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2007-12-25, 08:05 AM
Hi all,

I've been toying around lately with the idea of a gish build (alignment restrictions ignored for now) based on the following:

Paladin 2 / Hexblade 2 / Sorceror 1 / Spellsword 1 / Abjurant Champion 5 / PrCX 9

Since we are houseruling a paladin gets spells like a bard does, drawn from the cleric spell list, this leads me to:

At level 11:
Some 0th and 1st level cleric spells (might be needed to qualify for final PrC)
Divine Grace (Cha to saves)
Arcane Resistance (Cha to saves for spells and spell-like effects)
Cast spells as a 7th level sorceror at caster level 10
BAB 10

For this Gish build, I'm looking for a prestige class that gives me in 9 levels:
At least BAB +6
9 levels of (arcane) spellcasting progression
preferable at least d8 hit die

So my guess would be I should be looking for a "cleric"-like PrC, any suggestions?

2007-12-25, 08:16 AM
Eldritch Knight will give you 9/10 progression with full BAB. So you'll get 8 CL in 9 levels of that.

2007-12-25, 08:18 AM
I thought about Eldritch Knight, it sounded like a decent choice except that I'll lose another spell level in the end. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet...

2007-12-25, 09:05 AM
Knight Phantom or Sacred Exorcist. KP loses a caster level like the EK, but has a better HD and some class features. Sacred Exorcist has full casting and turn undead, but loses 3 BAB. I would be more worried about the caster levels lost to hexbladed - the Cha to saves again is nice, but not worth two caster levels.

2007-12-25, 09:08 AM
Fist of Raziel from the BoED is a REALLY good PrC 10/10 BAB 9/10 spellcasting, smites every other level, new uses for smites and whatnot.

Iku Rex
2007-12-25, 09:21 AM
You don't qualify for Spellsword. (Need 2nd level arcane spells.)

Four levels of paladin would get you more divine spells and Turn Undead, which can be used to power Divine Might (CWar). The double-dip for Cha to (some) saves is cheesy IMO.

If you go with Sacred Exorcist you can't qualify yet with 7th level sorcerer casting. You'll need 5th level spells (dismissal).

Raumathari Battlemage (Unaproachable East) is another cleric BAB arcane casting class, but it doesn't have spellcasting progression on level 5.

2007-12-26, 03:14 AM
Nice as adding your Charisma twice to your saves is, I think that even the Battle Sorcerer variant would have more Gishly payoff than your Hexblade [or Paladin--one is enough] levels.

Divine Oracle=>Sacred Exorcist (Both from Complete Divine) would probably meet your needs, though your build is (as has been mentioned) illegal at the moment.

2007-12-26, 03:17 AM
ahh, shades of Jack Daft the Multi-Talented, an old character of my brother's, originally, Jack Daft the Bard, we sort of stopped calling him the bard when he never went over 2nd in that class:

at 9th level: Bard 2, Rogue 2, Fighter 2, Barbarian 1, Sorcerer 1, Ranger 1

From that he was going to go: Lasher 2, Shadow-Dancer 2 and Duelist 7