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2007-12-26, 08:23 AM
I'm putting this together as part of my next campaign, the aim being the villain is gathering up the materials to cast it to restore themselves to proper functions.

Rite of Panacea
Conjuration (Healing)
Effective Level: 8th
Skill Check: Knowledge (arcana) DC 39, 8 successes
Failure: Mirrorcast
Components: V, S, M, B
Casting Time: 8 hours
Range: Touch
Target: One creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

This powerful incantation is said to stem from an ancient healing goddess. It cures all poisons and status ailments, restores limbs and muscles, removes negative levels ability drain, and cures 150 points of hit point damage to the target creature.

If more than two Knowledge (arcana) checks are failed during the casting of the incantation, the effect is reversed. This may result in the harming of the target of an equal amount of damage than it would have been healed, the removal of a limb that was to be restored, or the worsening of an existing condition to be removed.

Material Component
Black Lotus extract (4,500 GP), Black Unlyn poison (520 GP), Luhix (2,500 GP), star ruby worth at least 1,000 GP

Backlash Component
Caster becomes exhausted

At the moment, I'm unsure as to the amount of HP healed, as well as to the level of the incantation overall.

2007-12-26, 12:36 PM
For those wondering anonymously, the material components are based on the four humours.

Black Lotus extract - Liver (Con damage = toxins etc. = liver)
Black Unlyn poison - Brain (Pyschic poison affecting all the mental stats)
Luhix - Spleen
Star ruby - Gall bladder (Emulsifies fats = "refining" = gemstones and crystals etc.)

Magnor Criol
2007-12-26, 01:35 PM
Clever referencing of old medicine there. Heh.

This seems pretty good to me, though it may be a little bit easy for the amount of benefit it grants, and the backlash may be a little bit too soft. But I haven't read anything on the incantations in quite a while, so I may be forgetting.

It's got a nice flavor to it, at the least, and I can certainly see why this incantation would be useful in a game. Nice job.