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Lady Tialait
2007-12-24, 10:15 AM
Enigma's Pocketwatch
This small golden pocketwatch has powers over time. The holder is under a 'Haste' effect, that is unlike the normal 'Haste' effect. The holder gets an extra 1 1/2 round extra each turn. In addion when Inititive is rolled the Holder automatically wins. The following Spell-like abilities are granted to the holder:
Maximized Time Stop
Slow (no save allowed)
all thease abilities are at will.

The true perpose of the Pocketwatch is not to minipluate current tiime but to travel back and forth. The pocketwatch can without any problems move back or forth by 7 days. but if the watch is used for any more time then that it looses it's abilities for 30 days.

Sense the Pocketwatch can travel though time it sometimes skips recharge times or perhaps looses it's abilities. This chaos is not truly just that but the watch traveling back and forth to replace itself, though not truly intelligent it has been know to sceam against it's owners to get a job done.

Caster level 25.

Lady Tialait
2007-12-24, 03:12 PM
Here is some Deities with intrest in the Artifact...

SoulCrusher, Dwarves Bane, Gaurdian of Time
Enigma is a Gaurdian of time, and has belives that if the Pocketwatch is to fall into another persons hands (even another god) that time would be distroyed. Tho he will use it to get all kinds of things for the future.
Alignment: NE
Type: Lesser God
Domains: Time, Evil, Destruction.

Faithful, Elven Madien, Shining Star, Head Gaurdian of Time

Silph is the Head Gaurdian of time and such does not allow anyone to cause problems. but as long as time continues to move forward and does not stop she will not act. She feels as tho the creation of the Pocketwatch will cause a shift in power and get her ursupered. Such acts wouldn't consern her if she didn't belive Enigma would distroy all time if he did become head gaurdian of time.
Alignment: TN
Type: High Priest of Bahamut, (Augmented Elf)
Cleric 20/Heirphant 5 (Elf, Air, DragonBlood) Spell like Control Winds (as psionic power)

God of Movement, Wind of the World, Word in the Breeze

Somi is a god of movement, as such he belive all things to be his domain, Selfish and Rude to what he calls 'Lesser being' Somi created the Core of Gaurdians of Time to save him the problems of working his works for everything. When he got wind of the Pocketwatch he ordered his Daughter Monisi to steal the pocketwatch. And watched his loyal servent Silph closly. planning to take the watch from her if she get it.
Alighnment: CN
Type: OverGod (Divine Rank 20)
Domains: Air, Chaos, Travel