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2007-12-28, 08:17 PM
I just got Dragon Magic and was taking a look at this class. At first look I thought "cool". Second look, "This is a cheap ripoff of Warlocks"

Neither thought satisfies me as it doesn't look as cool as I thought, and I have no idea who would make a cheap ripoff of the Warlock class(much less how someone could do it).

Has anyone ever played this class or been in a game with one? I'm curious how the class works out in game, and if its just a reflavored Warlock that looks like a dragon or not.

2007-12-28, 08:20 PM
A cheap warlock ripoff?

No. no no no no no no no no.

A Dragonfire Adept is a Warlock that actually contributes to the party aside from blasting things into pieces. He can:

Lockdown enemies (Slow Breath--combine this with Entangling Breath from other sources and you've pretty much stopped people from moving)

Prevent party members from getting blasted to pieces by his own breath (Endure Elements)

Provide resistances

Switch energy types on the fly

Deal pretty massive damage if you know how (check the Dragonfire Adept handbook)

Among other things. If anything, the DA is BETTER than a warlock.