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2007-12-25, 02:28 AM
I recently thought up a bunch of weird winter-themed type stuff, races, etc.

Now I was going to try and writing out entries for these, then I realized: I'm really no good at this. Instead I figured I'd pitch the basic concepts to these boards, and let them snowball from there (pun totally intended.) Here are some of them.


Frost Dwarves - Similar to dwarves, or more accurately similar to duergar, frost dwarves have blue skin and crystals for hair in their beards. Unlike normal flesh and blood creatures, the body structure of a frost dwarf is partially frozen, as they evolved that way. Frost dwarves can only survive in extreme cold, and while they absorb most cold based energy damage, they are very vulnerable to heat. Frost dwarves usually tunnel into glaciers or other ice structures. They dare not carve caves too deep into snow or earth, lest their tunnels become warm and uninhabitable.

Frost Elves - Frost elves share more in common with their cousins the drow than other elves, such as their innate spell resistance. Frost elves, however, have no fear of the day or sunlight, only of the possible warmth it brings. Like frost dwarves, frost elves' physiology is partially frozen and they can only survive in extreme cold. Frost elves like to build ice cities high on mountains, but some less wealthy sects tend to frozen forests.

Pengines - At first, pengines seem like ordinary penguins. They are rarely able to speak out of their common tongue which just sounds like squawking to anyone else, and keep to their own societies. In reality, pengines are very intelligent, if somewhat unwise creatures who live in totalitarian societies where every Pengine is taught to be content with their place in society. Pengine society is very advanced, and provides mechanical wonders similar only to gnome ingenuity. Most of this technology goes towards military development, and the Pengines have a strong navy and army full of oddly cute little warships. Pengines regard most outsiders with distrust, and few have the opportunity to go out and adventure. However, they will make deals with most foreigners as long as they benefit from it. Pengines regard Polars with absolute loathing (you would too if your race got constantly eaten.) and always consider themselves at war with the Polars with genocide as the final goal.

Polars - Polars are lazy, laid-back, and few in number. They are quite big, ranging from Large to occasionally Huge size. While they welcome visitors wherever they dwell, Pengines to the Polars are bite-sized food, and nothing more. This is simply how it is to the Polars, and despite leaning toward good alignments, have no qualms about grabbing a Pengine to eat unless they are presented with a valid reason not to. Polars are very, very strong but slow-to-anger. The Pengines are constantly trying to wipe out the Polars, who rather comically shrug them off, despite being outnumbered 100 to 1.

Snowforged - Snowforged are similar to Warforged in nature with two major differences. The first is that Snowforged are made from dense, compacted snow and ice with a few touches of coal, food, and plants for facial expressions. This does not make them more vulnerable than the Warforged (except against heat) as the Snowforged is magically bound together and has a hide as thick as any armor. The second is that Snowforged were not created with the intent of malice. Snowforged were created by a kind deity of the icelands to be healers, bodyguards, peacekeepers, and champions. While few in number, Snowforged are still a common sight among the icelands, and fare well in adventuring parties, especially as clerics. Snowforged love to help in any way they can, and will do so often.

Walrai - Walrai are a nomadic fisher tribe that keeps close to the coast of glaciers to fish everything from trout to whale. They are excellent swimmers and have enormous tusks that serve as powerful natural weapons. They are quite big (not quite Large-size, but probably warranting Powerful Build), and, although they are usually peaceful, make excellent barbarians with their strength. Walrai are usually detached from the other races of the icelands.


Bounding Blizzard Beast
(Otherwise Known As That Monster From Ski-Free)

Legends tell of a vicious beast that roams the upper mountains looking for hikers, skiers, or adventurers to eat. It runs faster than any arctic creature known to man, and can swallow a human whole in a single gulp. It's vicious claws are only matched by its raging temperament. The BBB appears as a Huge light-gray furred monstrous humanoid with a feral look in its eye and a mouth big enough to swallow a humanoid whole. It bounds on all four limbs across mountains, but can stand on its hind legs to do combat. It's CR is somewhere from 18 to above 20 and has a Tarrasque-ish quality to it.

Well, let's see if anyone wants to take up the mantle so far.

2007-12-25, 05:54 PM
The Pengines should be small, and use shotguns, because that would be awsome. FEAR THE SHOTGUN PENGINES:smallbiggrin:

2007-12-25, 06:18 PM
The Pengines should be small, and use shotguns, because that would be awsome. FEAR THE SHOTGUN PENGINES:smallbiggrin:

Are their shotgun mechanics for DnD? :smallconfused:

Personally, I just wanted to create a race-specific prestige class called the Pengineer. (Avoids the thrown rotten vegetables)

2007-12-25, 06:23 PM
Santa Elves

Forced into slavery at a young age, Santa Elves are trained from a young age to be master toymakers. Every year, they work day in and day out to create toys for one glorious day (for the rest of the world), when their leader (Known as S'anta Clauzz) casts Fly on a group of Deer and a Wooden Sleigh ad deliver them throughout the world. The elves, while forced to make toys for a living, are anything but jolly, as the years of servitude has caused bitter resentment for the world. The occasional Santa Elf who breaks free of servitude sometimes goes berserk, and kills as many innocent people as possible. However, some others are born much more compassionate, and spread joy and happiness - On their own terms.

Santa Elf Racial Traits
-Type = Humanoid (Elf, Cold)
-Int +2, Str -2, Con -2. Santa Elves are intelligent, due to their knack for toy engineering. However, their lack of freedom has caused them to be rather frail and weak.
-Small Size
-+4 bonus on Appraise and Craft checks related to Toys. Santa Elves are very good with toys.
-Cold Subtype. Santa Elves, working in the arctic environments, have grown so accustomed to cold weather that it does not effect them. However, extreme heats hurt them more than it would most.
-Endless Work Night. Santa Elves need only to sleep one night a year, which happens to fall around a week before the new year. Santa Elf spellcasters still must rest 8 hours to cast spells.
-Madness. A Santa Elf must construct at least one simple toy a day, or be Frightened for the whole next day. This is due to the racial fear inspired by S'anta Clauzz. Generally, freed Santa Elves use their Endless Work Night ability to complete this.
-LA 0

Hehehe. I just thought this up.