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The Demented One
2007-12-27, 03:27 PM
Probably the two greatest mars on the Tome of Battle are the Iron Heart Surge and White Raven Tactics maneuvers. As written, they are annoyingly vague and overly powerful, far more trouble than they're worth. Here's my attempt to remedy that by rewording them to make them more specific and bringing their power level back in line.

Iron Heart Surge
Iron Heart (Boost)
Level: Warblade 3
Prerequisite: One Iron Heart maneuver
Initiation Action: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: See text

As the iron heart surge maneuver from the Tome, except that it can only end effects caused by special abilities of creatures and by spells, psionic powers, and similar special abilities of classes. It can automatically end an effect caused by an extraordinary ability, but when used to end a spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural ability, you must make an initiator level check, opposed by the caster level check of the creature that used the spell or ability, to end it. If you attempt to end a supernatural ability which does not have a caster level, treat it as being equal to the HD of the creature using the ability. You can only end effects that target you - never effects that affect all creatures within a certain area. If you end an effect that targets you and other creatures, it only ends for you, not any other targets.

White Raven Tactics
White Raven (Boost)
Level: Crusader 3, Warblade 3
Prerequisite: One White Raven maneuver
Initiation Action: 1 move action
Range: 10 ft.
Target: One ally

As the white raven tactics maneuver from the Tome, except as above and that you may never use this maneuver to grant yourself additional action. In addition, rather than granting a full round of action, the target of this maneuver may only take a single additional move or standard action, along with a single swift or immediate action if allowed. If the target of this maneuver has not acted in combat yet during the round they are targeted, they may still take their normal actions at their standard initiative count.

2010-02-16, 04:50 PM
thanks for the fix D1, these look much more useable now.