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2007-12-26, 07:05 PM
Welcome to the IC thread for Sunless Citadel.

It is not too far after the start of winter. The temperature in the daytime hovers in the low 40's and plunges below freezing at night. Intermittant snow squalls during the night hours are mush by midday making travel less than pleasant.

For your first post, please indicate your arrival or how long you've been here in the town of Oakhurst. You'll most likely find yourself in the 'Ol Boar Inn

Town Details
The town of Oakburst is nothing to really write home about, although the people have a great deal of pride in their hamlet, with about 900 or so people calling it home. There is really only one road running east-west through the town which boasts all the usual ammenities one would expect.

2007-12-27, 01:14 AM
Slowly Seraphine sloshes through the mush occasionally prying her boots from the mush. Damn weather. She thought to herself. It's not even snowy enough to make snowmen. I mean what is the point of snow if you can't make snowmen! She continued forward until she caught the familiar sight of the Ol' Boar Inn; it was home for now, as long as now consisted of mushy roads. Brightening up at the thought of a warm meal, a warm bed, and maybe some warm company, Sera quickened her pace; her purple skirt flapping about, while her long underwear kept her warm.

Unfortunately for Sera amidst her hopes for warm things of great variety, she forgot a rather large puddle on the road, and the results are needless to say. Now shivering Sera tried her best to wipe the mush from her overtunic, then wringing out her cloak and hat before setting off to warm places with an optimistic grin.

2007-12-27, 01:58 AM
Ilidan sees the small figure in the distance fall into a mud puddle, feeling a twinge of pity for whoever just got drenched in this weather, but continues on his way into town. It seems to be no more than another one of the small farming communities that spring up around a road. He notices the small figure go into what looks to be an inn, likely the only one in the hamlet.Doesn't look like much, likely don't even have any proper wine. Ahh well, beggars can't be choosers, and at lest I'll be inside, with warm food. Ilidan makes it to the inn without incident, avoiding the puddles, and quickly enters. Once inside he takes a seat by the fire, feeling the warmth spread through his limbs.

2007-12-27, 02:58 AM
Gerard wearily trudges into town from the east road, clutching his grey woolen cloak about him even more tightly as a cold blast of wind is funneled down along the road by the buildings on either side. He had already endured several days of this sort of weather, and having lived in this region all his life, was adequately prepared for it.

Still, the sudden snowfall that had appeared late last night was an unwelcome surprise, and numerous clumps of snow crystals still doggedly clung to the heavy woolen blanket draped across the young man's backpack. His bedroll and cloak were similarly damp, making the warm glow coming from the building up ahead particularly inviting.

Now within clear sight of his goal, Gerard stops a moment to shuffle the weight of his bungling backpack around, his aching shoulders grateful for the momentary respite as the weight is redistributed. The weight of a backpack was familiar to Gerard's shoulders, trained to accept the stress without complaint after numerous short hiking trips out into the calm wilderness around the druid's grove. However, Gerard had thrown on a lot of extra weight for this trip: mostly odds and ends that he thought might prove useful for an extended expedition. Without being able to ask any more experienced explorers before setting out, he had been forced to rely on common sense and the faith that even the most esoteric item might one day prove to be the most important item packed of all.

Gerard is about to set out again towards the glow of the town's inn when a low chuffing reaches his ears. Looking down and to his right, Gerard sees the source of the sound as a mass of black and white fur waddles up to stand beside him, flicking icy mush off of each of its powerful ebony claws with an air of distaste. Seeing his travel companion display such a human trait brought a smile of amusement to Gerard's face, although he was careful to keep his tone even as he addressed the badger: Black Claw was quite sensitive. "Only a little farther old friend, then we can both have a nice rest by the fire."

If the animal understood him, it gave no sign, although it did hang its head in resignation as it struggled to keep up with its master as he set off towards the inn once more, chuffing and wheezing the entire way.

As Gerard approached the inn, he noticed two small figures also moving towards its front door, equally eager to get out of the cold if their movements were any indication.

Children from the village? Hmm . . . no, even at this distance I can see they've got some sort of traveling gear with them. Aren't children supposed to frolic about, too? So - dwarves, maybe? Or halflings? Well, I suppose I will find out in a few minutes . . . maybe they're explorers like me! Oh, that would be just capital, finding a group of like-minded individuals already, with plans to explore those ruins already in the works! Ok, that is probably too much to hope. You're getting ahead of yourself Gerard. First, get into the inn. Next, warm up and dry out. Then worry about the rest.

Gerard rapidly crosses the remaining distance to the inn, stopping at the door to wait for Black Claw to catch up and once again fling mushy snow from his claws. He then opens the door, smiling as a faint blast of warm air wafts past his face, and allows his furry friend to precede him into the entry room of the inn before stepping in behind Black Claw and firmly pulling the door shut.

The Duskblade
2007-12-27, 03:04 AM

Diago is in a good mood. It had been just over a month since he had left the city and the roaming life suited him. strengthening his muscles and shedding excess fat. And he barely had to look to look to find inspiration for his art. Diago went to take another gulp of beer. "Damn." He muttered, at the discovery that the flagon had run dry. He sighed and pushed it away. Perhaps I should hold off on the ale, he thought to himself. Only been here just over an hour. Four should be enough.

The roads hadn't exactly been anything to write home about. (Not that I would. Stupid letters, and I'm not sending anything "home" that isn't bloody.) And he had been thankful to reach the Ale bear inn Or whatever that sign said. As he mused over this a drenched halfling walked in the door. Diago couldn't help chuckling, and instantly set himself to thinking how he could paint this scene."

2007-12-27, 05:11 AM

Dagoth is seated in his room with a book open in front off him. Scratchy noises come from his quill as it jots down his collected memories of the night before.

Day 4 in Oakhurst
Gosh this place reminds me of home. I guess this is the reason I've been here for the past three days. Oakhurst is nearly as big as home. Of course its nothing compared to the village that was attached to the church. Travelers come and go, and their business remains a mystery to me.

I spoke to the town healer the other day. She brought up this local myth of city beneath the ground. Ill not put much faith into that until I see it of course...

Still there is disturbing news of a magical fruit. The town healer, blessed of Pelor, told me of a strange fruit that they buy every few years from some goblins. This fruit has been apparently known to heal and poison with equal chance.

I don't believe in the chance it was a clergy of Pelor delivering this mystery into my lap. And that too while I am deep into my journey. I shall ahve to investigate - Maybe I can gather some help...

Dagoth looks up from his book with a bored expression. He moves to close his book, getting up of the short table. Packing it away neatly, Dagoth picks up his backpack and puts it on his back.

Dagoth murmured a quick prayer for this weather to let up, let some sun shine through and slid downstairs.
"Hey I'll be back in a jiff, k?" Dagoth says to the innkeeper as he steps into the common room. Looking down at his feet Dagoth spies something black and white shuffling on the floor right in front of him.
"Ahh! What the -" startled he exclaims. He takes a couple of steps back and tries to shoo the animal, whatever it was.

The Duskblade
2007-12-27, 06:36 AM

Diago chuckled again as the cleric attempted to get rid of the curious badger. "This will be an interesting picture. he mutters under his breath before standing and walking over to the cleric and the badger's apparent owner.

"Not an animal man, I take it preacher." Diago said leaning down to scratch the tiny animal's ear. The large man smiled and straightened up from his crouch. Speaking to the two humans and the halfling he said. "I'm Diago. Sorry to intrude, but you strike me as wanderers. I was wondering if you might have some news?"

2007-12-27, 09:56 AM
The old innkeeper behind the bar looks moderately surprised as the drenched halfling troops into his inn, followed by another. "Anna!" he raises his voice and then bends over to continue his inventory. Shortly afterward, the door from the kitchen opens and a tavern barmaid emerges from it.

The young woman takes one look at the situation and flits back to the kitchen before approaching the sodden mass that is a halfling woman, laying a dish towel on the table beside her. It's not particularly nice quality but it is clean and dry. "Welcome to the 'Ol Boar. What can I get you?" she asks brightly.

After she takes the womans order she turns to the other halfling by the fire. "Seems like it might be a busy day," she comments with a smile. "What can I get you, good sir?"

"Oy! You! Get that thing out of my inn!" comes the startled call of the innkeeper as the door opens once more. He is staring with a good deal of distaste at something out of sight down near the floor. Anna raises one finger at the man and then crosses to the door. "I'll not have pets making messes all over my floor," the bartender says stubbornly.

Anna, quite short by human standards, puts her hands on her hips and stares with hard eyes at the old man, who stands almost six feet tall, after glancing at the badger in question. "Has your old age made you blind as well as cranky? Just look at them - this is obviously no pet. Heck, it's even wiping it's 'feet' before it comes in. That's a lot more than you can say about a lot of your regulars that come in here." A long look passes between them and finally the innkeeper shrugs.

"You're the one who'll have to clean it up I guess," he says to Anna and then turns to the man who came in with the badger. "But if he makes a mess I charge you double, you hear?" he comments, his words still blunt but much of the fire having gone out of his voice. He can be heard muttering under his breath as he moves to the far end of the bar.

"I hope you don't mind him too much," Anna says as she points to the mostly empty bar area. "His bark is worse than his bite. Please, sit anywhere."

The Duskblade
2007-12-27, 10:07 AM

Diago grinned. "This place is amazing." he said under his breath. Looking down he noticed his own feat were not up to the badger's standard. "Er excuse me one moment." He said. He quickly slipped outside and got most of the hard mud off of his boots, before returning.

