View Full Version : Tomb of Horrors Monster Substitution

2007-12-26, 02:25 PM

I will shortly be running the Tomb of Horrors for a party, and after reading through it, two things struck me (3.5 version).

1) The Juggernaut: This is a slightly altered stone golem, would it be better to use the juggernaut stats from the Monster Manual 2.
2) The Crypt Chanter: The room is named after a Siren, and it says that the CC looks remarkably like the siren that used to live there. Did a siren in fact exist there in the original adventure? And if so, are there viable 3rd edition (.0 or .5) stats for a siren that would be better substituted in?


Citizen Joe
2007-12-26, 03:07 PM
Yes, a siren (or something) used to live there but the demons that restock the place couldn't find a replacement so they stuck in what is in there now.

Much of the current version is a showcase for Libris Mortis supplement.

If you're going to retool, try this... instead of demons and undead, retool as if it were modrones running the place... maybe use Inevitables in place of the big nasties. Make more clockwork traps.