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2007-12-23, 06:22 PM
Because there aren't really any suitable gods for the Quaggoth I decided to make one up, so here goes.

Bargith is the Patron god of Quaggoth and of bears. Bargith is True Neutral. Bargith's domains include Animal, Strength, and War. Clerics of Bargith are somewhat uncommon, though some tribes do have Shamans dedicated to Bargith. Bargith is the god of all Quaggoth, bears, strength and war. Bargith's followers are usually berzerkers and barbarians who throw themselves heafirst into battle and bloodshed, lusting for war and destruction of their enemies. Because of the relationship between Drow and Quaggoth, namely that the former enslave the latter, Bargith feels a special hatred of Lolth, but all Drow gods, and because of their racial association he is mistrusting of Elven deities. Bargith feels a kindred with Balador, the god of Werebears, and is a good friend and ally. Bargith's realm is the White Caverns in the Outlands. Bargith's favored weapon is the Greataxe. Bargith's symbol is a snarling white Quaggoth's head.