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lord of pixies
2007-12-28, 04:51 PM
i am going to play a new character and woder if there are any good magic items out there for a 6th level rogue? any help is apretiated

2007-12-28, 05:29 PM
A weapon with the precision strike ability. +2d6 sneak attack damage.

Other than that, use your common sense.

2007-12-28, 05:30 PM
"Blade of sublety"???

2007-12-28, 05:34 PM
Boots and Cloaks of Elvenkind naturaly too.

2007-12-28, 05:36 PM
I'd suggest a wand of Invisibility is 4500gp, same for a wand of blur. Both will earn their money back without question.

2007-12-28, 07:25 PM
Ring of feather fall, 2500gp, handy when you fail your balance check and go tumbling off the rooftop. :smallcool:

Edit: My DM's guide is on the floor right now slighty out of my reach and I can't be bothered to check the price, but goggles of the night are useful, if you don't already have darkvision.

2007-12-28, 07:55 PM
There's the assassination weapon ability, here:

That ought to be useful. And if you need a concealed weapon with less cost than a magical one, the sword cane is handy.

DJ Scrub
2007-12-28, 08:25 PM
You might also check out the Hidden Blades from the Complete Scoundrel, if you want concealment. They are automatically concealed (DC 15 Search to spot one if you're looking for it) and come in various sizes and hiding places. They strike as the normal weapon (and can be masterwork, enchanted, etc.) with a -2 penalty to hit taken off the top of whatever other characteristics they have. Deploying is a move action. Pretty slick.

From the same book, panic buttons are a great choice. They only cost 750 gp and can do a ton of cool things. A quick 30 ft. dimension door as a swift action can be well worth it if you're planning to engage in a lot of shady activities.

Mad Wizard
2007-12-29, 01:15 AM
Gloves of dexterity are a good choice: they improve your attack bonus (with weapon finesse) and many of your skills.

2007-12-29, 06:17 AM
Then there's the goggles of minutiate seeing, which I think gives you plus something on your search checks. (+5, maybe? Anyway, they're cheap and good if you're going against traps.)

2007-12-29, 06:29 AM
A handy haversack is invaluable.

2007-12-29, 06:46 AM
A weapon with the precision strike ability. +2d6 sneak attack damage.

That sounds rather expensive for 6th level...
It all dependds on the kind of rogue you're going to play, and where. In a dungeon, for instance, a ring of feather fall isn't perticularily useful. In a city, on the other hand...