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2007-12-22, 07:01 PM
So, for those of you who haven't read my prior posts onto this forum: I am working on a campaign. I am working furiously on a campaign -- and I need input! However, it seems impractical to beg for input on the forum, but at the same time, the posted responses I've been getting have been a huge help (sometimes).

So, with the pace I'm going at now, I would probably be making at least three, if not four or five posts a week on this forum. That's a lot of evaluation to do, but I'd like to see help on it.

So, my formal request, I guess, is this: I would like people ot 'subscribe' per se to my campaign world info and give their thoughts on it. What this would namely involve would be giving me your email, AIM (american instant messaging, the AOL program), Xfire, or YIM. Then, whenever I finished another thing for my campaign world, I would send it to you for evaluation.

In case you are interested in hearing some of what there will be, it's divided into catagories. You can ask to only recieve things from one or two catagories, if you either feel you don't want to bother reading about it or if you feel that you wouldn't be any help evaluating one of the catagories but could be a help for the rest of it. The catagories are:

1) Races -- My Campaign world has 22 races. I've done about ten or eleven so far.
2) Classes -- My campaign is adding several classes. I am adding a Shaman, Cultist, Witch, Witchblade, commando, and assassin base class.
3) Class Remakes -- I am remaking virtually every class and barring the rest that I'm not remaking from play. Classes that are to be remade include all of the 11 core classes with the exception of Druids and Monks, the Warlock class ((need help in particular on that)), the samurai class, the hexblade class, and barring the Wu-Jen, Swashbuckler, Knight, Dragon Shaman, etc.
4) World Politics -- I am going to write quite a bit on how my world works overall, what nations ally with eachother and why, what wars are going on, what future world conflicts will be taking place.
5) World Mapping -- literally, making maps and locations for everything in the world.
6) Adventure Design -- Putting together challenges and plot lines for my PC's.
7) Item design -- adding in the templates for weapons, armor, and items such as "Bloodsong" weapons, and "Orcforge" weapons.

These are ALL things that I would love input from the community here on a frequent basis on and all things I would hate to spam the forum with. To talk more about this with me, either post on this forum or send your comments to [email protected] (my email address), Ihinzial (my American Instant Messager), rpgplaya0923 (my YIM), or revanwasawsome (my xfire.)

If you would like to contact me but lack the requisite forms of contact, I will post links to the sites where you can download them here.


2007-12-22, 07:18 PM
Sent you an e-mail. =)

2007-12-22, 07:19 PM
Much thanks!

2007-12-22, 07:21 PM
It's not in my inbox. Are you sure you sent it properly? Hmm....interesting. This does't usually happen. By the way, how can I set up a sig with a spoiler linking to all my posted work?

2007-12-22, 07:22 PM
Ignore the previous comment! Just found your email..

2007-12-22, 07:35 PM
I sent you my races, classes, and class remakes. The rest is incomplete.

2007-12-22, 07:39 PM
I've sent you an e-mail as well. Hope that I can help!

2007-12-22, 07:40 PM
Bwagh! It's a hydra! Back! BACK! *brandishes torch and sword*

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2007-12-22, 07:46 PM
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