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2007-12-21, 08:47 PM
So I've been working on this science fiction campaign setting for years now in bits and peices.

Finally I began adding in my custom telepath class but I could use some suggestions. The campaign is based on modified d20 rules. All the classes I have are custom as well so don't worry about balancing telepaths with other classes.

I forget why now, but for some reason I justified using telepath abilities as skills rather then treating them as feats or 'spells'.

Oh, and this type of telepath is heavily influenced by Babylon 5 telepaths. So no telekinesis or anything, just very scary mind-breakign abilities.

Sometimes referred to as ‘teeps’, a telepaths strength comes from their mind and the powers that lie therein. While scientists often hail telepaths as an evolution, they are normally greeted with fear and apprehension. Thus, all of the major civilizations have strict rules regarding teeps. Sol, the human empire, is perhaps the best example. Once it became clear telepathic abilites were cropping up in surprisingly large numbers, the PsiCorp was formed. Created to enforce the Telepathic Charter laid down by the government, the PsiCorps consists of two major wings. The first is the government branch that deals with the control, tracking, and finding of telepathic individuals. No telepaths are allowed within Sol territory unless they are in the PsiCorps or an approved foreign agency. The enforcement of the Charter falls to the government branch. All telepaths are required to submit to telepathic review in which their minds are probed to ensure no wrong-doing.

The commercial branch is government-sponsored institutions where telepaths are hired out to companies to ensure the sincerity of dealings. These telepaths are allowed surface scans only to detect a clients thoughts and relay this information to both parties involved in the agreement.

No telepaths are to use their abilities without written consent of their subjects. Teeps not willing to participate in the PsiCorps must still be registered, and must have monthly injections of special anti-telepathic drugs administered by a government official.

Hit Die—d6
Telepaths cannot multi-class
Starting Skill Points: (4+int modifier) *4
Skill Points Per Level: 4+int modifier
Starting gc: 3d4*100

Level Attack Bonus Fort. Ref Will
1 0 0 0 2
2 1 0 0 3
3 1 1 1 3
4 2 1 1 4
5 2 1 1 4
6 3 2 2 5
7 3 2 2 5
8 4 2 2 6
9 4 3 3 6
10 5 3 3 7
11 5 3 3 7
12 6 4 4 8
13 6 4 4 8
14 7 4 4 9
15 7 5 5 9
16 8 5 5 10
17 8 5 5 10
18 9 6 6 11
19 9 6 6 11
20 10 6 6 12

Telepathic Skills Relevant Ability

Surface Scan W
Probe W
Deep Scan W
Influence CH
Modify Memory CH
*Telekinesis W
Block W
Broadcast CH
Track Mind W
Sense Mind W
Quiet Mind W

Skill descriptions
Surface Scan
Gives the Telepath a mental image of what the subject is currently thinking at that moment. I successful scan can give a +4 bonus to initiative. Line of sight is required, and at a distance of no less then 100 feet. DC 10 + targets will

Telepaths can burrow into a subjects mind to look at prominent thoughts, concerns, and information. Line of sight and a distance of no less then 10 feet is required. The target will be aware of exactly who is using the probe, and where they are. DC 15 + targets will

Deep Scan
Telepath can look for specific information. This is very painful. Target must make a fort save or take 1d6 damage/3 levels (up to 10d6). A telepath using this skill can negate the damaging effects if they wish, and the target will pass out instead. Line of sight and a distance of no less then 10 feet is required. The target will be aware of exactly who is using the probe, and where they are. DC 25 + targets will

Influence abilities are perhaps the most well-known and documented of the teep powers. A telepath can do several things with this skill, listed below, with the minimum requirements to use them.

Distract “What was that sound?” Causes the target to temporarily become confused for one round. They will be less alert during this time, and receive a –5 penalty on all attack rolls, saves, and skill checks. This cannot be used on the same target more then once in an hour. Requires 2 skill ranks.

Reaction “Fine, I’m not THAT angry I guess.” Cannot be used on a target more then once in a 24 hour period. Cannot be used during combat. Target can become one step closer to either being angry or nice. Note that reaction changes are not necessarily permanent. Eventually that Bulrathi will remember why he hates Mrshraan. Requires 4 skill ranks

Fear Target flees for 1d4+1 rounds Cannot be used more then once in an hour on the same target. Requires 8 skill ranks

Attack ally Target attacks closest ally for 1d4 rounds. Cannot be used on same target more then once in 24 hours. Target will know who influenced them. Requires 12 skill ranks.