2007-12-27, 10:21 AM
Ilidan gave a short bark of a laugh, seeing the cleric attempt to shoo away the badger.If that badger wants to stay in here, its going to take more than a few words and some weak gestures to make it move on. Still, why would a badger want to be in here? They don't like crowds.
Intrigued, Ilidan gets up and focuses for a second, thinking back to the woods near his home. When he starts forward toward the badger, there is a slight bluish tinge to his eyes. Ignoring the big folk, he speaks directly to the badger.
"Hey there. What are you doing in here?"

Noticing Anna's question for the first time, Ilidan looks up from the badger.
"I think I'll have some soup if you have any, and a cup of beer."
Use invocation Call of the Beast. Last 24 hours. Grants wild empathy as a druid of my level, plus speak with animals, as the spell.

Darn. Taking a while to finally make one's post can be a bad thing.

2007-12-27, 11:07 AM
Seeing the man who called himself Diago pet the badger, Dagoth felt midly assured. Badgers were hell around any vegetable patch and right nasty when poked wrongly.
Dagoth sidesteps the badger and walks out of the inn catching hold of Diago by the shoulders on his way in.

"My name is Dagoth," he says. "I am a cleric of Pelor - and well I'm here to help," he says with a weak smile. "Uhh apparently the healer tells me of strange happenings around this village. I would like to help, but I would need some company. Would you care to aid me? I am on my way to seek the healers blessing and get directions. Maybe provisions."

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2007-12-27, 11:17 AM
Anna nods to Ilidan and heads for the kitchen. Soon she comes back with a tray. The beer she sets down looks passable at best although the soup is rich and smells lovely. She sets the bow, a spoon and a large chunk of warm bread before him.

2007-12-27, 11:31 AM
Quickly taking the towel Anna had brought she thanked her; always glad of assistance. "I'll have anything piping hot. Oh, and some warm cider please." She said gratefully, then wrapping the towel around her she clambered onto the nearest chair. Oh! A badger! I haven’t seen a badger for ages!Jumping off the chair still clinging to her towel she half walked half jumped over to the badger oblivious to everything but the badger and the man with it. “That's a very pretty badger, what’s his name?” She said to the man with the badger, holding out her small hand, smiling up at him.

2007-12-27, 12:42 PM
Immediately upon entry, Gerard stops as he is verbally accosted by the innkeep. Groaning inwardly, he attempts to allay the man's fears, trying to keep the quaver out of his voice as his speaks, his mind racing to come up with the right words. "I-I assure y-you sir, any m-messes he makes w-will be c-cleaned up by me p-p-personally. And y-yes, we'll p-p-pay double." Hoping that was enough for the man, Gerard turns back to his furry friend to find him gone.

Meanwhile, Black Claw had moved deeper into the inn and away from the door before any chuckleheads could open it and send an icy blast of outside air into the room. Stopping as a clumsy human nearly collides with him, Black Claw looks up expectantly at him. Apparently, being shooed was not what the animal was looking for, and it plants itself more firmly in his path, the fur on its back starting to rise.

Fortunately, another man arrives to calm the dispute, leaning down to scratch the badger behind the ear. It gives a snort of pleasure, lowering its fur and twisting its head around so that the man can more easily reach its other ear. Finally, as their reward, the badger shakes its damp fur, spraying both men with icy droplets of water.

"B-Black Claw!" Gerard admonishes, having found his friend just in time to see this latest mischief he had gotten into. "I-I'm sorry, he can be a l-little uncouth at times." Gerard said to the two men, a warmth starting to work its way up into his cheeks.

Since both men introduced themselves, Gerard felt obligated to do the same.
"I'm Gerard Velant, explorer. This is Black Claw, my traveling companion. And um, our business is our own."

"Our business is our own?" You twit! They could both be fellow explorers! Why didn't you ask them for help instead? "Our business is our own", indeed!

Wincing from his inward monologue, Gerard watches slightly as the two men leave for the front door, although he is not alone for long as one of the small beings walks over.

No, definitely not a child. Not a dwarf either, they always have big bushy beards, don't they? Guess halfling it is, then. Hey, that's odd. He's not speaking to me, but Black Claw. And did Black Claw just answer him? Fellow druid? I don't remember seeing him around at the druid's grove . . .

Black Claw looks up at the halfling as it approaches, and listens intently as he starts speaking. A moment later, the badger chuffs a response.

Going to just use normal black for Black Claw, because . . . well yeah. :smallwink:

"Hey there! Gettin' out o' the cold, just like ya. Name's Black Claw, and this chucklehead standing besides me is Gerard Velant, my charge. He's not too bright about some things, but he's a good kid, so you better treat him right. Oh, hey, incoming."

The badger, along with Gerard, turn to face the other approaching halfling, apparently quite happy to see them for whatever reason. While Gerard awkwardly leans down to shake the lady's hand, Black Claw shuffles down to stand directly at her feet, looking at her expectantly. He then lowers his head and extends it towards her, making sure his ears are the closest thing.

"Uh, Black Claw. And I, um, I'm Gerard! Gerard Velant, at your service! Oh dear, that came out wrong. I didn't mean to imply that you needed my help or anything, you definitely look like you can take care of yourself! What I, uh, meant to s-say w-was g-g-greetings!" Gerard blurted out, forcing a pained smile onto his face at the end while cursing inwardly.

2007-12-27, 01:41 PM
Stifling a laugh, she beamed up at him. “I like you. My name is Seraphina, Seraphina Tealeaf, but everyone calls me Sera.” Realizing that the badger wanted to be scratched behind the ear, she eagerly obliged. Looking up to get a better look at her new friend she saw that he was beginning to blush, just a little bit. Smiling even more and stifling yet another laugh she clambered onto a nearby chair so she could get a better view of these strange new people.

Right in front of her was Gerard. He seems nice, if a little daft. I mean look at how heavy that bag is! He must not get out much at all. Turning from Gerard she looked down towards the Halfling who was talking with Black Claw. He seems alright, cute, but something aboout those eyes, deep, powerful. Shaking herself of, she continued on the look at the second human who had tried to shoo poor Black Claw, and then bumped right into poor Gerard. Holy men, so serious all the time, I do hope this one has a sense of humor to him. Thinking on and then noticing his red hair, this piqued her curiosity, but he had been very rude, so she then turned back to Gerard. “So, what’re you doing in Oakhurst?”

2007-12-27, 03:10 PM
Anna heads back into the kitchen and returns with another bowl of the hearty soup, a large chunk of bread and a steaming cup of cider for the woman, setting it all down where she was sitting and spends a moment watching the group with interest before returning to the kitchen.

2007-12-27, 04:29 PM
Seeing the badger turn his attention to the others, Ilidan realizes that he's being somewhat rude, seeming to just ignore them. He turns to the badgers charge, "Hello, I'm Ilidan Quickfoot." turning to Gerard he continues"Your friend Black Claw seems nice. Very level headed", and then turns to the other Halfling. "I'm sorry, but I didn't quite catch your name." Waiting for he response, he sits at the table the others had gathered around.

I'm going to assume that the Barmaid set the soup/drink at this table, as I haven't really moved since she delivered it.

2007-12-27, 04:51 PM
Gerard nods his head at Seraphina, his smile slowly becoming more relaxed. "Nice to meet you, Seraph - er, Sera." As the little group shifts over to one of the nearby empty tables, Gerard turns his attention back to the other halfling who had just introduced himself.

Extending his right hand outward to the halfling, and then downward a bit after he realizes it might be a bit of a stretch for the halfling to reach his hand, Gerard nods at him. "Gerard Velant. Thank you for the compliment; my friend certainly enjoys frequent praise."

The badger meanwhile has moved to the table with the little group, sadly moving away from the nice ear-scratching halfling to curl up underneath the chair Gerard was about to sit in. Carefully shrugging off his pack before lowering it to the floor next to his chair with a grunt, Gerard eagerly plops down in the chair, happy to give his feet a brief respite.

Waving at the innkeep's wife as she deposits another set of food down onto the table, Gerard hesitantly asks "Excuse me, but c-could I have some of what they're having? Oh, and perhaps a small piece of mutton as well? Th-thank you!"

Turning back to Sera, Gerard thinks for a moment before answering her question. Should I tell these two what I'm really doing here? Well, why not? Maybe they've heard something about the ruins in their travels as well.

Coughing a moment to clear his throat, Gerard says, "W-Well, I'm an explorer, I guess you could say. I heard some r-rumors about some ruins near Oakhurst, and wanted to learn some m-more. Do you know anything about them?"

2007-12-27, 05:41 PM
Anna once again scurries into the kitchen and returns with a tray with soup, bread, ale cup and a plate with the roast meat on it. She sets it down with a smile and then leans in closer. "Been a while since we'vea had outsiders askin' about the place. Tha' story ain't nosed about too much since..."

"Anna!" roars the innkeeper, towel in hand and with a reddening face.

Anna responds with a phrase so heavily accented as not to be distinguished. She shoots him a look, rolls her eyes and then heads back to the kitchen. "Best be puttin' some more bread down a' this rate," she says in a cheerful voice as she leaves the room.

The food and drink at the 'Ol Boar is an exercise in contradiction. The soup is flavorful and rich, as are the bread and cider. The ale is only slightly better than pond water and the mutton tastes as though it was several years too late to the block, although it is spiced well to try and hide the flavor of the meat.

2007-12-27, 05:42 PM
"Ruins? No I haven't really heard about any ruins, but I just arrived here. I'm just seeing whats out there. Were you sent by your order?" Well, Things have been rather dull recently. Maybe I can hook up with them in investigating these ruins.
Ilidan begins to eat while waiting for a response, and he finds the soup surprisingly good, the beer, less so.

