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2007-12-21, 05:40 AM
I need help selecting spells for advanced learning. So far I have 2 spells for first advanced learning. So far I have found two interesting spells for first advanced learning:

1. Magic Savant (CM) - +4 UMD and ability to take 10 on UMD (since I have 10 ranks)
2. Lore Of The Gods (CC) - since my diety is Sovereign Host I would get +10 to all knowledge checks which works nice with Knowledge Devotion.

So which one is better. If you know any other spells that could be usefull for present or future advanced learning please post.

Rachel Lorelei
2007-12-21, 05:53 AM
I'm fond of Hunter's Eye, a Ranger 2 spell from the PHB II; it's a swift action to cast, lasts a round, and gives you CL/3 dice of Sneak Attack. Extend it with a lesser rod (only 3000 gp) or Persist it normally once you have 8th level spells.

Another good one is Find the Gap, Paladin/Ranger 3 from the SpC. It makes the first attack each round a touch attack, lasting rounds/level. Combine this with Cloud of Knives (PHB II) for another (Acidic Splatter or normal spells being the first) ranged touch vehicle for your sneak attacks (and share all three spells with your familiar for more).

Beyond that, here's a little list I compiled for an Unseen Seer I recently made:

Linked Perception (PHB II, Rgr 1): +2 Spot/Listen per ally in the area, min/level
Divine Insight (SpC, Clr/Pal 2): hours/level, expend to get 5+CL, up to 15, insight bonus on a skill check.
Critical Strike (CMag) - Asn 1, Swift, V & S components, next attack ignores miss chance due to concealment. If a foe has total concealment, must still attack the right square. Can deliver sneak attack.
Magic Savant (CMag) - Bard 2, Swift, V & S, round/level: +4 insight on UMD; if 10 ranks, can take 10.
Gravestrike/Plantstrike/Golemstrike (SpC? Originally in CAdv) to sneak attack things you couldn't otherwise.

The Glyphstone
2007-12-21, 06:13 AM
Is Unluck already on the Unseen Seer list? Enemy makes a will save or rolls twice for EVERYTHING and takes the worst result for rounds/level? Combine with assassin levels, poisons, or save-or-die/lose spells for bonus fun?

2007-12-21, 06:40 AM
@ Rachel Lorelei : thanks for that. Now I have more trouble to pick right spell :smallwink: .
@The_Glyphstone : Yes Unluck is allready Sor/Wiz spell and I plan to use it.

BTW I also have trouble picking last feat. I was thinking of Insightful Divination and Darkstalker but I can't decide.

Rachel Lorelei
2007-12-21, 07:04 AM
I'd take Hunter's Eye--at least, I do for my Unseen Seers, who tend to use Acidic Splatter + Cloud of Knives to sneak attack a lot.

Insightful Divination and Darkstalker are both great feats. If you have a truly good Hide score (with items boosting it), and you hide a lot, Darkstalker is worth it. Ideally, you want to have a Hide check of 30 over enemy Spots (check demons and the like of appropriate CRs), so you can take the -20 penalty for sniping and still remain hidden pretty much all the time. This isn't necessarily realistic, but 20 or so over should do. Otherwise, you should probably take Insightful Divination (and try to avoid making saves, to keep that Initiative bonus high).

Keld Denar
2007-12-21, 07:39 AM
I'd recommend Hunter's Eye and Divine Insight. DI will help you make that one important skill check a no brainer, pop it on a critial Disable check or on an important Diplomacy or Bluff check. You pretty much can't fail. Its only 2nd level, so you can prep it a few times a day, or buy a Pearl of Power 2 for 4000g (or 3).

Hunter's Eye will bump up your Sneak Attack into the low stratisphere. Cast it before you you get blasty with touch attack spells, such as Scorching Ray or the above mentioned Cloud of Knives.

For a feat, I'd suggest Staggering Strike if you don't have it. When sneak attacking from range while invisibe, if your damage is even moderately high (with Hunters Eye, it'll be very high!), you'll be basically slowing the target every round for a round. Staggered creatures can only take a standard action, preventing your fighter type friend from getting full attacked while he is pumping out tastey tastey full attacks himself. This lets you play the debuffer wizard while still maintaining high damage (in fact, the higher the damage, the better the chance to debuff!).