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Emperor Demonking
2007-12-24, 05:15 AM
Magic missile survivor
You leaped away from the missile but it followed you and hit you. You now know how to use that as an advantage.
Prerequisites: Survived magic missile
Whenever targeted by a magic missile if their is a target next to you, you can make that the target instead.

Summon monster survivor
The lion clawed at you as you yelled out in agony, then it went. Your hatred of it grew and no summon monster is safe from you.
Prerequistites; Survived against a summon monster.
Benefit; Gain a +1 on attack and damage rolls against summoned monsters.

Explosive rune survivor
You were reading the book, when it attacked you, but you survived and have had a second sight about them since.
Prerequistites: Survived explosive runes.
Benefit; If you touch an item with writing you know if there's a secret page, forgery of the writing or explosive runes but not which.

2007-12-24, 05:18 AM
Funny gimmicks. Maybe not the worlds most useful feats, but they might fill a roleplaying niché.

Possibly, I'd add them as classfeatures.

You could call the PrC "Universal buttmonkey", or something like that:smalltongue:

Emperor Demonking
2007-12-24, 05:46 AM
He who survives
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|

+0|Stop casting spells at me.

+0|You can't win that way

+1|Can't get me out twice[/table]

Need: All survivor feats and flurry of blows like a level 5 monk.

Skills: 1d2 +int
Craft, proffession, knowledge.

HP: d4

Stop casting spells at me (su): When attacked by a spell the spell caster takes thier hp roll (1d4, 1d6) as damage rolling one dice for each spell level.

You can't win thatr way (su): You gain +1 on checks to resist attacks that would disable you but not kill you.

Can't get me twice (su): You gain a +1 on checks to resist something you have been attacked by. You gain an extra +1 every extra time your attacked by it.