2007-12-27, 05:59 PM
“Hold that thought, while I get my food.” Getting off her chair she fetched her food and brought it back, setting it down on the table and sitting on her chair. Taking a gulp from her cider she began to feel its affects as she warmed up. “My name is Seraphina Tealeaf or Sera if you like. Quickfoot? I think I had a cousin called Quickfoot, or was he Proudfoot, his first name was Milo anyway, know him?” She said answering Ilidan’s question while taking another gulp of cider and a few spoons full of soup.

Turning to Gerard as he spoke, she listened intently to him while she continued to eat her dinner. After hearing what he said she thought for a moment. Ruins near Oakhurst? Does he mean that fortress thing, sunken something? “Do you mean the ruins just a little way out of town?” Clearing her head she began to get a clearer picture. She thought those were just some mangy ruins, nothing to get exited about, but if it's worth a look. "If you're going there, mind if I tag along, I've been bored out of my mind eversince the roads got too mushy for poor ol' me to travel on."

The Duskblade
2007-12-27, 08:03 PM

"Of course. I'm not really going anywhere other then circumstances take me. And I would like to help. Having successfully rid himself of the mud on his boots, Diago turns to face the man. "This wouldn't be related to those ruins they are talking about?" He asked, indicating the nearby table, with a backwards swing of his head.

2007-12-27, 10:47 PM
Gerard smiles as Anna brings a tray full of steaming food out to the table, including the hunk of mutton that he had asked for. He simply stares at her in shock as she mentions the ruins, but before he can ask questions a bellow from her husband the innkeep silences her.

Perhaps I should talk to her later. Probably away from her husband, it doesn't seem like he likes gossip much . . .

Shaking himself, Gerard returns to the matter at hand: food. Using his dagger, Gerard slices off a few chunks from the mutton, dropping them down onto the floor in front of Black Claw's nose. The badger immediately leans out from his hiding spot to sniff at the mutton, turning away with disdain for a moment as he realizes that it's rather old. However, hunger eventually overcomes taste and the badger snaps up a chunk, swallowing quickly before moving on to the next.

Meanwhile, Gerard is also quickly inhaling his food, tearing off a chunk of bread to stuff in his mouth in order to cool it after shoveling several spoonfuls of hot soup in. Having just placed another such spoonful in his mouth, Gerard sputters and nearly chokes as he hears Ilidan's question.

Should I tell them the truth? Well, this halfling fellow doesn't seem to be a druid despite his interest in Black Claw, and I haven't seen him at the grove before, so I doubt he's a member. Ah, why not? Better to be truthful now then later, after I've already told a lie.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Gerard takes a deep shuddering breath of air, and shakes his head. "N-not as s-such, no. I'm here of m-my own ac-accord."

Turning his head to look at Sera as she launches her latest question, Gerard nods an affirmative. "I think so, yes. Unless there's other ruins just outside of Oakhurst? W-wouldn't that be something . . .

Gerard drifts off as the idea of multiple ruins around the little village appeals to him. Yes, he can see it now: a whole series of underground complexes circling the town, intricately connected by a series of tunnels, a veritable city lying underneath the very ground upon which they stood! . . . Gerard is shaken out of his daydreaming suddenly by Sera's mention that she would like to accompany him to investigate these ruins.


This is fantastic! Already I've found someone to go exploring with, just a few seconds after I took care of finding shelter and food, the first things on my to-do list! But, wait, am I really sure she should be coming along? It's a sad fact most of these ruins are often booby-trapped or inhabited by something unfriendly - even the truly monstrous beings have to live somewhere. It would be irresponsible to take her if she can't take care of herself. Better ask to make sure.

"Um . . . that's, ah, great to hear Sera. But are you sure? I don't really k-know m-much about this place. It could be d-dangerous. What are your q-qualifications?"

2007-12-28, 02:25 AM
Recalling back the healer's words, Dagoth nods at the mention of the ruins.

"The healer told me that goblins infest these ruins. For the past 12 year years they have been auctioning off a fruit which has magical healing powers. The townspeople buy it every year at great cost to themselves. Maybe they are also looking for answers," he says.

"Let's go ask them," Dagoth turns around and walks around to meet the man with he badger and the halfling. Kneeling near the table, Dagoth says," Im sorry good sirs but I couldn't help over hear that yor are talking about some ruins. Are these the same ruins that are infested by goblins? I've heard many a strange tale of that place from the healer."

2007-12-28, 03:29 PM
Black Claw notices the man's approach before Gerard does. Seemingly recognizing him as the one who had been rude to him earlier, he bristles and gives out a low growl. Hearing the badger's warning growl, Gerard shushes him and turns around just as the man reaches the table.

"Oh, h-hello." Gerard says simply, looking at the man somewhat cautiously. After he mentions the ruins, Gerard relaxes slightly. Gesturing at one of the empty chairs around the table, Gerard fixes what he hopes is an easy-going smile onto his face.

"Please, sit down sir. I'm not sure if we've all been properly introduced. My name is Gerard Velant, the halfling sitting over there is Ilidan Quickfoot, and this one is Seraphina Tealeaf. Gerard says, gesturing at each person currently sitting at the table in turn.

"Unless there is another set of ruins nearby, I imagine that our ruins are indeed one and the same. What sort of tales have you heard about from the healer, specifically?" Gerard asks, his curiosity piqued as he had seemingly found yet another person who knew more about these ruins than he did.

2007-12-28, 06:03 PM
Looking puzzled by Gerard question she leans back in her chair, this was the first time anyone had doubted her abilities. Well, I suppose I’m really good with a sword, and I’m quite the acrobat. Leaning forward she looked at him her head cocked to one side. “I’m a great swordswoman, and I doubt you’ll find a better acrobat for miles around.” Standing up she cimbs ontot eh back of and chair and balances there.

Balance Check : [roll0]
She's balancing facing gerard, so on the chair lengthways, not like a tightrope.

The Duskblade
2007-12-28, 09:04 PM

"Well I suppose I better introduce myself again, for those that did not hear. I'm Diago. I'm afraid I know almost nothing of these ruins. However I like to see knew things. They tend to make for good inspiration for my painting. Diago called Anna over and asked for another ale, and remembering the unsatisfactory taste of the Mutton added: "And some soup please."

"As for how I can help you. Well lets just say I know how to swing that thing." The big man said with a gesture towards the heavy Fail, he had left besides the door.

2007-12-29, 02:49 AM
Hearing the growl from the badger, Dagoth moves back a little too quickly.

After Seraphina settled down Dagoth continues.

"The town healer tells me that for the past 12 years, the goblins have sold to the townspeople a fruit that possesses great powers of healing that dwarf that of a cleric. But then there is a minute chance that that the fruit will poison than heal in some years."

Dagoth wonders if he should also talk about the strange occurrences surrounding the seedlings from the trees but he pays no mind to it. Probably the goblins up to no good.

"I for one am curious about this wondrous fruit. I wonder what could've spawned such fruits as well? Have any of you heard anything about this?"

2007-12-29, 06:40 PM
Relf ((Zimmia PMed me and said you had a drop-out and could use Relf's skills, so ready or not, here he comes))

Chill wind blows in around him as Relf bursts through the door into the warmth of the Ol' Boar Inn. "Moradin's beard, it's bloody miserable out there!" he barks, unconsciously lapsing into the rough dwarf-style Common he'd picked up from his years living in a dwarven military encampment. Realizing that a lot of people are staring at him, he licks his lips self-consciously and falls silent.

Shaking off bits of snow, Relf unstraps his backpack, stuffed to bursting with supplies he "borrowed" from his former captors/benefactors in the dwarven army troop. Though the pack weighs nearly as much as he does, he hardly feels the weight of it after years on the campaign trail, and he swings it down from his sholder and props it by the door with practiced ease.

Relf straightens and surveys the room for anyone who might be helpful in locating the ruins that nasty sneak goblin had blabbed about. Hmm... lessee... big people, they won't know anything... ooh, a halfling! And there's a cute girl halfing, too! Eh, she's probably with the grey-eyed fellow. Well, all the same, time's a-waistin'. Right-o, Relfy-me-lad: forward march.

Heading straight for the female halfling, Relf grasps her hand and shakes it, looking her in the eye. "Relf. Relf Sojourn. Leastways that's what they call me. Whoever 'they' are. Oh, and if you happen to see 'them,' give 'em a good swift kick in the knee for me, will ya? Calling a fellow names, outta be ashamed of 'them'-selves! By the by, you wouldn't have heard anything about any ruins hereabouts, Miss...?" He starts to pause for her to give her name, but interrupts himself when he sees a black and white mass of fur curled under one of the big people's chairs. "Hey, is that a badger?" Relf crouches down to get a better look at it. "Well blow me down, you are a badger! You know, I wrestled a badger once when I was just a wee lad -- just a tiny infant, really. Woulda won too, 'cept he kept biting me. Bad form, biting in a wrestling match, don't you think?" He looks back and forth expectantly between the halfling girl and the badger.

2007-12-29, 10:15 PM
Gerard sits in stunned silence for a moment as he observes Sera balancing on the back of the chair, his mouth even dropping open a little in amazement. He is shaken out of his surprise by Diago's introduction.

"Well!" Gerard exclaimed, looking back and forth between the balancing halfling and the tall muscular human who apparently knew how to use a flail quite well, and not just for threshing grain.

"I-I think you'd b-both make g-great additions, then!"

Turning to face Dagoth, Gerard listens with great interest as he relays stories he heard from the local healer about the goblins and their healing fruit.