Suicide The target will attempt suicide, if possible. Cannot be used on a target more then once in a 24hour period. Target will be aware of any attempt at using this ability against them. Must have line of sight. Requires 16 skill ranks.

Non-combat action “Pushing this button suddenly seems a good idea” Target will attempt to carry out a non-combat action. A –5 skill check penalty will be incurred if the action will obviously cause damage to the target or its comanions. Cannot be used to cause death. Requires 10 skill ranks

Influence Decisions “These are not the droids you are looking for” This ability can be used to change affect a persons decision making process. Often best used after a successful reaction attempt. This cannot be used during combat. Cannot be used to cause someone to take a physical action. Requires 6 skill ranks.

Mod Memory
Temporary loss “Its coming back to me…” Target will forget a name, event, objective, or place for 1d4+1 hours. Cannot be used more then once a day on the same target. Requires line of sight, and a distance of 100 feet or less. Requires 2 skill ranks.

Permamnent loss “I have no clue who you are, stop saying you’re my mom.” Requires line of sight, and distance of 10 feet or less. Target must have been the subject of a successful deep scan beforehand. Cannot be broadcast. Requires 15 skill ranks.

Implant minor memory “Yeah, I saw them go that way.” Requires line of sight, and a distance of 100 feet or less. Lasts 1 hour. Cannot be used more then once on the same target in a 24 hour period. Cannot be broadcast. Requires 10 skill ranks.

Implant major memory “I recall you! You killed Pa!” Requires line of sight, distance of 10 feet or less, and a successful Deep Scan prior to the memory modification. Cannot be used more then once in a 48 hour period. Cannot be broadcast. Requires 18 skill ranks.

Broadcast can be used to send thoughts to all persons within a certain area. DC is 10 +2 per each person beyond the first. Broadcast can also be used with Influence skills at +3dc per extra person, no check is necessary to send a message to a Linked mind.

Can send a short message into the targets mind. Target will be aware of who sends the message.
30 yards Requires 2 skill ranks
100 yards Requires 6 skill ranks
10 miles Requires 10 skill ranks
100 miles Requires 14 skill ranks
Anywhere Requires 18 skill ranks

Track Mind
Implants a psychic beacon into a mind. A telepath will always know the subjects general location. Lasts 1hour/level. Requires line of site to set the beacon. Can only be placed on one subject at a time. Has a range equal to

A telepath can attempt to block the intrusions of another telepath either into their own mind, or the minds of others. An opposed skill check of the defenders Block roll against the attackers skill roll for the ability they are using. This is not a passive ability, and takes the place of the defenders other attack or defensive actions for the round. This ability can be used with Broadcast to protect against other broadcasted attacks, with a opposed skill check for each defended mind.

Defending against Telepaths

Even non-telepaths can learn some mental training to resist telepathic intrusions. There are also a variety of devices that have been created to negate their abilities.

Anti-Telepath injection – When injected via syringe this drug affects several chemicals in the brain. This gives the user a + 4 to will saves against telepathic attacks. The unfortunate side effect is that the user also suffers a -4 penalty to reflex saves as the drug causes dizziness and loss of coordination. It has a duration of one hour.

Anti-Telepath Helmet – This specially designed helmet gives a +2 on will saves against telepathic powers.

Psi-Jammer – A device designed to disrupt telepathic frequencies over a small radius. Smaller portable jammers have a 50ft radius and any attempt to use telepathic powers in that area suffer a -2 penalty. Larger devices that are not easily portable can be purchased to create greater penalties or service larger areas.

So what I was doing was trying to assign DCs to many of these abilities. Add/subtract modifiers such as targets will save, distance etc. (and I havent finished fleshing all that out, as you can see)

But what do you think of the direction for this class? Any suggestions for more abilities?

2007-12-21, 09:18 PM
here, have a table :D

{table]Level|BAB|Fort| Ref| Will
1| 0 |0| 0| 2
2| 1 |0| 0| 3
3| 1 |1| 1| 3
4| 2 |1| 1| 4
5| 2 |1| 1| 4
6| 3 |2| 2| 5
7| 3 |2| 2| 5
8| 4 |2| 2| 6
9| 4 |3| 3| 6
10| 5 |3| 3| 7
11| 5 |3| 3| 7
12| 6/1 |4| 4| 8
13| 6/1 |4| 4| 8
14| 7/2 |4| 4| 9
15| 7/2 |5| 5| 9
16| 8/3 |5| 5| 10
17| 8/3 |5| 5| 10
18| 9/4 |6| 6| 11
19| 9/4 |6| 6| 11
20| 10/5| 6| 6| 12[/table]