar would normally fight or who he would consider a friend or foe. In his rage, he must eat 3x the amount he would normally need to eat for a week. This rage lasts for 10 days. At the end of which, if he has not successfully consumed the needed amount, he becomes a mindless undead. If after turning into a mindless undead he fails to get the meat he needs, he is destroyed. If he succeeds, the Necromar is affected by the horrid realizations of how he horrifically accosted everything in his path and utterly consumed them. He takes a -2 to Wisdom and Charisma.

brian c
2007-12-19, 12:08 AM
You might want to mention first off that they're undead; I was confused for a minute when I read that the armies didn't need food or rest. I know the name hints at it, but wouldn't hurt to say it explicitly.

The sleep/fatigue thing is tricky. If they're immune to fatigue, then there has to be a rules reason why they sleep. As a PC Necromar, I would take watch all night, every night, unless there's a negative effect from it.

Hm... other than that, looks fine. Might be a little bit underpowered, not sure how much the immunities really help. Question on the bite attack: do they have to grapple in order to use it? That means every Necromar is going to need melee skill, so it does pigeonhole them a little bit.


At the end of which, if he has not successfully consumed the needed amount, he becomes a mindless undead. If he doesn’t manage to consume properly at that point, he is destroyed.

Which do you mean?

And how do they deal with cannibalism when they aren't out fighting? Do they just eat raw/living animals? Do they get any nourishment at all from eating something that just recently died, or does it have to still be alive; is alive but negative HP okay? What if you bite someone at -5hp and do 10 damage; does that count as eating 10, or only 5 since they're dead by then?

I like the ability, just trying to help you iron out some potential issues with it.

2007-12-19, 12:43 AM
Both, if that wasn't clear. If he doesn't eat, he becomes mindless. If after becoming mindless he STILL doesn't manage to find anything to consume, he is destroyed as the Negative Energies fueling him wane and wither.

It can be alive or dead, but it cannot have been dead for more than a week.

2007-12-19, 12:51 AM
Link to blood Elves:


brian c
2007-12-19, 01:01 AM
Both, if that wasn't clear. If he doesn't eat, he becomes mindless. If after becoming mindless he STILL doesn't manage to find anything to consume, he is destroyed as the Negative Energies fueling him wane and wither.

How much time does he have of being mindless before he dies? And if does he regain... mindfulness... if he eats, or is he permanently mindless now?

It can be alive or dead, but it cannot have been dead for more than a week.

Hm, that makes it a lot less of a drawback if they can eat animal meat. Before reridgeration, meat didn't last more than a couple days anyway.

2007-12-19, 06:03 AM
Double posted. Soz.

2007-12-19, 06:05 AM
These are good judgement calls and things I wouldn't have thought about on my own. Thanks.

Hehe, I stated ''cannot have been dead for more than a week'' because an Undead creature that had already dropped to eating flesh probably wouldn't mind rotten flesh much more. Then there is also the fact you can dry and salt meats and jerkies to expand it's lifespan.

They have another week of mindless roving before they are destroyed by their hunger. If he does eat the needed 21xCon modifier ((he needed 3 weeks worth of food)) he regains his......mindfulness....although the experiance would probably warrant a drop in a mental attribute....going through the experiance of becoming a miindless undead and then horifically accosting and devouring anything that came across you....*shudder*

Me & a DM buddy were talking about this race, and he asked how they could have a stable kingdom when there was so much need to feast, especiallly since the Lich Queen maintains a imindless undead army, one that retains it's ability to turn those it eats into Zombies. ((Necromar have lost that ability in exchange for their intelligence.)) We decided they had four sources:

1) Those captured in raids.
2) Prisoners of other races given to them.
3) Kingdoms who had some of their populace go and get partially eaten (read below)
4) Cattle farms, ie what became of all of the above.

Lichs and Necromar both can apply and become skilled Clerics. This said, they have a system: Allow their cattle to be bitten ((as neither Necromar or Lichs or Vampires need to actually kill their foe, just do damage)) and heal over the punitive effects with Cure, Remove Poison, Remove Disease, and Restoration spells.

We said it would look something like THIS.

The following is a documented scene in my world between a prisoner of war and an Undead Necromar named Charles.

"Hey charles? What's up? You coming to take a bite out of my arm?"
"Yea. It's monday. Gotta eat."
"Yea. When a mans gotta eat, a mans gotta eat."
"*words 'no kidding' can be said through a bite of human arm.*"
"Speaking of eat, man, those Lich nurses can COOK. What do you put in that stuff?"
"Do you REALLY want to know...?"
"Well, yea, I mean, it tastes unnaturally good! I always liked cooking."
"I think you might lose your taste for it if I told you. Needless to say it's very self-sufficient and involves parts of people. Living people. Same people who WE eat out of. Very efficient to make it all come from the same place."
"Speaking of efficiency, none of those Vampires have been too grabby, right? Those things are MALICIOUS. Even by OUR standards. As your agent and main consumer, it's my responsibility to make sure that you, as my food source and the food source of others, still is partially ok with it all."
"Yea. Veshpit was an arse the other week; guy pinned me down, bit me, and I thought he'd fallen asleep by the time he got up. I know I did."
"Eesh. Those biological enhancements....sedationary vampire fangs...unhealable Necromar/zombie bites...A sapping touch that damages more than it heals....those R&D people get creative."
"Tell me about it. Apparently not something you can turn on and off, either."
"Well, if it's any re-assurance, Veshie died in a special forces raid."
"Really? How?"
"Oh. Sorry. Didn't mean to intrude."
"Nah. It's cool brother."
"Oh. Ok. Anyways, whatcha doing today?"
"We're going to capture a set of human colonizers who settled too close to Greyholme."
"Nice. If there's any women, could ya do me a favor? I miss having someone who smells good to talk to. Between other guys and Undead, that's not a need being met."
"Oh. Sure thing."
"Thanks for being cool with it all, brother."
"Thanks for your arm. Nice and tasty."
"One tries ones best."
"As always."

*Charles walks away*


2007-12-19, 06:10 AM
Changes made to the cannibalize ability.