"That's *quite* interesting. I've heard stories about goblins trading with small towns for various goods, but never a group of goblins with magical fruit for sale. Let me think."

Gerard leans back in his chair and lowers his head, staring at his remaining food as he sifts through his memory for any information about magical fruit, healing or otherwise.

I should like to make a Knowledge Nature check on magical fruits, and whether I've heard of anything like this before or not. Should I make the check here in a spoiler, in the OOC thread, or in a PM to you Zimmia? Total check modifier is 8, 4 Ranks, +2 Int, +2 from Nature Sense, if case you wished to make the check yourself. :smallwink:

A minute or two later, Gerard is interrupted from his thoughts by the arrival of another halfling to the table. And like the previous two halflings now seated around the table, one of the first things that catches his eye is Black Claw.

Black Claw's only reaction to this new traveler is to sleepily raise his head and look at Relf, blinking his eyes several times before extending his head out from underneath the chair and towards the halfling in his usual manner of greeting. More scratching of the ears was always nice.

Gerard, meanwhile, slightly recoils from this sudden guest, twisting about in his seat to get a good look at the halfling while simultaneously leaning back against the rim of the table. "Y-yes, he is a b-b-badger. His n-name is Black Cl-Claw. And um, I w-w-wouldn't know. About th-the wr-wrestling and b-biting."

The Duskblade
2007-12-30, 01:20 AM

Diago chuckled. And on barely succeeded in preventing himself from just exploding with laughter. "This is the best thing to happen to me in years!" He said. "This will be a picture to damn well remember." Diago wiped a hand across his forehead before composing himself.

"It seems your in luck little man. In the space of the last fifteen minutes we seem to have randomly met and decided to take a look at these ruins."He said to the halfling. Grinning Diago just started mutter to himself about how he would paint this encounter.

2007-12-30, 01:53 PM
Jumping down off the back of the chair she beamed up at Gerard. “Then we will go and have great adventures!” Smiling to herself she sat down and leaned back hoping they were in a livelier town. If we were somewhere else, we could go and have a whole load of fun before we set off. Finishing off her drink she just put her drink down when a new Halfling grasped her hand and shook it, she couldn’t help but stare into his blue eyes for a moment. Quickly breaking her stare she listened to him, chiming in at the end with “Tealeaf, Seraphina Tealeaf.” Watching his attention then drift to Black Claw she quickly went back to her meal trying cover up the fact she was blushing.

2007-12-30, 02:40 PM
"I think I will go ask for a map, or better yet directions to these Ruins," says Dagoth, smiling uneasily at the new comer.

"I'll go check with the healer as well. Would any of you like to tag along?" giving the group a once over. Dagoth steps back, noticing for the first time that he sticks out like a sore thumb heightwise.

2007-12-30, 04:25 PM

Relf glances up critically at the human sitting on the chair above the much more interesting badger. "No, I don't suppose you would know about wrestling, would you. Don't suppose you'd know about ruins, either." He adds mentally, Nor he doesn't obviously know anything about manners, for that matter. I was clearly talking to the badger and the young lady.

Then the big grinning dark-haired human's comment catches Relf's attention. "Wait, you mean you're all going to explore the ruins? That's fantastic! Count me in! I may just be a humble fur trapper from the north, but I've learned a thing or two on the trail. Lemme just snag a bite to eat and we can get underway quick as ya like. Innkeep! I'll have some hot soup in the biggest bloo-" Relf censors himself, remembering there's at least one lady present "-- in the biggest bowl you can spare. None of this 'halfling portion' nonsense, please! I've been a week on the road, and I'm starving and sick of trail rations."

Pulling up a chair, Relf addresses the third human. "Map? Directions? Wouldn't it be easier to just follow some goblin tracks? That's how I found out about these ruins in the first place, anyhow. Tracked a bunch o' the nasty blighters for a ways and managed to overhear them talking about sunken ruins -- probably filled with treasure and suchlike. But I'm easy, so whichever way you wanna go at it."

2007-12-30, 05:05 PM
With an amused grin, Anna comes out from the kitchen with an oblong bowl so long it really could be called a trough, and it was filled with her soup. With it she brought half a loaf of bread. "If this isn't enough, I can always fill it again," she smirks and then turns back toward the kitchen.

2007-12-31, 11:29 AM
"I-I . . . know a l-little about r-ruins. J-just not s-so much about these." Gerard murmurs, and turns back to his soup with a frown.

Was that a note of dismissal I heard in the halfling's voice just now? Hmph . . . what does he know about ruins that I don't? Bah, you're probably just imagining things again anyway.

Still, Gerard keeps to himself for a few minutes, which gives him time to finish his dinner as well as Black Claw's. Feeling somewhat better now with a full stomach and a warm seat, Gerard nods at Dagoth.

"I would like to come! This fruit the goblins are selling sounds quite interesting."

2008-01-01, 09:04 PM
Ol' Boar

At the afternoon begins to wear on, the 'regulars' start to pour into the Ol' Boar. Apparently there's some unwritten rule about when the drinking should start here in Oakhurst. The usual men file in, demand ale and then head for the fire. They stare at the group of newcomers with apathy, although they certainly are the topic of the evening.

It doesn't take much to notice that although the patrons will shout and be gruff with the innkeeper, they are unfailingly polite when speaking with Anna; there seems to be general consensus that if you want good food and to keep your wife out of the goings on there, one must be polite to her. They do, however, track snow and mud all over the floor.

Shrine of Pelor

Dagoth, as you re-enter the shrine, you are met by the smiling face of "Corkie", the gnomish cleric. She doesn't have a map, but she says if you follow the Old Road to the south of the town, you will come to the ravine and the ruins.

2008-01-02, 02:15 PM
"Many thanks priestess. I will bring light to these dark ruins," he says beaming at the diminutive priestess.

Looking back, he introduces Gerard to Corkie as one of the members of this expedition.

2008-01-02, 08:53 PM
Ilidan watched the new arrival come into the bar and approach his fellows at their table. He seems a nice enough fellow, and having this many of the "little folk" on the adventure should prove interesting.
Extending an arm to shake the new halfling's hand, he couldn't help but notice the large(for a halfling) wrists, as sure indicator of strength.
"Hello Relf, I'm Ilidan Quickfoot. You already know a way to the ruins? That'll be very useful, as it sounds as though no one in this village knows a sure path, or at the very least they don't like to mention the place."

2008-01-02, 11:38 PM
Relf shakes Ilidan's hand vigorously. "Ilidan, huh? Had a cousin named 'Fillidan' once, sounds kinda the same, 'cept he got eaten by a bear. That was a hassle, since then we had to find the bear and cut it open to get ol' Fillie out, and the bear didn't much like that.

"Anyhow, I can't say as I actually know how to get to the ruins, but I might be able to find a way to get there and get in. Shouldn't be too hard, what with goblins trekking in and out. 'Course it might be worth the time it takes to find a less-used entrance." And gesturing to his food, "Lemme just finish this lot off... oh, and help yourself, anyone who wants more. Think my eyes may have been bigger than my stomach -- or at least my mouth was!" He laughs and tucks into the bowl of soup with a will, somehow managing to grin at Ilidan, wink at Seraphina, and send a military salute in Diago's direction, almost all at the same time.

2008-01-03, 12:28 AM
"O-oh. H-hello." Gerard stammers, offering his hand down to the gnomish healer after Dagoth's introduction.

"I-I'm a s-scholar of s-s-sorts, so I'm q-quite interested in this f-fruit. Wh-what can you t-tell me about it? H-have you done any s-studies on how it works? Tried to grow your own from the s-seeds?"

The Duskblade
2008-01-03, 03:18 AM

Diago chuckles at the talkative Halfling. "Remind me never to swallow a halfling in that case." He said, idly returning the salute. In a much quieter tone he added. "I thought gnomes were suppose to be the crazy short ones." Having finished off his ale, Diago turned his attention to the soup with a will.

2008-01-03, 08:40 AM
"Priestess Corkie told me about them. It turns out that they did try to grow those seeds, but they didn't get no results," Dagoth says off handedly.
"Apparently they disappeared before they grew tall. I think that goblins are up to no good," nodding absentmindedly.

2008-01-04, 12:26 AM
Shrine of Pelor

“Well now dearie,” Corkie says to Gerard with a smile. “I can tell you the bit that we know. Just about every year in midsummer the goblins auction off an apple. The fruit functions like a heal spell for whoever eats it. We have tried planting the seeds but instead of a tree, a load of twig-like bramble comes up instead. When these brambles get about 2 feet high they disappear. We can only guess that the goblins are stealing them back so we have to look to them for the fruit. Years ago, the goblins would also send along an apple in midwinter as well – only this one was dead white and was instant death for anyone who touched it.” Here the gnome becomes very despondent and speaks in a quieter voice. “I was there one year when a child picked it up thinking it was something special. Pelor protect us all from such a fate. Last year two apples were presented at midsummer, looking identical. One was that same poison we see in midwinter, although it’s unclear if these same goblins were involved in the appearance of this second fruit.”

‘Ol Boar

As more and more people crowd into the tavern the noise level gets predictably louder. There was instant silence as the door banged open and a tall, thin man entered.

“YOU!” roared the innkeeper. “I thought I made it very plain to you that you were never to step foot in here again.”

The weedy-looking man stands his ground even though he appears as though a stiff breeze would knock him over. “It’s not my favorite thing to be here either, Garon. But I’ve got something to say to some people and I’ll say it or I’ll have the constable…” his voice trailed off as he realized that the constable in question was already at the bar.

Garon laughs derisively as he picks up a towel and throws it at the man. “Scurry back to your sissy before you get hurt, little weasel.”

