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2007-12-20, 02:50 PM
Shadowsouls Fluff:
The man of darkness, the darkest creation of the gods. beings of pure evil.
Shadowsouls are usually slim and quick, rather using magic and speed over brute strength, they live forever, so they have the potential to learn more then anyone, but lack the will.
Shadowsouls are never good, and never lawful. they all stick to themselves first, that is how they are created.

Usually pale skinned, dark hair and with black or gray eyes, they mingle with not too much trouble in human crowd, but they never have the will to join them.
At a first glace, they are humans, same highet, same weight. one might notice that they never seem to age over 20's. and actually their body indeed stop to change at adulthood age of 20. On the other hand they cannot naturally breed, (while fully equipped for it, the process will always fail.) and new shadowsouls are created only by soul transforming or spontaneity creating on the plane of shadowsoul.

Shadowsouls have bad relations with all races, and aside personal friends they will at best attempt to avoid contact with anyone, including other shadowsouls. and at worse attempt to kill them.

Shadowsouls have grater insight on the structure of the world, leading them to often be atheists, they see deities as nothing more then powerful beings, that can be defeated and would eventually be.

The common shadowsoul will talk in both common and soulspeech. but he will avoid other languages, even common is only because soulspeech is limited to shadowsouls alone.

Racial Traits:

+2 Dexterity -2 Strength, -2 Constitution. Shadowsouls have a weak, yet flexible body.


Land speed: 40 ft. Shadowsouls are very quick.

Soulspeach: a shadowsoul can deliver messages strait into the soul of another shadowsoul, this message cannot be receipted by anyone else in any means. this is like talking.

Unliving: as shadowsouls are, in fact, soul-based creatures they cannot be healed by neither positive nor negative energy, and are harmed by neither as well.

Immortal Soul: a shadowsoul cannot be slain. any "kill" or "slay" effect only reducece him to -9 hp. in case he is on -9 he disappears tow rounds and banished back to the plane of shadowsoul. the only exception to this rule is force damage, that is capable of lowering his HP to under -9, thus killing him.

Forceful Strike: any psychical attack (piercing/slashing/bludgeoning) made by a shadowsoul in a non-magical attack (unarmed/weapon/natural weapon) deals half damage as force damage.

Soulsense 30 ft. a shadowsoul can sense any creature that has a soul that is 30 ft. from him. (only his presence, not location nor kind, but he does know numbers.)

Can cast Magic Missile once/day as a spell-like ability. (caster level 5)

Level adjusment: +1

Related Feats:

Improved Soulsense [General]

Prerequisites: Soulsense

Benefit: This increases your soulsense range by 10 ft.

Special: you may take this feat multiple times.

Pinpoint Soulsense [General]
Prerequisites: Soulsense.

Benefit: You know the nature of any soul-having creature in your sousense range (enemy/friend/neutral.), but not his location.

Soulsense Strike [General]

Prerequisites: Soulsense, Pinpoint Soulsense.

Benefit: You may shoot magic missile against any target in your soulsense range as though you could see it. (you still need to cast the spell/spell like ability.)

Half-Life [General]

Prerequisites: Unliving

Benefit: Instead of being uneffected by positive and negetive energy, you heal from both at a rate of 25%.

Transform Soul [Racial]

Prerequisites: Half-Life, Shadowsoul.

Benefit: Once for week, you may turn a fallen non-shadowsoul into a shadowsoul. the target must b willing and dead for no more then a week. replace her racial traits with the shadowsoul ones.