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2007-12-24, 12:36 AM
A few cheap non-magical items that might be hand handy to have. Not sure if there are already stats for glue made yet.

Torch bottle (aka permanent match (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permanent_match))

A metal flask containing lamp oil that can be used to start a s. A length of flint on the side can be used in conjuncture with a bit of steel and wick attached to the bottom of the lid. Using two hands, it can be used to create fire and light torches and such as a standard action. One flask of lamp oil provides enough fuel to light it 50 times.
10 gp - 1 lb (DC 20 blacksmithing to create)

Minor glue

A small flask of sticky paste. If given one full round to dry. One ounce when applied and given two full rounds to dry can stick two wooden, paper, or cloth surfaces together and it takes 5-pounds of force to separate them. Is washed out with normal water.
5 sp (1 oz vial) - negligible weight (DC 15 alchemy to create)

Light glue

One full round to dry, can stick wood, paper, cloth, ceramics, stone, and metal. Takes 20-lbs of force to separate 1 oz of glue. Washed out with alcohol or acid.
2 gp (1 oz vial) - negligible weight (DC 20 alchemy to create)

Slipping Bag

A bag of a slippery substance, can be thrown, upon hitting the ground it fills a five foot square with with grease. Treat as if the square or object had a grease spell lasting 2d4 rounds.
10 gp - 4 lbs (DC 25 alchemy to create)

Sun Bottle

A glass flask containing two chemicals separated by a thin membrane. If shaken as a standard action, a small bead inside breaks the membrane and allows the two chemicals to mix and glow, giving off the light of a torch. It glows for 6 hours. If thrown as a splash weapon, whatever it hits is coated with the solution and gives off light like a torch for the duration. It can be washed off with water as a full-round action.
3 gp - 1 lb (DC 25 alchemy to create)

What other non-magic goods are out there that might be useful to have?

mabriss lethe
2007-12-24, 04:48 AM
Tablets of Improved Health

These chalky and terrible tasting pills are roughly the size of an adult's thumbnail. They're compounded from a variety of vegetable and mineral matter. after being consumed once a day for an entire week, they provide a +1 alchemical bonus to one specific save. The effects end 1d4 days after the last pill is taken. There are three different varieties that correspond to each save. Taking more than one type of tablet or more than one a day makes the character ill, treat them as sickened for 24 hours and the alchemical bonus is negated during this time. One jar of tablets contains 20 doses.

10 gp - 0.5 lbs (DC 20 Alchemy to create)