The man flushes red and looks as though he’s about to leave before changing his mind and walking closer to the bar. “You know, in thirty years you’ve never changed. More’s the pity since it means you’re never going to be anything but the loud-mouthed bully you were when we were children. That aside, your place is the only one of its kind in town, and so that’s where the adventurers wind up.”

Garon groans audibly and shakes his head. “Word always did travel fast here in Oakhurst. It’s more of this nonsense I see. Well then say your piece and then get out before I decide my dog needs his next meal."

The man wades through the crowd to the group of newcomers. “Forgive me for making a scene, but I wanted to speak with you. The rumor around town is that you are going in to the ruins. Before you go, my sister would like to speak with you. Her name is Mistress Hecrele and she runs the general store here in town.” Having delivered his message the man takes his leave, probably before another argument can break out.

2008-01-04, 01:36 PM
Finally finishing her food, Sera perked up hearing the angry roar of the Innkeeper. Looking at them both with interest as he came over and then listening intently. Turning to her new conspirators she was grinning. I never knew being an adventurer was so great! People just throw jobs at you! "So do you guys' want to go check him out? I mean his sister! I mean the job!"

2008-01-04, 07:52 PM

Relf puzzles over this question as he shovels more soup into his mouth. "Hmm, that scrawny guy didn't get a good reception... I dunno. But we can try to find the general store and talk to his sister if you like."

Reaching into a pouch in his belt, he pulls out a large, smooth, flat-ish stone. "What do you think, Almos? Should we see what this Mistress whatserface is all about?" He holds the rock up to his ear. "Huh, that's easy for you to say."

He holds the stone up for the rest of the group gathered around the table to inspect, grinning and winking. "This here's Almos. He's my pet baby earth elemental. Saved him from drowning in a river."

The Duskblade
2008-01-04, 10:22 PM

"Nope. Diago muttered. "It's the halflings." Diago rose and stretched. "Well I'll head over with you little folk then. This could be interesting." Ruefully he pushed his ale mug away. "And I should probably avoid drinking any more."

As he passed the somewhat odd Halfling, Diago absentmindedly petted the so called elemental. Reaching the door he hefted his weapon and pulled his long gray cloak around himself. "Coming small folk?"

2008-01-04, 10:49 PM
Ilidan looks up from his half eaten food when the innkeeper shouts, and is about to put his head down again, obviously not interested in the thin man, when he mentions adventures.So there's definably something going on here. We need to check this out. Smiling at Sera's stumble, IlidanI think we should, if only to find out why the innkeeper is so vehement about the subject. Turning to Relh, Ilidan is in time to catch his...curious monologue, barely managing to keep the skeptical expression on his face, only a slight raising of his eyebrow giving it away. Is he touched, or is that really a... I think I'll just stay out of this one. If he truly believes, at least it won't hurt us either way.

2008-01-05, 12:44 AM
"Oh . . . oh my." Gerard mutters, covering his mouth with one hand, his eyes moving nervously back and forward as his mind struggled to depict the scene of the young child picking up the deadly apple.

After Corkie finishes her story, Gerard raises his hand away from his face, a frown beginning to form there. "Wait. I thought you said that the goblins auction these apples off, and that the deadly one is pure white. Yet two identical apples appeared this past midsummer, one granting healing and the other death? And no one is sure if the goblins were the ones responsible for these apples? How is that possible if the goblins are the ones that come to sell them? And why would the goblins sell an apple that grants only death anyway? Surely the town would tear them apart if the apple kills on contact as you say . . ."

Gerard breaks off, moving away to stare out a window, or just at the nearby wall if there are none close-by. He tries to think this out, hoping he would be able to make sense of this from the goblins' perspective. He also tries to recall any natural way that the goblins could be doing this, instead of resorting to some henceforth unknown magical power. After a few minutes he turns back, forcing a smile on his face.

Making a Knowledge: Nature check to try to recall various plants with poisonous fruit, as well as any natural poison that kills on contact like the white apple apparently does (only not through magic, obviously).

"S-sorry. I didn't mean to question y-your observations. I-it just doesn't m-make s-sense to me."

2008-01-07, 11:08 PM
Slowly standing up Sera looks at Relf for a moment while he introduced Almos. A baby elemental! Oh my god it's adorable. Leaning over and petting Almos Sera tries to not look at Relf, while not looking like she isn't trying to not look at him. Jumping off of the chair Sera turns to her group waiting for Relf to finsish his "bowl" of soup.

2008-01-08, 09:19 PM

"It's certainly very strange dearie, and something that we take very seriously here, for the appearance of these apples has been something to look forward to for years. The goblins auctioned the apple as normal last midsummer and a few days later another apple appeared looking exactly like the one which heals. The goblins say they don't know about this second apple, but you know what goblins can be like."

You're aware of several kinds of plants with poisonous berries, but nothing as large as an apple. Since the main aim of a plant with poisonous fruit is to deter any planteaters, not to kill. You think a fruit this deadly must certainly be an abhorration to nature.

2008-01-09, 07:54 AM
"Well I don't really know goblins, so I guess we'll find out when we go there.Won't we Gerard? Corkie, I pray I find some answers for you," Dagoth bows his head low for Corkie and then turns to Gerard.

He hefts his back pack, as if getting ready to take leave.

2008-01-09, 10:48 AM

"The blessings of the Sun God surely go with you. You and your friends are welcome here if you have need of me," Corkie replies and then turns back inside the temple proper.

2008-01-11, 10:27 AM
At the General Store

The larger group leaves the inn and heads down the street. The general store isn't far away, by the appearance of the exterior it's owner is someone who takes pride in the place. A little tinkle from the bell atop the door announces your arrival. A woman comes into the store, and gestures you all into a back room. The only remarkable thing about the woman herself is the way she carries herself - as though she were royalty on a visit to this place rather than someone who lives and works here.

"Thank you for coming," she says as she closes the door behind her once you're all in the back room. "Please have a seat. My name is Kerowyn Hercule. Word has reached me that you all are adventurers and that you are looking to explore the ruins down the old road to the south. About a month ago another group of adventurers attempted to do the same thing. This group included my brother's children Talgen and Sharwyn, which is obviously some cause for concern."

"I will allow you salvage rights if you can find our missing family and bring them back here. If they are not alive, then bring back the signet ring each wears." She slips a ring off her own finger and passes it to the person nearest her. "It's important that the rings are recovered. I am willing to offer you one hundred gold, each, per ring you return to me. Are you willing to help me?

2008-01-11, 07:29 PM
Relf snatches up the signet ring, inspecting it carefully and considering whether it would be worth their while to have copies made of it that they could trade back to this woman. Hmm, well regardless...

He holds the ring up for everyone else to inspect. "I'm willing if the rest of you are. If we do find more rings like this one in the ruins, it can't hurt to bring 'em back. And we can split the reward evenly. 50-50, see?" He grins. "Half for me, half for you guys. You with me?"

The Duskblade
2008-01-11, 10:22 PM

Diago snorted. "I don't think so little man. Equal shares and your elemental doesn't count." Turning to Kerowyn he added, "Since we will be there anyway, I see no reason why we couldn't help you."

2008-01-12, 01:25 AM
"I find it most strange that the goblins would try to sell an apple that kills. I think - " Gerard is about to launch into another string of questions when he feels a sudden tug on his pants leg.

Looking down, Gerard sees Black Claw carefully working his narrow jaws free of the hem of Gerard's pants, beady dark eyes shooting a warning up to him. Turning to Dagoth, Gerard notices that the man is clearly ready to go, having already shouldered his pack.

Smiling feebly, he nods at Dagoth, and then gives a slightly deeper nod, more of a bow really, to Corkie. "Th-thank you for your time Corkie. W-we'll be sure to keep you informed."

Gerard follows Dagoth and the badger out, and then shrugs. "So where now? Back to the warm inn?"

2008-01-12, 01:59 AM
"Uhhh... hmmm. I am looking forward to a bowl of soup, it certainly smelled good. Our friends will most likely be at the inn anyway. Can't have wandered off too far hmm?"

Giving a quirky smile Dagoth makes off for the inn, walking slow enough for Gerard to follow.

2008-01-12, 02:36 AM

The woman looks amused at something but merely nods. "I appreciate any help you can provide. Should you need supplies, the goods in my establishment are available to you at a discount." She stands and opens the door. "I wish you success in your journey."

'Ol Boar

Dagoth and Gerard (and Black Claw) arrive back at the inn to find it rather busy, however the others don't seem to be there.

2008-01-12, 07:21 PM
Relf stows the signet ring in his pouch, grumbling something under his breath in halfling:
"Stupid human, can't even take a joke. An' what does he mean, sayin' Almos doesn't count? Why, 'cause he's so small? Bah, human's think their SO important just because their big."

2008-01-12, 07:43 PM

With an annoyed look on her face, Kerowyn clears her throat rather loudly. "I think you're leaving with something not yours," she says in a cold tone of voice to the halfling.

2008-01-12, 09:59 PM
"Oh, you mean this?" Relf asks innocently, pulling the ring out of his pouch again. "Oh, no, ma'am, I wasn't leaving with it, just... ah, keeping it safe for a moment. And, um, showing it to Almos -- that's the name of the baby earth elemental who lives in my pouch. Maybe he can sniff out the other rings." He hands the ring back to her. "There you are, see? No harm done."

Bah, none of these humans can take a joke.... Well, I guess that rules out making copies if she's gonna be keeping the ring.

