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2007-12-27, 11:12 PM
This is just a race designed to be a counter to those prancing elves.(kind of)
Is this worthy of publication? No
Does it make sense? Not really
Is it balanced? ..........

Swift Warriors of the forest

Dexterity +2, Constitution +2

+1 Spot, Listen, Move Silently, Hide, Climb, Handle Animal, and Survival
They live in the forest and have honed their survival instincts to a fine edge. They are swift, perceptive, silent, and respected by the woodland creatures; especially if it is dinner time.

Special Abilities: Telepathic Bond: All Vand’el are psychically attuned to each other. They can establish telepathic connection with another Vandel when maintaining Concentration.

A Vandel can inscribe a fellow Vandel with a rune to establish a permanent telepathic bond as with Rary’s Telepathic Bond. Each recipient must pay 500 exp. Points. After the 1st time it only costs 200 experience.

Spell like Ability: Speak with Animals 1(day)

The Vand’el were originally humans who had fled to the forests to escape the Great War. There they were met by elves. Refusing to help them they prevented them from entering. When the Vand’el persisted and began to run into the forests, to escape the slaughter and agony they had left behind, the elves slaughtered them. Many died as they fled deeper into the forest. They ran for days starving and exhausted. They had reached the Deep Woods, a place of shadow and death. Some died as they hungrily ate poison mushrooms. Some attempted to hew wood for fires and homes. They were found impaled on braches. Slowly they learned to survive in there terrifying world. Many forgot how to speak in there primal state necessary for survival. They developed an empathetic bond. Even when they began to thrive they never forgave the elves.

Favored Class: Ranger(they must take elves as favored enemies)
The Vand’el tend toward physical ability and survival instinct over books and careful deliberation. On the other hand they are not prone to rash decisions. They as a whole are Chaotic Neutral. They have dull black hair and piercing black eyes. They are shorter than humans but taller than elves. They are lean and muscular.

+1 Lvl. Adjustment (maybe)

2007-12-29, 01:49 AM
put some fluff in it, so we can see what it is that we're reading about.