The Duskblade
2008-01-13, 05:59 AM

"Thankyou ma'am, For myself I have all the equipment I need," Turning to the halflings he said, "I'll be heading back to the inn. If you want to buy something I'll see you in a bit."

2008-01-13, 12:25 PM
Turning to this nice woman after Relf tried to pull a prank on her, at what is a slightly inappropriate time. “I will do everything I can to bring them back alive for you” Using a sincere voice that shocked even her. Turning around she gazed at Diago, and wondering if she needed anything she remembered that she had no idea how long they would be away from town! She would have to stock up on some food. Turning back round quickly she blurted out “Could I have a few days worth of Trail Rations please?!”

2008-01-14, 01:34 PM
Following Dagoth back to the inn, Gerard breathes as sign of relief as he and Black Claw scrap the mushy snow off their feet and enter the warm inn once more. Standing by the door for a moment, Gerard looks anxiously around for an empty table, while remarking to Dagoth, "Well, I guess we should settle down and wait for them to come back. Do you think they've already gone to bed?"

Finding a new table, this one a bit smaller and closer to the walls rather than near the center of the room, Gerard eagerly makes his way over. Plopping himself down in a chair, Gerard sighes contentedly, and begins digging in his backpack. Pulling out an old blanket, he starts rubbing down Black Claw's fur, trying to get most of the snow sticking to his back off before it melted.

2008-01-14, 08:33 PM
Well, that's interesting. I wonder why the innkeeper was so vehement about the whole thing?Looking up at the woman, Ilidan arches one eyebrow and asks her directly"The innkeeper seemed angry with when your husband came and asked us to see you. Does that have anything to do with the group that you're asking us to look for?"

2008-01-14, 08:44 PM

The shopkeeper smiles at Sera. "Of course, one of my assistants will assist you."

Take a 20% discount on food, and 10% on anything else you might need

She then smiles and rolls her eyes when she hears mention of the innkeeper. "That's my brother, not my husband," she says with a lilt to her voice, although 'husband' comes to the heart of the matter. Twenty years ago he wanted to marry me. I didn't want anything to do with him or this place and so I left for an adventure of my own. About five years ago, my parents died after an illness and I came back to look after the rest of the family and our business. My brother, who you met, doesn't really have a head for numbers... or anything else much for that matter.

'Ol Boar

Anna comes back over to Gerard with a mug of what turns out to be mulled cider and a bread roll. "Were you wanting anything else, dearie?"

2008-01-14, 09:03 PM
"Ah, my ah, mistake.", stammars Ilidan, feeling his cheeks slightly heat. He stand there a moment, looking around the store for a new subject, then settles on the trail rations. Pulling out 2 silver pieces, he asks "May I have two of those rations?". After receiving the rations, Ilidan will head back to the inn.

2008-01-16, 04:26 PM
Gerard greets Anna with a self-conscious smile as she comes over to the table, bearing yet more food and drink. "Th-thanks! Um, I don't think I, ah, n-need anything else. Oh! J-just a place to sleep I suppose."

Leaning in and lowering his voice to a conspirital level, Gerard adds, "And I was hoping Black Claw could sleep with me as well. He gets worried when I"m out of his sight."

2008-01-17, 02:44 AM
"Uhh.. how did you befriend Black Claw? Badgers aren't very friendly around humanoids..." Dagoth says looking nervously at Black claw.

2008-01-17, 06:36 AM
“I’ll have two days worth of Ration as well please.” She said quickly as she pulled out the coin need to pay for her buyings. Looking around for something shiny and interesting, then out of the corner of her eye she spied a small steel mirror. Inspecting it and herself as she went she brought it to the counter and handed over the gold need to pay for her new acquisition. After finishing her transaction she heads over to Ol’ Boar and gets herself some more warm cider.

I think all that spending comes to 9 gold and 8 silver.

2008-01-17, 10:48 PM
Anna smiles and pats his shoulder. "Oh course he can dearie, there won't be a problem."

((Does anyone else have anything they want to do tonight?))

The Duskblade
2008-01-17, 11:32 PM
((Cant say I do. Walk into the inn, get room, sleep.))


Diago yawned as he entered the inn. Seeing his fellow explorers he said, "The Halflings shouldn't be long." And then quickly related the tale of the signet rings. Deciding it was best to avoid the barkeep, having obviously spoke to and heeded that odd man. Diago avoided the barkeep and spoke to Anna. "I don't suppose I could get a room, for the night?" he asked.

Once up in his room he quickly settled in bed and went to sleep.

2008-01-18, 11:51 PM
Gerard smiles at Dagoth's question. "I-I would say that it's more like he befriended me. See, at the druid's grove where I grew up, acquiring an animal companion was a rite of passage. A call would be put out into the forest for animals to come to the Grove each year. The animals that came would be those interested in human contact, or simply alone and desiring company. They would then gather all of these animals together in the center of the grove and introduce them to those youths who were ready to become full-fledged druids. And the youths had to convince one of these animals to journey with them, wherever their duties called them to go." Here Gerard paused to finish the last of his cider.

"It's a very important ritual - you can't become a druid without convincing an animal to travel with you. After all, if you can't convince a friendly animal who's lonely to join you, how could you possibly serve as an ambassador between the forest and civilization?"

Gerard feels the familiar lump growing in his throat whenever he talked too much about himself, and so decides to end this quickly.

"I-I, uh, I d-didn't get an a-animal to join me th-the f-first year. Or th-the next. None of them felt r-right, th-those that wanted to t-talk t-t-to m-me. Th-then a y-young baby b-badger came, ah, and h-here we are!"

Smiling, Gerard looks down at the bundle of fur at his feet and scratches its ears. Giving a snort of pleasure, Black Claw turns his head around, licking briefly at Gerard's hand before settling back down to continue sleeping.

2008-01-20, 11:37 PM
Relf has rations left over from the road (and after all that soup, he feels full enough to last quite awhile anyway), so he doesn't buy anything, but he decides to stick with his fellow halflings. After so much time spend around stodgy dwarves, its a relief to be among his own kind again.

2008-01-21, 03:12 AM
After finishing her drink Sera yawns slightly, brushing her black hair back round her faintly pointed ear. Leaning back in her chair arching her back she stared up at the ceiling closing her eyes for a moment trying to gauge how tired she was. After almost falling asleep after closing her eyes, she composed herself as she hopped down off of her chair landing with a faint thump. Then saying goodnight to her new friends she retires to her room.

Stretching she tied her rapier to one of the bed posts. Stretching once more she shuffled her boots off and kicked them to one side, then peeling off her leather armour and tossing it in the direction of her boots she clambered onto the bed, climbed underneath her covers closing her eyes ounce more today as the blissful world of dreams engulfed her.

((Yeah I'm done for the day.))

2008-01-22, 04:27 PM
Dagoth was leaning back into his chair as he listened to Gerard's interesting tale. The badger did look harmless, and Dagoth wanted to scratch its head but thought better of it since it might be rude.

Dagoth looks for a serving maid and asks for some warm soup, and after that ordering he pulls out his diary, already musty and worn despite its brief time in the outdoors. Flipping open to one of the first ten pages, he dog ears the page and takes out his writing apparatus.

Giving a look to Gerard he adds, " I didn't get leave from the church that easily. Heh. I promised the high priest a book or two for his libraries. I figure I'll probably get a couple of books out to of my adventures - that is if I start having any soon" with a slight chuckle.

With painfully cautious and meticulous strokes of one not used to scribehood, Dagoth writes down what happened. It was a short entry and the only thing that was worth mentioning was how he would be setting out for these ruins.

Dagoth continues writing for a short while. He writes maybe a few words at a time, looking up every now and then to take in his surroundings. Dagoth was feeling unusually sleepy.

...a band of fellow adventurers (mercenaries maybe) are also coming along. Im not sure of their intentions except for Gerard. He's a druid and he's got a badger as his animal companion - would you believe that! Seems like a nice fellow, and I sure cant wait to see whats up with the ruins. Goblins and killer fruit. I really wonder...

((Im done fo tha day too :P ))

2008-01-22, 05:07 PM
The next morning sees a light drizzle with the sun trying quite hard to poke through the clouds and finally succeeds in the early afternoon. The group pays and thanks the inkeeper and his wife, and they leave down the Old Road. The road is just that - Relf and Gerard can tell quite easily that literally no one comes down this way any more.

When the sun is starting to dip, you come to a brook with fresh water and a relatively clear space around a large tree several hundred yards from the trail. This looks like the best place to spend the night.

((Go ahead and set up camp if you would :smallsmile: ))

2008-01-22, 09:25 PM
Not really wanting to delay any further, but seeing that no progress was going to be made by the humans stumbling around in the dark, Relf claps his hands together decisively. "Right, you lot," he says, slipping into a jovial military style. "If this is where we make camp, we'll have some preparations to make. Those who know their way around the bole of an oak can give me a hand. Oh -- and we'll need a watch order of course. I'll take last watch, since I'm an early riser anyhow. The rest of you can take whatever position in the watch you like -- work it out amongst yourselves."

With that, he sets about making the site into a suitable campsite for the evening.

The Duskblade
2008-01-24, 01:17 AM

Diago stretched and let his muscles relax. Bending over he scooped up some water in his hands and drank. Then reached to refill his water skin. "I'll take first watch unless someone else feels like it." He said, laying down his Bedroll, before moving to assist Relf. Absentmindedly rubbing a harmless cut on his arm, received from the overgrown road.

2008-01-25, 08:11 AM
Stretching her arms up and back Sera watched as Relf and Diago started to make the campsite ready. Lifting her hat off and running her fingers through her hair Sera finally noticed the brook, watching it for a moment and remembering she hasn't had a bath for days she wandered under the tree and began to setup her tent, deciding that she would head out tonight and have her bath.

2008-01-25, 02:27 PM
Seeing the rest of his new little band turning in for the night, Gerard sets his empty mug and plate in the middle of the table, and then heads to bed. Relishing the chance to sleep soundly for once, Gerard removes his leather armor before settling into bed. His backpack and armor remain at the foot of the bed, but Gerard leaves a short spear and his wooden shield by the right side of the bed within easy reach. He had been taught that an explorer must be prepared to defend himself within an instant in this dangerous world.

Behaving in some ways like a strangely colored house cat, Black Claw clammered up onto the bed after Gerard lied down and nestled himself against his master's right leg. Chuckling, Gerard draped a corner of the blanket over his friend, and then quickly drifted off to sleep.


Gerard awoke with the dawn, yawning and stretching as his mind slowly climbed out of its slumber. Loathe to leave the relatively soft bed, Gerard simply threw back the heavy blanket and crawled across the bed to his backpack. Opening it, he withdrew a small bundle of dried leaves from the backpack, then returned to the middle of the bed. Crossing his legs and seating himself in a lotus position, Gerard then began his daily meditation on nature and his place within it.

The leaves were meant to be a tool to help forge a connection with nature, and as Gerard ran his fingers over the crinkling leaves he felt himself slowly enter into a communion with Nature. For the next hour Gerard silently basked in its presence, occassionally reaching over to scratch Black Claw behind the ears. When he was finished, Gerard sighed happily and went about getting prepared for the potentially dangerous journey ahead.


The first day of travel had been largely uneventful, and thankfully the weather had given them its blessing by not unleashing snow similar to what Gerard had experienced on his journey to town. Of course, there had been a brief cool drizzle of rain in the morning, but then the sun had finally appeared to warm them before beginning to dip down below the horizon.

Gerard had to admit that things were going quite well so far, as they had even found a perfect place to camp for the night. Gerard quickly takes advantage of the nearby brook. Carefully lifting a handful of water up to his nose and sniffing, Gerard nods in satisfaction and refills his waterskin, while Black Claw cranes his neck down and starts lapping at the water as it flows past.

Turning back to Relf and Daigo, Gerard nods and says, "I and Black Claw will take second watch then. Just be sure to wake me first when it is time- Black Claw can be irritable when he first wakes up."

Picking out a nice spot at the campsite, Gerard unrolls his bedroll and then helps anyone who needs it in making camp. Now quite tired but still energized at the thought of soon exploring the depths of the underground complex, Gerard wraps his winter blanket around himself and tries to fall asleep.

2008-01-25, 03:39 PM
Dagoth stayed up later than usual. The fires of the inn had gone through their second pile before he decided to turn in. Dragging his stuff back upstairs Dagoth fell soundly asleep, no nightmares and no dreams either.

Cracking his eyes open Dagoth mumbled something about itchy blankets and rose with slow purpose. The sun was coming up, he needed to look sharp.

After donning his armor, he put on his travelling robe over it. Light beige, it was loose and billowy, covering his armor rather well. Strapping his crossbow to his back, Dagoth went to the window to just catch the first rays of the Sun.

Exhaling deeply he raised his wooden sundisc to his face to obscure the rising sun. Closing his eyes he could almost feel the warmth enveloping the land and the radiance of Pelor illuminating the world. And then he felt that familiar tingle in the back of his head, he was now ready to serve.

Energized as always by the rising of the sun, Dagoth took a couple of minutes before joining the party out of town. Settling his tab for the past five days, Dagoth leaves the inn in time to catch the group as they were prepping to leave.

Later that night, Dagoth seats himself closest to the fire. Thankful he wasn't travelling at night, he still didn't like the notion of sleeping outside stone walls.

"Ill take any watch if anyone is feeling especially tired. Just try extra hard to wake me up," and darting a look to the group he adds, "Sound sleeper."

2008-01-25, 04:37 PM
That evening, when camp is made, the watch schedule is set, and everyone is settled in, Relf sits at the fire and tells the tale of how he found out about the ruins to anyone who cares to listen, grinning and winking the whole way through.

"So there I was, trekking my way through the wilderness, when I came across a bunch of goblin tracks. So, I said to Almos, 'We'd better check on this -- goblins can't ever be up to much good.' So off I went after the goblins, and pretty soon I came up on a bunch of them, and they were all talking to some other creature. Couldn't see what it was, since it was all wrapped up in robes of some kind -- I think it was a kobold, or maybe an ogre. Pretty sure it was one of those two.

"Anyway, I guess the only language the goblins had in common with this other creature was Dwarven, 'cause I could understand most of what they were saying, 'cepting when their Dwarven was so bad that nobodied know what they were on about. I heard them talking about some ruins, and something else about poisoned fruit, and it was pretty clear they were up to no good, so I said to Almos, 'We'd better do something about this -- 'sides, I know how much you hate goblins, so I can't just leave 'em to chat away like that.'

"I'd already got the drop on them as they didn't know I was there, so started firing off shots with my shortbow -- or was it my sling? No, I'm pretty sure it was my shortbow. The first twenty or forty goblins all fell down dead before they knew what was happening, and 'course that set the other hundred all up in a panic, and they started running fast as they could. I was about to go chasing off after them, when these six hill giants -- or was it ten? Actually, I think there must have been at least twelve of 'em. Anyway, these frost giants come jumping out of the undergrowth to attack me. But I was quicker than 'em and managed to tie all their tails together into one big knot. I imagine there still out there now, bumping around in the forest trying to get themselves untied."

It's not entirely clear (even to me) where the divide between truth and fiction is in this narrative. Par for the course for Relf :smallbiggrin:

The Duskblade
2008-01-26, 08:23 AM

Diago blinked, several times. Uh... Impressive..." having chosen a comfortable place close to the fire to finish drying himself off after a quick bath, Diago had gotten a piece of canvas out of his backpack, as well as some paints, and inks. And was attempting to recreate the scene at the Old Boar. to the point he had only managed to Paint Dagoth's attempts to shoo away Blackclaw.

Craft: [roll0]

"I'd suggest you guys get some sleep." Diago said, stowing away his paints and rolling up the square of canvas. Diago picked up his flail and took a seat.

Diago yawned. Judging by the position of the moon a few ours had passed. He Gently prodded Gerard awake, And carefully avoided waking Blackclaw. "Your turn Druid." He whispered. Then he lay down on his bedroll. Keeping a hold on his belongings. Slightly afraid that Relf might get an idea involving his paints, brushes, and the faces of himself and his companions.

Diago sat up with a yawn. And rubbed his neck, a few seconds latter a general sourness alerted him to the fact that he had spread his bead roll over a rock. Happily discovering Relf had not taking liberty of his paints, Diago stood and nodded to those of his companions that were currantly awake. "Morning. How far until we reach the ruins?"

I realize craft checks generally don't work like that but I doubt I'm going to get a free week for painting

2008-01-28, 11:26 AM
Gerard listens attentively to Relf's story. Although quite entertained, Gerard was sure Relf was exaggerating at certain points. Twelve hill giants? Gerard was certain that the largest band of hill giants he had heard of was only eight. However, frost giants were a different story, as their raiding parties could grow quite large. Fortunately, Relf corrected his own mistake immediately thereafter. There was, nonetheless, one thing about Relf's story that bothered Gerard. Gerard waited until the halfling was finished with his story, and then coughed loudly from his spot on top of his bedroll.

"E-Excuse me, Mr. Relf. That is a most impressive feat! But I h-had one q-question. While you were fighting the giants and goblins, what happened to the kogre? That is, the kobold or ogre that you saw speaking with them? Did you happen to slay it as well?"

After discussing the matter with Relf, Gerard turns in for the night.


Awakened by Daigo, Gerard nodded his thanks and then awoke Black Claw with a good ear scratching. Slowly waking, the badger snuffled his approval, eventually opening one eye to look at Gerard when the ear scratching stopped. Seeing his master starting to get up from bed, the badger snorted wearily and got to its feet. Positioned near the fire and facing outward so as not to ruin their night vision, each of the two watched one half of the camp while the others slept.

When it was time for the final watch of the night, Gerard went over to wake Relf before both he and Black Claw returned to Gerard's bedroll.


Once again arising with the sun, Gerard does his morning meditations. Black Claw usually stays by his side but occassionally wanders over to investigate the smells of cooking at the fire as breakfast is prepared.

"We should be fairly close by now, shouldn't we? It was only supposed to be a day or two travel along the . . . Old Road? That's what the townsfolk called it, yes?"

2008-01-28, 02:07 PM
Yawning as she slowly wakes up, she shifts onto her back and stares up and takes in the sunlight seeping through the honey leather tent, giving the light a warm glow. Stretching her arms up Sera sits up and then begins to crawl out of her tent grabbing her backpack on the way.

Standing up outside her tent, blinking in the sunlight she tilts her head up, feeling wonderfully clean after her bath last night. Relf's story capped off a very good days travel especially. Turning to her compatriots she smiled as Gerard stumbled over himself. “Yeah the Old Road. Think they said that, wasn’t paying attention to be honest.” At which point she dared a glance in Relf’s direction. “But I’m sure our brave scout won’t get us lost.”

Sorry about the bout of inactivity, I had some personal stuff that needed doing.

2008-01-29, 04:38 AM
Dagoth was flat on his back when the sun came up. Cracking one eye open, he immediately jumped up, dislodging his book that he had opened just before he went to bed.Scrambling as noiselessly as he could to get ready he performed a shorter version of the daily benediction to Pelor.

Whispering softly to the sundisc he replaced it around his neck again.He had fallen asleep in his armor and though that meant a stiff back at least he didnt wake up defensless. Cracking his body joints pointedly Dagoth wraps up his strewn belongings and puts his backpack on.

Dagoth kick some dirt on to the camp fire, and took in his surroundings.

Spot [roll0]
Listen [roll1]

2008-01-29, 04:52 AM

2008-01-29, 01:42 PM
I went with the three people on watch which were stated, if you want to double up the watches let me know and I'll change this. I don't think anything is really going to change though.

The group settles down after they make camp, and continue to get to know each other. Seraphina retreats for a while to the stream and comes back looking much happier, having enjoyed her bath. Relf regails his companions with tales of times gone by, and Daigo begins a very flattering picture starting with BlackClaw and Dagoth.

Daigo and Gerard & BlackClaws watch go by uneventfully. They wake Relf and settle back down into their bedrolls. Relf, alert for anything out of the ordinary hears rustling in the bramble to the southwest side of their camp. He squints and looks harder, but even his sharp eyesight can't pick out exactly what's causing the noise.

Yay for less pressure! Sorry about the delay but I think it's all in the past now. Anyways look!!! It's a map!

2008-01-29, 05:33 PM
As carefully and quietly as possible, Relf stands and moves in the direction of of the noise, silently rousing Diago with a light prod as he passes, and making his way to Seraphina's tent in the southwest corner of the camp, closest to where the sound originated. Opening the tent flap, he leans in and gently places a hand over her mouth to wake her as silently as possible. When her eyes are open, he puts a finger over his mouth, waits half a beat, then points in the direction of the sound, and then tugs at his earlobe. After that he removes his hand, points emphatically at Seraphina, and then gestures back behind him at Dagoth, Gerard, and Ilidan. Then he stands, hand on his shortbow, eyes and stance all wariness as he fixes his gaze in the direction of the disturbance.


I've tried to set up my actions so that they all occur in one round, in case there's Initiative going on here between me an the "unseen thingie."

Moving silently (for what it's worth) at full-speed, incurring a -5 penalty: [roll1]
This movement ends me in square I-13, directly between Diago and Seraphina.

Free action: waking Diago.

Standard action: opening the tent, waking Sera and conveying a silent message ("I heard something over there; you go wake up the others"). I wasn't entirely sure what skill would best represent the scout training Relf is tapping into to send a silent message, but Bluff (used for sending "secret" messages within public hearing, which is quite different from the current situation) didn't really make sense to me, so I decided to go with a Survival check instead. Survival seemed a better representation of the skill set Relf would be using here, but let me know if this or any of the above doesn't work/isn't cool as I've stated it. I'll take a 10 on the check (for a modified outcome of 15, enough to convey a message in accordance with the Bluff rules). If taking 10 isn't an option (if I'm considered "threatened" at this point), then here's the roll instead: [roll2]

Sorry if I'm making your life more difficult with the above nonsense. :smallredface:

Edit: Eww... nat 1 on the Survival roll. :smallfrown: I really hope I can just take 10 -- and that you'll let me use Survival to convey my message in the first place. :smalltongue:

2008-01-29, 06:51 PM
((OOC: Yes, you can take 10 on the survival check, although I probably would have just let you wake her. :smallsmile:

One question though: I don't remember halflings having lowlight vision per the SRD, and off the top of my head don't recall a change in Races of the Wild. Can you point me to a link?))

As quitely as he can, Relf wakes the others and, with everyone more or less on alert, they turn their attention to the sound to the southwest of the camp. As your eyes all adjust to the moonlight and the glow from the campfire you see movement clear the bushes and a pair of... sticks... start to charge you.


Roll init if you would :smallsmile:

map will update in a few hours

2008-01-29, 08:57 PM
((OOC: I'm makeing the huge assumption that we are all awake and there while we are under attack by... sticks. I feel almost embarassed to attack sticks.))

Time for initative [roll0]!I assume they get a surprise round. In that case I will just post her being very surpised, 'cause their sticks.

Her sword at the ready and keeping her eyes trained on the bushs, a remarkable feat for a lady who only a few hours ago got distraced by a butterfly and nearly wanderd back into camp, sans the clothes. Letting her eyes focus, feeling very serious, untill two bold as brass sticks leap from the bush and charge.

2008-01-29, 09:12 PM
Ilidan wakes up with Relf's tug and spends a moment reorienting himself.
Morning already?...no its still night. Then why would...oh. There must be trouble in camp.
Ilidan slowly leaves his tent, attempting to be seen as little as possible, but though he is clearly realizes the danger present, he seems completely unarmed.

Hide:[roll]1d20+6[roll](note: I don't no if the creatures can see Ilidan, but he'd try and say out of sight on the off chance that they can't. Plus, I don't even know if there's enough stuff in the way that I could really hide behind, So you may disregard this roll if you don't think it's appropriate. )
Move silently:[roll]1d20+4[roll]
AC:13 HP:6

Okay, I'm an idiot. I didn't type the roll command in right, so I'm going to roll in the OCC thread and past them into this one.

2008-01-29, 09:32 PM
Move silently:[roll1]

These are the roll that are supposed to be in the first post. And the post in the OCC thread.

2008-01-29, 10:11 PM
"W-what is it?" Gerard grunted as he was shaken awake. Upon his vision clearing enough to see the "keep quiet" gesture from Relf, Gerard slaps a hand over his mouth and nods. As the halfling moves to wake the others, Gerard throws back the winter blanket and prods Black Claw awake with a toe. The badger snuffles in annoyance, although its expression changes to one mimicing human seriousness at a gesture from Gerard: Defend.

With his badger readying itself to defend its master if necessary, the young druid leaps up to his feet. He already loosely holds his short spear and light shield in his hands, and he always slept with his armor on out in the wild: one could never be too careful these days. And this preparation would apparently be needed, as Gerard quickly straps his shield on and looks around for what is approaching the campsite.

At first, Gerard sees nothing, but then two creatures burst from the treeline into the light from the camp fire. Gerard's initial thought upon seeing the creatures is stick, but that certainly doesn't seem right. Of course, there are any number of creatures in nature that disguise themselves as something else, which had to be the case here.

Squinting his eyes, Gerard attempts to get a better look at the creatures, in the hopes that he might recognize them from one of his studies at the grove.

- Move Action: Stand Up (round before the sticks appeared, I guess)
- Standard Action: Ready weapons, shield (round before the sticks appeared)
- Free Action: Tell Black Claw to Defend Gerard
- Free Action: Knowledge check: Nature the sticks

I assume making a Knowledge check is a free action since it doesn't seem to spell it out in the skill description. I only get one try at it anyway.

Gerard's Initiative: [roll0]
Black Claw's Initiative: [roll1]
Knowledge: Nature on sticks [roll2]
Gerard: AC 15 Touch 12 Flat 13, HP 14
Black Claw: AC 15 Touch 13 Flat 12, HP 10

2008-01-30, 05:14 AM
Dagoth's cross bow at the ready, he was armed and already looking for what needed aeration, peering dubiously into the shadows Relf had pointed at.

Sticks?! He thought incredulously.

Loading the first bolt Dagoth either shoots if he is in range, or retreats/moves to Relf's side.

Dagoth AC 18, Touch 12, Flat-footed 16, HP 12/12

hookay, undisregard this and use these attack rolls if Dagoth is in range :P
Attack [roll1]
Damage [roll2]

The Duskblade
2008-01-31, 05:27 AM

(OOC: Sorry for a bit of delay.)

"Sticks?" Asked Diago, slightly confused. "We're fighting sticks?" With a slightly sleepy shrug he grabbed his flail and surged forwards. Taking a position between the party and the sticks that would still allow shots to go past. Diago grinned. "I could use a better Flail. Thanks for volunteering some wood." Inwardly he winced. Oh gods that was a lousy taunt. Damn I wish I had my armor on.

Initiative: [roll0]
standard action: Grabbing my flail.
Move action: Moving between the party and the sticks. About 10 foot in front of the party member closest to the sticks. Being careful to stay clear of ranged attacks.(Fast movement.)
Free action: What the hey, taunting the sticks. Intimidate: [roll1]

2008-01-31, 06:18 PM
Knocking an arrow to his bow, Relf strafes aside to put himself in a position to line up a good shot. Pulling the bowstring back and drawing a bead on his target, he lets an arrow fly at the mysterious assailants.

Since waking up my comrades all took place before the Init count began (I'm assuming), I guess it's Relf's turn now.

Free action: drawing an arrow.

Move action: Relf is moving at least 10 feet (and up to 20) to the west, and as far south as necessary to bring himself within 30 feet of the sticks and end up with a clear shot at them. I'm not sure where this will end him up, since I'm not sure where everyone is on the map right now, but I'm going to leave that to our fabulous DM to figure out. :smallbiggrin:

Standard action: Fire at the front stick, or the one to which Relf has the clearest shot.


EDIT: Okay, that's really strange, for some reason my crit confirmation roll didn't roll, and now it's giving me a "roll count does not match database" error. :smallconfused: Looks like it must be an error serverside, since the roll count proceeds: "0, didn't work, 2, 3."

The Duskblade
2008-02-01, 03:11 AM
(psst. Board does not allow you to edit in rolls. Or preview them for that matter.)

2008-02-01, 01:58 PM
(psst. Board does not allow you to edit in rolls. Or preview them for that matter.)

:smallannoyed: I know. I did neither of those things. As I said in my post edit: it's a serverside error. I think putting punctuation (the "?") in the code screwed up the roll.